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NESTORE D5.1 Definition of Intervention Techniques

Röcke Christina, Guye Sabrina, Angelini Leonardo, Caon Maurizio, Mugellini Elena, Khaled Omar Abou, Rizzo Giovanna, Matropietro Alfonso, Porcelli Simone, Kniestedt Isabelle
2018 Zenodo  
Then, we provide an extensive and systematic review on e-coaching interventions targeting or containing aspects of physical activity, nutrition, social relations, cognitive activity, and, to some extent  ...  In Chapter 2 of this document we summarize seven behaviour change models (BCM) that are frequently used as general theoretical frameworks in health psychology: (1) Theory of Reasoned Action, (2) Theory  ...  The mobile apps and games are integrated in the personal device of the user, therefore available ubiquitously, provided that an internet connection is available when using the personal mobile device.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4549173 fatcat:623kpsetkbcw5kzosqv7xur33i

The role of psychological traits and social factors in using new mobile communication services

Kyung Kyu Kim, Ho Kyoung Shin, Beomsoo Kim
2011 Electronic Commerce Research and Applications  
An empirical investigation of current multimedia messaging services users in South Korea was conducted.  ...  In this study, we assumed that key determinants of behavioral intentions to use mobile communication services including multimedia messaging services are the psychological traits of users and social factors  ...  Douglas and Craig (1992) suggest that strong theoretical and conceptual frameworks can be developed through an integration of constructs from different research traditions and disciplines.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.elerap.2010.11.004 fatcat:eza55werdzdzrlskoprjrkgtry

The Awakening of Guatemalan Society: explaining the appearance of the social movement of 2015

Silvia Sofía Montenegro Mejía, Edgar Gutiérrez
2016 Encuentro Latinoamericano  
) for the process of mobilization.  ...  Another goal is to expand the scope of research by adding the role that social media, Facebook and Twitter, had in the mobilization process of the social movement, reducing the cost of organization and  ...  Rapid diffusion of collective action from more mobilized to less mobilized sectors, a rapid pace of innovation in the forms of contention employed, the creation of new or transformed collective action  ... 
doi:10.22151/ela.3.1.4 fatcat:bkh3g6hijrgqfomakcquzppwbe

Questioning mobility as a service: Unanticipated implications for society and governance

Kate Pangbourne, Miloš N. Mladenović, Dominic Stead, Dimitris Milakis
2019 Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice  
Various other forms of MaaS are being developed but all tend to offer door-to-door multi-modal mobility services, brokered via digital platforms connecting users and service operators.  ...  First, to what extent can the MaaS promises (to citizens and cities) be delivered, and what are the unanticipated societal implications that could arise from a wholesale adoption of MaaS in relation to  ...  We also thank those funding agencies whose support enabled some aspects of the work to be carried out.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tra.2019.09.033 fatcat:bm3bv4amujegdpriscs62y4lcu

Davis Mirilla Dissertation on Impact Task Disengagement in Cyber Security.pdf

Davis Mirilla
2019 Figshare  
Response to cyber-attacks are still slow and high-profile breaches continue to rise and take center stage in global media coverage.  ...  Cyber-attacks and breaches continue to rise even though cyber-security practitioners have continued to improve on Incidence Response, by investing heavily in prevention technologies.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In completing this work, I want to acknowledge the support I enjoyed from members of Faculty, Seidenberg College in Pace University, members of my family, my employers and a small but  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.9785363.v1 fatcat:po66obagnjb6jgnqaso65hybw4

A neuroscience agenda for counseling psychology research

Óscar F. Gonçalves, Kristin M. Perrone-McGovern
2014 Journal of Counseling Psychology  
In this article, we illustrate how neuroscience can provide a conceptual and methodological framework to understand our clients within a transdiagnostic developmental perspective.  ...  These psychological processes influence brain networks (attention, motivational, emotional regulation, social cognition), which influence cognitive, social, emotional, identity, and vocational development  ...  Figure 1 . 1 Pathways for the integration of neurosciences in counseling psychology research programs. IBMT ϭ integrative body-mind training.  ... 
doi:10.1037/cou0000026 pmid:25285708 fatcat:cwag3gfbrjewpkg22f42es5pyu

The privacy paradox – Investigating discrepancies between expressed privacy concerns and actual online behavior – A systematic literature review

Susanne Barth, Menno D.T. de Jong
2017 Telematics and informatics  
More specifically: While users claim to be very concerned about their privacy, they nevertheless undertake very little to protect their personal data.  ...  Also known as the privacy paradox, recent research on online behavior has revealed discrepancies between user attitude and their actual behavior.  ...  Mental short-cuts allow individuals to come to decisions quickly while suppressing any urge to think about the next action (Cognitive Heuristics; Tversky and Kahneman, 1975) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tele.2017.04.013 fatcat:2msavo3itnhw7cthquli3u77ku

