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Reanalyzing Definiteness in Bangla

Priyanka Biswas
2012 Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society  
This paper contributes to our overall understanding of definiteness in Bangla, and of the cross-linguistic expression of anaphoricity and uniqueness aspects of definiteness.</p>  ...  The bare classifier form consists of a noun phrase and a classifier without a numeral, syntactically derived by NP-movement across the classifier ("NP-raising").  ...  Of course, all errors are mine.  ... 
doi:10.3765/bls.v38i0.3270 fatcat:7h354adfvnc5blzoo4wm7gucea

Reasoning about definiteness in a language without articles

James N. Collins
2016 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
However, unlike English, definite and indefinite interpretations of Tagalog NPs are not signalled by dedicated articles, but by verbal affixes.  ...  Most theories of implicature make reference to a notion of alternatives. Interlocutors reason about what the speaker could have said. In this paper, I investigate the structure of these alternatives.  ...  In Tagalog, the definiteness of an NP is determined by the broader syntactic structure.  ... 
doi:10.3765/salt.v26i0.3821 fatcat:nesczw37kvfs5h5gjbfp75xq5a

Do RNNs learn human-like abstract word order preferences? [article]

Richard Futrell, Roger P. Levy
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We show that RNN language models reproduce human preferences in these alternations based on NP length, animacy, and definiteness.  ...  Our results show that RNNs learn the abstract features of weight, animacy, and definiteness which underlie soft constraints on syntactic alternations.  ...  up); heavy NP shift, in which a verb is followed by an NP and a PP with order NP-PP or PP-NP; the dative alternation (e.g. give a book to Tom vs. give Tom a book); and the genitive alternation (e.g. the  ... 
arXiv:1811.01866v1 fatcat:gsdtg34ywzbbznv7afbmduhqei

A usage-based analysis of alternating syntactic constructions: the case of spray/load constructions and clear constructions

Naoki Otani
2020 Gragoatá  
The verbs used in these constructions appear in an alternating syntactic pattern: the THM-object variant (e.g. He sprayed paint onto the wall) and the LOC-object variant (e.g.  ...  The present paper deals with the polysemous nature of spray/load constructions and clear constructions.  ...  To annotate this variable, I focused on the distribution of determiners: an NP is classified as definite when it includes a definite article, demonstrative, or possessive pronoun.  ... 
doi:10.22409/gragoata.v25i52.40815 fatcat:wtd32cpydzd4llny5gtkp6ejle

AASM Criteria for Scoring Respiratory Events: Interaction between Apnea Sensor and Hypopnea Definition

Andrew T. Thornton, Parmjit Singh, Warren R. Ruehland, Peter D. Rochford
2012 Sleep  
Using the AASM(rec) hypopnea definition, the mean AHI(np) was 15% larger than the AHI(th); with large interindividual differences and an estimated 9.8% of patients having a false-positive OSA diagnosis  ...  Comparisons were repeated using the AASM recommended (AASM(rec)) and alternative (AASM(alt)) hypopnea definitions.  ...  DISCLOSURE STATEMENT This was not an industry supported study. Mr. Rochford has received research support from Compumedics Australia and is a director of Respiratory QA Inc. Mr.  ... 
doi:10.5665/sleep.1710 pmid:22379249 pmcid:PMC3274344 fatcat:3442avdgwncslfym7beuc4yjxu

Resolving attachment ambiguities with multiple constraints

Michael Spivey-Knowlton, Julie C. Sedivy
1995 Cognition  
Different theories of syntactic ambiguity resolution argue for different sources of information determining initial parsing decisions (e.g., structurally defined parsing principles, lexically specific  ...  (referential presupposition) contribute to the on-line resolution of prepositional phrase attachment ambiguities.  ...  We wish to thank Mike Tanenhaus for helpful discussions of the work and comments on earlier drafts.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0010-0277(94)00647-4 pmid:7634760 fatcat:ecxc3k62jrg3rdukap7ruusdwi

Case in Conflict: Embedded Subjects in Mongolian [chapter]

Udo Klein, Dolgor Guntsetseg, Klaus von Heusinger
2011 Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics  
(P2), stating that an accusative marked NP is not the matrix subject, and (iii) the FIRST ARGUMENT PRINCIPLE (P3), stating that the first NP in a sequence of NPs is the matrix subject.  ...  Sidestepping the question whether these NPs are raised to object position, we focus here on the conditions underlying this alternation.  ...  an accusative-nominative case alternation on subjects of object clauses. (11) a.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-1463-2_3 fatcat:drt33ty2kbcxbj7364juwoh3km

