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New Chaotic Substation and Permutation Method for Image Encryption

Ekhlas Abbas Albahrani, Tayseer Karam Alshekly
2017 International Journal of Applied Information Systems  
New Chaotic Substation and Permutation Method for Image Encryption is introduced based on combination between Block Cipher and chaotic map.  ...  The new algorithm encrypts and decrypts a block of 500 byte. Each block is firstly permuted by using the hyper-chaotic map and then the result is substituted using 1D Bernoulli map.  ...  An image block is ciphered by the block-based permutation process and cipher block encryption process.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijais2017451698 fatcat:mxfujlgvlzfnbdfczqstxljeni

An image encryption scheme with a pseudorandom permutation based on chaotic maps

Ji Won Yoon, Hyoungshick Kim
2010 Communications in nonlinear science & numerical simulation  
We propose a new image encryption algorithm using a large pseudorandom permutation which is combinatorially generated from small permutation matrices based on chaotic maps.  ...  The experimental results show that the proposed encryption scheme provides comparable security with that of the conventional image encryption schemes based on Baker map or Logistic map.  ...  An image encryption scheme with a pseudorandom permutation based on chaotic maps.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cnsns.2010.01.041 fatcat:ex5qwijwvrczzctdoz5wlhtal4


Samuel Jackson, Scott Kerlin, Jeremy Straub
2015 Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security - CCS '15  
Specifically, this paper presents an implementation of an encryption algorithm based on chaos theory and compares and contrasts it with existing cryptographic schemes used in desktop computing and lightweight  ...  This paper investigates potential software solutions that could be used to encrypt and decrypt data on small satellites and other devices with similarly limited resources.  ...  An image is read into a twodimensional array of size n x n, where each index holds one pixel.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2810103.2810114 dblp:conf/ccs/JacksonKS15 fatcat:ms3hh7oycbga7ocnjszu4kguka

Analytic Study of a Novel Color Image Encryption Method Based on the Chaos System and Color Codes

Shamsa Kanwal, Saba Inam, Omar Cheikhrouhou, Kinza Mahnoor, Atef Zaguia, Habib Hamam, Jorge-Antonio Lopez-Renteria
2021 Complexity  
This study presents a novel image encryption framework based on integrating the chaotic maps and color codes. Three phases are involved in the proposed image encryption technique.  ...  The measurements show that the proposed algorithm is a noble overall solution for image encryption. Thorough comparison with other image encryption algorithms is also carried out.  ...  matrices are combined once again to make a one-dimensional array Q.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5499538 fatcat:repbcgl6njdpfdjhbcl25m3fpe

DNA Cryptography with Chaotic Mapping on Images: A Comparative Study

Siyamol Chirakkarottu, Anil Johny, Sheena Mathew
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Recent researches of image encryption algorithms have been increasingly based on chaotic systems.  ...  contain confidential information. the best method to protect images from unauthorized access is image encryption.  ...  A novel color image encryption algorithm based on DNA sequence operation and hyper-chaotic system In this paper, a novel color image encryption algorithm based on DNA sequence operation and hyper-chaotic  ... 
doi:10.5120/17827-8613 fatcat:4erox257abcqjnma5t46czuyza

A Hybrid Chaotic and Number Theoretic Approach for Securing DICOM Images

Jeyamala Chandrasekaran, S. J. Thiruvengadam
2017 Security and Communication Networks  
The key matrix is permuted and chaotically controlled by Henon map to decide the encryption keys for every pixel of DICOM image.  ...  Modular exponentiation of the primitive roots of the chosen prime in the range of its residual set is employed in the generation of two-dimensional array of keys.  ...  maps, (C) encryption/decryption of DICOM images based on bitwise XOR of subimages with permuted key arrays.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2017/6729896 fatcat:dg6ekdj7krgs5oof7dlew4cihy

Color Image Encryption Depend on DNA Computing

Matheel Emadaldeen, Zena mohammad saadi
2017 Diyala Journal for Pure Science  
when an attacker tries image retrieval.  ...  Encryption character algorithm proposed by Kang et al relying on pseudo-DNA operation, However, DNA encryption methods have defects such as expensive experimental equipment, complex operation and difficult  ...  In this paper, a RGB image encryption algorithm based on DNA encoding combined with chaotic map is proposed aiming at characteristics of RGB image.  ... 
doi:10.24237/djps.1301.172b fatcat:rkryg27rbrhevpcpajctpln6qe

An image encryption algorithm based on bisection method and one-dimensional piecewise chaotic map

Aesha Elghandour, Ahmed Salah, Yasser Elmasry, Abdelrahman Karawia
2021 IEEE Access  
In this article, an image encryption algorithm via bisection method and one-dimensional piecewise chaotic map is proposed. It depends on the permutation-substitution model.  ...  INDEX TERMS Bisection method, chaos, confusion-diffusion model, image encryption, tent map.  ...  [5] suggested an image encryption algorithm based on 1D chaotic tent map. A new 1D chaotic map based on Beta function created in [6] and used in the image encryption scheme.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3065810 fatcat:gmox3hovpbgqffoxyh3exsoswy

