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A Protocol for Cortical Type Analysis of the Human Neocortex Applied on Histological Samples, the Atlas of Von Economo and Koskinas, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Miguel Ángel García-Cabezas, Julia Liao Hacker, Basilis Zikopoulos
2020 Frontiers in Neuroanatomy  
We apply cortical type analysis to the micrographs of the Atlas of the human cerebral cortex of von Economo and Koskinas and provide tables and maps with the areas of this Atlas and their corresponding  ...  Enos for scanning the micrographs of von Economo and Koskinas (1925/2008) .  ...  of the Atlas of von Economo and Koskinas are summarized in Tables 4-7 .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnana.2020.576015 pmid:33364924 pmcid:PMC7750391 fatcat:xttbki3uibbbrb344dmgl5bzty

Human brainnetome atlas: a new chapter of brain cartography

George Paxinos
2016 Science China Life Sciences  
While the von Economo and Koskinas atlas has been ignored by human researcher, the non-human primate researchers have used it.  ...  For the human, a pioneering work is the widely used partial cortical map of Brodmann (Brodmann, 1909) , though, paradoxically, the hardly used von Economo and Koskinas (von Economo and Koskinas, 1925)  ...  For the human, a pioneering work is the widely used partial cortical map of Brodmann (Brodmann, 1909) , though, paradoxically, the hardly used von Economo and Koskinas (von Economo and Koskinas, 1925  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11427-016-5110-x pmid:27473861 fatcat:ifvxafg2jzelfizvjydn2pyxp4

Bridging Cytoarchitectonics and Connectomics in Human Cerebral Cortex

M. P. van den Heuvel, L. H. Scholtens, L. Feldman Barrett, C. C. Hilgetag, M. A. de Reus
2015 Journal of Neuroscience  
In this communication, we combined data from the detailed mappings of early twentieth century cytoarchitectonic pioneers Von Economo and Koskinas (1925) on the microscale cellular structure of the human  ...  been noted to display an elaborate macroscale connectivity profile.  ...  A, Digital version of the cytoarchitectonic Von Economo and Koskinas (1925) parcellation (left) and the mapped subregions of the Desikan-Killiany (DK-57) atlas (right).  ... 
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.2630-15.2015 pmid:26468195 pmcid:PMC6608182 fatcat:x3qgnoezlnam5jr2srgmqdkwae

The Cytoarchitectonic Map of Constantin von Economo and Georg N. Koskinas [chapter]

Lazaros C. Triarhou
2013 Microstructural Parcellation of the Human Cerebral Cortex  
Economo and Koskinas, as well as the invaluable encouragement by the family members of the two eminent scientists.  ...  Foundation, the Academy of Athens, the Hellenic Ministry of National Education, the Hellenic Neurological Society, and the University of Macedonia in his effort to revive the neuroanatomical works of von  ...  of the Atlas (von Economo and Koskinas 2008) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-37824-9_2 fatcat:4aq2lhcl6jelhf4kw647cpzzl4

Cytoarchitectonic similarity is a wiring principle of the human connectome [article]

Alexandros Goulas, Rene Werner, Sarah F Beul, Dennis Saering, Martijn van den Heuvel, Lazaros C Triarhou, Claus C Hilgetag
2016 bioRxiv   pre-print
To this end, we use the comprehensive data from the classic work of von Economo and Koskinas in conjuction with diffusion data from the Human Connectome Project.  ...  Our findings are in line with recent findings in non-human mammalian cerebral cortices, suggesting that the cytoarchitectonic similarity of cortical regions underlies an overarching wiring principle of  ...  The von Economo and Koskinas atlas is only available as a schematic 2D drawing.  ... 
doi:10.1101/068254 fatcat:vp46b43ynvhzvbozhpyhmtul2q

Title Pages / Table of Contents / Preface [chapter]

2009 Cellular Structure of the Human Cerebral Cortex  
The Journal of Anatomy had been kinder: 'The present work is a condensation -an abstract of the essentials -of Professor von Economo's great book and Atlas .  ...  Constantin von Economo Vienna Preface 1 As a matter of fact, all of the microphotographs depicting cortical areas in the book are new, with none duplicated from the Atlas (Editor's note).  ...  Constantin von Economo Wien-Gerasdorf, im März 1927 Vorwort  ... 
doi:10.1159/000226273 fatcat:6k2h57yumjbrbbpipyhzsmznbu

