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Serving Homebound Seniors: In-Home Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Enrollment and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Home Delivery for Homebound Seniors in Central New Jersey

Mehreen S Ismail, Cara L Cuite
2020 Journal of Human Sciences and Extension  
This paper describes a two-stage pilot intervention to improve fresh FV affordability and access for home-delivered meal (HDM) program clients in Central New Jersey.  ...  The first stage of the intervention offered in-home Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) enrollment assistance to low-income HDM program clients, with 13 clients successfully enrolling in SFMNP  ...  Leveraging partnerships with a community FM, Cooperative Extension, and an HDM program allowed us to fund and deliver fresh FV directly to HDM program clients.  ... 
doaj:a2075c7b594546fb88d89559e3feb033 fatcat:4jfu2g7kp5dolo6be4skiskir4

Why the Common Model of the mind needs holographic a-priori categories

Nipun Arora, Robert West, Andrew Brook, Matthew Kelly
2018 Procedia Computer Science  
His philosophy lends support to Newell's knowledge level hypothesis, and together with it directs the common model enterprise to take knowledge, and not just memory, seriously as a component of the common  ...  His philosophy lends support to Newell's knowledge level hypothesis, and together with it directs the common model enterprise to take knowledge, and not just memory, seriously as a component of the common  ...  Acknowledgments This research has been funded by an NSERC PDF and NSF grant BCS-1734304 to M. A. Kelly.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2018.11.060 fatcat:spyqatdk6bbwfahkhf7vkmgvoa

Role of NKp46 + natural killer cells in house dust mite‐driven asthma

Eline Haspeslagh, Mary J van Helden, Kim Deswarte, Sofie De Prijck, Justine van Moorleghem, Louis Boon, Hamida Hammad, Eric Vivier, Bart N Lambrecht
2018 EMBO Molecular Medicine  
We show that HDM inhalation rapidly led to the accumulation of NK cells in the lung-draining lymph nodes and of activated CD69 + NK cells in the bronchoalveolar lumen.  ...  , Th2 cytokine production, eosinophilia, mucus overproduction, and Th2-dependent immunoglobulin serum titers.  ...  Eric Vivier is co-founder, scientific advisor, and shareholder of Innate-Pharma. The other authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.15252/emmm.201708657 pmid:29444897 pmcid:PMC5887908 fatcat:zgo6oetqabckvosnaj6vztvbu4

Verifying Security

Maureen Harris Cheheyl, Morrie Gasser, George A. Huff, Jonathan K. Millen
1981 ACM Computing Surveys  
HUFF, Four automated specification and verification environments are surveyed and compared: HDM, FDM, Gypsy, and AFFIRM.  ...  The emphasis of the comparison is on the way these systems could be used to prove secumty properties of an operating system design.  ...  AFFIRM is implemented in INTERLISP on TENEX and TOPS-20 systems at ISI. It was released for experimental use over the AR-PANET in 1979.  ... 
doi:10.1145/356850.356853 fatcat:ulqrfq6sebhzhdbwq36xo3qhpu

Patterns of food insecurity and participation in food assistance programmes over time in the elderly

Kirang Kim, Edward A Frongillo
2009 Public Health Nutrition  
programmes (FAP), i.e. the Food Stamp Program and home-delivered meals.  ...  Objective: The present study aimed to understand the relationship between need and help-seeking behaviour in older adults by examining the patterns of food insecurity and participation in food assistance  ...  Authorship responsibilities: K.K. conceived and designed the study with advice from E.A.F., managed and analysed data, and wrote the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1368980009005357 pmid:19371452 fatcat:zpkpzpqtvrelfik6ekmfv2ttaa

Protease-Activated Receptor-2 Regulates Neuro-Epidermal Communication in Atopic Dermatitis

