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Almost-certain eventualities and abstract probabilities in the quantitative temporal logic qTL

Annabelle McIver, Carroll Morgan
2003 Theoretical Computer Science  
'Abstract probabilities' in transition systems are those known only to be bounded away from zero and one. ) showed that almost-certain properties in linear temporal logic depend only on abstract probabilities  ...  The aim is to provide a simpler calculus than the full logic, one that is in a certain sense complete for proving almost-certain eventualities from abstract-probabilistic assumptions.  ...  In the sequel we show that in qTL, at least for ÿnite state spaces, the truth of almost-certain eventualities depends only on abstract probabilities, never on their precise values; and we show how to specialise  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-3975(02)00612-6 fatcat:lnvam2rqgnbnzpf6pgk4525eie

Almost-Certain Eventualities and Abstract Probabilities in Quantitative Temporal Logic

Annabelle McIver, Carroll Morgan
2001 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
result holds in quantitative temporal logic [9,10], and we show how to specialise the logic to those cases.  ...  Vardi [17] showed that almost-certain properties in linear temporal logic depend only on abstract probabilities, rather than on the probabilities' precise values; we discuss the extent to which a similar  ...  In the sequel we show that in qTL, at least for finite state spaces, the truth of almost-certain eventualities depends only on abstract probabilities, never on their precise values; and we show how to  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1571-0661(04)80876-4 fatcat:46ljvcimtnd5fc7vrbsk7p2y2i

Page 7270 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004i [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
in the quantitative temporal logic qTL.  ...  2004i1:68066 2004i1:68066 68Q10 03B44 03B48 68Q60 68Q85 Mclver, Annabelle (5-MCQR-CP; North Ryde) ; Morgan, Carroll |Morgan, Carroll C.] (5-NSW-CE; Sydney) Almost-certain eventualities and abstract probabilities  ... 

A survey on temporal logics for specifying and verifying real-time systems

Savas Konur
2013 Frontiers of Computer Science  
temporal logics and probabilistic temporal logics.  ...  Although numerous logics have been introduced for formal specification of real-time and complex systems, an up to date survey of these logics does not exist in the literature.  ...  Some parts of this paper exists in [231] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11704-013-2195-2 fatcat:5lyaji5wnzbyfdmbxwzbxjosku

Practical Probability: Applying pGCL to Lattice Scheduling [chapter]

David Cock
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The refinement framework employed is compatible with that used in the L4.verified project, supporting our argument that full-scale verification of probabilistic security properties for realistic systems  ...  Building on our published mechanisation of the probabilistic program logic pGCL we present a verified lattice scheduler, a standard covert-channel mitigation technique, employing randomisation as an elegant  ...  Acknowledgements NICTA is funded by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and the Australian Research Council through the ICT Centre  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-39634-2_23 fatcat:a56tpm2apbdjbmf3nct6yoyj2a

Morphological Evolution Repeatedly Caused by Mutations in Signaling Ligand Genes [chapter]

Arnaud Martin, Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo
2017 Diversity and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns  
Secreted signaling molecules (syn. ligands) can induce cells to switch states and thus largely contribute to the emergence of complex forms in multicellular organisms.  ...  Finally, in butterflies, a total of 18 allelic variants of the WntA Wnt-family ligand cause color pattern adaptations related to wing mimicry, both within and between species.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Toshio Sekimura, Fred Nijhout, and the Chubu University (Japan) for organizing the 2016 conference and stimulating the writing of this review, and Takao Suzuki and Shigeyuki Koshikawa  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-10-4956-9_4 fatcat:37k3jq44pvaj3jemfu4kpynt5i

The evolutionary genetics of personality

Lars Penke, Jaap J. A. Denissen, Geoffrey F. Miller
2007 European Journal of Personality  
, and has practical implications for both quantitative and molecular genetic studies of personality.  ...  We also discuss the place of mental health in the model.  ...  genes and more complex or abstract traits (Boomsma, Anokhin & De Geus, 1997; Cannon & Keller, 2005) .  ... 
doi:10.1002/per.629 fatcat:mzca6ml44jdfbnphdq6efn7nwq

An Integrated Genetic Map for Brassica napus Derived from Double Haploid and Recombinant Inbred Populations

Jianfeng Geng, Nasir Javed, Peter B.E. McVetty
2012 Hereditary Genetics: Current Research  
Acknowledgements This work was supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council  ...  Other than the position of the QTL on the map, the probability of the QTL presence is reported in LR.  ...  QTL have been reported on almost all the linkage groups).  ... 
doi:10.4172/2161-1041.1000103 fatcat:rubi2hy2jfc7deg7ttdqaqhx7y

