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Redesigning the string hash table, burst trie, and BST to exploit cache

Nikolas Askitis, Justin Zobel
2010 ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics  
The most efficient current data structures for this task are the hash table with move-to-front chains and the burst trie, both of which use linked lists as a substructure, and variants of binary search  ...  We experimentally compare our compact and array data structures against a clustered hash table, burst trie, and BST.  ...  (top), a compact binary search tree (middle), and an array binary search tree (bottom).  ... 
doi:10.1145/1671970.1921704 fatcat:eimxbg3zvjcpfefwa7jr7wx76i

Scalable IP lookups using shape graphs

Haoyu Song, Murali Kodialam, Fang Hao, T.V. Lakshman
2009 2009 17th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols  
We develop a new data structure, called the shape graph, that significantly compacts the trie data-structure used for IP lookups.  ...  We use these similarities to store lookup tries in a new graph data structure that has a significantly lower memory-footprint.  ...  In this paper we use a simple yet efficient multiple hashing scheme proposed in [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/icnp.2009.5339697 dblp:conf/icnp/SongKHL09 fatcat:lv2dsmj2hzhkfhtemt65b2es3q

Compact hash codes and data structures for efficient mobile visual search

Simone Ercoli, Marco Bertini, Alberto Del Bimbo
2015 2015 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo Workshops (ICMEW)  
In this paper we present an efficient method for mobile visual search that exploits compact hash codes and data structures for visual features retrieval.  ...  The method has been tested on a large scale standard dataset of one million SIFT features, showing a retrieval performance comparable or superior to state-of-the-art methods, and a very high efficiency  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Hervé Jégou for his help in running the code of his method.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icmew.2015.7169856 dblp:conf/icmcs/ErcoliBB15 fatcat:ipbm2tq7vvhmvokkuj5qofs73e

Burst tries: a fast, efficient data structure for string keys

Steffen Heinz, Justin Zobel, Hugh E. Williams
2002 ACM Transactions on Information Systems  
, while not as fast as a hash table, a burst trie maintains the strings in sorted or near-sorted order.  ...  We propose a new data structure, the burst trie, that has significant advantages over existing options for such applications: it requires no more memory than a binary tree; it is as fast as a trie; and  ...  A trie node can be implemented in many ways, in particular as an array of the size of the alphabet (an array trie) [22] , which is the method used in our experiments, or as a linked list that stores non-empty  ... 
doi:10.1145/506309.506312 fatcat:a7kwr2e6z5gnpfcton2nth3q74

MergedTrie: Efficient textual indexing

Antonio Ferrández, Jesús Peral, Balaraman Ravindran
2019 PLoS ONE  
Typical data structures for textual indexing are Hash Tables and some variants of Tries such as the Double Trie (DT). In this paper, we propose an extension of the DT that we have called MergedTrie.  ...  Finally, our MergedTrie implementation experimentally improves the efficiency of the Hash Tables, the DTs, the Double-Array, the Crit-bit, the Directed Acyclic Word Graphs (DAWG), and the Acyclic Deterministic  ...  Other examples are the Hash Trie and the Hash Array Mapped Trie (HAMT) [50] . The Hash Trie is a persistent data structure that can be used to implement sets and maps.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0215288 pmid:31013282 pmcid:PMC6478299 fatcat:3v3ayp4l6jaaxiigj6jdg43nha

Bonsai: A compact representation of trees

John J. Darragh, John G. Cleary, Ian H. Witten
1993 Software, Practice & Experience  
This paper shows how trees can be stored in a very compact form, called 'Bonsai', using hash tables.  ...  We first describe a general way of storing trees in hash tables, and then introduce the idea of compact hashing which underlies the Bonsai structure.  ...  HASH TREES We first review how to represent a tree using hash tables. The description is independent of any particular hashing algorithm; an implementation using compact hashing is described later.  ... 
doi:10.1002/spe.4380230305 fatcat:pxqrevs7ebdfrhccgmfwypfboy

Dynamic Packed Compact Tries Revisited [article]

Kazuya Tsuruta and Dominik Köppl and Shunsuke Kanda and Yuto Nakashima and Shunsuke Inenaga and Hideo Bannai and Masayuki Takeda
2019 arXiv   pre-print
T| is the number of nodes of a trie representing K.  ...  An exhaustive practical evaluation highlights the practical usefulness of the proposed data structure, especially for prefix searches - one of the most essential keyword dictionary operations.  ...  The second group consists of other compact trie data structures: • CT: a compact trie without word packing. • PCT bit : a packed c-trie using bit parallelism to compare compact words. • PCT hash : a packed  ... 
arXiv:1904.07467v2 fatcat:7fic6poagbgshjtnxrlsiv2hji

KenLM: Faster and Smaller Language Model Queries

Kenneth Heafield
2011 Conference on Machine Translation  
We present KenLM, a library that implements two data structures for efficient language model queries, reducing both time and memory costs.  ...  The TRIE data structure is a trie with bit-level packing, sorted records, interpolation search, and optional quantization aimed at lower memory consumption.  ...  Adam Pauls provided a pre-release comparison to BerkeleyLM and an initial Java interface. Nicola Bertoldi and Marcello Federico assisted with IRSTLM. Chris Dyer integrated the code into cdec.  ... 
dblp:conf/wmt/Heafield11 fatcat:gskdwespmbcpvdru6mgzdghhbq

