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Manlighet, mod och moral: Amanda Kerfstedts "Carl Bergs skoltid"

Maria Andersson
2011 Barnboken: Tidskrift för Barnlitteraturforskning  
Masculinity, courage and morality: Amanda Kerfstedt's "Carl Berg's skoltid". Amanda Kerfstedt's "Carl Bergs skoltid" describes a boy's journey to manhood in late 19th century Sweden.  ...  Different types of masculinity are compared in "Carl Bergs skoltid" but masculinity is also defi ned in relation to ideas about femininity.  ...  I Amanda Kerfstedts barnberättelse "Carl Bergs skoltid" från 1882 diskuteras manlighetens olika innebörder genom skildringen av en pojkes uppväxt i det sena 1800-talets borgerlighet.  ... 
doi:10.14811/clr.v34i1.32 fatcat:xblonmeno5h4fgnq3fnoage74e

Chemical composition and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of essential oils of Myrceugenia myrcioides(Cambess.) O. Berg and Eugenia riedelianaO. Berg, Myrtaceae

Amanda de Souza, Elaine M. Cardoso Lopes, Michelle C. da Silva, Inês Cordeiro, Maria Cláudia M. Young, Marcos E. G. Sobral, Paulo R. H. Moreno
2010 Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia  
Berg and Eugenia riedeliana O. Berg, Myrtaceae".  ...  Berg and Eugenia riedeliana O. Berg, native from the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. MATERIAL AND METHODS Plant material Myrceugenia myrcioides (Cambess.) O. Berg and Eugenia riedeliana O.  ...  /Mai. 2010 Amanda de Souza, Elaine M. Cardoso Lopes, Michelle C. da Silva, Inês Cordeiro, Maria Cláudia M. Young et al.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s0102-695x2010000200007 fatcat:lhlwsubpmrgghaf4u3kiiva7ee

Regulation of valve endothelial cell vasculogenic network architectures with ROCK and Rac inhibitors

C. Alexander Arevalos, Amanda T. Walborn, Amanda A. Rupert, Jonathan M. Berg, Elizabeth L. Godfrey, Jacqueline M.V. Nguyen, K. Jane Grande-Allen
2015 Microvascular Research  
Objective-The age-and disease-dependent presence of microvessels within heart valves is an understudied characteristic of these tissues. Neovascularization involves endothelial cell (EC) migration and cytoskeletal reorientation, which are heavily regulated by the Rho family of GTPases. Given that valve ECs demonstrate unique mesenchymal transdifferentiation and cytoskeletal mechanoresponsiveness, compared to vascular ECs, this study quantified the effect of inhibiting two members of the Rho
more » ... ly on vasculogenic network formation by valve ECs. Approach and results-A tubule-like structure vasculogenesis assay (assessing lacunarity, junction density, and vessel density) was performed with porcine aortic valve ECs treated with small molecule inhibitors of Rho-associated serine-threonine protein kinase (ROCK), Y-27632, or the Rac1 inhibitor, NSC-23766. Actin coordination, cell number, and cell migration were assessed through immunocytochemistry, MTT assay, and scratch wound healing assay. ROCK inhibition reduced network lacunarity and interrupted proper cell-cell adhesion and actin coordination. Rac1 inhibition increased lacunarity and delayed actin-mediated network formation. ROCK inhibition alone significantly inhibited migration, whereas both ROCK and Rac1 inhibition significantly reduced cell number over time compared to controls. Compared to a vascular EC line, the valve ECs generated a network with larger total vessel length, but a less smooth appearance. Conclusions-Both ROCK and Rac1 inhibition interfered with key processes in vascular network formation by valve ECs. This is the first report of manipulation of valve EC vasculogenic organization in response to small molecule inhibitors. Further study is warranted to comprehend this facet of valvular cell biology and pathology and how it differs from vascular biology.
doi:10.1016/j.mvr.2015.01.008 pmid:25660064 pmcid:PMC4974942 fatcat:racvx67ovnazvm6yb2pq6zmubu

Actively Doing Less: Deimplementation of Unnecessary Interventions in Bronchiolitis Care Across Urgent Care, Emergency Department, and Inpatient Settings