Timo Buhl, Akihiko Ikoma, Cordula Kempkes, Ferda Cevikbas, Mathias Sulk, Joerg Buddenkotte, Tasuku Akiyama, Debbie Crumrine, Eric Camerer, Earl Carstens, Michael P. Schön, Peter Elias (+2 others)
2020 Frontiers in Immunology  
and house dust mite (HDM)-induced skin inflammation, itch, and barrier dysfunction in AD, in vivo and ex vivo.  ...  Application of HDM onto PAR2OE mice triggered pruritus and the skin phenotype.  ...  On the experiment day, animals were placed in an arena and videotaped for 30 min to assess spontaneous scratching.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fimmu.2020.01740 pmid:32903402 pmcid:PMC7435019 fatcat:wcvy77cnmfcprldd3e733n6jru

Kija Kim and Harvard Design & Mapping Co

Lynda L. Moore, Bonita L. Betters-Reed
2009 The CASE Journal  
Rising to this challenge and once again partnering with FEMA, HDM proved to be an invaluable player with disaster analysis and relief.  ...  In 1988, Kija and Jim formed Harvard Design and Mapping Inc. (HDM). Their original focus was on the real estate and government markets, capitalizing on Jim's experience in that area.  ...  While Kija struggled with conventional definitions of success connected to greater profit and significant size, she commented "But when I think about it, it really is something to stay in business for  ... 
doi:10.1108/tcj-05-2009-b005 fatcat:nsuv7nwze5fprle7aqxyhjgcaq

IL-31 uncouples skin inflammation from itch sensation in allergic dermatitis [article]

Marlys S Fassett, Joao M Braz, Carlos A Castellanos, Andrew W Schroeder, Mahsa Sadeghi, Darryl J Mar, Connie J Zhou, Jeoung-Sook Shin, Allan I Basbaum, Karl Mark Ansel
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Despite a robust literature associating IL-31 with pruritic inflammatory skin diseases, its influence on cutaneous inflammation and on the interplay between inflammatory and neurosensory pathways remain  ...  Here, we examined the effects of IL-31 and its receptor IL31RA on both inflammation and pruritus in mouse models of dermatitis, including chronic topical house dust mite (HDM) exposure.  ...  Acknowledgments: We acknowledge Nico Ghilardi of Genentech (IL31RAKO mice), Biolegend (early access to anti-mouse IL-31 antibody), and additional members of the Ansel and Basbaum laboratories.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.05.12.443916 fatcat:4tub53ymqzd3bpcyqvy4hkjebe

Activation of natural regulatory T cells by IgG Fc-derived peptide "Tregitopes"

A. S. De Groot, L. Moise, J. A. McMurry, E. Wambre, L. Van Overtvelt, P. Moingeon, D. W. Scott, W. Martin
2008 Blood  
T cells, and caused an increase in cell surface markers associated with T Regs such as FoxP3.  ...  Coincubation of these regulatory T-cell epitopes or "Tregitopes" and antigens with peripheral blood mononuclear cells led to a suppression of effector cytokine secretion, reduced proliferation of effector  ...  The following individuals are recognized for their technical contributions: Christine Malboeuf, Si-Han Hai, and Daniel Rivera.  ... 
doi:10.1182/blood-2008-02-138073 pmid:18660382 pmcid:PMC2569179 fatcat:lkwgtvq3yjgkjldoswcakrczf4

A survey of multimedia and Web development techniques and methodology usage

C. Barry, M. Lang
2001 IEEE Multimedia  
He graduated with a BS in commerce from the University College Dublin and received his MS in applied computing from National  ...  He has an MS in commerce from University College Galway and is currently working on his PhD in Web information systems methods at University College Cork, Ireland.  ...  General Industry (n = 8) Multimedia Industry (n = 15) Aggregate Response (n = 23) Affirmative Percent of Affirmative Percent of Affirmative Percent of Approach responses valid cases responses  ... 
doi:10.1109/93.917971 fatcat:v22pu2knxfb7bl4cwl3fhbipne

Clustering the Clinical Course of Chronic Urticaria Using a Longitudinal Database: Effects on Urticaria Remission

