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Stochastic Computing Systems [chapter]

B. R. Gaines
1969 Advances in Information Systems Science  
Integrators with Feedback The ADDlE is the simplest example of an integrator with negative feedback used for smoothing.  ...  of parallel redundancy.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4899-5841-9_2 fatcat:lpf77rqykncb3ksystbl7ootsu

Abstracts of Current Computer Literature

1971 IEEE transactions on computers  
(Corresp.), vol. C-20, Feb. 1971, p. 239 .  ...  This scheme provides an effective method of detecting decoder faults.  ... 
doi:10.1109/t-c.1971.223383 fatcat:vz3bijyj7bgjrkwzhjmw3pjzgm

Assessing Model-Driven Software Product Lines for Lean and Agile Development: An Experience Report

Antti Jääskeläinen, Mika Katara, Julia Rubin, Tali Yatzkar-Haham, Mila Keren
2010 Software Product Lines Conference  
This paper presents an exploratory study that compares the stability promoted by XPI and EJP in terms of modularity properties.  ...  Stability is a key driving requirement in incremental development of systems that are strategic to organizations, such as Software Product Lines (SPLs).  ...  Acknowledgements We would like to thank the anonymous referees for useful suggestions and comments.  ... 
dblp:conf/splc/JaaskelainenKRYK10 fatcat:tlzfby6kyba7xkgwy2nfz7o3tm

Study of Reduced Complexity Syndrome Based TTCM Decoder

2014 International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (IJACCS)   unpublished
Turbo codes were a major milestone in the forward error correction codes which can even achieve an excellent bit error rates at low SNR.  ...  The original proposal was for the BPSK scheme but were soon successful with multilevel coded as well.  ...  Since TTCM schemes invoke two component TCM codes, a TTCM code invoking t iterations and using an S-state component code exhibits a complexity proportional to 2.t.S or t.2 M+1 . VII.  ... 

Flexibility trade-offs in a random flexible manufacturing system: A simulation study

1992 International Journal of Production Research  
DyNA,Mo is used f or building and simulating continuous feedback models.  ...  À flexible system is better able to operate effectively under changing environments by using the flexibility as an adaptive response.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00207549208942910 fatcat:gdzys5mbtfal5ott3jvct5gae4

TEI2019 "What is Text, really? TEI and beyond" Book of Abstracts [article]

TEI2019 Local Organisers And Contributors
2019 Zenodo  
In 1990 they answered the question somewhat pragmatically introducing a model for text as an ordered hierarchy of content objects which can easily be formalised with digital technologies, but, as they  ...  However, its use is nowadays global. The efforts to internationalize the TEI's documentation started with an initiative led by Sebastian Rahtz by 2005.  ...  This poster aims to describe the goals, challenges, possible uses, and materials of the TTHUB.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3445894 fatcat:ttmfugaau5btjg2jgqlu4t6tia

Portuguese SKA White Book [article]

Domingos Barbosa, Sonia Antón, João Paulo Barraca, Miguel Bergano, Alexandre C. M. Correia, Dalmiro Maia, Valério A. R. M. Ribeiro
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This will drive the astrophysical community to better define what are the schemes and approaches that are more adequate to their calculations using grid or particle-based codes.  ...  Still, all the rationale presented in our work is platform agnostic and can be adapted and used with other virtualization technologies.  ...  of stars.  Unveiling the growth of supermassive black holes over cosmic time, and determining its relationship to star formation and the evolution of galaxies.  Investigating the role of black-hole feedback  ... 
arXiv:2005.01140v1 fatcat:gijmylrmvfcj3i7dt3wbsr6vhm

The Fortune Theatre Records: A Prototype Digital Edition

Jason Boyd, John Bradley
Includes "Guidelines for REED at-codes Application and TEI P5 Markup" (Appendix C).  ...  Some at--codes, however, are rendered either redundant or are incapable of automatic conversion.  ...  Developed and adopted by REED in the early 1980s, REED collection editors continue to use this markup scheme.  ... 
doi:10.17613/mttp-1m53 fatcat:3v55yy6t3jdije2zcta3sq2uea


Valerio Cambareri
novelty of the scheme explored by Björklund and Magli [32], on which our MS imager is based, is that it uses an out-of- focus coded aperture array.  ...  using the scheme at the bottom of Fig. 2.3b.  ... 