On the Status of the Partitive Determiner in Italian [chapter]

Gianluca Storto
2003 Current issues in linguistic theory  
I adopt Chierchia's terminology because the only alternative I know of -des/du-NPs (e.g.  ...  and University of Rochester 2 As will become clear later in the paper, this does not mean that I agree with Chierchia's proposal that BPs are partitive NPs.  ...  of the definite NP that BPs are built on).  ... 
doi:10.1075/cilt.245.19sto fatcat:nkr3wobaerazberoutyoouvgra

Case and referential properties

Udo Klein, Peter de Swart
2011 Lingua  
Furthermore we thank the participants of the Stuttgart Workshop on Case Variation for their comments.  ...  A special thanks to Klaus von Heusinger and Helen de Hoop with whom we discussed many of the issues presented in this article.  ...  pronoun, inanimate definite NP).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.lingua.2010.07.005 fatcat:r4wcfrh25fc5houjldd3cqu2je

Neutrosophic Parametrized Soft Set Theory And Its Decision Making

Said Broumi, Irfan Deli, Florentin Smarandache
2014 Zenodo  
In this work, we present definition of neutrosophic parameterized (NP) soft set and its operations.  ...  We also dive an example which shows that they can be successfully applied to problem that contain indeterminacy.  ...  DM constructs an NP-soft set over the alternatives set U as follows; ={(< ,0.2,0.3,0.4>,{ }),(< ,0.3,0.2,0.4>,{ , , }),(< ,0.5,0.2,0.3>,{ })} Step iii.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.48994 fatcat:wt4nymzz2vhrbhxpuxndpii6cq

Neutrosophic Pythagorean Sets with Dependent Neutrosophic Pythagorean Components and its Improved Correlation Coefficients

R. Radha, A. Stanis Arul Mary, R. Prema, Said Broumi
2021 Zenodo  
The concept of Neutrosophic Pythagorean set [NPS] with dependent Neutrosophic Pythagorean components was introduced and discussed the relationship between dependent neutrosophic and neutrosophic pythagorean  ...  Finally, we implemented for above technique to the problem of multiple attribute group decision making.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: "The authors declare no conflict of interest."  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5553488 fatcat:ku5ixxv4yzcihezqusgef2fawq

Plural definite NPs presuppose multiplicity via embedded exhaustification

Clemens Mayr
2015 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
We show that global exhaustification is, however, untenable in the case of definite plurals, contra (Magri 2014).  ...  The semantics of the definite article is shown to force exhaustifiation to occur below itself on the noun phrase directly.  ...  To see when this is the case, consider the logic of MP in the case of definite NPs with number marking once more: if in principle both the definite singular and the definite plural alternatives could be  ... 
doi:10.3765/salt.v25i0.3059 fatcat:2uug4ek23jczdl4if4oi2o3td4

Neutrosophic Parametrized Soft Set Theory and its Decision Making

Said Broumi, Irfan Deli, Florentin Smarandache
2014 International Frontier Science Letters  
In this work, we present definition of neutrosophic parameterized (NP) soft set and its operations.  ...  We also dive an example which shows that they can be successfully applied to problem that contain indeterminacy.  ...  DM constructs an NP-soft set over the alternatives set U as follows; Step iii.  ... 
doi:10.18052/ fatcat:7y2c2kvof5gfle6erxuk2f5doy

A general concept of majority rule

Michel Regenwetter, A.A.J. Marley, Bernard Grofman
2002 Mathematical Social Sciences  
Our general definition of majority rule for arbitrary binary relations contains the standard definition for linear orders as a special case.   ...  We develop a general concept of majority rule for finitely many choice alternatives that is consistent with arbitrary binary preference relations, real-valued utility functions, probability distributions  ...  Alternatively, we can define the utility of an object to be a random variable. (For ease of reading, random variables will be written in boldface.) Definition 5.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0165-4896(02)00021-5 fatcat:ms34jtl2g5frnndduhr3hywkdy

7 Conclusion [chapter]

2021 Definiteness in a Language without Articles – A Study on Polish  
As a topical NP, the NP can be interpreted as definite or partitive. If an NP is focal, there are other factors at VP level that are responsible for an (in)definite reading of an NP.  ...  The combination of a singular bare FN with an indefinite possessor NP leads to an indefinite reading of the whole NP, whereas the presence of a definite possessor argument results in a definite reading  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110720426-010 fatcat:obnwom5l5jfdnorsuxc4lcunwm
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