Young-Min Ye, Jiwon Yoon, Seong-Dae Woo, Jae-Hyuk Jang, Youngsoo Lee, Hyun-Young Lee, Yoo Seob Shin, Dong-Ho Nahm, Hae-Sim Park
2021 Allergy Asthma and Immunology Research  
We evaluated CU patient clusters based on medication scores during the initial 3 months of treatment in an attempt to investigate time to remission and relapse rates for CU and to identify predictors for  ...  Sensitization to house dust mites (HDMs; at least class 3) and female sex were identified as significant predictors of CU remission.  ...  However, there has been few studies to affirm correlations between urticaria duration and total IgE levels, and we found no significant association between serum total IgE levels and CU remission or relapse  ... 
doi:10.4168/aair.2021.13.3.390 pmid:33733635 pmcid:PMC7984955 fatcat:62t5wft3kfeo5oi5eyrdib4jwy

Use of outpatient medical care by headache patients in Germany: a population-based cross-sectional study

Britta Müller, Thomas Dresler, Charly Gaul, Tim Jürgens, Peter Kropp, Anna Rehfeld, Olaf Reis, Ruth Ruscheweyh, Andreas Straube, Stefanie Förderreuther
2020 The Journal of Headache and Pain  
The odds of physician consultation increased with the number of headache days per month (HDM) [(reference HDM < 1) HDM 1-3 (OR = 2.29), HDM 4-14 (OR = 2.41), and HDM ≥15 (OR = 4.83)] and increasing Headache  ...  The living environment (rural versus urban) did not have an influence on the consultation frequency.  ...  BM, TD, CG, TJ, PK, RR, OR, AR, SF and AS reviewed and edited the manuscript. All authors approved the final version of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s10194-020-01099-1 pmid:32393247 fatcat:inh3t2t5nvfstgo7mq6k52e5nq

Efectos independientes del poder doméstico de la esposa y los valores igualitarios del cónyuge sobre el deseo fecundatorio y el uso de anticonceptivos

Federico R. Léon
2014 Revista de Investigación en Psicología  
The author is grateful to Jim Foreit, Sara Woldehanna, Gloria Coe, Susan Middlestadt, Geeta Nanda, and Susan Zimicki for their help in various aspects of the research and to Sid Schuler for comments that  ...  Thanks are extended to Demographic and Health Surveys for allowing access to DHS data sets.  ...  But as women grow older, they gain experience, and experience may grant them power; education enhances women's ability to control their household environment; and working for cash can affirm women's freedom  ... 
doi:10.15381/rinvp.v17i1.8977 fatcat:fqh6xlyhpnde3jbv3et4nfuzeq

The re-examined phenomenological phase transitions theory for ferromagnets [article]

2000 arXiv   pre-print
It is shown, that taking into account the linear term in expansion one achieves the consentency with experimental data on the magnetization behavior near the transition temperature in ferromagnets.  ...  INTRODUCTION Experimental investigations of the critical phenomena show, that the Landau phase transitions theory does not agree with an experiment.  ...  Keeping of the linear term restores consistency of the theory with an experiment and may promote the better comprehension of phenomena near the critical point.  ... 
arXiv:cond-mat/0012431v1 fatcat:sth3ataihfhh3dgbbgkhdquhji

The treatment of navigation in web engineering

M.J. Escalona, J. Torres, M. Mejías, J.J. Gutiérrez, D. Villadiego
2007 Advances in Engineering Software  
Thus, techniques and methods are being proposed in order to offer a suitable framework to deal with the special characteristics of the web.  ...  This survey shows how navigation is treated in 15 web proposals, which are the most referenced ones, and it analyses the available techniques, models and the possible gaps in the treatment.  ...  Its life cycle, as shown in Fig. 14 , starts with a requirements analysis and is followed by an engineering phase.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.advengsoft.2006.07.006 fatcat:47vszgs36bhknkypaycfat2l3u
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