Kathleen Berg, Amanda Nedved, Troy Richardson, Amanda Montalbano, Jeffrey Michael, Matthew Johnson
2020 Hospital Pediatrics  
Quality improvement (QI) initiatives have increased provider adherence to individual components of a bronchiolitis clinical practice guideline (CPG). Few have evaluated complete adherence to a guideline in multiple types of care settings. Our aim with this study was to increase complete adherence to our institutional bronchiolitis CPG in urgent care center, emergency department, and inpatient settings. We conducted a QI study at a single pediatric institution with multiple care settings.
more » ... ers for patients with bronchiolitis ages >60 days to <24 months occurring between October 1 and March 31 in 2015-2018 were included. Those in intensive or subspecialty care were excluded. Management of each encounter was considered adherent to the CPG if none of the following were ordered: respiratory pathogen panel, respiratory syncytial virus antigen, complete blood cell count, blood culture, chest radiography, bronchodilator, antibiotic, or systemic corticosteroid. Medical team education, family engagement, order set modifications, and data dissemination were employed to drive deimplementation. We used interrupted time series to assess changes in processes and outcomes both across and within seasons. Analysis included 13 063 patient encounters. Hospital-wide complete adherence to the CPG increased (P < .001) from 40.9% (95% confidence interval 39.3%-42.5%) to 54.6% (95% confidence interval 53.2%-56.0%). Although CPG adherence improved in all 3 clinical settings, the use of individual CPG components varied by setting. Direct cost decreased in the urgent care center (P < .001) and emergency department (P = .001). We created a strict definition of CPG adherence and used QI methodology to deimplement multiple overused tests and medications across the continuum of patient care.
doi:10.1542/hpeds.2019-0284 pmid:32284343 fatcat:2mauwep43feanaepy6xbyh6jt4

A Comparison between Organic and Conventional Olive Farming in Messenia, Greece

Håkan Berg, Giorgos Maneas, Amanda Salguero Engström
2018 Horticulturae  
Olive farming is one of the most important occupations in Messenia, Greece. The region is considered the largest olive producer in the country and it is recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for Kalamata olive oil, which is considered extra fine. In response to the declining trend of organic olive farming in Greece, this study assesses to what extent organic olive farming in Messenia provides a financially and environmentally competitive alternative to conventional olive
more » ... In this study, 39 olive farmers (23 conventional and 16 organic) participated in interviews based on questionnaires. The results showed that organic olive farming is significantly more profitable than conventional farming, primarily because of a higher price for organic olive oil. Despite this, the majority of the conventional farmers perceived a low profit from organic farming as the main constraint to organic olive farming. All farmers agreed that organic olive farming contributed to a better environment, health and quality of olive oil. Organic farmers used fewer synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and applied more environmentally-friendly ground vegetation management techniques than conventional farmers. Overall, organic farming was found to provide a competitive and sustainable alternative to conventional olive farming in Messenia.
doi:10.3390/horticulturae4030015 fatcat:uswaqj7apveava6d6pshxzpkk4

A thermal Object Tracking benchmark

Amanda Berg, Jorgen Ahlberg, Michael Felsberg
2015 2015 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance (AVSS)  
Short-term single-object (STSO) tracking in thermal images is a challenging problem relevant in a growing number of applications. In order to evaluate STSO tracking algorithms on visual imagery, there are de facto standard benchmarks. However, we argue that tracking in thermal imagery is different than in visual imagery, and that a separate benchmark is needed. The available thermal infrared datasets are few and the existing ones are not challenging for modern tracking algorithms. Therefore, we
more » ... hereby propose a thermal infrared benchmark according to the Visual Visual Object Tracking (VOT) protocol for evaluation of STSO tracking methods. The benchmark includes the new LTIR dataset containing 20 thermal image sequences which have been collected from multiple sources and annotated in the format used in the VOT Challenge. In addition, we show that the ranking of different tracking principles differ between the visual and thermal benchmarks, confirming the need for the new benchmark.
doi:10.1109/avss.2015.7301772 dblp:conf/avss/BergAF15 fatcat:dejdnao3d5dndkg4asyjkp23nq

Expression analysis of limb element markers during mouse embryonic development

Alexandra Rafipay, Amanda L. R. Berg, Lynda Erskine, Neil Vargesson
2018 Developmental Dynamics  
While data regarding expression of limb element and tissue markers during normal mouse limb development exist, few studies show expression patterns in upper and lower limbs throughout key limb development stages. A comparison to normal developmental events is essential when analyzing development of the limb in mutant mice models. Results: Expression patterns of the joint marker Gdf5, tendon and ligament marker Scleraxis, early muscle marker MyoD1, and blood vessel marker Cadherin5 (Cdh5) are
more » ... sented during the most active phases of embryonic mouse limb patterning. Anti-neurofilament staining of developing nerves in the fore-and hindlimbs and cartilage formation and progression also are described. Conclusions: This study demonstrates and describes a range of key morphological markers and methods that together can be used to assess normal and abnormal limb development.
doi:10.1002/dvdy.24671 pmid:30225906 fatcat:75mzynfpkbb2hflj3mdl7b4cke