Myelo- and cytoarchitectonic microstructural and functional human cortical atlases reconstructed in common MRI space

Rory Pijnenburg, Lianne H. Scholtens, Dirk Jan Ardesch, Siemon C. de Lange, Yongbin Wei, Martijn P. van den Heuvel
2021 NeuroImage  
The cortical atlases represent a range of modalities, including cyto- and myeloarchitecture (Campbell, Smith, Brodmann and Von Economo), myelogenesis (Flechsig), and mappings of symptomatic information  ...  We provide digital versions of six classical human brain atlases in common MRI space.  ...  Von Economo 1925 -cortical type The Von Economo and Koskinas atlas describes five broad fundamental structural types and one intermediate, or transitional, type of cortex based on histological observations  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2021.118274 pmid:34146709 fatcat:rgvuyoyhgjdtrjnv7venwiir5e

Relating quantitative 7T MRI across cortical depths to cytoarchitectonics, gene expression and connectomics

Peter McColgan, Saskia Helbling, Lenka Vaculčiaková, Kerrin Pine, Konrad Wagstyl, Fakhereh Movahedian Attar, Luke Edwards, Marina Papoutsi, Yongbin Wei, Martijn Pieter Van den Heuvel, Sarah J Tabrizi, Geraint Rees (+1 others)
2021 Human Brain Mapping  
Here we compare multi-parametric mapping (MPM) measures across cortical depths for a 7T 500 μm whole brain acquisition to (a) layer-specific cell measures from the von Economo histology atlas, (b) layer-specific  ...  Limitations of the layer-specific relationships demonstrated are at least in part related to the high cross-correlations of von Economo atlas cell counts and layer-specific gene expression across cortical  ...  depth and each von Economo cortical layer across 43 regions of the MRI template space von Economo atlas.  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.25595 pmid:34272784 pmcid:PMC8449108 fatcat:fo4pgcljcfgufmbyfehmmywk2q

BigBrain 3D atlas of cortical layers: Cortical and laminar thickness gradients diverge in sensory and motor cortices

Konrad Wagstyl, Stéphanie Larocque, Guillem Cucurull, Claude Lepage, Joseph Paul Cohen, Sebastian Bludau, Nicola Palomero-Gallagher, Lindsay B Lewis, Thomas Funck, Hannah Spitzer, Timo Dickscheid, Paul C Fletcher (+5 others)
2020 PLoS Biology  
Histological atlases of the cerebral cortex, such as those made famous by Brodmann and von Economo, are invaluable for understanding human brain microstructure and its relationship with functional organization  ...  We utilized this BigBrain cortical atlas to test whether previously reported thickness gradients, as measured by MRI in sensory and motor processing cortices, were present in a histological atlas of cortical  ...  Overall, the pattern of thickness in the BigBrain is consistent with histological atlases of cortical thickness, such as that from von Economo and Koskinas [8] .  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.3000678 pmid:32243449 pmcid:PMC7159250 fatcat:ymlzcnvqt5amno4d27bnzzdc5u

Diffusion spectrum imaging predicts hippocampal sclerosis in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy patients

Zhen‐Ming Wang, Peng‐Hu Wei, Miao Zhang, Chunxue Wu, Yi Shan, Fang‐Cheng Yeh, Yongzhi Shan, Jie Lu
2022 Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology  
Von Economo-Koskinas atlas.  ...  Relationship between QA values and the Von Economo-Koskinas atlas We generated a QA map with the HCP-1021 template to obtain an average QA distribution across a large population and labeled it with the  ...  Table S2 Cell size (μm) in areas from Von Economo-Koskinas atlas. Table S3 Cell density (cells/mm3) in areas from Von Economo-Koskinas atlas.  ... 
doi:10.1002/acn3.51503 pmid:35166461 pmcid:PMC8935311 fatcat:duaqugs2fjdkzjcifwyydf64pi

