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AnO(ND) difference algorithm and its variations

Eugene W. Myers
1986 Algorithmica  
A refinement of the algorithm requires only O(N) space, and the use of suffix trees leads to an O(N log N+ D 2) time variation.  ...  Using this perspective, a simple O(ND) time and space algorithm is developed where N is the sum of the lengths of A and B and D is the size of the minimum edit script for A and B.  ...  Webb Miller originally proposed the problem of finding an O(ND) algorithm. The author would like to thank him for nurturing this work and his many helpful suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf01840446 fatcat:qxaspzg7aza7to3x7kgypvefp4

Optimal Consensus Set for nD Fixed Width Annulus Fitting [chapter]

Rita Zrour, Gaelle Largeteau-Skapin, Eric Andres
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present an algorithm, that provides the optimal solution(s) within a time complexity O(N n+1 log N ) for dimension n, N being the number of points.  ...  Our algorithm guarantees optimal solution(s) and has lower complexity than previous known methods.  ...  The work for this paper was partly financed by Egide, franco-Japanese PHC Sakura project n o 27608XJ and by the Poitou Charentes region project n o 11/RPC-R-051.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-26145-4_8 fatcat:hc2knpvncrgbra6rzda67yregi

HISTSFC: Optimization for ND Massive Spatial Points Querying

Haicheng Liu, Peter van Oosterom, Martijn Meijers, Xuefeng Guan, Edward Verbree, Mike Horhammer
2020 International Journal of Database Management Systems  
Besides, the paper proposes an agile method to compute a continuous Level of Detail (cLoD), and integrates it into HistSFC to support smooth rendering of massive points.  ...  It maps both points and queries into a one-dimensional SFC space so that B+tree could be utilized.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The funding of this research comes from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and Fugro. They are greatly acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijdms.2020.12302 fatcat:snxyxb6xhbf5ti6cs4ktnss42i

Resource Letter: ND-1: Nonlinear Dynamics

Robert C. Hilborn, Nicholas B. Tufillaro
1997 American Journal of Physics  
This Resource Letter provides an introductory guide to the literature on nonlinear dynamics.  ...  Journal articles and books are cited for the following topics: general aspects of nonlinear dynamics and applications of nonlinear dynamics to various fields of physics, other sciences, and a few areas  ...  Yorke, in Functional Differential Equations and Approximations of Fixed Points, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics Vol. 730, edited by H.-O. Peitgen and H.-O.  ... 
doi:10.1119/1.18544 fatcat:c4vke6hf3vgm3k5llvukuqdheq

Octahedral tilting in ACu3Ru4O12 (A=Na, Ca, Sr, La, Nd)

U. Schwingenschlögl, V. Eyert, U. Eckern
2003 Chemical Physics Letters  
The electronic properties are strongly influenced by covalent type bonding between transition metal d and oxygen p states.  ...  The characteristic tilting of the RuO6 octahedra arises mainly from the Cu--O bonding, allowing for optimal bond lengths between these two atoms.  ...  Ebbinghaus and A. Weidenkaff are gratefully acknowledged. This work was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through SFB 484.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0009-2614(03)00201-x fatcat:rv2wmzckenbexg4mwzaaz2zzue

Magnetic structures ofNaLMnWO6perovskites(L=La,Nd,Tb)

Graham King, Andrew S. Wills, Patrick M. Woodward
2009 Physical Review B  
The Mn 2+ and Nd 3+ ions order simultaneously in NaNdMnWO 6 at 11 K.  ...  The magnetic structures of the perovskites NaLaMnWO 6 , NaNdMnWO 6 , and NaTbMnWO 6 , with rocksalt ordering of the Mn/W ions and layered ordering of Na and the rare-earth ions, have been determined by  ...  We acknowledge the support of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.79.224428 fatcat:3of5wxhocvcafhp3mcaptwbxmi

MIFS-ND: A mutual information-based feature selection method

N. Hoque, D.K. Bhattacharyya, J.K. Kalita
2014 Expert systems with applications  
This method combines both feature-feature mutual information and featureclass mutual information to find an optimal subset of features to minimize redundancy and to maximize relevance among features.  ...  The performance of our method both in terms of classification accuracy and execution time performance, has been found significantly high for twelve real-life datasets of varied dimensionality and number  ...  If a feature has the highest difference between C d and F d then it selects that feature using Lemma 1 otherwise it uses Lemma 2 to select the relevant feature.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2014.04.019 fatcat:u5nlcyf7lndhfo5uheleopqsdq

The Ain Temouchent (Algeria) Earthquake of December 22 nd , 1999

A. K. Yelles-Chaouche, H. Djellit, H. Beldjoudi, M. Bezzeghoud, E. Buforn
2004 Pure and Applied Geophysics  
On December 22 nd , 1999 an earthquake of Magnitude M w : 5.7 occurred at Ain Temouchent (northwest Algeria).  ...  The earthquake, with a maximum intensity of VII (MSK scale), caused serious damages to the Ain Temouchent city and its surroundings.  ...  The fourth author (M.B.) appreciatively acknowledges the support from CGE through Professors Ana Maria Silva and Augusto Fitas of the University of É vora.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00024-003-2465-2 fatcat:zypcjveujffpzg3g6t57ph7f5u

