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A Smart Energy Harvesting Platform for Wireless Sensor Network Applications

Gabriel Filios, Ioannis Katsidimas, Sotiris Nikoletseas, Ioannis Tsenempis
2019 Information  
The presented platform is able to efficiently power a low power IoT system with processing, sensing and wireless transmission potentials.  ...  It incorporates a cutting-edge energy management IC that enables exceptional energy harvesting, applicable on low power and downsized energy generators.  ...  We are developing a power supply platform that can merge the following developments in an all-in-one system which can power low-power devices.  ... 
doi:10.3390/info10110345 fatcat:lz4juxrmizgstltf4ficodgnpq

ePave: A Self-Powered Wireless Sensor for Smart and Autonomous Pavement

Jian Xiao, Xiang Zou, Wenyao Xu
2017 Sensors  
Smart Pavement" is an emerging infrastructure for various on-road applications in transportation and road engineering.  ...  This paper presents a pavement self-powered wireless sensing system that integrates a self-power module, an ultra-low-power sensor system, a wireless transmission module and a built-in power management  ...  Contributions: Jian Xiao performed the theoretical analysis, and conceived the question; Xiang Zou designed and performed the experiments, and analyzed the data, and wrote the paper; Wenyao Xu provided guidance for  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17102207 pmid:28954430 pmcid:PMC5677397 fatcat:atnp73w3i5gtzjezijxvqb3bgq

Recent Progress in the Energy Harvesting Technology—From Self-Powered Sensors to Self-Sustained IoT, and New Applications

Long Liu, Xinge Guo, Weixin Liu, Chengkuo Lee
2021 Nanomaterials  
Secondly, self-powered sensors and self-sustained IoT applications are discussed regarding current strategies for energy harvesting and sensing.  ...  With the fast development of energy harvesting technology, micro-nano or scale-up energy harvesters have been proposed to allow sensors or internet of things (IoT) applications with self-powered or self-sustained  ...  The ultra-low frequency biomechanical energy harvested by two rotational units equipped on a walking stick can power an IoT system with a GPS module, an environment amenity sensing module, and a wireless  ... 
doi:10.3390/nano11112975 pmid:34835739 pmcid:PMC8620223 fatcat:efzhkatpzrdftabf6hmzqynmtu

Real-Time Smart Parking Systems Integration in Distributed ITS for Smart Cities

Muhammad Alam, Davide Moroni, Gabriele Pieri, Marco Tampucci, Miguel Gomes, José Fonseca, Joaquim Ferreira, Giuseppe Riccardo Leone
2018 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
Despite the progress, there is still need for an enhanced and distributed solution that can exploit the data from the available systems and provide an appropriate and real-time reaction on transportation  ...  systems.  ...  The power supply system includes the lead (Pb) acid battery pack and a module for harvesting energy through photovoltaic panel.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/1485652 fatcat:szaexdioubcdhe343x2n25fpde

Additively manufactured nano-mechanical energy harvesting systems: advancements, potential applications, challenges and future perspectives

Ammar Ahmed, Ali Azam, Yanen Wang, Zutao Zhang, Ning Li, Changyuan Jia, Ray Tahir Mushtaq, Mudassar Rehman, Thierno Gueye, Muhammad Bilal Shahid, Basit Ali Wajid
2021 Nano Convergence  
A comprehensive study focusing on in-depth technology evolution, applications, problems, and future trends of specifically 3D printed nano-MEH systems with an energy point of view is rarely conducted.  ...  of additively manufactured nano-mechanical energy harvesting (3DP-NMEH) systems.  ...  Zutao Zhang from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu, for their remarkable contribution, supervision, and guidance in the current study.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40580-021-00289-0 pmid:34851459 pmcid:PMC8633623 fatcat:t6fq2ilb3zab5keuzneorzpuvy

Energy Management in RFID-Sensor Networks: Taxonomy and Challenges

Shaik Shabana Anjum, Rafidah Md Noor, Mohammed Hossien Anisi, Ismail Bin Ahmedy, Fazidah Othman, Muhammad Alam, Muhammad Khurran Khan
2017 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
This gives way for the evolution of wireless energy harvesting and power transmission using computing devices.  ...  The two main techniques for EM in RFID Sensor Networks (RSN) are Energy Harvesting (EH) and Energy Transfer (ET).  ...  The focus of this research has also been extensively extended in the investigation of feasibility concerns for IEEE 802.11 for energy harvesting of low-power sensing applications [68] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2017.2728000 fatcat:mwhyjp5fkfewdnqoedtfws7q2i

Flourishing Energy Harvesters for Future Body Sensor Network: From Single to Multiple Energy Sources

Tianyiyi He, Xinge Guo, Chengkuo Lee
2020 iScience  
The flourishing energy harvesters (EHs) have provided prominent techniques for practically addressing the concurrent energy issue.  ...  This review introduces the evolution of wearable EHs from a single effect to hybridized mechanisms for multiple energy sources and wearable to implantable self-sustainable systems.  ...  This wireless power transmission-enabled self-powered acetone sensor (WSAS) contains two components: an energy harvesting component on top and a gas-sensing component on the bottom.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.isci.2020.101934 pmid:33392482 pmcid:PMC7773596 fatcat:oa6jhuuy4vcyrg3xjxmkmykhca

