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The Values of Civic Education through Information Technology

Albi Dode, Elvira Dode
2015 Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies  
Citizenship is closely related to the progressive steps of decision-making process for new education policies being applied in these last years. Once the attention was only focused in writing , reading , and arithmetic , as being enough for a fully educated citizen. Today the citizenship is happily coexisting and shaped by technology. Digital citizenship and democratic citizenship are closely related on the ways how this knowledge is mastered and practiced in order to make this relationship
more » ... is relationship valuable. In order to clearly view citizenship education and digital democracy , first we must have a clear knowledge in the subjects. It has been heard for the implementation of new technologies in the classroom as part of European Union recommendations. This is important as citizens are educated with efficient knowledge in technologies but this is also a civic education as new digital technologies bring together participants and promotes a functioning democracy. In order for this to be fully achieved bias must be avoided and promotion of digital citizenship with its ethical values must be shown to a democratic society. In this way , a new sphere will be available to not only as a digital reality but as a fully comprehensive necessity in order to fully achieve democratic standards.
doi:10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n2s2p15 fatcat:gy547nhvkvdwfhsq7pp543qw5e

Smartphone Apps in the Context of Tinnitus: Systematic Review

Muntazir Mehdi, Constanze Riha, Patrick Neff, Albi Dode, Rüdiger Pryss, Winfried Schlee, Manfred Reichert, Franz J. Hauck
2020 Sensors  
Smartphones containing sophisticated high-end hardware and offering high computational capabilities at extremely manageable costs have become mainstream and an integral part of users' lives. Widespread adoption of smartphone devices has encouraged the development of many smartphone applications, resulting in a well-established ecosystem, which is easily discoverable and accessible via respective marketplaces of differing mobile platforms. These smartphone applications are no longer exclusively
more » ... longer exclusively limited to entertainment purposes but are increasingly established in the scientific and medical field. In the context of tinnitus, the ringing in the ear, these smartphone apps range from relief, management, self-help, all the way to interfacing external sensors to better understand the phenomenon. In this paper, we aim to bring forth the smartphone applications in and around tinnitus. Based on the PRISMA guidelines, we systematically analyze and investigate the current state of smartphone apps, that are directly applied in the context of tinnitus. In particular, we explore Google Scholar, CiteSeerX, Microsoft Academics, Semantic Scholar for the identification of scientific contributions. Additionally, we search and explore Google's Play and Apple's App Stores to identify relevant smartphone apps and their respective properties. This review work gives (1) an up-to-date overview of existing apps, and (2) lists and discusses scientific literature pertaining to the smartphone apps used within the context of tinnitus.
doi:10.3390/s20061725 pmid:32204540 fatcat:r6xb547qajesdblvikmbsabasu

Contemporary Review of Smartphone Apps for Tinnitus Management and Treatment

Muntazir Mehdi, Albi Dode, Rüdiger Pryss, Winfried Schlee, Manfred Reichert, Franz J. Hauck
2020 Brain Sciences  
Tinnitus is a complex and heterogeneous psycho-physiological disorder responsible for causing a phantom ringing or buzzing sound albeit the absence of an external sound source. It has a direct influence on affecting the quality of life of its sufferers. Despite being around for a while, there has not been a cure for tinnitus, and the usual course of action for its treatment involves use of tinnitus retaining and sound therapy, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). One positive aspect about
more » ... ve aspect about these therapies is that they can be administered face-to-face as well as delivered via internet or smartphone. Smartphones are especially helpful as they are highly personalized devices, and offer a well-established ecosystem of apps, accessible via respective marketplaces of differing mobile platforms. Note that current therapeutic treatments such as CBT have shown to be effective in suppressing the tinnitus symptoms when administered face-to-face, their effectiveness when being delivered using smartphones is not known so far. A quick search on the prominent market places of popular mobile platforms (Android and iOS) yielded roughly 250 smartphone apps offering tinnitus-related therapies and tinnitus management. As this number is expected to steadily increase due to high interest in smartphone app development, a contemporary review of such apps is crucial. In this paper, we aim to review scientific studies validating the smartphone apps, particularly to test their effectiveness in tinnitus management and treatment. We use the PRISMA guidelines for identification of studies on major scientific literature sources and delineate the outcomes of identified studies.
doi:10.3390/brainsci10110867 pmid:33212928 pmcid:PMC7698350 fatcat:g5ienmf3fvfdpg6gawqv5bbsca