Multiscale examination of cytoarchitectonic similarity and human brain connectivity

Yongbin Wei, Lianne H. Scholtens, Elise Turk, Martijn P. van den Heuvel
2018 Network Neuroscience  
based Desikan-Killiany atlas used for macroscale connectome reconstruction.  ...  The human brain comprises an efficient communication network, with its macroscale connectome organization argued to be directly associated with the underlying microscale organization of the cortex.  ...  et al., 2012) , and (c) the von Economo-Koskinas (EK) atlas Scholtens, de Reus, de Lange, Schmidt, & van den Heuvel, 2016; von Economo & Koskinas, 1925) for validation purposes.  ... 
doi:10.1162/netn_a_00057 pmid:30793077 pmcid:PMC6372019 fatcat:4bgjygdenngsdiq3dytdoj363u

Automated segmentation of cortical layers in BigBrain reveals divergent cortical and laminar thickness gradients in sensory and motor cortices [article]

Konrad Wagstyl, Stéphanie Larocque, Guillem Cucurull, Claude Lepage, Joseph Paul Cohen, Sebastian Bludau, Nicola Palomero-Gallagher, Thomas Funck, Hannah Spitzer, Timo Dicksheid, Paul C Fletcher, Adriana Romero (+4 others)
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
processing cortices were present in a histological atlas of cortical thickness, and which cortical layers were contributing to these gradients.  ...  We developed artificial neural networks to segment cortical and laminar surfaces in the BigBrain, a 3D histological model of the human brain, to test whether gradients of MRI thickness in sensory and motor  ...  of histological thickness reported by von Economo and Koskinas (Figure 3 ).  ... 
doi:10.1101/580597 fatcat:bnhhvysrffetfofnjj274vjjoa

Predicting age from cortical structure across the lifespan [article]

Christopher Madan, Elizabeth A. Kensinger
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
The present study assessed how accurately an individual's age could be predicted by estimates of cortical morphology, comparing a variety of structural measures, including thickness, gyrification, and  ...  The age-prediction framework was trained using morphological measures obtained from T1-weighted MRI volumes collected from multiple sites, yielding a training dataset of 1056 healthy adults, aged 18-97  ...  Economo-Koskinas atlases.  ... 
doi:10.1101/248518 fatcat:3l7gsakkrzewbaoo7jywlg3xiy

Evolutionarily developed connections compromised in schizophrenia [article]

Martijn P. van den Heuvel, Lianne H. Scholtens, Siemon C. de Lange, Rory Pijnenburg, Wiepke Cahn, Neeltje E.M. van Haren, Iris Sommer, Longchuan Li, Todd Preuss, James K Rilling
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Our findings suggest that the evolution of brain wiring in support of complex brain function in humans may have come at the cost of an increased vulnerability to brain dysfunction in disease.  ...  We earlier built a FreeSurfer version of the Von Economo -Koskinas atlas for the human brain (60) .  ...  This atlas was based on a combination of the 1950 chimpanzee cortical atlas of Von Bonin and Bailey (58) and the 1925 human cortical atlas of Von Economo and Koskinas (59) .  ... 
doi:10.1101/387506 fatcat:qgx322vhwvecpdrhtxr5hbqvjm

A whole-brain 3D myeloarchitectonic atlas: mapping the Vogt-Vogt legacy to the cortical surface [article]

Niels Alexander Foit, Seles Yung, Hyo Min Lee, Andrea Bernasconi, Neda Bernasconi, Seok-Jun Hong
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
Histology-derived myelin density mapped on our atlas demonstrate close overlap with in vivo quantitative MRI markers for myelin and relates to cytoarchitectural features.  ...  Complementing the existing battery of approaches for digital cartography, the whole-brain myeloarchitectonic atlas offers an opportunity to validate imaging surrogate markers of myelin in both health and  ...  Correlation of myelin content with von Economo-Koskinas cytoarchitectonic data To verify the neurobiological significance of MYATLAS, we correlated the MGL with von Economo-Koskinas' cytoarchitectonic  ... 
doi:10.1101/2022.01.17.476369 fatcat:wufvjhqpwnhjhmuzy34xdnms7u
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