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Sobre Francesco Ricciu, La Rivoluzione Messicana

Jorge Alberto Manrique
1968 Historia Mexicana El Colegio de México  
Jorge Alberto M A N R I Q U E El Colegio de México Bartolomé de LAS CASAS: Apologética historia sumaria. Edición preparada por Edmundo O'Gorman.  ...  Svietlana SÓZINA Academia de Ciencias de la URSS Francesco RICCIU: La Rivoluzione Messicana. Milán, Dalí' Oglio, 1968. 293 pp. (I Gorvi, 168 . Le grandi rivoluzioni del xx secólo).  ... 
doaj:63fb30921f864829a812503540380385 fatcat:mfofthdsunc6rgkkipzqlsxlva

Distributed k-Core Decomposition [article]

Alberto Montresor, Francesco De Pellegrini, Daniele Miorandi
2011 arXiv   pre-print
Among the novel metrics used to study the relative importance of nodes in complex networks, k-core decomposition has found a number of applications in areas as diverse as sociology, proteinomics, graph visualization, and distributed system analysis and design. This paper proposes new distributed algorithms for the computation of the k-core decomposition of a network, with the purpose of (i) enabling the run-time computation of k-cores in "live" distributed systems and (ii) allowing the
more » ... tion, over a set of connected machines, of very large graphs, that cannot be hosted in a single machine. Lower bounds on the algorithms complexity are given, and an exhaustive experimental analysis on real-world graphs is provided.
arXiv:1103.5320v2 fatcat:mxbvuqwnjfczld56pb52rv3fo4

The Graphical Representation of Inequality

Alberto Arcagni, Francesco Porro
2014 Revista Colombiana de Estadística  
de Lorenz, curva de Zenga, distribución del ingreso, índice de desigualdad.  ...  El objetivo de este artículo es revisar y comparar las curvas de la desigualdad más conocidas evaluando sus características y enfocándose en su interpretación Palabras clave Curva de Bonferroni, curva  ...  BibTeX: @ARTICLE{RCEv37n2a09, AUTHOR = {Arcagni, Alberto and Porro, Francesco}, TITLE = {{The Graphical Representation of Inequality}}, JOURNAL = {Revista Colombiana de Estadística}, YEAR =  ... 
doi:10.15446/rce.v37n2spe.47947 fatcat:py46v4g67ja3bhd54txusrbf3q

Chica Arellano, Fernando, Alberto García Gómez, eds. Laudato si', l'appello di papa Francesco. Sviluppo agricolo e lotta alla fame

Jaime Tatay, SJ
2018 Estudios Eclesiásticos. Revista de investigación e información teológica y canónica  
chica arellano, fernando, alberto garcía gómez, eds. Laudato si', l'appello di papa Francesco.  ...  permanente de la santa sede en la fao, mons. fernando chica, y el director de la cátedra unesco de bioética y derechos Humanos del ateneo pontificio regina apostolorum, alberto garcía, es el resultado  ... 
doaj:cb4da8c8050a4444a5ffab03f6da7375 fatcat:hwgbqxzbezfufbimr5ynezyxca

Complementarity among innovation strategies: evidence from Colombia

Francesco Bogliacino, Alberto J Naranjo R
2013 Suma de Negocios  
RESUMO Usando os dados da pesquisa de Inovação provenientes da Colômbia, nos aplicamos uma nova metodologia para avaliar as relações de complementaridade entre os diferentes "inputs" inovadores.  ...  Palavras-chave: Inovação, Levantamento de Inovação, América Latina, Complementaridade. JEL: O30, O33, O54.  ... 
doaj:8b6814003fe64332a9db1a40f08809d8 fatcat:mykl7nxg4bd7hks7bsnkw2fbqu

High-order conservative formulation of viscous terms for variable viscosity flows

Francesco De Vanna, Alberto Benato, Francesco Picano, Ernesto Benini
2021 Acta Mechanica  
AbstractThe work presents a general strategy to design high-order conservative co-located finite-difference approximations of viscous/diffusion terms for flows featuring extreme variations of diffusive properties. The proposed scheme becomes equivalent to central finite-difference derivatives with corresponding order in the case of uniform flow properties, while in variable viscosity/diffusion conditions it grants a strong preservation and a proper telescoping of viscous/diffusion terms.
more » ... ed tests show that standard co-located discretisation of the viscous terms is not able to describe the flow when the viscosity field experiences substantial variations, while the proposed method always reproduces the correct behaviour. Thus, the process is recommended for such flows whose viscosity field highly varies, in both laminar and turbulent conditions, relying on a more robust approximation of diffuse terms in any situation. Hence, the proposed discretisation should be used in all these cases and, for example, in large eddy simulations of turbulent wall flows where the eddy viscosity abruptly changes in the near-wall region.
doi:10.1007/s00707-021-02937-2 fatcat:rm37xutopbhkrf2v7ije3sxdny

Epigenetic signature: implications for mitochondrial quality control in human aging