Enhanced analysis of thermographic images for monitoring of district heat pipe networks

Amanda Berg, Jörgen Ahlberg, Michael Felsberg
2016 Pattern Recognition Letters  
We address two problems related to large-scale aerial monitoring of district heating networks. First, we propose a classification scheme to reduce the number of false alarms among automatically detected leakages in district heating networks. The leakages are detected in images captured by an airborne thermal camera, and each detection corresponds to an image region with abnormally high temperature. This approach yields a significant number of false positives, and we propose to reduce this
more » ... in two steps; by (a) using a building segmentation scheme in order to remove detections on buildings, and (b) to use a machine learning approach to classify the remaining detections as true or false leakages. We provide extensive experimental analysis on real-world data, showing that this post-processing step significantly improves the usefulness of the system. Second, we propose a method for characterization of leakages over time, i.e., repeating the image acquisition one or a few years later and indicate areas that suffer from an increased energy loss. We address the problem of finding trends in the degradation of pipe networks in order to plan for long-term maintenance, and propose a visualization scheme exploiting the consecutive data collections.
doi:10.1016/j.patrec.2016.07.002 fatcat:htkah2lh3nhsjbamzay4vd3hhy

Momentary Parental Stress and Food-Related Parenting Practices

Jerica M. Berge, Allan Tate, Amanda Trofholz, Angela R. Fertig, Michael Miner, Scott Crow, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
2017 Pediatrics  
Dr Berge is the principal investigator on the grant and conceptualized the manuscript, assisted with data analysis and interpretation, and wrote all drafts of the manuscript; Mr Tate conducted the data  ... 
doi:10.1542/peds.2017-2295 pmid:29167378 pmcid:PMC5703772 fatcat:4gwmsp7unragtlpb5pqgzgu5n4

The roseoloviruses downregulate the protein tyrosine phosphatase PTPRC(CD45) [article]

Melissa L Whyte, Kelsey A Smith, Amanda Buchberger, Linda Berg Luecke, Lidya Handayani Tjan, Yasuko Mori, Rebekah Gundry, Amy W Hudson
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Like all herpesviruses, the roseoloviruses (HHV6A, -6B, and -7) establish lifelong infection within their host, requiring these viruses to evade host anti-viral responses. One common host-evasion strategy is the downregulation of host-encoded, surface-expressed glycoproteins. Roseoloviruses have been shown to evade host the host immune response by downregulating NK-activating ligands, MHC class I, and the TCR/CD3 complex. To more globally identify glycoproteins that are differentially expressed
more » ... on the surface of HHV6A-infected cells, we performed cell surface capture of N-linked glycoproteins present on the surface of T cells infected with HHV6A, and compared these to proteins present on the surface of uninfected T cells. We found that the protein tyrosine phosphatase CD45 is downregulated in T cells infected with HHV6A. We also demonstrated that CD45 is similarly downregulated in cells infected with HHV-7. CD45 is essential for signaling through the T cell receptor and as such, is necessary for developing a fully functional immune response. Interestingly, the closely related β-herpesviruses human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) have also separately evolved unique mechanisms to target CD45. While HCMV and MCMV target CD45 signaling and trafficking, HHV6A acts to downregulate CD45 transcripts.
doi:10.1101/2020.09.29.318709 fatcat:yqcmyp7lijf6tponxpwplw3ofq

Generating Visible Spectrum Images from Thermal Infrared

Amanda Berg, Jorgen Ahlberg, Michael Felsberg
2018 2018 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)  
Transformation of thermal infrared (TIR) images into visual, i.e. perceptually realistic color (RGB) images, is a challenging problem. TIR cameras have the ability to see in scenarios where vision is severely impaired, for example in total darkness or fog, and they are commonly used, e.g., for surveillance and automotive applications. However, interpretation of TIR images is difficult, especially for untrained operators. Enhancing the TIR image display by transforming it into a plausible,
more » ... , perceptually realistic RGB image presumably facilitates interpretation. Existing grayscale to RGB, so called, colorization methods cannot be applied to TIR images directly since those methods only estimate the chrominance and not the luminance. In the absence of conventional colorization methods, we propose two fully automatic TIR to visual color image transformation methods, a two-step and an integrated approach, based on Convolutional Neural Networks. The methods require neither pre-nor postprocessing, do not require any user input, and are robust to image pair misalignments. We show that the methods do indeed produce perceptually realistic results on publicly available data, which is assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively.
doi:10.1109/cvprw.2018.00159 dblp:conf/cvpr/BergAF18 fatcat:tigk3u2wffaehpxlap3ews7wta