Multidisciplinary Tinnitus Research: Challenges and Future Directions From the Perspective of Early Stage Researchers

Jorge Piano Simoes, Elza Daoud, Maryam Shabbir, Sana Amanat, Kelly Assouly, Roshni Biswas, Chiara Casolani, Albi Dode, Falco Enzler, Laure Jacquemin, Mie Joergensen, Tori Kok (+11 others)
2021 Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience  
Tinnitus can be a burdensome condition on both individual and societal levels. Many aspects of this condition remain elusive, including its underlying mechanisms, ultimately hindering the development of a cure. Interdisciplinary approaches are required to overcome long-established research challenges. This review summarizes current knowledge in various tinnitus-relevant research fields including tinnitus generating mechanisms, heterogeneity, epidemiology, assessment, and treatment development,
more » ... tment development, in an effort to highlight the main challenges and provide suggestions for future research to overcome them. Four common themes across different areas were identified as future research direction: (1) Further establishment of multicenter and multidisciplinary collaborations; (2) Systematic reviews and syntheses of existing knowledge; (3) Standardization of research methods including tinnitus assessment, data acquisition, and data analysis protocols; (4) The design of studies with large sample sizes and the creation of large tinnitus-specific databases that would allow in-depth exploration of tinnitus heterogeneity.
doi:10.3389/fnagi.2021.647285 pmid:34177549 pmcid:PMC8225955 fatcat:i6cohkwuvbadzafakvh5gjtcye

L.-A. Dode, Novae species Catalpae generis

1909 Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis  
Catalpa Duclouxii Dode, 1. c., p. 201.  ...  Catalpa sutchuenensis Dode, 1. c., p. 204.  ... 
doi:10.1002/fedr.19090070103 fatcat:pckpd7bxtvhcfknxrrqzhq64ey

LXIX. Species novae in "Fruticetum Vilmorianum. Catalogus primarius. 1904"︁ descriptae

F. Fedde
1906 Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis  
Dode descriptae. 111. 4. series hybrldarum oertarum vel verislmlllum. 44. ? X Papulus lrishiana Dode, 1. c., p. 43 (P. serotina X?).  ...  X Populus vegeta Dode, 1. c., p. 45 (P. Virginiana X serotinu).  ... 
doi:10.1002/fedr.19060034007 fatcat:22ywpqrfanfwljn6w4f4omjnha

Doctoral Studies as part of an Innovative Training Network (ITN): Early Stage Researcher (ESR) experiences [version 2; peer review: 2 approved with reservations]

Roshni Biswas, Axel Schiller, Chiara Casolani, Elza Daoud, Albi Dode, Eleni Genitsaridi, Laure Jacquemin, Nuwan Liyanage, Matheus Lourenco, Punitkumar Makani, Vinay Parameshwarappa, Constanze Riha (+5 others)
PubMed Abstract | Publisher Full Text | Free Full Text Genitsaridi E, Dode A, Qirjazi B, et al.: An Albanian translation of a questionnaire for self-reported tinnitus assessment.  ...  PubMed Abstract | Publisher Full Text | Free Full Text Dode A, Mehdi M, Pryss R, et al.: Chapter 9 -Using a visual analog scale (VAS) to measure tinnitus-related distress and loudness: Investigating correlations  ...  ., 2021b; Dode et al., 2021; Genitsaridi et al., 2019; Genit- saridi et al., 2021a; Genitsaridi et al., 2021b; Lourenco et al., 2021; TIN-ACT, a second MSCA-funded doctoral training program, was formed  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-206181 fatcat:swagt3c5ljalthpfsjl5ywyg7e

Carya Diguetii spec. nov

M. L.-A. Dode
1908 Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France  
Sepala villosissima, albi da, ovato-acuta; petala se palis angustiora et longiora.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00378941.1908.10832006 fatcat:h3rgyzuy5feadabtawib4rzgxa

XIX.—On the Alauda bimaculata of Ménétriés

R.B. Sharpe
1871 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Uebers. p. 78 (t845~ nec Linn.). haud albo terminatis, et reetricibus exterioribus brunneis pogonio externo isabellino marginato, haud albis, distinguenda. • torquata, Blyth, J. A.  ...  Persia (DefiNppi), Turkestan (Dode), Cashmere (Jerdon), North-west India (Blyth, Hume). XX.--On a new Species of Plesiosaurus from the Portland Limestone ~. By HARRY G. SEELEY~ F.G.S, St.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00222937108696461 fatcat:ecdts6irbbfvfevp4lxi72dqyq