Patrizia D'Aquila, Alberto Montesanto, Francesco De Rango, Francesco Guarasci, Giuseppe Passarino, Dina Bellizzi
2019 Aging  
Maintenance of functional mitochondria is essential to prevent damage leading to aging and diseases. What is more, the research of biomarkers of aging is focusing on better predicting functional capability along the lifetime beyond chronological age. Aim of this study was to identify novel CpG sites the methylation of which might be correlated to the chronological and biological age. We performed methylation analyses of the CpG sites in candidate genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis,
more » ... hagy, fusion, and fission, all key quality control mechanisms to ensure maintenance of healthy mitochondria and homeostasis during aging, using DNA samples from two independent datasets composed by 381 and 468 differently-aged individuals, respectively. Twelve potential CpG predictors resulted associated with aging in the discovery dataset. Of these, two sites located within RAB32 and RHOT2 genes were replicated in the second dataset. What is more, individuals exhibiting methylation levels of the RAB32 CpG site higher than 10% were observed more prone to disability than people with lower levels.These results seem to provide the first evidence that epigenetic modifications of genes involved in mitochondrial quality control occur over time according to the aging decline, and may then represent potential biomarkers of both chronological and biological age.
doi:10.18632/aging.101832 pmid:30787202 pmcid:PMC6402507 fatcat:icrvjsednfgxfcjrmszylxzp3i

Combination of scanning probe technology with photonic nanojets

Martí Duocastella, Francesco Tantussi, Ali Haddadpour, Remo Proietti Zaccaria, Andrea Jacassi, Georgios Veronis, Alberto Diaspro, Francesco De Angelis
2017 Scientific Reports  
Even if the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the point spread function (PSF) has been recently measured by de-convolution methods 13, 17, 23, 25, 26 , some a priori knowledge was required (shape  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-03726-5 pmid:28615621 pmcid:PMC5471276 fatcat:cjmwi2otf5hljai4sojwzq5zeu

The trickle down from environmental innovation to productive complexity [article]

Francesco de Cunzo, Alberto Petri, Andrea Zaccaria, Angelica Sbardella
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We study the empirical relationship between green technologies and industrial production at very fine-grained levels by employing Economic Complexity techniques. Firstly, we use patent data on green technology domains as a proxy for competitive green innovation and data on exported products as a proxy for competitive industrial production. Secondly, with the aim of observing how green technological development trickles down into industrial production, we build a bipartite directed network
more » ... g single green technologies at time t_1 to single products at time t_2 ≥ t_1 on the basis of their time-lagged co-occurrences in the technological and industrial specialization profiles of countries. Thirdly we filter the links in the network by employing a maximum entropy null-model. In particular, we find that the industrial sectors most connected to green technologies are related to the processing of raw materials, which we know to be crucial for the development of clean energy innovations. Furthermore, by looking at the evolution of the network over time, we observe that more complex green technological know-how requires more time to be transmitted to industrial production, and is also linked to more complex products.
arXiv:2206.07537v1 fatcat:oe4h6bhfyvbglgbg4tqdjkj5em

Incidence and characterization of acute pulmonary embolism in patients with SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia: A multicenter Italian experience

Marco Loffi, Valentina Regazzoni, Marco Toselli, Alberto Cereda, Anna Palmisano, Davide Vignale, Francesco Moroni, Gianluca Pontone, Daniele Andreini, Elisabetta Maria Mancini, Alberto Monello, Gianmarco Iannopollo (+17 others)
2021 PLoS ONE  
SCORE 3. Data curation: Marco Loffi, Marco Toselli, Anna Palmisano, Davide Vignale, Francesco Moroni, Elisabetta Maria Mancini, Alberto Monello, Gianmarco  ...  (XLSX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Marco Loffi, Valentina Regazzoni, Marco Toselli, Gianluigi Patelli, Antonio Esposito, Francesco Giannini.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0245565 pmid:33481902 fatcat:vpjphafrsbhaxhwooehq5j2rbi

Thromboembolic Events Following Atrial Fibrillation Cardioversion and Ablation: What's the Culprit?

Francesco De Sensi, Gennaro Miracapillo, Luigi Addonisio, Marco Breschi, Alberto Cresti, Pasquale Baratta, Francesco Paneni, Ugo Limbruno
2019 Medicina  
Stroke is a rare but possible complication after atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation. However, its etiopathogenesis is far from being completely characterized. Here we report a case of stroke, with recurrent peripheral embolism after AF ablation procedure. In our patient, an in situ femoral vein thrombosis and iatrogenic atrial septal defect were simultaneously detected. A comprehensive review of multiple pathophysiological mechanisms of stroke in this context is provided. The case underlines the
more » ... importance of a global evaluation of patients undergoing AF ablation.
doi:10.3390/medicina55080505 pmid:31434315 pmcid:PMC6723553 fatcat:sbf2m2lypbglpg7qwzosxxyn2a

