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Estimating equilibrated Kt/V from an intradialytic sample: Effects of access and cardiopulmonary recirculations

Benjamin R. Pflederer, Constance Torrey, Adrian Priester-Coary, Alan H. Lau, John T. Daugirdas
1995 Kidney International  
Estimating equilibrated Kt/V from an intradialytic sample: Effects of access and cardiopulmonary recirculations. The Smye method has been proposed to estimate the equilibrated post-dialysis BUN based on an additional intradialytic sample obtained approximately one hour into dialysis. However, the effects of access recirculation (AR) and cardiopul-
doi:10.1038/ki.1995.358 pmid:7474672 fatcat:pgdp7dpjvvbe5dofb3dygkrohi

Focal Therapy Eligibility Determined by Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Ultrasound Fusion Biopsy

Nima Nassiri, Edward Chang, Patricia Lieu, Alan M. Priester, Daniel J.A. Margolis, Jiaoti Huang, Robert E. Reiter, Frederick J. Dorey, Leonard S. Marks, Shyam Natarajan
2018 Journal of Urology  
Le Nobin et al found that tumors required a 1 cm margin to achieve complete treatment, while Priester et al found that the average uniform margin to achieve complete treatment exceeded 1.5 cm. 7, 29  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.juro.2017.08.085 pmid:28830754 pmcid:PMC5780241 fatcat:nuufueslbrhhnlp2c7tv4xxmwq

Harnessing clinical annotations to improve deep learning performance in prostate segmentation

Karthik V. Sarma, Alex G. Raman, Nikhil J. Dhinagar, Alan M. Priester, Stephanie Harmon, Thomas Sanford, Sherif Mehralivand, Baris Turkbey, Leonard S. Marks, Steven S. Raman, William Speier, Corey W. Arnold (+1 others)
2021 PLoS ONE  
Purpose Developing large-scale datasets with research-quality annotations is challenging due to the high cost of refining clinically generated markup into high precision annotations. We evaluated the direct use of a large dataset with only clinically generated annotations in development of high-performance segmentation models for small research-quality challenge datasets. Materials and methods We used a large retrospective dataset from our institution comprised of 1,620 clinically generated
more » ... entations, and two challenge datasets (PROMISE12: 50 patients, ProstateX-2: 99 patients). We trained a 3D U-Net convolutional neural network (CNN) segmentation model using our entire dataset, and used that model as a template to train models on the challenge datasets. We also trained versions of the template model using ablated proportions of our dataset, and evaluated the relative benefit of those templates for the final models. Finally, we trained a version of the template model using an out-of-domain brain cancer dataset, and evaluated the relevant benefit of that template for the final models. We used five-fold cross-validation (CV) for all training and evaluation across our entire dataset. Results Our model achieves state-of-the-art performance on our large dataset (mean overall Dice 0.916, average Hausdorff distance 0.135 across CV folds). Using this model as a pre-trained template for refining on two external datasets significantly enhanced performance (30% and 49% enhancement in Dice scores respectively). Mean overall Dice and mean average Hausdorff distance were 0.912 and 0.15 for the ProstateX-2 dataset, and 0.852 and 0.581 for the PROMISE12 dataset. Using even small quantities of data to train the template enhanced performance, with significant improvements using 5% or more of the data. Conclusion We trained a state-of-the-art model using unrefined clinical prostate annotations and found that its use as a template model significantly improved performance in other prostate segmentation tasks, even when trained with only 5% of the original dataset.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0253829 pmid:34170972 pmcid:PMC8232529 fatcat:d3vh7g7cjfb57bb3yln3mxt7mi

A system for evaluating magnetic resonance imaging of prostate cancer using patient-specific 3D printed molds

Alan Priester, Shyam Natarajan, Jesse D Le, James Garritano, Bryan Radosavcev, Warren Grundfest, Daniel Ja Margolis, Leonard S Marks, Jiaoti Huang
2014 American journal of clinical and experimental urology  
We have developed a system for evaluating magnetic resonance imaging of prostate cancer, using patient-specific 3D printed molds to facilitate MR-histology correlation. Prior to radical prostatectomy a patient receives a multiparametric MRI, which an expert genitourinary radiologist uses to identify and contour regions suspicious for disease. The same MR series is used to generate a prostate contour, which is the basis for design of a patient-specific mold. The 3D printed mold contains a series
more » ... of evenly spaced parallel slits, each of which corresponds to a known MRI slice. After surgery, the patient's specimen is enclosed within the mold, and all whole-mount levels are obtained simultaneously through use of a multi-bladed slicing device. The levels are then formalin fixed, processed, and delivered to an expert pathologist, who identifies and grades all lesions within the slides. Finally, the lesion contours are loaded into custom software, which elastically warps them to fit the MR prostate contour. The suspicious regions on MR can then be directly compared to lesions on histology. Furthermore, the false-negative and false-positive regions on MR can be retrospectively examined, with the ultimate goal of developing methods for improving the predictive accuracy of MRI. This work presents the details of our analysis method, following a patient from diagnosis through the MR-histology correlation process. For this patient MRI successfully predicted the presence of cancer, but true lesion volume and extent were underestimated. Most cancer-positive regions missed on MR were observed to have patterns of low T2 signal, suggesting that there is potential to improve sensitivity.
pmid:25374914 pmcid:PMC4219304 fatcat:gqqqmbx275b37jkci56rrk3jiq