The Laboratory Study of Metallurgical Slags and the Reality

Du Sichen, Joar Huss, Amanda Vickerfält, Martin Berg, Johan Martinsson, Carl Allertz, Niklas Kojola
2021 Steel Research International  
Amanda Vickerfält received her Master degree in Engineering Materials Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology 2017 and has since then been a PhD student at Swerim/KTH.  ...  int. 2021, 2100132 Martin Berg graduated from the master program Engineering Materials Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology 2015 and continued with PhD studies in process metallurgy focusing on  ... 
doi:10.1002/srin.202100132 fatcat:q6hhi4uygjfsnol5hwnv7xuv2m

Detecting Rails and Obstacles Using a Train-Mounted Thermal Camera [chapter]

Amanda Berg, Kristoffer Öfjäll, Jörgen Ahlberg, Michael Felsberg
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We propose a method for detecting obstacles on the railway in front of a moving train using a monocular thermal camera. The problem is motivated by the large number of collisions between trains and various obstacles, resulting in reduced safety and high costs. The proposed method includes a novel way of detecting the rails in the imagery, as well as a way to detect anomalies on the railway. While the problem at a first glance looks similar to road and lane detection, which in the past has been
more » ... popular research topic, a closer look reveals that the problem at hand is previously unaddressed. As a consequence, relevant datasets are missing as well, and thus our contribution is two-fold: We propose an approach to the novel problem of obstacle detection on railways and we describe the acquisition of a novel data set.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-19665-7_42 fatcat:g4yd2naoevdknkonqz42cu2fia

A Novel Mistranslating tRNA Model in Drosophila melanogaster has Diverse, Sexually Dimorphic Effects [article]

Joshua Ryan Isaacson, Matthew D. Berg, Jessica Jagiello, Judit Villén, Christopher J. Brandl, Amanda Jean Moehring
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
et al. 2020 Berg et al. , 2021)) .  ...  Mistranslation of proline to serine rescues the growth of yeast cells in ethanol medium (Berg et al. 2017) .  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.09.17.460863 fatcat:ik5n734mircwrhzrf7huo4get4

Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening for Prostate Cancer in Older Men in the United States of America

Amanda Black, Christine D. Berg
2012 Gerontology  
agnosed with prostate cancer has doubled since the introduction of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening from approximately 8% in the 1980s to 16% in 2009. Considerable evidence from autopsy and cohort studies has consistently illustrated the latent nature and long natural history of prostate cancer [2] . Traditionally, men with prostate cancer presented with clinical symptoms (indicative of advanced disease) and at older ages. As a result of the widespread use of PSA testing, nowadays men
more » ... re more often diagnosed with asymptomatic disease (clinically localized disease) and at younger ages. However, more than 60% of all prostate cancers are still diagnosed in men aged 65 years or older [3] . Clinically localized disease represents about 82% of the cancers in this age group and carries a 5-year relative survival of nearly 100%. While the average life expectancy of US males aged 75 years is about 10 years, the presence or absence of comorbid conditions can have a dramatic effect on an individual's life expectancy [4] . For example, a healthy man aged 75 years may live an additional 14 years or more, whereas a man aged 65 years with severe lung disease may survive only a few more years. As men with a life expectancy of less than 10 years have no or limited potential to benefit from PSA screening, no professional organization currently recommends screening men who are expected to live for less than 10 years. Abstract Prostate cancer, like many diseases, is more common in older men. Although an estimated 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with it, the majority of these men will not die from prostate cancer. The latent nature of this disease, the use of screening with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and the greater risk of dying from causes other than prostate cancer contribute to this disparity. As the US population continues to age, prostate cancer screening and disease management presents an increasingly important public health issue. We discuss the current PSA screening recommendations and practices in the USA and the benefits and harms of screening older populations.
doi:10.1159/000334242 pmid:22343605 fatcat:s74k2kblzzdg7ddq2ryzbvmiru
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