Current Use of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy in Elderly Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: Results from an Italian Multicenter Prospective Study—The ISNEP Study

Francesco De Stefano, Alberto Benassi, Alberto Cappelletti, Francesco Donatelli, Damiano Regazzoli, Salvatore Tolaro, Francesca Perego, Angelo Silverio, Alessandra Scatteia, Pasquale Guarini, Santo Dellegrottaglie, Simona Mariani (+4 others)
2022 Journal of Personalized Medicine  
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common heart arrhythmia, and its prevalence increases with age. Oral Anticoagulant Therapy (OAT) with non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) or vitamin K antagonists (VKAs) is essential to avoid thromboembolic events in AF. However, this treatment is associated with a high risk of bleeding and low adherence in elderly patients. Aim: The aim was to evaluate the real-world use of OAT in a population of patients aged ≥80 years in twenty-three
more » ... an centers and to investigate the tolerance of and patient satisfaction with this therapy. Methods: The ISNEP Study is a multicenter cross-sectional study enrolling patients with AF and aged ≥80 years and treated with either NOACs or VKAs. A written questionnaire was administered to each patient to evaluate the adherence to and patient satisfaction with this therapy. Results: The study included 641 patients with a mean age of 85 (82–87) years. The use of NOACs was reported in 93.0% of cases, with the remaining 7.0% treated with VKAs. A history of stroke events was reported in five (11.1%) and one (0.2%) patients in the VKA and NOAC groups, respectively. The rate of referred ecchymosis/epistaxis was significantly higher in the VKA group compared to the NOAC group (p < 0.001). Patients receiving NOACs reported a substantial improvement in their quality of life compared to the VKA group. Conclusions: A small, but not negligible, proportion of elderly AF patients is still treated with VKAs. Patients treated with NOAC have a higher level of satisfaction with the therapy and complete adherence.
doi:10.3390/jpm12091419 pmid:36143204 pmcid:PMC9505177 fatcat:vbae5uca55ct5i74m4zqbocdau

The novel role of epigenetics in primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Claudio Napoli, Amelia Casamassimi, Vincenzo Grimaldi, Concetta Schiano, Teresa Infante, Alberto Zullo, Maria Lourdes Montesano, Laura Auriemma, Francesco Paolo De Luca, Gustavo De Iorio, Louis J. Ignarro, Francesco Paolo Mancini
2012 Cardiogenetics  
A great deal of evidences indicate that impaired fetal growth and in utero exposure to risk factors, especially maternal hypercholesterolemia, may be relevant for human pathophysiological signs of atherosclerosis and subsequent development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) during different life stages. Despite the underlying mechanisms of fetal programming are still unknown, epigenetics has been suggested as one of the possible explanations for the associations between intrauterine risk factors
more » ... d CVD development. Indeed, a lot of translational studies support the hypothesis that epigenetic changes are related to increased CVD risk although it is still not possible to establish a direct causality in humans. Notably, epigenetic modifications can be reversible through therapeutic approaches employing histone deacetylase inhibitors, histone acetyltransferase inhibitors and common-ly used drugs like statins. Thus, the whole comprehension of these mechanisms will provide in the next future the rationale for the development of novel tools to be used in the primary prevention and therapy of CVD.
doi:10.4081/cardiogenetics.2012.e12 fatcat:ca7ywwarhbddjmx3iujupz7ws4

Epilepsy in patients with Cornelia de Lange syndrome: A clinical series

Alberto Verrotti, Sergio Agostinelli, Giovanni Prezioso, Giangennaro Coppola, Giuseppe Capovilla, Antonino Romeo, Pasquale Striano, Pasquale Parisi, Salvatore Grosso, Alberto Spalice, Thomas Foiadelli, Paolo Curatolo (+2 others)
2013 Seizure  
Introduction Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) is a multiple congenital anomaly syndrome that is also known by the name of ''Brachmann-de Lange'' referring to the doctors who first described the syndrome  ...  Therefore, the purpose of this multicenter study was to analyze the Purpose: Cornelia de Lange (CdLS) syndrome is characterized by multiple congenital anomalies and mental retardation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.seizure.2013.01.017 pmid:23473710 fatcat:i3kdn7sdgvfzpabaqq4irjoj2q

Cuba: reformas y bienestar. Un análisis de los bienes no monetarios

Francesco Schettino, Sara Romanò, Alberto Gabriele, Dayma Echevarría León
2022 Perfiles Latinoamericanos  
Nuestro estudio es el primer análisis que muestra la tendencia de la distribución del bienestar en Cuba, en el periodo de las reformas económicas y sociales impulsadas por el presidente Raúl Castro.  ...  las desigualdades en el acceso al bienestar han aumentado poco en el periodo 2006-2011 y han disminuido en el periodo siguiente, para llegar en 2014 a un nivel ligeramente inferior al de 2006.  ...  de consumo y de lujo.  ... 
doi:10.18504/pl3059-015-2022 fatcat:xlvjtpquufb5nlvf4iqhhiqmai
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