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Underestimation of Prostate Cancer Geometry: Use of Patient Specific Molds to Correlate Images with Whole Mount Pathology

Alan Priester, Shyam Natarajan, Pooria Khoshnoodi, Daniel J. Margolis, Steven S. Raman, Robert E. Reiter, Jiaoti Huang, Warren Grundfest, Leonard S. Marks
2017 Journal of Urology  
Priester et al. Page 11 Priester et al. Page 13 J Urol. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2018 February 01. Priester et al.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.juro.2016.07.084 pmid:27484386 pmcid:PMC5540646 fatcat:cezy5xawane5fausizbxvhx6oi

A prostate cancer risk calculator (PCRC-MRI): Use of clinical and magnetic resonance imaging data to predict biopsy outcome in North American men

Adam Kinnaird, Wayne Brisbane, Lorna Kwan, Alan Priester, Ryan Chuang, Danielle E. Barsa, Merdie Delfin, Anthony Sisk, Daniel Margolis, Ely Felker, Jim Hu, Leonard S. Marks
2021 Canadian Urological Association Journal  
A functional tool to optimize patient selection for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided prostate biopsy (MRGB) is an unmet clinical need. We sought to develop a prostate cancer risk calculator (PCRC-MRI) that combines MRI and clinical characteristics to aid decision-making for MRGB in North American men. Methods: Two prospective registries containing 2354 consecutive men undergoing MRGB (September 2009 to April 2019) were analyzed. Patients were randomized into five groups, with one group
more » ... ndomly assigned to be the validation cohort against the other four groups as the discovery cohort. The primary outcome was detection of clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa) defined as Gleason grade group greater than or equal to 2. Variables included age, ethnicity, digital rectal exam (DRE), prior biopsy, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), prostate volume, PSA density, and MRI score. Odds ratios were calculated from multivariate logistic regression comparing two models: one with clinical variables only (clinical) against a second combining clinical variables with MRI data (clinical+MRI). Results: csPCa was present in 942 (40%) of the 2354 men available for study. The positive and negative predictive values for csPCa in the clinical+MRI model were 57% and 89%, respectively. The area under the curve of the clinical+MRI model was superior to the clinical model in discovery (0.843 vs. 0.707, p<0.0001) and validation (0.888 vs. 0.757, p<0.0001) cohorts. Use of PCRC-MRI would have avoided approximately 16 unnecessary biopsies in every 100 men. Of all variables examined, Asian ethnicity was the most protective factor (odds ratio [OR] 0.46 [0.29–0.75]) while MRI score 5 indicated greatest risk (OR15.8 [10.5–23.9]). Conclusions: A risk calculator (PCRC-MRI), based on a large North American cohort, is shown to improve patient selection for MRGB, especially in preventing unnecessary biopsies. This tool is available at and may help rationalize biopsy decision-making.
doi:10.5489/cuaj.7380 pmid:34672937 pmcid:PMC8923894 fatcat:4dc2bsxtwre3zpybewrlqzbjiy

Page 22 of National Union Catalog Vol. 17, Issue [page]

1948 National Union Catalog  
Library of Congress Author Catalog Priest, Alan, 1898- see New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Henry L. Phillips Collection. Japanese prints from Henry L. Phillips collection, by Alan Priest.  ...  L Cathal Charch—Miaione Yearbooks, 1 Missionsvereial- ir Priester der Erzdidsese Koln. BV2130. P75 51-18989 De Priesters van het Heilig Hart, hun doel.  ... 