Where systems biology meets postharvest

Maarten L.A.T.M. Hertog, David R. Rudell, Romina Pedreschi, Robert J. Schaffer, Annemie H. Geeraerd, Bart M. Nicolaï, Ian Ferguson
2011 Postharvest Biology and Technology  
In postharvest, fresh harvested food crops can be considered isolated small scale systems.  ...  Ultimately, to fully understand postharvest phenomena, a systemic approach that links genetic and environmental responses and identifies the underlying biological networks is required.  ...  A wide range of approaches exists to model genetic regulatory systems ranging from probabilistic via Boolean, rule based and logical techniques to quantitative differential equations, either or not spatially  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.postharvbio.2011.05.007 fatcat:mko4lgvg2zgrxgstrahvpdanyi

Science, society and biosafety of a field trial with transgenic biofuel poplars

Rebecca Van Acker, Véronique Storme, Geert Goeminne, Bart Ivens, René Custers, Dirk Aerts, Wim Soetaert, John Ralph, Nicholas Santoro, Jean-Charles Leplé, Gilles Pilate, Wout Boerjan
2011 BMC Proceedings  
Recent applications of high-throughput sequencing and genotyping technologies to natural populations of forest Figure 1 (abstract I2) The distribution of Douglas-fir and loblolly pine in North America.  ...  Forest trees exhibit striking adaptations to the environments in which they grow.  ...  The availability of the QMI to rapidly assess the potential risk generated by transgenic plants in characterized ecosystems, is a useful tool to assess the releasing or not of the permission of cultivation  ... 
doi:10.1186/1753-6561-5-s7-i23 fatcat:ulkxqgdupfdktkhsx2kba7pcn4

Faba bean in cropping systems

Erik S. Jensen, Mark B. Peoples, Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen
2010 Field crops research (Print)  
Acknowledgments Financial support by projects GEN206-27798-C6-5-E/VEG (LEGRESIST), RTA2007-00030 and AGL2008-2305/AGR, co-financed by FEDER funds.  ...  , Branko ĆUPINA 4 , Vojislav MIHAILOVIĆ 1 , Gérard DUC 5 and Pascal MARGET 5 Abstract: Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in Serbia, Srpska and other parts of the Balkan Peninsula has almost completely been replaced  ...  This can lead to defoliation and, eventually, the death of the whole plant (1).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.fcr.2009.10.008 fatcat:z2eakcchencajilljtg5ksrdza

Breeding Climate-Resilient Bananas [chapter]

Allan Brown, Sebastien C. Carpentier, Rony Swennen
2020 Genomic Designing of Climate-Smart Fruit Crops  
Acknowledgements This study has been supported by Grants Nº 19308/PI/14 and Nº 19879/GERM/15 of the Seneca Foundation of the Region of Murcia and the Apricot Breeding project Converse (1987) , Tzanetakis  ...  (2010) , Petrzik et al. (1998), Thompson and Jelkman (2003) , , Tzanetakis et al. (2007) , Yoshikawa et al. (1986) , Yoshikawa and Inouye (1988) , Ratti et al. (2006) Nematode Jones and Wood  ...  Since resistances segregate in a biparental population typically as a quantitative trait, QTL analysis is almost always applied for genetic mapping and results in one to a few loci.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-97946-5_4 fatcat:cqzcfw6fnfcjtbnsw2bchzkx3q

Can Modern Evolutionary Theory Explain Macroevolution? [chapter]

Douglas J. Futuyma
2015 Interdisciplinary Evolution Research  
Bridging the two major macroevolutionary themes, the hypothesis of punctuated equilibria invoked constraints on phenotypic evolution and the role of speciation in both diversification and the evolution  ...  Some questions pertain to the history of biological diversity, but the greatest argument has concerned the evolution of major changes in organisms' form and function.  ...  of the relationship of developmental biology to the Evolutionary Synthesis, and to two anonymous reviewers for suggestions and queries.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-15045-1_2 fatcat:qe5rw6qpwbgwphjdlbdde4fjyi

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2018 Soft Matter  
An F2 cross between 66H and C57BL/6 revealed the presence of two QTLs, on Chr 1 and 18, with mostly additive effects.  ...  We concentrated on the shape of nasal bone, an almost flat structure easily amenable to description by outline analysis.  ...  In N2 populations, there are two suggestive quantitative trait loci (QTLs) of arthritis scores on Chromosomes 1 and 15.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c8sm90107d fatcat:tko5byj5izccvgfzmdsssx4mgm

Intuition, insight, and the right hemisphere: Emergence of higher sociocognitive functions

Simon McCrea
2010 Psychology Research and Behavior Management  
McCrea Dovepress submit your manuscript | However, it is noteworthy that, to date, comprehensive quantitative trait loci (QTL) studies of Anomalous functions associated with the  ...  is the probability structure of the task.  ...  Anomalous functions associated with the right hemisphere? Dovepress  ... 
doi:10.2147/prbm.s7935 pmid:22110327 pmcid:PMC3218761 fatcat:bagvpk6dxrgwnkuf7wsrqgz7jq
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