IGS Technical Report 2015

Yoomin Jean, Rolf Dach
All these activities are performed year round, on a daily basis, with high redundancy and reliability -an impressive effort that is only made possible by the strong engagement of many individuals and the  ...  Development of the Site Log Manager (SLM) database application was substantially completed by April, though incremental improvements have continued to be made based on user feedback.  ...  resolution scheme at CODE was extended (in 2011) to GLONASS for three resolution strategies.  ... 
doi:10.7892/boris.80307 fatcat:cooofi56gvgzbe5ehfofr5kzqi

Advanced computational methods for seismic design and assessment of reinforced concrete structures [article]

Charikleia Ch. Mitropoulou, National Technological University Of Athens, National Technological University Of Athens, Μανόλης Παπαδρακάκης
The ultimate objective of this task is to compare lower-bound designs that satisfy the design code requirements in the most cost-effective way using a Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) methodology.  ...  The efficiency is achieved by introducing a neural network-based incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) procedure that reduces the computational effort by one order of magnitude.  ...  Extracting distance and direction information from the population to generate random deviations results in an adaptive scheme with excellent convergence properties.  ... 
doi:10.26240/heal.ntua.144 fatcat:yetsu6ww5fg4xh4quq6555zfm4

Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories

Marco Passarotti, Adam Przepiórkowski, Savina Raynaud, Frank Van Eynde
2012 Largo Gemelli   unpublished
The language-independent status of these methods and tools has indeed allowed their re-usability (or easy adaptation) to many different languages.  ...  Indeed, while treebank data are frequently exploited for tasks in computational linguistics such as grammar induction and the training of NLP tools, in linguistic research they can be used in order to  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Jason Baldridge, James Curran, Leonardo Lesmo, Malvina Nissim, and Mark Steedman for their comments on earlier versions of this paper and their feedback on the Italian CCGbank  ... 

Realization Limits of Impulse-Radio UWB Indoor Localization Systems

Lukasz Zwirello
Moreover, it has been demonstrated that picosecond-precise and fast-adjustable clock signals for use in UWB correlation receivers can be realized with a phase-locked-loop and an adjacent programmable delay  ...  The CRLB can be used as the benchmark for the localization system precision lower limit.  ...  The optimal solution would be the use of an adaptive threshold or an automatic gain control (AGC) stage in the receiver.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ksp/1000036616 fatcat:fbgihth2crefjmazufcpfzmj54

Music Encoding Conference Proceedings 2021. 19–22 July, 2021 University of Alicante (Spain): Onsite & Online. Edited by Stefan Münnich and David Rizo [article]

HC User, Stefan Münnich, David Rizo
An adaptation of an opera for wind ensemble, for example, would also be another expression of the same work.  ...  An important aspect of this exemplary role is the incomplete state of cataloguing and digitisation for much of the material, which forces an incremental, investigative approach on the researcher as in  ...  Using technology like the semantic web standard, Linked Data and the corresponding RDF/OWL framework, an Electronic Music production setup and its usage can be encoded, stored, and analyzed. encoding of  ... 
doi:10.17613/fc1c-mx52 fatcat:yq2zdtkf2bbqpoyls2spog6gky

Information extraction from the web using a search engine [article]

Geleijnse, G (Gijs), Aarts, EHL (Emile), Korst, JHM (Jan)
In Table 2 .2 we give an overview of the approach in pseudo-code. When initially no patterns are provided, the algorithm can be used to identify patterns.  ...  Hence, we propose both different evaluation criteria as well as an adapted mechanism to collect and evaluate the patterns.  ...  using an ontology. The information extraction problem is expressed in terms of an ontology population problem. Other information extraction tasks focus on the corpus rather than on the ontology.  ... 
doi:10.6100/ir639768 fatcat:vratjiayjbednme3ayj4rp7dhu
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