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Stabilizing Fuzzy Output Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems

Dušan Krokavec, Anna Filasová
2013 Advances in Fuzzy Systems  
Taking into account the affine properties of the TS model structure and applying the fuzzy control scheme relating to the parallel distributed output compensators, the sufficient design conditions are  ...  The proposed procedure decouples the Lyapunov matrix and the system parameter matrices in the LMIs and guarantees global stability of the system.  ...  In consequence, the state feedback control based on fuzzy TS systems model is mostly realized in such structures which can be designed using a technique based on LMIs.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/294971 fatcat:igihfr42lbh2dk5l2kjtawb22q

Robust non-quadratic static output feedback controller design for Takagi–Sugeno systems using descriptor redundancy

Tahar Bouarar, Kevin Guelton, Noureddine Manamanni
2013 Engineering applications of artificial intelligence  
This work concerns robust static output feedback controller (SOFC) design for uncertain and disturbed Takagi-Sugeno (TS) systems using an H-infinity criterion.  ...  To provide LMIs of less conservatism, the results are conducted in the non-quadratic framework.  ...  Hcontroller design This section aims at extending the previous results to the case of TS fuzzy systems with external disturbances.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.engappai.2012.11.001 fatcat:tzokvrwmkfc5phwlql2clwqqgq

Fuzzy control turns 50: 10 years later

Thierry M. Guerra, Antonio Sala, Kazuo Tanaka
2015 Fuzzy sets and systems (Print)  
A first part presents a quick recap of the history of fuzzy control: from model-free design, based on human reasoning to quasi-LPV (Linear Parameter Varying) model-based control design via some milestones  ...  In 2015, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fuzzy Sets, ten years after the main milestones regarding its applications in fuzzy control in their 40th birthday were reviewed in FSS, see [1] .  ...  conservatism (in system design and analysis) caused by fuzzy model construction with respect to TS approaches.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.fss.2015.05.005 fatcat:23eokygcdjghlfzch5ofcdycdu

Stable fuzzy control system design with pole-placement constraint: an LMI approach

Sung Kyung Hong, Yoonsu Nam
2003 Computers in industry (Print)  
In this paper, the synthesis of an Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI)-based stable fuzzy control system with pole-placement constraint is presented.  ...  By recasting these constraints into LMIs, we formulate an LMI feasibility problem for the design of the fuzzy state feedback control system that guarantees stability and satisfies desired transient responses  ...  On the other hand, Hong and Langari [9] dealt with the method of LMI based direct FLC design with imposing H 1 objective.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0166-3615(03)00057-5 fatcat:d26dyma5cnf3pdtdn7uwvu2tpq

Perspectives of fuzzy systems and control

Antonio Sala, Thierry Marie Guerra, Robert Babuška
2005 Fuzzy sets and systems (Print)  
Although fuzzy control was initially introduced as a model-free control design method based on the knowledge of a human operator, current research is almost exclusively devoted to model-based fuzzy control  ...  State-of-the-art techniques for identifying fuzzy models and designing model-based controllers are reviewed in this article.  ...  Stable and robust model-based fuzzy control An available fuzzy or neuro-fuzzy model can be used in the design of a controller in two ways.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.fss.2005.05.041 fatcat:jclijzo2x5cxhaaycntsks6ndq

Dissipative Analysis and Synthesis of Control for TS Fuzzy Markovian Jump Neutral Systems

R. Sakthivel, M. Rathika, Srimanta Santra
2015 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
This paper is focused on stochastic stability and strictly dissipative control design for a class of Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy neutral time delayed control systems with Markovian jumps.  ...  The main aim of this paper is to design a strictly dissipative controller such that the closed-loop TS fuzzy control system is stochastically stable, and also the disturbance rejection attenuation is obtained  ...  More precisely, Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy model based control plays an important role which offers a systematic and effective platform for control of nonlinear plants [6, 7] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/364184 fatcat:yyugmegcxnhmvomw2mzcvy33vi

Stability of softly switched multiregional dynamic output controllers with a static antiwindup filter: A discrete-time case

Tomasz Zubowicz, Mietek A. Brdyś
2013 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science  
This paper addresses the problem of model-based global stability analysis of discrete-time Takagi-Sugeno multiregional dynamic output controllers with static antiwindup filters.  ...  The presented analyses are reduced to the problem of a feasibility study of the Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs), derived based on Lyapunov stability theory.  ...  The state of the art in design and analysis of model-based fuzzy control systems was presented by Feng (2006) .  ... 
doi:10.2478/amcs-2013-0006 fatcat:mpc6c6xeybc3fl4awot4oxdbxe

T-S Fuzzy observer and controller of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator

Fouad Abdelmalki, Najat Ouaaline
2016 International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems  
which determines the control laws by return state and fuzzy observers.  ...  This paper aims to ensure a stability and observability of doubly fed induction generator DFIG of a wind turbine based on the approach of fuzzy control type T-S PDC (Parallel Distributed Compensation)  ...  In Section IV, describes LMI-based design procedures for the augmented system, finally an application of fuzzy TS method on DFIG with the results obtained and simulation.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijpeds.v7.i3.pp617-624 fatcat:6dgbxrh7snhtzfb75qmwj5dvsy