Quasi-Self-Powered Piezo-Floating-Gate Sensing Technology for Continuous Monitoring of Large-Scale Bridges

Kenji Aono, Hassene Hasni, Owen Pochettino, Nizar Lajnef, Shantanu Chakrabartty
2019 Frontiers in Built Environment  
Associated data from the deployment are discussed, in addition to limitations, challenges, and additional considerations for widespread field deployment of the proposed SHM framework.  ...  In addition, energy-harvesting solutions such as solar can provide longer operational lifespans for the sensors, but are not always an option, as in the case of sensors that may require complete encapsulation  ...  We then present a system level design that adapts PFG sensing for SHM in bridges.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fbuil.2019.00029 fatcat:37pyy32ayna6vdnyryopbnlh24

Sensor4PRI: A Sensor Platform for the Protection of Railway Infrastructures

Eduardo Cañete, Jaime Chen, Manuel Díaz, Luis Llopis, Bartolomé Rubio
2015 Sensors  
In this paper we focus on railway infrastructure protection and we present the details of a sensor platform designed to be integrated into a slab track system in order to carry out both installation and  ...  Wireless Sensor Networks constitute pervasive and distributed computing systems and are potentially one of the most important technologies of this century.  ...  based on Wireless Technologies") and TIN2011-23795 ("WiCMaS: Wireless based Critical Information Management Systems").  ... 
doi:10.3390/s150304996 pmid:25734648 pmcid:PMC4435182 fatcat:2sjo3tz5ijgmvmzwd3xwe5776u

Powering the Environmental Internet of Things

Joshua Curry, Nick Harris
2019 Sensors  
This paper provides an outlook on the current state-of-the-art in terms of energy harvesting for these low-power devices.  ...  As technology moves forward, it is becoming increasingly important for these IoT devices for environmental sensing to become self-powered to enable long-term operation.  ...  This photo shows polycrystalline photovoltaic technology in use on an embedded sensing platform[36].  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19081940 fatcat:omixebvudfbr7gzivjbvehnkzy

Recent progress in human body energy harvesting for smart bioelectronic system

Yang Zou, Lin Bo, Zhou Li
2021 Fundamental Research  
Finally, a self-powered closed-loop bioelectronic system (SCBS) is proposed here for the first time, which integrates energy harvesting unit, sensing unit, feedback unit, and micro control unit with the  ...  In summary, TEGs and PEGs currently applied on human body thermal energy harvesting can only provide relatively low output power with low energy conversion efficiency.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.fmre.2021.05.002 fatcat:wcuuknpqfzc53p53y7762akldm

Progress on wearable triboelectric nanogenerators in shapes of fiber, yarn, and textile

Jiaqing Xiong, Pooi See Lee
2019 Science and Technology of Advanced Materials  
More recently, textile emerges as a promising substrate for self-powered wearable power sources that are desired in wearable electronics.  ...  Along with the effective integration of other devices such as supercapacitor, lithium battery, and solar cell, their feasibility for realizing self-charging wearable systems has been proven.  ...  Various small yarn devices have been developed for energy harvesting and sensing.  ... 
doi:10.1080/14686996.2019.1650396 pmid:31497178 pmcid:PMC6720508 fatcat:fddixqnswbfk3d7nud7hohoix4

A review of energy harvesting using piezoelectric materials: State-of-the-art a decade later (2008-2018)

Mohsen Safaei, Henry A Sodano, Steven R Anton
2019 Smart materials and structures (Print) on 25/Abstract Energy harvesting technologies have been explored by researchers for more than two decades as an alternative to conventional power sources (e.g. batteries) for small-sized  ...  and low-power electronic devices.  ...  Piezoelectric energy harvesting of ambient vibration usually focuses on harvesting low-level energy, on the order of microwatts to milliwatts, to power low-power electronics.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1361-665x/ab36e4 fatcat:opzdvvxz2feexlf53b6zxp3w5a

Triboelectric nanogenerators: Fundamental physics and potential applications

Linglin Zhou, Di Liu, Jie Wang, Zhong Lin Wang
2020 Friction  
Based on the conjunction of contact electrification and electrostatic induction, triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) can harvest mechanical energy dispersed in our environment.  ...  for meeting the needs of distributed energy for the internet of things and network.  ...  for underwater energy harvesting and sensing application (Fig. 12) [82] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40544-020-0390-3 fatcat:7abe3fg22vd2xaggugrf2vukyy

Challenges and Opportunities of Future Rural Wireless Communications [article]

Yaguang Zhang, David J. Love, James V. Krogmeier, Christopher R. Anderson, Robert W. Heath, Dennis R. Buckmaster
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Although there is no simple solution, there is an urgent need for researchers to work on coverage, cost, and reliability of rural wireless access.  ...  This article examines the motivations and challenges of providing broadband access over vast rural regions, with an emphasis on the wireless aspect in view of its irreplaceable role in closing the digital  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was supported by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research under Award 534662 and by the National Science Foundation under Grants EEC1941529, CNS1642982, CNS1731658, and  ... 
arXiv:2108.05405v1 fatcat:mpzkfdgrxvclfnhbfxr425kxbe
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