An Accelerated Online PCA with O(1) Complexity for Learning Molecular Dynamics Data [article]

Salaheddin Alakkari, John Dingliana
2018 Workshop on Molecular Graphics and Visual Analysis of Molecular Data  
Since applying standard PCA for such large data is expensive in terms of space and time complexity, we propose a novel online PCA algorithm with O(1) complexity per new timestep.  ...  Experimental results indicate that our technique provides an effective approximation to the original eigenspace computed using standard PCA in batch mode.  ...  Algorithm Total time complexity Our approach O(nd pk), k p Robust Online PCA [FXY13] O(nd p 2 ) OPCA [KL15] O(nd p/ε 3 ), ε 1 Incremental approaches [Sha15] O(n(d + 1 λ 2 )p log(1/ε)), λ is the eigengap  ... 
doi:10.2312/molva.20181100 dblp:conf/molva-ws/AlakkariD18 fatcat:cgs3e55mbbacnjoxk3zyr7wbay

Using tensor hypercontraction density fitting to achieve an O(L^4) CISD algorithm [article]

Neil Shenvi, Helen Van Aggelen, Weitao Yang
2012 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we use this methodology to construct an algorithm which calculates the approximate ground state energy in O(L^4) operations.  ...  We test our method using several small molecules and show that we quickly approach the CISD limit with a small number of auxiliary functions.  ...  Acknowledgments NS and WY would like to acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation (CHE-09-11119). HvA thanks the FWO-Flanders and Duke University for support.  ... 
arXiv:1209.2935v1 fatcat:o4ivmyjmhvcrbjwuhg7sol3xpa

nD-RAPID: a multidimensional scalable fault-tolerant optoelectronic interconnection for high-performance computing systems

Chander Kochar, Avinash Kodi, Ahmed Louri
2007 Journal of Optical Networking  
It also enables us to increase the scalability. In addition to the above features, we have developed a fault-tolerant algorithm for nD-RAPID.  ...  The design of the router and on-board switching methodology plays a very important role in ensuring an efficient fault-tolerant routing algorithm.  ...  Acknowledgments This research is supported by National Science Foundation grants CCR-0309537 and CCF-0538945 and a grant from Intel Corporation.  ... 
doi:10.1364/jon.6.000465 fatcat:ohce6hkqajct3cxpxdap5xwski

Parsing with Traces: An O(n4) Algorithm and a Structural Representation

Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Dan Klein
2017 Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics  
We propose a new representation and algorithm for a class of graph structures that is flexible enough to cover almost all treebank structures, while still admitting efficient learning and inference.  ...  Our dynamic program uniquely decomposes structures, is sound and complete, and covers 97.3% of the Penn English Treebank.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Greg Durrett for advice on parser implementation and debugging, and the action editor and anonymous reviewers for their helpful feedback.  ... 
doi:10.1162/tacl_a_00072 fatcat:3cv6ajmhmbbvbmmoz43aguxtzy

Contributions to 2^nd TeV Particle Astrophysics Conference (TeV PA II) Madison Wisconsin - 28-31 August 2006 [article]

IceCube Collaboration: A. Achterberg, et al
2006 arXiv   pre-print
Due to the different nature of their energy spectra, the requirement of how many OMs were triggered during an event was reoptimized. The upper limit on each of the models appears in the table above.  ...  Since no excess of events was seen indicating an extraterrestrial signal, an upper limit was set for a dN/dE ∼ E −2 flux between 15.8 TeV to 2.5 PeV (the energy region covered by 90% of the simulated signal  ...  An algorithm based on Bayesian statistics that provides such a segmentation of data of different nature was presented in [13] and a modified version based on Maximum Likelihood was recently employed  ... 
arXiv:astro-ph/0611597v2 fatcat:2n6li22a7rdr3cfho3hiei7c6q

Parsing with Traces: An O(n^4) Algorithm and a Structural Representation [article]

Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Dan Klein
2017 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a new representation and algorithm for a class of graph structures that is flexible enough to cover almost all treebank structures, while still admitting efficient learning and inference.  ...  Our dynamic program uniquely decomposes structures, is sound and complete, and covers 97.3% of the Penn English Treebank.  ...  Acknowledgments Thank you to Greg Durrett for advice on parser implementation and debugging, and to the anonymous reviewers for their helpful feedback.  ... 
arXiv:1707.04221v1 fatcat:tawk5audqba5zhyrpp4qok3y6m

Ocean circulation reconstructions fromεNd: A model-based feasibility study

T. Friedrich, A. Timmermann, T. Stichel, K. Pahnke
2014 Paleoceanography  
It is shown that a weakening of the North Atlantic Deep Water formation results in positive Nd anomalies in the Atlantic and the Pacific below 1000 m water depth whereas variations in Antarctic Bottom  ...  Our study investigates the transient response of Nd to large-scale ocean circulation changes using an Earth system model of intermediate complexity.  ...  It must be noted that this behavior makes Nd fundamentally different from another relevant paleoproxy: benthic 18 O.  ... 
doi:10.1002/2014pa002658 fatcat:ytr7ilkxmjcl5enswh6gkrhqpy
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