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An emerging cyberinfrastructure for biodefense pathogen and pathogen host data

C. Zhang, O. Crasta, S. Cammer, R. Will, R. Kenyon, D. Sullivan, Q. Yu, W. Sun, R. Jha, D. Liu, T. Xue, Y. Zhang (+8 others)
2007 Nucleic Acids Research  
The data includes transcriptional profiles, protein profiles, protein structural data and host-pathogen protein interactions, in the context of the pathogen life cycle in vivo and in vitro.  ...  The NIAID-funded Biodefense Proteomics Resource Center (RC) provides storage, dissemination, visualization and analysis capabilities for the experimental data deposited by seven Proteomics Research Centers  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors appreciate comments and suggestions from Terry Brennan, Shamira Shallom, Joe Breen, Malu Polanski and JoJo Stemple. This work is funded through  ... 
doi:10.1093/nar/gkm903 pmid:17984082 pmcid:PMC2239001 fatcat:fglzouvstjhgpaii2rqb67bspu

A Flood of Microbial Genomes–Do We Need More?

Niyaz Ahmed, Jason E. Stajich
2009 PLoS ONE  
Hasnain for his guidance and support.  ...  is CAMERA (Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis) [29] .  ...  The emergence of e-Science, Semantic Web, and Science 2.0 approaches hold a lot of promise for holistic data integration and meaningful interpretation of community genomics and microarray experiments in  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0005831 pmid:19513110 pmcid:PMC2688083 fatcat:udiox2ychbda3cxnvqq7ornuei

Plant Pathogen Forensics: Capabilities, Needs, and Recommendations

J. Fletcher, C. Bender, B. Budowle, W. T. Cobb, S. E. Gold, C. A. Ishimaru, D. Luster, U. Melcher, R. Murch, H. Scherm, R. C. Seem, J. L. Sherwood (+2 others)
2006 Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews  
For example, PathPort is linked with other systems to provide the Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Core for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases.  ...  Critical forensic evidence related to time of infection can be provided by host and pathogen phenology data.  ... 
doi:10.1128/mmbr.00022-05 pmid:16760310 pmcid:PMC1489535 fatcat:5qsmhwbipjfm7cqp3rpdqjhziu

PATRIC: the Comprehensive Bacterial Bioinformatics Resource with a Focus on Human Pathogenic Species

Joseph J. Gillespie, Alice R. Wattam, Stephen A. Cammer, Joseph L. Gabbard, Maulik P. Shukla, Oral Dalay, Timothy Driscoll, Deborah Hix, Shrinivasrao P. Mane, Chunhong Mao, Eric K. Nordberg, Mark Scott (+14 others)
2011 Infection and Immunity  
While the primary aim of PATRIC is to advance the knowledge underlying the biology of human pathogens, all publicly available genome-scale data for bacteria are compiled and continually updated, thereby  ...  Specifically, PATRIC provides scientists with (i) a comprehensive bacterial genomics database, (ii) a plethora of associated data relevant to genomic analysis, and (iii) an extensive suite of computational  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We are grateful for the constructive criticism provided by the two anonymous reviewers.  ... 
doi:10.1128/iai.00207-11 pmid:21896772 pmcid:PMC3257917 fatcat:f6lwswvgffc3tficzhykb5skeu

A Project Centric Approach For Cyberinfrastructure In Bioinformatics

Daphne Rainey, Bruce Mutter, Lionel Craddock, Susan Faulkner, Frank Hart, Martha Eborall, Lewis Foster, Stephen Cammer, Betsy Tretola, Bruno Sobral, Oswald Crasta
2007 Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings   unpublished
area of emerging infectious diseases to enable them in generation, storage, analysis and/or interpretation of 'omic data.  ...  The integration of knowledge from various fields such as computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and biology has resulted in a vast opportunity for creating new research environments based upon cyberinfrastructure  ...  Accordingly, we chose to focus the course on learning modules centered on several key pathogens of interest to biodefense and to public health.  ... 
doi:10.18260/1-2--2155 fatcat:uac7cfhuefhbpn2negltqreq6y