Static output-feedback fuzzy controller for Chen's chaotic system with uncertainties

W Chang
2003 Information Sciences  
An uncertain Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy model for the uncertain ChenÕs chaotic system is first constructed.  ...  Then, the uncertain TS fuzzy model is represented as a set of uncertain linear systems and a controller design algorithm is proposed.  ...  The switching static output-feedback fuzzy-model-based controller has then been synthesized by casting the design problem into the typical LMI framework.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0020-0255(02)00297-9 fatcat:xaxd7twdcjhsnazru44nm67w6e

H∞Enhanced Control Design of Discrete-Time Takagi-Sugeno State-Multiplicative Noisy Systems

Dušan Krokavec, Anna Filasová
2014 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Design conditions for existence of theH∞state feedback control for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy discrete-time stochastic systems with state-multiplicative noise, stabilizing the closed-loop in such way that the  ...  Using newly introduced enhanced form of the bounded real lemma for such stochastic systems, the LMI-based procedure is provided for computation of gain matrices of the state control law, realized in the  ...  Recently, TS model based fuzzy control approaches are being fast and successfully used in nonlinear control frameworks.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/151095 fatcat:wa3tmp2ojrc4re2ittl6qorpvi

Robust H8 Fuzzy Control Design For Nonlinear Two-Time Scale System With Markovian Jumps Based On Lmi Approach

Wudhichai Assawinchaichote, Sing Kiong Nguang
2008 Zenodo  
This paper examines the problem of designing a robust H8 state-feedback controller for a class of nonlinear two-time scale systems with Markovian Jumps described by a Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy model.  ...  Based on a linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach, LMI-based sufficient conditions for the uncertain Markovian jump nonlinear two-time scale systems to have an H8 performance are derived.  ...  ROBUST HFUZZY STATE-FEEDBACK CONTROL DESIGN This section provides the LMI-based solutions to the problem of designing a robust Hfuzzy state-feedback controller that guarantees the L 2 -gain of the  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1061480 fatcat:3e5k5zyiwjbwldmmacphmfsnui

Fuzzy Robust H∞ Tracking Control For Wind Generator System: LMI approach

Kaoutar Lahmadi, Ismail Boumhidi
2017 Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence  
Based on TS fuzzy model, a fuzzy observerbased and a fuzzy robust state feedback output tracking control are developed to reduce the tracking error by minimizing the disturbance level caused by the wind  ...  This study concerns the tracking control problem of the wind turbine generator system with uncertainties parameters and external disturbances.  ...  the asymptotic stability of the closed loop system (9) and achieve the  H tracking performance in (10) .The main result on the fuzzy tracking control design of TS fuzzy model with uncertainties parameters  ... 
doi:10.14738/tmlai.54.2971 fatcat:sfwu74u4mranpkwmlkjvp4aiv4

Robust fuzzy control for non-linear systems with uncertainties: A Takagi- Sugeno model approach

Alsaket et al., College of Engineering, University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia
2022 International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences  
This article studies the problem of robust control design for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems using the Takagi–Sugeno (TS) fuzzy models.  ...  The objective of this study is to design state feedback and an observer-based controller such that the closed-loop system is asymptotically stable.  ...  Second, for the system with a partially measurable state, a robust observer-based controller will be designed.  ... 
doi:10.21833/ijaas.2022.05.004 fatcat:u4c2uluayvfjdlvrok5lz7ckey

A Takagi-Sugeno model approach for robust fuzzy control design for trajectory tracking of non-linear systems

Alkaik et al., College of Engineering, University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia
2022 International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences  
This article investigates the robust fuzzy tracking control design for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems using the Takagi–Sugeno (TS) fuzzy models.  ...  The main purpose of this study is to design state feedback and observer-based controllers such that the closed-loop system is asymptotically stable.  ...  In this regard, the observer-based control output feedback control is probably well suited for feedback control, while the problem for designing observers for nonlinear systems described by (TS) fuzzy  ... 
doi:10.21833/ijaas.2022.03.018 fatcat:w72oggzkz5fhljy7uwwnggdd5q

Tensor Product Model Transformation Simplification of Takagi-Sugeno Control and Estimation Laws – An Application to a Thermoelectric Controlled Chamber

2018 Acta Polytechnica Hungarica  
A control and an estimation law were designed using state of the art LMI conditions for fuzzy systems.  ...  Using 5 digital temperature sensors, a Takagi-Sugeno discrete time fuzzy model of the system was found with system identification techniques.  ...  In this paper, we present a novel application of the TP model transformation under the TS LMI framework: the simplification of the control and estimation laws.  ... 
doi:10.12700/aph.15.3.2018.3.2 fatcat:qglfnqm4lzditj5dh3tm2lgv34
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