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Delay and Delay Variation Constrained Algorithm based on VNS Algorithm for RP Management in Mobile IPv6 [article]

Youssef Baddi, Mohamed Dafir Ech-Cherif El Kettani
2013 arXiv   pre-print
D2V-RPM (delay and delay variation RP Manager) problem consist in choosing an optimal multicast router in the network as the root of the shared multicast tree (ST) within a specified delay and delay variation  ...  These applications require a multicast routing protocol which has packets arriving at multicast receptors within a specified QoS guaranteed and a quick recovery mechanism.  ...  This reduction is due to quick tree recovery with an optimal Rendezvous Point.  ... 
arXiv:1303.4771v1 fatcat:6iral4z4czhtjhbx22sceycaqa

A Framework of Multicast Transmission on MPLS Network Using PIM-SM Protocol

Md. Arifur Rahman, A. S. M. Samsuzzaman, K. A. M. Lutfullah, M. Z. Hassan, A. H. Kabir, M. R. Amin
2008 2008 Third International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology  
It builds unidirectional shared trees rooted at a Rendezvous Point (RP) per group, and optionally creates shortest path trees per source.  ...  Internet applications transmit data from one sender to many receivers, In Multicast protocols while packet broadcasts to a group of receivers the total numbers of packets swamped in a network decrease.  ...  We propose the use of one (or more) control points in the network called Rendezvous Points (RP) in a manner similar to PIM-SM shared trees.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccit.2008.372 fatcat:nir2vekezfb7ba6syv5d5tqh2q

Mechanisms and hierarchical topology for fast handover in wireless IP networks

A. Stephane, A. Mihailovic, A.H. Aghvami
2000 IEEE Communications Magazine  
A few multicast protocols have been proposed to support fast mobile users in Internet networks [5] , however our multicast mechanism is to support non-frequent handovers between different sub-domains.  ...  ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose a mechanism to perform fast handover in IP based wireless networks for real time applications such as Internet telephony and videoconferencing.  ... 
doi:10.1109/35.883498 fatcat:cm3doommrngnngutpfbwpw6xee

Kuder-Richardson Reputation Coefficient based Reputation Mechanism for Isolating Root Node Attack in MANETs

S. Parthiban, Paul Rodrigues
2015 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
But, the existence of root node attack in an ad hoc environment may degrade the network performance.  ...  In this paper, we propose a Kuder-Richardson Reputation Co-efficient based Cooperation Enforcement Mechanism (KRRCM) for mitigating Root node attack based on Kuder-Richardson Reputation Co-efficient (KRRC  ...  that comprises the rendezvous point of the multicast tree with the aid of AODV, in an ad hoc network.  ... 
doi:10.17485/ijst/2015/v8i15/53211 fatcat:6a55sgrmb5gllobwxtl6lasslq

Developing Information Networking Further: From PSIRP to PURSUIT [chapter]

Nikos Fotiou, Pekka Nikander, Dirk Trossen, George C. Polyzos
2012 Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering  
The project has developed, implemented, and preliminarily evaluated solutions for rendezvous, topology formation and routing, and information forwarding, with ongoing work currently focusing in experimenting  ...  than the send-receive ones), all the way down to the core networking functions.  ...  Acknowledgment The work reported in this paper was supported in part by the ICT PSIRP project under contract ICT-2007-216173 and by the ICT PURSUIT project under contract ICT-2010-257217  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-30376-0_1 fatcat:g6wylewrqfhmpn27ic6w53uffq

Deployment Issues in Scalable Island Multicast for Peer-to-Peer Streaming

Xing Jin, Ho-Shing Tang, S.-H. Gary Chan, Kan-Leung Cheng
2009 IEEE Multimedia  
The Scalable Island Multicast protocol, which we introduced in other research reports, integrates IP multicast into P2P overlay delivery. 3, 4 In SIM, hosts within an island communicate with IP multicast  ...  Network address translation In SIM, hosts first form a low-delay overlay tree, then detect multicast islands and use IP multicast if possible.  ...  Acknowledgments The Hong Kong Research Grant Council (611107) and Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission (GHP/045/05) supported this work, in part.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mmul.2009.6 fatcat:ywl6nqxpuramfhy3q7dvbimrry

PeerCast: Churn-resilient end system multicast on heterogeneous overlay networks

Jianjun Zhang, Ling Liu, Lakshmish Ramaswamy, Calton Pu
2008 Journal of Network and Computer Applications  
The lack of wide deployment of IP multicast in the Internet has prompted researchers to propose end system multicast or application-level multicast as an alternate approach.  ...  Third, we develop a dynamic passive replication scheme to provide reliable end system multicast services in an inherently dynamic environment of unreliable peers.  ...  First, PeerCast incorporates an efficient mechanism to distribute the multicast tasks to heterogeneous peers according to their capabilities.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jnca.2007.05.001 fatcat:ib72lhp7lfcxvmgrtuwqjxk4em


Petri Jokela, András Zahemszky, Christian Esteve Rothenberg, Somaya Arianfar, Pekka Nikander
2009 Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2009 conference on Data communication - SIGCOMM '09  
In essence, supporting efficient publish/subscribe requires data-oriented naming, efficient multicast, and in-network caching.  ...  In this paper, we propose a novel multicast forwarding fabric, suitable for large-scale topic-based publish/subscribe.  ...  We now carefully introduce state to the network in the form of virtual links and fast failure recovery.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1592568.1592592 dblp:conf/sigcomm/JokelaZRAN09 fatcat:o52ucyqalneqbbhni4wot3ephe


