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Rusmiati Rusmiati
2016 GEEJ (Getsempena English Education Journal)  
It offers an alternative to the competitive approach of whole-class question-answer, in which the teacher asks a question and then calls on one of the students with a raised hand.  ...  This study tries to indicate some theories based on experts definition about understanding of cooperative learning, the purpose of cooperative learning, understanding of number heads together (NHT), and  ...  Characteristic of NHT Technique Rusmiati, An Overview Of… ISSN 2355-004X | 13 According to Cruikshank (2006:238) there are four characteristics which is found in all techniques of cooperative learning  ... 
doaj:539a3a35ff3b4028a216e6ed8178c761 fatcat:4tpg4gubanb2hfr6x53xkvcooy

Fun and Engagement in Lecture Halls through Social Gamification

Sebastian Mader, François Bry
2019 International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP)  
An immediate overview of team participation updated in real-time during the quiz and updated team standings after the quiz displayed for everyone to see motivate students to participate in the quizzes.  ...  This article reports on an audience response system coupled with a social gamification of quizzes based on teams: Each student is assigned to a team and the students' answers to quizzes contribute to their  ...  Acknowledgement The authors are thankful to Jacob Fürst for the implementation of the quizzes and the groundwork for the team-based social gamification described in the article, which he did as part of  ... 
doi:10.3991/ijep.v9i2.10163 fatcat:u2cy46jy3zdl3innwha36ye4ye

ScLink: supervised instance matching system for heterogeneous repositories

Khai Nguyen, Ryutaro Ichise
2016 Journal of Intelligent Information Systems  
To make ease of cooperative tracing and profiling of a query, our method will not directly modify the queries and given ontology mappings.  ...  In this paper, we propose our prototype system, named MCHA SPAIDA, that allows us for cooperatively editing SPARQL queries by the help of anonymous helper users without revealing the detailed meaning of  ...  Figure 1 shows an overview of our implementing system.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10844-016-0426-3 fatcat:yhvxr3okfvf2bm64qnezgciadi

the Effect of Problem-Posing and Think-Pair-Share Learning Models on Students' Mathematical Problem-Solving Skills and Mathematical Communication Skills

Syaiful Rohim, Khoerul Umam
2019 Journal Of Education, Teaching and Learning  
The main purpose of this study was to compare and examine the effectiveness of problem-posing and think-pair-share cooperatives' learning models on mathematical problem-solving skills and mathematical  ...  skills of Junior High School students.  ...  Additionally, Umam et al. (2017) had an overview that problem-solving is play a major process during mathematical learning in the classroom.  ... 
doi:10.26737/jetl.v4i2.803 fatcat:2eohtu3iybhebca2vbu76qcre4

Integrated school health services in Europe: an overview

Danielle Jansen, Hanneke Vervoort, Annemieke Visser, Michael Rigby, Mitch Blair, Menno Reijneveld, Pierre-Andre Michaud, Paul Kocken
2018 International Journal of Integrated Care  
Jansen; Integrated school health services in Europe: an overview. sharing health concerns with non SHS-professionals are lacking.  ...  CA's answered -for their country -questions on 1 types of SHS-professionals available; 2 informing and advising of non-SHS professionals teachers and other school staff members about children with lifeaffecting  ... 
doi:10.5334/ijic.s2289 fatcat:x7gm3g74pfa7xlm6cgckobfh6u

Connecting Language and Vision to Actions

Peter Anderson, Abhishek Das, Qi Wu
2018 Proceedings of ACL 2018, Tutorial Abstracts  
However, while these agents can passively describe images or answer (a sequence of) questions about them, they cannot act in the world (what if I cannot answer a question from my current view, or I am  ...  To this end, recent advances at the intersection of language and vision have made incredible progress -from being able to generate natural language descriptions of images/videos, to answering questions  ...  Tutorial Overview This tutorial will provide an overview of the growing number of multimodal tasks and datasets that combine textual and visual understanding.  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/p18-5004 dblp:conf/acl/AndersonDW18 fatcat:ilrvhjobwrhcdf3iftjbeunbmq

Become: Body Experience-Based Co-Operation Between Juveniles Through Mutually Excited Team Gameplay

Tsugunosuke Sakai, Haruya Tamaki, Ryuichi Yoshida, Ryohei Egusa, Etsuji Yamaguchi, Shigenori Inagaki, Fusako Kusunoki, Miki Namatame, Masanori Sugimoto, Hiroshi Mizoguchi
2016 Zenodo  
We let children experience the game and answer the questionnaires. The children using several strategies to coordinate the timing of their jumps were observed.  ...  In this manner, we observed the children playing the game while cooperating with each other.  ...  Overview and Configuration of System Fig. 4 shows an overview of the system. The system consists of a screen, a short focus projector, a notebook computer, and a Kinect sensor.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1126283 fatcat:4wxb5s3jnvfajbpnvdfpomw5hy

