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Query Load Balancing in Parallel Database Systems [chapter]

Michael Vassilakopoulos, Theodoros tzouramanis, Paolo Terenziani, Chintan Patel, Chunhua Weng, Rafael Romero, Jose-Norberto Mazón, Juan Trujillo, Manuel Serrano, Mario Piattini, Chiranjeeb Buragohain, Subhash Suri (+30 others)
2009 Encyclopedia of Database Systems  
Adaptive techniques are useful to improve intra-operator load balancing in all kinds of parallel architectures.  ...  The parallel hash join algorithm can then be adapted to deal with skew as follows: (i) Sample the building relation to determine the partitioning ranges.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-39940-9_1080 fatcat:7ubjyw7z7zhdtb7ep4xuvnw3ny

An object-oriented framework for the parallel join operation

S. Carvalho, A. Lerner, S. Lifschitz
1999 Proceedings. Tenth International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications. DEXA 99  
We propose an object-oriented framework for one of the most frequent and costly operations in parallel database systems: the parallel join.  ...  The framework independently captures a great variety of parameters, such as different load balancing procedures and different synchronization disciplines.  ...  Support for Load Balancing Parallel join algorithms suffer great penalties in the presence of skewed data distributions [8] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/dexa.1999.795141 dblp:conf/dexaw/CarvalhoLL99 fatcat:to7f6tthwvh3pdruwzn57czu2q

Considering data skew factor in multi-way join query optimization for parallel execution

Kien A. Hua, Yo-Lung Lo, Honesty C. Young
1993 The VLDB journal  
Recently, several parallel join algorithms with dynamic load balancing capabilities have been proposed to address this issue, but none of them consider multi-way join problems.  ...  In this article we propose a dynamic load balancing technique for multi-way joins, and investigate the effect of load balancing on query optimization.  ...  i iiiiiiiiii A parallel join algorithm, Extended Adaptive Load Balancing Parallel Hash Join (ABJ+), based on the partition tuning concept, was presented by Hua and Lee (1991) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf01228673 fatcat:wuo6quy7qnda7ljl2exovdr3sa

Autonomic query parallelization using non-dedicated computers: an evaluation of adaptivity options

Norman W. Paton, Jorge Buenabad-Chavez, Mengsong Chen, Vijayshankar Raman, Garret Swart, Inderpal Narang, Daniel M. Yellin, Alvaro A. A. Fernandes
2008 The VLDB journal  
This paper presents an simulation based evaluation of these autonomic parallelization techniques in a uniform environment and compares on how well they improve the scaleability of the computation.  ...  In a non-dedicated environment such programs must use autonomic techniques to respond to the unpredictable load fluctuations that characterize the computational model.  ...  ADAPTIVE LOAD BALANCING In AQP for load balancing, the problem to be solved is as follows, illustrated for the case of a query involving a single join.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00778-007-0090-x fatcat:lwyckk2me5cvzokmdph4diowre

Adapting Partitioned Continuous Query Processing in Distributed Systems

Yali Zhu, Elke A. Rundensteiner
2007 2007 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Data Engineering Workshop  
Our experiments demonstrate that the application of both query optimization and load balancing results in superior performance compared to applying either of the adaptation techniques alone -as has been  ...  To address this, we propose two new load balancing strategies along with corresponding protocols, that can balance the workload across a set of machines while seamlessly handling the complexity caused  ...  The join operator also forwards an EndOfPartitions flag to its parent.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdew.2007.4401046 dblp:conf/icde/ZhuR07 fatcat:gnvcix6pqjfb3gfvrlhvkmdo24

Leveraging non-uniform resources for parallel query processing

T. Mayr, P. Bonnet, J. Gehrke, P. Seshadri
2003 CCGrid 2003. 3rd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, 2003. Proceedings.  
We propose and evaluate new load balancing techniques that blend pipeline parallelism with intra-query parallelism.  ...  This form of load balancing achieves linear scaling for parallel query processing on clusters with uniform nodes.  ...  Our load-balancing technique based on operation or join migration corresponds to the static placement of an operation in Abacus.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ccgrid.2003.1199360 dblp:conf/ccgrid/MayrBGS03 fatcat:epfjkohpuvayde5oowt23ulavi

Adaptive Query Processing in Distributed Settings [chapter]

Anastasios Gounaris, Efthymia Tsamoura, Yannis Manolopoulos
2013 Intelligent Systems Reference Library  
In this survey chapter, we discuss adaptive query processing (AdQP) techniques for distributed environments.  ...  In order to make it easier for the reader to understand the similarities among the various proposals, we adopt a common framework, which decomposes the adaptivity loop into the monitoring, analysis, planning  ...  and river [1] mechanisms, accounting for adaptive load balancing of stateful operators, such as windowed equi-joins and group-bys.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-28323-9_9 fatcat:katsclbszjbb7gc6nnjesoi6jq

Skew handling in the DBS3 parallel database system [chapter]