XX.—On a new species of Plesiosaurus from the Portland Limestone

Harry G. Seeley
1871 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Persia (DefiNppi), Turkestan (Dode), Cashmere (Jerdon), North-west India (Blyth, Hume). XX.--On a new Species of Plesiosaurus from the Portland Limestone ~. By HARRY G. SEELEY~ F.G.S, St.  ...  Downloaded by [New York University] at 12:46 18 October 2015 haud albo terminatis, et reetricibus exterioribus brunneis pogonio externo isabellino marginato, haud albis, distinguenda. //a5.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00222937108696462 fatcat:hb4ao2oeozbtfdr6kaulszgsb4

Three new species of Asparagus (Asparagaceae) from South Africa, with notes on other taxa

S. M. Burrows, J. E. Burrows
2008 Bothalia: African Biodiversity & Conservation  
., A. capensi var. capensi similis sed tuberibus ellipsoideis, ramis non spinescentibus, pilis omnino albis et squamis foliosis glabris differt; A. minutiflori similis sed pilis omnino albis, margine squamarum  ...  E, fruit; F, cladode; G, c/s cla dode; H, I, simple hairs; J, spine and leaf scale; K, leaf scale. Scale bars: A-C, 1.6 mm; D, 1 mm; E, 6.6 mm; F, 2.2 mm; I, 0.2 mm; J, 4.4 mm; K, 1.6 mm.  ... 
doi:10.4102/abc.v38i1.256 fatcat:7v5qqq7ifzbi3padmb2gn5scpe

Vermischte neue Diagnosen

1911 Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis  
Dode in Rev, hortic., Sept. 1908, Sep. p. 3. -Poliis subtus glauco-lutescentibus. glabris vel glabrescentibus, breve setaceo-dentatis, ovario breve attenuato fructuque subgloboso. -Recueillie par M.  ...  Racemi axillares. folio breviores; flores longe (10-15 rnm) pedicellati, albi; sepalis 2 exterioribus leviter crassis, apice rotundis, 5-6 mm longis latisque; 2 interioribus petalis fere similibus, oblongis  ...  Platanus orientalior Dode in Bull. SOC. Dendrol. France, 111 (1908), p. 57, c. fig.  ... 
doi:10.1002/fedr.19110093513 fatcat:d6iak3jpvbasjehv4oxyionabu

Arbores et frutices novi

M. L.-A. Dode
1908 Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France  
Arbor ramis divaricatis, junioribus glabrescentibus, apice turionum pilis lanuginosis albis emunitis, adultis nigrescentibus lucidis, plerumquc biennibus a ut triennibus basi variegatis; folia juniora  ... 
doi:10.1080/00378941.1908.10832044 fatcat:7xj62nmygra7teu4u2iomjrk64

Literaire, filologische en moralistische bespiegelingen over de Siamese penisbel

B.N. Teensma
1991 Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde  
Die rinkelbellen staan godsdienstig in zo'n hoog aanzien dat een dode die ze niet blijkt te hebben niet begraven wordt, maar als geëxcommuniceerde o p d e mestvaalt eindigt.  ...  Hagen ingezonden op de Internationale Koloniale en Uitvoerhandel Tentoonstelling te Amsterdam in 1883, vinden wij ook vermeld twee stuks persimbraen, lapilli trianguli albi, qui parvarum incisionum ope  ... 
doi:10.1163/22134379-90003202 fatcat:lsn2yq7z2neifkmggxv5utkxly

Use of infusion solutions in critically ill: Literature review

Ana Cvetkovic, Nada Popovic, Marina Stojanovic
2016 Serbian Journal of Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy  
Prednost primene albumina u sepsi je potvrđena analizom podgrupe u SAFE studiji 34 , ali nalazi ALBI-OS studije 45 su bili kontradiktorni.  ...  Kada je kapilarni pritisak mali, oba tipa tečnosti se zadržavaju u vaskularnom prostoru, dok ne dođe do porasta pritiska koji je dovoljan za uspostavljanje filtracije.  ... 
doi:10.5937/sjait1602039c fatcat:edylm6qgevasnb5xm72sxsfbny
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