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An extended dynamic source routing scheme in ad hoc wireless networks

Jie Wu
Proceedings of the 35th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
In this paper we consider a multipath extension to the dynamic source routing (DSR) protocol proposed by Johnson and Maltz, an on-demand routing protocol for ad hoc wireless networks.  ...  This extension keeps two node disjoint paths between the source and the destination of a routing process without introducing extra overhead. Several optimization options are also considered.  ...  Routing in the ad hoc wireless network poses special challenges because of its infrastructureless network and its dynamic topology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2002.994517 dblp:conf/hicss/Wu02 fatcat:o43fw3p35fex3ah3nnrpr2mr4u

A Study on Power Aware Routing Schemes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Dr. Rajesh Gar gi, Ayushi
2015 International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering  
An Ad-hoc network is a collection of multi-hop wireless nodes that communicate with each other without centralized controlling or without fixed infrastructure, dynamically formed by an autonomous system  ...  Due to energy constraint the power aware routing schemes for mobile ad hoc networks has been developed for increasing network life time by isolating low power nodes from the routing process.  ...  INTRODUCTION Ad-hoc wireless networks are a comparatively new paradigm in multi-hop wireless networking that is increasingly becoming popular and will become an essential part of the computing environment  ... 
doi:10.15680/ijircce.2015.0306020 fatcat:62du6hve3ndsng2uxczwzns6hq

Security enhancement of AODV routing protocol in mobile ad hoc network

Ashish Kumar Jain, Ankita Choorasiya
2017 2017 2nd International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES)  
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks are autonomously self-organized networks without infrastructure support.  ...  This paper has been made to implement, the integration of internet with mobile ad-hoc network, using routing protocol extended AODV for two performance matrices Packet Delivery Ratio and End to End Delay  ...  Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol and the Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) Protocol are examples of reactive routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cesys.2017.8321223 fatcat:unq4bi3xgfdjhgrsukd7bnoz6m

Enhancement in QoS for Hybrid Networks Using IEEE 802.11e HCCA with Extended AODV Routing Protocol

Shalini Singh, Rajeev Tripathi
2015 International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences  
This paper utilizes the extended ad hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV) routing protocol for communication between ad hoc network and fixed wired network.  ...  The extensive set of simulations results show that the performance of extended AODV with HCCA (IEEE 802.11e) improves QoS in hybrid network and it is unaffected whether the nodes in wireless ad hoc networks  ...  in ad hoc wireless domain of hybrid networks.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ijcns.2015.86024 fatcat:kmxgpawwzrcjzktz7pk55rmqva

A New Theoretical Approach to Location Based Power Aware Routing

Tarandeep Singh Kang Tarandeep Singh Kang
2013 IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering  
In MANETs, when information is sent from the source to the destination, these information packets travel through all the nodes which come across the path from the source to the destination.  ...  In this proposed work, alternate methods are proposed to overcome this problem.  ...  A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an autonomous system of mobile routers connected by wireless links. The union of which forms an arbitrary graph.  ... 
doi:10.9790/1676-545659 fatcat:fo6d4engjbbzbinnwrgcaaljhy

Maximum Energy Level Ad Hoc Distance Vector scheme for energy efficient ad hoc networks routing

Tai Hieng Tie, Chong Eng Tan, Sei Ping Lau
2009 2009 IEEE 9th Malaysia International Conference on Communications (MICC)  
Energy consumption issue is an important research topic in wireless ad hoc networks, because wireless nodes in such networks operate on limited battery power.  ...  This paper describes improvement of an energy efficiency routing for ad hoc network utilizing the high energy paths.  ...  Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) in Ad Hoc network.  ... 
doi:10.1109/micc.2009.5431544 fatcat:krh6bs2szbfozmoeq2tr7p4saq

Improving Route Selection Mechanism using Trust Factor in AODV Routing Protocol for MaNeT

R. S. Mangrulkar, Pallavi V Chavan, S. N. Dagadkar
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
An ad-hoc network comprises of mobile nodes that cooperate with each other using wireless connections to route both data and control packets within the network.  ...  The performance of Ad-hoc On Demand Vector (AODV) protocols has been modified by including the source route accumulation feature.  ...  Node mobility in an ad-hoc network causes frequent changes of the network topology.  ... 
doi:10.5120/1282-1657 fatcat:t637plezebe2vmg3c2xihpipkm

Cross Layer Optimization Routing Algorithm for Wireless AD HOC

Hongfeng Wang, Dingding Zhou, Shi Dong
2015 International Journal of Smart Home  
This paper is organized as follows: in Section 2 describes related work routing algorithm and channel allocation algorithm in wireless multi interface multichannel Ad Hoc network in the wireless Ad Hoc  ...  Wireless Ad Hoc network topology and the relative dynamic link quality is not stable, in the layered system under the network layer cannot be timely access to the underlying information to select an appropriate  ...  Wireless Ad Hoc network source sends data streams often need to pass forward reach the destination node multi hop, how to choose a suitable routing is the main research content of the wireless Ad Hoc network  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijsh.2015.9.7.17 fatcat:4jutfw7o2faf3gfjqpksxnqyd4