Implementation and Comparison of a Secure Lossless Image Encryption-then-Compression Algorithms

Asma Banu. S, Dr. A. Sreenivas Murthy
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The Encryption algorithms are Arnolds transform, Combination of different permutations and Random Permutation of Clusters of Prediction errors.  ...  Comparative analysis is performed based on performance evaluation factors. Sequential Decompression and Decryption is performed.  ...  Combination of Random Permutations There are three basic Permutations techniques 1. Bit permutation The image can be seen as an array of pixels, each with eight bits for 256 gray levels.  ... 
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is090469 fatcat:7est4paj6jch3hn4hbak7v7zje


Sankhya Nagesh Nayak ., Nandish M ., Chakrapani D S ., Mohan H G .
2019 International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology  
In this approach, the secret information is initially encrypted and then encrypted bits are embedded into an image.  ...  To increase unpredictability, we employ different combinations of scan patterns for encryption and embedding.  ...  M Nandish et al. (2015) developed a new image encryption scheme based on SCAN, Dyadic permutation and Carrier image to encrypt and decrypt the image.  ... 
doi:10.33564/ijeast.2019.v04i03.077 fatcat:reglq3o6ynfutc6bupu6hq6dwe

A Novel Steganographic Scheme Based on Hash Function Coupled With AES Encryption

Rinu Tresa M J, Athira M Babu, Sobha T
2014 Advanced Computing An International Journal  
The textual data entered by the user is encrypted using AES algorithm. After encryption, the encrypted data is stored in the colour image by using a hash based algorithm.  ...  The input and output of steganography looks alike, but for cryptography the output will be in an encrypted form which always draws attraction to the attacker.  ...  The drawback is that this scheme is not suitable for color images. Koredianto Usman [1] proposed a method for image encryption for medical images based on random permutation and pixel arrangement.  ... 
doi:10.5121/acij.2014.5103 fatcat:7wlgzox2gjflvitk2iovgvbiom

Performance Analysis of DCT Based Lossy Compression Method with Symmetrical Encryption Algorithms

Neetu Gupta, Ritu Vijay, Hemant Gupta
2018 EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web  
Efficiency of the AES and DES encryption algorithms are compared based on key space, histogram and differential analysis. The experiment is performed on five different test images.  ...  This provides a platform to the researcher to work on image compression-encryption (CE) methodologies.  ...  [15] have proposed a combined image compression and encryption for JPEG images. The encryption algorithm uses a chaotic based operation.  ... 
doi:10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.163976 fatcat:pjcjee3vx5crvo44ioh5rpv37a

A Fingerprint Image Encryption Scheme Based on Hyperchaotic Rössler Map

F. Abundiz-Pérez, C. Cruz-Hernández, M. A. Murillo-Escobar, R. M. López-Gutiérrez, A. Arellano-Delgado
2016 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In this paper, we present a novel fingerprint image encryption scheme based on hyperchaotic Rössler map to provide high security and secrecy in user's biometric trait, avoid identity theft, and increase  ...  Nevertheless, there are several attacks on the biometric system to steal and recover the user's biometric trait.  ...  In [17] , the authors presented an image encryption algorithm based on genetic recombination and hyperchaotic system.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2016/2670494 fatcat:eppd5yfqajfata54ifkrgl54qm

Image Encryption Using DNA Encoding and RC4 Algorithm

2018 Iraqi Journal of Science  
To this end, an image encryption method that adopts Rivest Cipher (RC4) and Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) encoding to increase the secrecy and randomness of the image without affecting its quality is proposed  ...  The Means Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), Coefficient Correlation (CC) and histogram analysis are used as an evaluation metrics to evaluate the performance of the proposed method  ...  The Proposed Image Encryption Method Vvcvbb The proposed image encryption method is based on the combination of RC4 algorithm and DNA coding. The proposed method consists of two layers.  ... 
doi:10.24996/ijs.2018.59.1b.24 fatcat:av2bhi4xrjg5tmbrv5y6d4rlye

A Technique for Image Encryption with Combination of Pixel Rearrangement Scheme Based On Sorting Group-Wise Of RGB Values and Explosive Inter-Pixel Displacement

Amnesh Goel, Nidhi Chandra
2012 International Journal of Image Graphics and Signal Processing  
So, here we introduce a new image encryption method which first rearranges the pixels within image on basis of RGB values and then forward intervening image for encryption.  ...  Experimentally it has shown that pixel rearrangement is enough from image encryption point of view but to send image over open network; inter-pixel displacement algorithm is applied to dispense more armament  ...  to result in better image encryption technique. This work can be further extended by using the pyramidal block scheme for image encryption with inter pixel scheme.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijigsp.2012.02.03 fatcat:t5cg6kgnzrebno2yygu2yzcgoa
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