Luc Bouganim, Daniela Florescu, Benoît Dageville
1996 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The gains of parallel query execution can be limited because of high start-up time, interference between execution entities, and poor load balancing.  ...  To address the problem of load balancing in the presence of data skew, we analyze three important factors that influence the behavior of our parallel execution model: skew factor, degree of parallelism  ...  [Kit90] presents a robust hash-join algorithm for a specific parallel architecture based on sharednothing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-61695-0_9 fatcat:vr3s6ptrczbpbdpmpth3hmswnm

Runtime optimization of join location in parallel data management systems

Bikash Chandra, S. Sudarshan
2017 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
Our techniques use load balancing taking into account the CPU, network and I/O costs as well as the load on compute and storage nodes.  ...  Our techniques are based on an extended ski-rental algorithm and provide worst-case performance guarantees with respect to the optimal point in the space considered by us.  ...  performance comparison for synthetic workload Figure 9 : 9 Adaptive vs non-adaptive optimization with load balancing benefit more from caching frequent values, the adaptive technique performs significantly  ... 
doi:10.14778/3137628.3137656 fatcat:gyzavraplvfqnnajdk5cfx5ldu

Comparative Study Load Balance Algorithms for Map Reduce Environment

Hesham A. Hefny, Mohamed Helmy Khafagy, Ahmed M Wahdan
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The main aim of this work is to study and compare existing Load Balance algorithms also to illustrate the features of Load Balance algorithms  ...  There are two main schemes in load balancing a-Static Load Balancing Schemes b-Dynamic load balancing.  ...  the load balancing algorithm balance the disk space usage on HDFS cluster when some data nodes became full or when new empty nodes joined the cluster.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijais14-451261 fatcat:ctnctwd4yvafdgn4tnhy6fu6r4

Partitioning functions for stateful data parallelism in stream processing

Buğra Gedik
2013 The VLDB journal  
lookup, and adaptation properties such as fast computation and minimal migration.  ...  In this paper we study partitioning functions for stream processing systems that employ stateful data parallelism to improve application throughput.  ...  Most of this work has focused on parallel join processing. A taxonomy of skew effects in join processing is given in [29] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00778-013-0335-9 fatcat:6dr55bgrwngmtoxcucmvqjb3d4

Optimizing Data Locality for Fork/Join Programs Using Constrained Work Stealing

Jonathan Lifflander, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Laxmikant V. Kale
2014 SC14: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis  
sufficient concurrency for locality-optimized load balance.  ...  We present an approach to improving data locality across different phases of fork/join programs scheduled using work stealing.  ...  In this paper, we present an approach to improve data locality across the phases of a fork/join program while ensuring load balance.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sc.2014.75 dblp:conf/sc/LifflanderKK14 fatcat:gf2smbhk3rginiglhkevogmu7q


Aleksandar Vitorovic, Mohammed Elseidy, Khayyam Guliyev, Khue Vu Minh, Daniel Espino, Mohammad Dashti, Yannis Klonatos, Christoph Koch
2016 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
Squall builds on state-of-the-art partitioning schemes and local algorithms, including some of our own. This paper presents the overview of Squall, including some novel join operators.  ...  Squall is a scalable online query engine that runs complex analytics in a cluster using skew-resilient, adaptive operators.  ...  The optimizer uses heuristics to find an optimal join order and component parallelism. Online processing aspects. An online system must adapt to changing data statistics.  ... 
doi:10.14778/3007263.3007307 fatcat:gjwsccccqjasbkexrojikud56y

Parallelizing Windowed Stream Joins in a Shared-Nothing Cluster [article]

Abhirup Chakraborty, Ajit Singh
2013 arXiv   pre-print
We implement the algorithm over a cluster using a message passing system, and present the experimental results showing the effectiveness of the join processing algorithm.  ...  We propose a framework, based on fixed or predefined communication pattern, to distribute the join processing loads over the shared-nothing cluster.  ...  The proposed algorithm balances the join processing loads over a shared-nothing cluster.  ... 
arXiv:1307.6574v1 fatcat:5p5qktcs6ndptgyzf4jh7edno4

A parallel spatial data analysis infrastructure for the cloud

Suprio Ray, Bogdan Simion, Angela Demke Brown, Ryan Johnson
2013 Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems - SIGSPATIAL'13  
We evaluate Niharika with three load-balancing algorithms and two different spatial datasets (both from TIGER) using Amazon EC2 instances.  ...  Niharika adapts to the performance heterogeneity in the EC2 nodes, thereby achieving excellent speedups (e.g., 63.6X using 64 cores on 16 4-core EC2 nodes, in the best case) and outperforming an approach  ...  We presented three multiround load-balancing algorithms and showed the importance of dynamically adapting to performance heterogeneity.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2525314.2525347 dblp:conf/gis/RaySBJ13 fatcat:xathtjaslvaexhfamry2vuq63e
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