The sanctuary of Zeus Krezimos in Metropolis in Ionia

Serdar Aybek, Boris Dreyer, Christina Sponsel
2018 Gephyra  
Avluyu çevreleyen sütun tamburlarında yer alan yazıtlı bölümler avluya bakacak şekilde düzenlenmiştir.  ...  Ayrıca sütunların arkasında yer alan, kutsal alanının kuzey ve doğu bölümlerinde kült törenlerinde kullanılmış olabileceği düşünülen odalar ortaya çıkarılmıştır.  ... 
doi:10.37095/gephyra.420744 fatcat:lvyhd2kccnhivaylig4ipcs2a4

Page 808 of Journal of the American Pharmacists Association Vol. 18, Issue 8 [page]

1929 Journal of the American Pharmacists Association  
Pharm., 101 (1929), 481 Ware, Alan Use of aldehydes and dihydroxyacetone in the detection and differentiation of phenols Pharm. J., 123 (1929), 13 Ware, Alan H.  ...  ., 123 (1929), 15 Priester, R. Production of isosafrole Riechstoffind., 4 (1929), 41; Abstr., 23 (1929), 3304 Rae, J. Salicyl-sulphonic acid Pharm. J., 122 (1929), 618 Raiford, L.  ... 

Page 142 of National Union Catalog Vol. 44, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
Halstead, Ronald MH NUC67-51743 Priester Arnold aee Arnold, priest. 12th cent. Priester, Alfred. Kamerun als di ah Sh hi po 46D. illus. 210m, 1. Cameroun—Hist.  ...  DT574.P7 ICU Priester, Erich, joint author see Hdgemann, Marta. Die Pfeifenputzerparty. (7. Auf.) Freiburg i. Br., Christophorus-Verlag (1965) Priester, Gertrude Ann.  ... 

Titelei/Inhaltsverzeichnis [chapter]

Klaus Rosen
2020 Die Völkerwanderung  
Bischöfe wurden gefangen, Priester und Kleriker der verschiedenen Ränge getötet, Kirchen wurden zerstört, Altäre Christi zu Pferdeställen gemacht und Gebeine der Märtyrer ausgegraben.  ...  Skythien, Thrakien, Makedonien, Thessalien, Dardanien, Dakien, Epirus, Dalmatien sowie alle Teile Pannoniens verwüsten, entvölkern und plündern der Gote, der Sarmate, der Quade und der Alane, die Hunnen  ... 
doi:10.17104/9783406743313-2 fatcat:pcr6iswqufdvtikzk7h3bjsflq

Titelei/Inhaltsverzeichnis [chapter]

Klaus Rosen
2002 Die Völkerwanderung  
Bischöfe wurden gefangen, Priester und Kleriker der verschiedenen Ränge getötet, Kirchen wurden zerstört, Altäre Christi zu Pferdeställen gemacht und Gebeine der Märtyrer ausgegraben.  ...  Skythien, Thrakien, Makedonien, Thessalien, Dardanien, Dakien, Epirus, Dalmatien sowie alle Teile Pannoniens verwüsten, entvölkern und plündern der Gote, der Sarmate, der Quade und der Alane, die Hunnen  ... 
doi:10.17104/9783406616235-1 fatcat:j5rl62cn3fhj5eh5fma3hoj3j4

Page 57 of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol. 114, Issue 1 [page]

2005 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
G Richard E Roger Paul J David E Herbert L Nestor M Richard fannelh Kuklinsk Moran Naimpally Otremsky Yogeshwar Abbott Cosgrove Current Dumont Jones Klein Morton Mutter Priester Rees Rodriguez Sehiin Rocky  ...  Other Europe S Amer Region Clive Jan-Willem Gary Michael J Yiannis Simon Yossef Louis Hans Alan M Nery Michael S Jan R Christophe Chariton-Kay De Groot Heelas Knowles Kontos Mason Mein Mulders Oerlemans  ... 

Hitit Çivi Yazılı Kaynaklarında LÚzilipuriiatalla- Görevlisi

ARIKAN Yasemin
2003 Archivum Anatolicum-Anadolu Arşivleri  
Araştırmamızın konusunu özellikle Hatti kökenli "inşa ritüelleri"nde rahip unvanıyla görev alan LUzilipuriiatalla-oluşturmaktadır.  ...  LÜakuttara-görevlisini konu alan çalışma tarafımızdan hazırlanmaktadır.  ...  Friedrich8, LUzilipurii atalla-ya "Priester des (Gottes) Zilipuri" karşılığını vermektedir. A. Kammenhuber9, LUzilipuriiatalla-nın "Priester des (protohatt.)  ... 
doi:10.1501/archv_0000000102 fatcat:7nudk772srffnblqfnm3yvuosa

Page 2743 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers Vol. 54, Issue 10 [page]

1928 American Society of Civil Engineers. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers  
Papers. ] PRIESTER ON THE STIFFNESS OF SUSPENSION BRIDGES 2743 The Live Load Applied in Two Increments.  ...  Then, 6, = a. and £, = HH ned w 1 alan For the first increment of loading the equation for determining H, is:* 1p H,?  ... 
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