Petri Jokela, András Zahemszky, Christian Esteve Rothenberg, Somaya Arianfar, Pekka Nikander
2009 Computer communication review  
In essence, supporting efficient publish/subscribe requires data-oriented naming, efficient multicast, and in-network caching.  ...  In this paper, we propose a novel multicast forwarding fabric, suitable for large-scale topic-based publish/subscribe.  ...  We now carefully introduce state to the network in the form of virtual links and fast failure recovery.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1594977.1592592 fatcat:fl6dqdm775bv5msboclf5qbcy4

A survey of application level multicast techniques

C.K. Yeo, B.S. Lee, M.H. Er
2004 Computer Communications  
The metrics used here include scaleability measured intuitively in terms of the size of the multicast receivers it can support, the protocol efficiency in terms of the quality of data paths, control overheads  ...  Application level multicasting is increasingly being used to overcome the problem of non-ubiquitous deployment of IP multicast across heterogeneous networks.  ...  Introduction IP multicast [1 -3] has been regarded as an efficient delivery mechanism for best-effort, large-scale, multi-point content delivery over the Internet as it is inherently bandwidth efficient  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2004.04.003 fatcat:5tlrbgt5affsxamwtes27d5rgq

Performance Evaluation Of Hole Avoidance Techniques In Geographic Forwarding For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Cynthia Jayapal, Sumathi Vembu
2011 International Journal of Advanced Information Technology  
When a node cannot find any such neighbour, it is said to be in a hole and should recover to find an alternate path of delivery. The common recovery technique used in the literature is face routing.  ...  This paper compares the performance of face routing technique with two other recovery mechanisms proposed in the literature that uses limited flooding and directional flooding.  ...  Hierarchical rendezvous point multicast (HRPM) [15] , uses distributed geographic hashing to decompose a multicast group into subgroups of manageable size.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijitcs.2011.1403 fatcat:tynqfmdpsbfv3ki43azmwq5pvq

Handling Multicast Video over Non Multicast Networks

Michail Tolkas, Michail Bletsas, Pantelis Angelidis
2011 2011 15th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics  
In this paper we propose the use of VPN technologies for deploying an efficient and low cost infrastructure of multicast video transmission over wireless networks.  ...  Although the specific technique is able of reducing significantly the consumption of network resources, such as the bandwidth, the specifications of IEEE 802.11 family networks do not support the mechanisms  ...  We proposed and implemented an infrastructure for efficient wireless multicast video transmission using VPNs in networks where previously was not applicable.  ... 
doi:10.1109/pci.2011.14 dblp:conf/pci/TolkasBA11 fatcat:gds7jaeegfgnner2qll7icg4hu

An IP Multicast Framework for Routable Sample Value Communication in Transmission Grids

Charles M. Adrah, NTNU, Trondheim N-7491, Norway, Jaya R. A. K. Yellajosula, Øivind Kure, David Palma, Poul E. Heegaard
2019 Journal of Communications  
In this paper, we propose using Protocol Independent Multicast-Source Specific Multicast (PIM-SSM), an IP multicast routing protocol for routable Sampled Value transmission in decentralized wide area systems  ...  Our results show that the communication technology will play a critical role in efficient delivery of routable Sampled Value data in a multicast framework.  ...  Moreover, it is possible to deploy PIM-SSM alone in the network without protocol support for inter-domain PIM-SM since SSM does not require rendezvous point mechanisms.  ... 
doi:10.12720/jcm.14.9.765-772 fatcat:3fjeuahryvhfpjp6yadeds4ozq

Seamless Mobility of Senders Transmitting Multi-user Sessions over Heterogeneous Networks [chapter]

Luis Veloso, Eduardo Cerqueira, Paulo Mendes, Edmundo Monteiro
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The simultaneous increase in the production and distribution of multimedia content by both mobile service providers and consumers requires an efficient solution for the mobility management of multicast  ...  This way, mobility management of multicast senders is a challenging and unsolved task for the successful development of next generation user-centric mobile networks, where the nomadic user is not only  ...  In the SMM approach, the multicast tree is build over a Cellular IP micro-mobility network, in which a Shortest Path Tree and Rendezvous Point Tree are combined into one multicast tree.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02118-3_11 fatcat:sioa357kofd2xflcibssqzild4

An active service framework and its application to real-time multimedia transcoding

Elan Amir, Steven McCanne, Randy Katz
1998 Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM '98 conference on Applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communication - SIGCOMM '98  
, including reliable multicast transports, mechanisms to foil denial of service attacks, intra-network real-time signal transcoding, and so forth.  ...  Several recent proposals for an "active networks" architecture advocate the placement of user-defined computation within the network as a key mechanism to enable a wide range of new applications and protocols  ...  James Landay for providing his CSCW course at UC Berkeley as an invaluable testbed for MeGa in a production environment.  ... 
doi:10.1145/285237.285281 dblp:conf/sigcomm/AmirMK98 fatcat:nkbdko734vha5mxkmrbo3pbhpu
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