Overviews in Education Research

Joshua R. Polanin, Brandy R. Maynard, Nathaniel A. Dell
2016 Review of Educational Research  
The purpose of this study is to describe the prevalence and current state of overviews of education research and to provide further guidance for conducting overviews and advance the evolution of overview  ...  Overviews, or syntheses of research syntheses, have become a popular approach to synthesizing the rapidly expanding body of research and systematic reviews.  ...  Note Research for the current study was partially supported by an Institute of Education Sciences Postdoctoral Training Fellowship Grant to Vanderbilt University's Peabody Research Institute (R305B100016  ... 
doi:10.3102/0034654316631117 fatcat:5wudx624rvfvtiyupueniduiwa

Page 63 of Contemporary Psychology Vol. 32, Issue 1 [page]

1987 Contemporary Psychology  
Thus, Vedder’s book contributes a re- port on an excellent, well-controlled study and a well-thought-out theoretical overview of the cooperative learning lit- erature.  ...  Vedder’s book reviews and critiques the cooperative learning literature, pre- sents a theory of cooperative learning, and describes an experiment he under- took to evaluate the effects of a cooper- ative  ... 

Work Out the Semantic Web Search: The Cooperative Way

Dora Melo, Irene Pimenta Rodrigues, Vitor Beires Nogueira
2012 Advances in Artificial Intelligence  
We propose a Cooperative Question Answering System that takes as input natural language queries and is able to return a cooperative answer based on semantic web resources, more specifically DBpedia represented  ...  Our system resorts to ontologies not only for reasoning but also to find answers and is independent of prior knowledge of the semantic resources by the user.  ...  An overview of cooperative answering in databases is presented in [34] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/867831 fatcat:ujptv336p5fixas2d5aqhlxo24

Cooperative Management of a Traditional Irrigation System in the Swiss Alps

Robert Finger, Anna Borer
2013 Social Sciences  
Based on hypotheses derived from game theoretical analysis, a survey was conducted in an irrigation community located in the canton of Valais.  ...  For policy makers, this example shows that the creation of institutions that enable self-governance, communication and knowledge transfer should be considered in this field of rural and agricultural policy  ...  The paper is a contribution to the activities of the National Research Project NRP 61 on Sustainable Water Management.  ... 
doi:10.3390/socsci2010001 fatcat:l45zmzfcvjhpzik53m2wshpe3m

Decision-making efficiency, accountability and democracy in inter-municipal cooperation arrangements: The case of Iceland

Grétar Þór Eyþórsson
2019 Stjórnmál og Stjórnsýsla  
Inter-municipal cooperation in Iceland has a history of many decades.  ...  To answer this for the case of Iceland, responses to questions on the topic from two different surveys among local leaders are analysed.  ...  As regards the questions whether IMC arrangements give more comprehensive and better overview of service provision the main answer is negative.  ... 
doi:10.13177/irpa.a.2019.15.1.2 fatcat:2wfamnq5d5adrdko3kqt2nvyhe

A multi-dimensional typology of collective RES prosumers across Europe

J.M Wittmayer, M. Fraaije, L. Horstink, F. Avelino
2019 Zenodo  
This report is part of Work package 2 (WP2) of the PROSEU project - Baseline analysis and Characterisation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Prosumer Initiatives, which set out to establish an understanding  ...  The present report, Deliverable D2.2, reports on the results of Task 2.3: Developing a typology of prosumer initiatives, with the goal of "develop(ing) a typology that reflects the variety of RES prosumer  ...  For an overview of legal forms and their relation to different institutional logics, see Table 4 .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3584710 fatcat:veb33bbbj5e33fhqdkyibxpsuu

Out-of-hours primary care in 26 European countries: an overview of organizational models

Luca Steeman, Maike Uijen, Erik Plat, Linda Huibers, Marleen Smits, Paul Giesen
2020 Family Practice  
We aimed to provide an up-to-date overview of prevailing organizational models in the European Union (EU), implemented changes over the last decade and future plans.  ...  'GP cooperative was the dominant model in most countries followed by primary care centre and rota group'.  ...  We declared that their answers in the questionnaire would be treated anonymously in our paper and would be kept strictly confidential.  ... 
doi:10.1093/fampra/cmaa064 pmid:32597962 fatcat:jwnmlwu76bcxhngunbt5bdz5oq

Civil-Military Cooperation in an Asymmetric Security Environment

Stephen C. Orosz
2003 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
The author gives a broad overview of the key operating principles, the basic organisation, and the medical bodies in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).  ...  The process of adaptation of the Alliance during its >50 years of life, and the NATO response to the most recent and ongoing challenges are highlighted.  ...  An overview of the tasks is presented. The Committee's place in the Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) in NATO is outlined together with the CEP roles.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1049023x00057502 fatcat:hpgdpscm5zcetl3kawza4exsmq
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