Quantitative Modeling of Trust and Trust Management Protocols in Next Generation Social Networks Based Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Yogesh Malhotra
2014 Social Science Research Network  
Within the context of Network-Centric Operations (NCO), we examine: (i) the capabilities of next generation wireless mobile ad hoc networks; (ii) how trust and trust management are modeled in such mobile  ...  Recent spate of national and global high-impact Cyber Security compromises, threats, vulnerabilities, and exposures leads to fundamental questioning of Trust as the key enabler of all cyber phenomena in  ...  Outsider attacks are caused by unauthorized or non-privileged users typically by gaining access to an authorized or privileged account.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2539180 fatcat:dzdb37dshfcvvofw6k2gatlb4i

Contextual Awareness in Human-Advanced-Vehicle Systems: A Survey

Raul Fernandez-Rojas, Anthony Perry, Hemant Singh, Benjamin Campbell, Saber Elsayed, Robert Hunjet, Hussein Abbass
2019 IEEE Access  
The latter category covers recommender systems, which are used to coordinate the actions that sit at the interface of the human and AVSs, human-machine interaction issues, and the activity recognition  ...  His research interests include machine learning, human-robot teaming, and modeling cognitive states using neuroimaging methods such as fNIRS and EEG.  ...  An activity monitoring and reminder delivery framework for aged care requires a context management module in order to extract high level context from raw sensed data; integrate heterogeneous contexts (  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2902812 fatcat:ieqvknlscjgfthy3snql53ohzi

Emotion and Evolving Treatments for Adult Psychopathology

Douglas Mennin, Frank Farach
2007 Clinical Psychology  
However, there has been a recent convergence among numerous theoretical orientations in drawing from investigations of emotions within basic affective sciences, which highlight the survival and societal  ...  These characterizations of emotion suggest a number of ways that current treatments may benefit from explicit incorporation of interventions targeting emotions, particularly for resistant forms of adult  ...  Emotions are integrally tied to our motivations toward desired outcomes and away from noxious threats (Lang, 1995) .  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1468-2850.2007.00094.x fatcat:k2cjb4h2ozaf3fxuv6ckomethi

The human factors engineering approach to biomedical informatics projects: state of the art, results, benefits and challenges

M-C Beuscart-Zéphir, Peter Elkin, Sylvia Pelayo, Regis Beuscart
2007 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics  
But when properly applied to IT projects, the HFE approach proves efficient when seeking to improve patient safety, users' satisfaction and adoption of the products.  ...  The second section describes a functional model of an HFE lifecycle adapted for healthcare work situations.  ...  For each action the inspector assesses the probability for the user to perform the correct action.  ... 
pmid:17700914 fatcat:jxvoarpsv5axpeehllmmy4dxwy

The Human Factors Engineering Approach to Biomedical Informatics Projects: State of the Art, Results, Benefits and Challenges

Peter Elkin, Sylvia Pelayo, Regis Beuscart, M.-C. Beuscart-Zéphir
2007 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics  
But when properly applied to IT projects, the HFE approach proves efficient when seeking to improve patient safety, users' satisfaction and adoption of the products.We recommend that the HFE methodology  ...  The second section describes a functional model of an HFE lifecycle adapted for healthcare work situations.  ...  For each action the inspector assesses the probability for the user to perform the correct action.  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-0038-1638535 fatcat:ssslefu6efbkjd6hdo4uvucgyy

To Share or Not to Share? How Emotional Judgments Drive Online Political Expression in High-Risk Contexts

Aysenur Dal, Erik C. Nisbet
2020 Communication Research  
Previous scholarship on networked authoritarianism has examined an array of repressive legal and political strategies employed by regimes to constrain online political expression.  ...  We address this lacuna by drawing upon concepts from risk and decision-making research and examining how the emotional and cognitive components of risk and decision-making shape citizens' online political  ...  Our findings support our theoretical framework, highlight the influence of emotions, as compared to cognitive, processes in decision-making, and point to several promising pathways for future research  ... 
doi:10.1177/0093650220950570 fatcat:urupmohsnbg5dopl3hy4lor7d4

A Framework for Mixed Reality Free-Choice, Self-Determined Learning

Claudio Aguayo, Chris Eames, Thomas Cochrane
2020 Research in Learning Technology  
It has been developed as an outcome from a study exploring how purposeful educational design using mobile learning might enable integration of classroom and outside of classroom teaching and learning (  ...  The framework emerged from a research study in New Zealand which aimed to explore how learning experiences which incorporate mobile technologies within free-choice learning settings can be designed to  ...  Mobile learning opportunities should be authentic to the context, integrated within and across learning areas and scaffolded for a clear learning pathway. vi.  ... 
doi:10.25304/rlt.v28.2347 fatcat:lvu7dnr725fbzljsnmum7drd64

On theory integration: Toward developing affective components within cognitive architectures

Justin M. Olds, Julian N. Marewski
2015 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
We agree with this and argue that cognitive architectures can provide steady ground for this kind of theory integration and for investigating interactions among underlying cognitive processes.  ...  AbstractInThe Cognitive-Emotional Brain, Pessoa (2013) suggests that cognition and emotion should not be considered separately.  ...  Evaluations of affective significance that mobilize the body for action have a "near global effect" on cognition.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x14000971 pmid:26785971 fatcat:lvnl2rntqrdntovw2l5pawrj3i
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