LSM-trie: An LSM-tree-based Ultra-Large Key-Value Store for Small Data Items

Xingbo Wu, Yuehai Xu, Zili Shao, Song Jiang
2015 USENIX Annual Technical Conference  
To this end, LSM-trie constructs a trie, or a prefix tree, that stores data in a hierarchical structure and keeps re-organizing them using a compaction method much more efficient than that adopted for  ...  It is a daunting task to efficiently organize such an ultra-large KV store to support fast access.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by US National Science Foundation under CAREER CCF 0845711 and CNS 1217948.  ... 
dblp:conf/usenix/WuXSJ15 fatcat:aabqvajxd5cwjce2ylhbrzbt4u

Novel Space Efficient Indices for Kannada Text: VKTPY Trie Family

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
The Prefix Hashed Trie is a fully compressed V-KTPY Trie which gives 20% space efficiency when compared to fully compressed unicode Trie. V-KTPY Tries can be used where Tries are applicable.  ...  V-KTPY Trie family is a group of space efficient indices designed to store and search Kannada text.  ...  And the V-KTPY Prefix Hashed Trie gives 20% space efficiency when compared to fully compressed unicode Trie.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a1985.109119 fatcat:ysarmankmbdyzp4kl77oc3jgxm

A Set Intersection Algorithm Via x-Fast Trie

Bangyu Ye
2016 Journal of Computers  
This paper proposes a simple intersection algorithm for two sorted integer sequences . Our algorithm is designed based on x-fast trie since it provides efficient find and successor operators.  ...  Typically, hash tables are implemented by cuckoo hashing or dynamic perfect hashing [28] ,[29].The space usage of an x-fast trie containing n integers is O(nlgU), since each element has a root-to-leaf  ...  Hashing Function In our implementation, the hashing function we use is murmurhash2 which is a famous and typical choice when a hashing function is necessary.  ... 
doi:10.17706/jcp.11.2.91-98 fatcat:cmmb6kkskfgrjivw2xgz5kw54u

Theory and Practise of Monotone Minimal Perfect Hashing [chapter]

Djamal Belazzougui, Paolo Boldi, Rasmus Pagh, Sebastiano Vigna
2009 2009 Proceedings of the Eleventh Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX)  
In particular, order-preserving minimal perfect hash functions [10] have been used to retrieve the position of a key in a given list of keys: however, the ability to preserve any given order leads to an  ...  Minimal perfect hash functions have been shown to be useful to compress data in several data management tasks.  ...  This intuitive idea is formalised as follows: a partial compacted trie (PaCo trie, for short) is a binary tree in which every node contains not a binary string but rather a pattern formed by a binary string  ... 
doi:10.1137/1.9781611972894.13 dblp:conf/alenex/BelazzouguiBPV09 fatcat:dr65rntbc5cqlb4t5yqcpy3kaq

Scalable Name-Based Packet Forwarding

Tian Song, Haowei Yuan, Patrick Crowley, Beichuan Zhang
2015 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information-Centric Networking - ICN '15  
First, we show that, represented by binary strings, a name-based forwarding table of several millions of entries can be notably compressed by a Patricia trie to fit in contemporary fast memory of a line  ...  These are about an order of magnitude improvement over the state-of-the-art solutions. The above efficient memory size produces high performance.  ...  In this paper we propose a binary Patricia trie based approach to name-base forwarding. Our methods are driven by two key insights.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2810156.2810166 dblp:conf/acmicn/SongYCZ15 fatcat:4iuvxahxbzgadptdgdefy365bm

Practical Batch-Updatable External Hashing with Sorting [chapter]

Hyeontaek Lim, David G. Andersen, Michael Kaminsky
2013 2013 Proceedings of the Fifteenth Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX)  
Our scheme combines three key techniques: (1) a new index data structure (Entropy-Coded Tries); (2) the use of sorting as the main data manipulation method; and (3) support for incremental index construction  ...  We evaluate our scheme by building an external dictionary on flash-based drives and demonstrate our scheme's high performance, compactness, and practicality.  ...  same hash prefix of a certain length), and creating an efficient trie-based index for each virtual bucket to quickly locate the index of a particular pre-hashed key within that virtual bucket.  ... 
doi:10.1137/1.9781611972931.15 dblp:conf/alenex/LimAK13 fatcat:iahlzxoxnzdxhe2xw7kccniowm

On reducing false positives of a bloom filter in trie-based algorithms

Ju Hyoung Mun, Hyesook Lim
2014 Proceedings of the tenth ACM/IEEE symposium on Architectures for networking and communications systems - ANCS '14  
In other words, we propose to use more Bloom filter queries to reduce the false positive rate of a Bloom filter in trie-based algorithms.  ...  In such algorithms, the number of trie accesses can be greatly reduced because Bloom filters can determine whether a node exists in a trie without actually accessing the trie.  ...  Our proposed method is to use more queries by utilizing a characteristic of a trie: a node cannot exist without ancestor nodes.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2658260.2661765 dblp:conf/ancs/MunL14 fatcat:66d736h7bzdrbmy2mksjidisay
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