Maximum battery life routing to support ubiquitous mobile computing in wireless ad hoc networks

C.-K. Toh
2001 IEEE Communications Magazine  
Most ad hoc mobile devices today operate on batteries. Hence, power consumption becomes an important issue.  ...  Simulation results confirm the need to strike a balance in attaining service availability performance of the whole network vs. the lifetime of ad hoc mobile devices.  ...  Since existing wired routing protocols cannot be used directly in an ad hoc wireless network environment, different routing schemes should be proposed for ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/35.925682 fatcat:wevszq3cfjdkbdqg5cx6glxpmm

Neighbor Discovery based on Adaptive Hello Messaging Scheme On-Demand MANET Routing Protocols using PSO

Sukhvinder Kaur, Sheenam Malhotra
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Mobile ad-hoc network is an infrastructure less wireless adhoc network in which mobile nodes communicate with each other through wireless links without the need of any centralized administration.  ...  Overhead goes high due to neighbor discovery messages in the MANET routing protocols, such as in AODV, DYMO.  ...  Some common examples of reactive routing protocols are the following: AODV (Ad-hoc on-demand routing protocol), DYMO (Dynamic MANET On-demand protocol), and DSR (Dynamic Source Routing).  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016908871 fatcat:5phx4elbirdddmztcfclqed7pq

Performance Comparison of DSDV, AODV and DSR routing protocols

Mr. Nilesh Sambhe
2012 IOSR Journal of Engineering  
Mobile Ad Hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a temporary network without the aid of any centralized administration, in which individual nodes cooperate by forwarding packets to  ...  The table driven routing protocols is Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Routing protocols (DSDV).The on-demand routing protocols are Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV), Dynamic Source  ...  form the network routing infrastructure in an ad hoc fashion.  ... 
doi:10.9790/3021-021102105 fatcat:hkzagnyc55h4jcxrujrwaalfqm

A Review Paper on Ad-hoc Routing Protocols AODV FZRP and SLURP

Dilshana D, Meenu M, Komal K
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) represents a system comprised of a collection of nodes in motion that are arbitrarily located so that the interconnections between nodes changes dynamically.  ...  The main goal of an ad hoc network routing protocol is to establish an effective and accurate route between a pair of mobile nodes so that messages delivered within the active route timeout interval.  ...  FEATURES OF AD HOC NETWORKS The nodes in an ad hoc network act as routers in order to exchange the data packets between a pair of nodes and are equipped with wireless transmitters and receivers by using  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016910151 fatcat:yqwv7f7b4ba2zby2aonscliq4q

Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocol and Congestion Control Protocol in Wireless Multi-hop Networks

Bhavana Narain, V. K. Patle, Sanjay Kumar
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Existing congestion control schemes treat congestion as an individual problem and propose ad hoc solution that are dissatisfied.  ...  Wireless multi-hop networks have many potential applications, e.g., a small stand-alone network for group of mobile users (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks), a cost efficient stubnetwork to connect to the Internet  ...  DSR[9] The Dynamic Source Routing protocol (DSR) is a simple and efficient routing protocol designed specifically for use in multi-hop wireless ad hoc networks of mobile nodes.  ... 
doi:10.5120/1544-2052 fatcat:36k3qgy5mrhhth2t6alildk4va

A Survey of Energy Efficient Schemes in Ad-hoc Networks [article]

Priya P. Patel, Rutvij H. Jhaveri
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The dynamic nature of ad hoc networks make them more attractive, which is used in many different applications.  ...  In this paper, we survey various existing schemes which attempt to improve energy efficiency of different types of ad hoc routing protocol to increase network lifetime.  ...  Network resource efficient routing in mobile ad hoc wireless networks Ahyoung Lee et al.  ... 
arXiv:2004.06380v1 fatcat:ntnskqzxnrashnybw3vs33t7i4

Using network processor to establish security agent for AODV routing protocol

Chen Hong Song, Fu Zhongchuan, Wang Chengyao, Ji Zhenzhou, Hu Mingzeng
2007 Journal of Computing and Information Technology  
Ad hoc network is an exciting research aspect due to the characters of self-organization, dynamically topology and temporary network life.  ...  Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is the main puzzle in the security of Ad hoc network. A novel NP-based security scheme is proposed to combat the attack.  ...  NP-based Security Scheme in Ad hoc Network Recently, main attention has been paid to the security processor design for wireless Ad hoc devices.  ... 
doi:10.2498/cit.1000748 fatcat:hq7auvgpgvaqvgw76z3abai5om
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