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Landmine Detection with Drones

Zoltán Kovács, István Ember
2022 Revista Academiei Forţelor Terestre  
The authors introduce certain aerial vehicles and some of their special detection devices those can be used for locating landmines from the air.  ...  Safe detection of mines, other dangerous explosive devices and the precise determination of their location sometimes require specific equipment.  ...  They deliver an explosive charge above the discovered landmine, the operator see the camera picture for correct placement, after the drone leaves danger zone the charge remotely detonated and landmine  ... 
doi:10.2478/raft-2022-0012 fatcat:jozygtqldnewjboyvuc6ezb3ue

Air-Releasable Soft Robots for Explosive Ordnance Disposal [article]

Tyler C. Looney, Nathan M. Savard, Gus T. Teran, Archie G. Milligan, Ryley I. Wheelock, Michael Scalise, Daniel P. Perno, Gregory C. Lewin, Carlo Pinciroli, Cagdas D. Onal, Markus P. Nemitz
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The demining of landmines using drones is challenging; air-releasable payloads are typically non-intelligent (e.g., water balloons or explosives) and deploying them at even low altitudes (~6 meter) is  ...  Instead of non-intelligent payloads, here, we propose the use of air-releasable soft robots for demining.  ...  Katelyn Wheeler for their help creating prototypes of kirigami wheels; Brandon Simpson and Cole Parks for lending us their 3D printers; and Nicole Kuberka for supplying us with electronics equipment and  ... 
arXiv:2202.03243v1 fatcat:l3hl4yganne5jpj5u6mtv7srai

Influence of Air Flow on Luminescence Quenching in Polymer Films towards Explosives Detection Using Drones

Daegwon Noh, Emmanuel K. Ampadu, Eunsoon Oh
2022 Polymers  
Although drones may not be able to pinpoint the exact location of the landmines and explosives, the identification of the explosive vapor present in the surrounding air provides significant information  ...  Explosive detection has become an increased priority in recent years for homeland security and counter-terrorism applications.  ...  We thank So-Hye Cho at KIST and professor ShinJae You at CNU for useful discussions and Samir Adhikari for help with the Raman spectra.  ... 
doi:10.3390/polym14030483 pmid:35160472 pmcid:PMC8839006 fatcat:2fdltm35pba2tns6cmwtuxrqei

UAV for Landmine Detection Using SDR-Based GPR Technology [chapter]

Manuel Ricardo Pérez Cerquera, Julian David Colorado Montaño, Iván Mondragón
2017 Robots Operating in Hazardous Environments  
This chapter presents an approach for explosive-landmine detection on-board an autonomous aerial drone.  ...  with the landmine detection and geo-mapping.  ...  Serrano for their contribution on the GPR design and testing.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.69738 fatcat:wezgg37quvezrpbd6jd6mtx7ay

Heuristic Optimization Technique to Locate and Avoid Buried Landmines: Drone-based Approach

Abdel Ilah N. Alshbatat, Tafila Technical University, Department of Communications, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Tafila, 66110, Jordan
2018 International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science  
The procedures of landmines detection and removal are slow, dangerous and labor intensive.  ...  Landmines detection and removal are one of the biggest problems that faced many countries throughout the world.  ...  This vibration can be measured by the LDV and can be used to detect landmines. Altitude and speed of the Hexacopter are an important factor for an accurate detection.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijitcs.2018.11.05 fatcat:6s4r7nz6qncl7iejxe3wd4fciu

Cooperative Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles for Landmine Detection

Moustafa M. Kurdi, American University of Technology, Beirut, Lebanon, Alex K. Dadykin, Imad A. Elzein, Ali K. Ibrahim
2019 International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications  
The unmanned aerial vehicle detects the landmines using infrared camera and GPR; maps a pin in digital map for future use by ground vehicle.  ...  This proposed system will demonstrate how an air-ground vehicle system use to cooperatively detect, locate and traverse of landmines.  Index Terms-ground penetrating radar, multi-functional mobile robot  ...  PROPOSED SYSTEM Quadcopter Mobile Robotic System (QMRS) is an efficient system for detection landmines.  ... 
doi:10.18178/ijeetc.8.4.194-198 fatcat:lyeidyar3ndfxbmwuomc45pfwq

Bistatic Landmine and IED Detection Combining Vehicle and Drone Mounted GPR Sensors

Maria Garcia-Fernandez, Ann Morgenthaler, Yuri Alvarez-Lopez, Fernando Las Heras, Carey Rappaport
2019 Remote Sensing  
This work proposes a novel Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system to detect landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).  ...  This combination offers both a good penetration and a high resolution, enabling the detection of non-metallic targets and mitigating the clutter at the air–soil interface.  ...  In landmine detection, the scanning system must keep a safety distance from the inspected area in order to avoid the threat of explosion, which thus strongly favors FLGPR.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs11192299 fatcat:dioelu6i2ngnbh4me6o5tqd3am

Detection and Identification of Remnant PFM-1 'Butterfly Mines' with a UAV-Based Thermal-Imaging Protocol

Alex Nikulin, Timothy de Smet, Jasper Baur, William Frazer, Jacob Abramowitz
2018 Remote Sensing  
Among munitions and explosives of concern (MECs), aerially deployed plastic anti-personnel mines are particularly challenging in terms of their detection and subsequent disposal.  ...  plastic landmines—the Soviet-era PFM-1 aerially deployed antipersonnel mine.  ...  We extend our gratitude to the four anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments and suggestions that greatly strengthened this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs10111672 fatcat:y4ciznpzefa67bs7x664koirjm

Detection of antipersonnel landmines containing ANFO-based explosive: A review

Cesar Sierra, Leon Perez, Andrea Garzon, Juan Hinestroza, Diana Sinuco
2020 Revista Colombiana de Química  
Then, all the strategies reported in the world for antipersonnel landmines detection are described. Finally, the importance of the use of canines for antipersonnel landmines detection is explained.  ...  First, a detailed description of the different techniques used in the detection of explosives is made.  ...  Niño, for all the support provided to the project: "Development of a chemoresistive material for the detection of antipersonnel mines based on ANFO type explosives".  ... 
doi:10.15446/rcq.v49n3.85301 fatcat:hdmcq6yuqzh4hf6gcdfvs4zqne

Contemporary technological development and challenges to the international humanitarian law

Mohammad Saidul Islam
2018 IIUC Studies  
Landmine is explosive device which is designed in such a way that it automatically blasts or blows when triggered by pressure.  ...  For example, the PHALANX system used by the US Navy is able to autonomously detect, track, and fire at anti-ship missiles (United Nations Navy Fact File, 2012).  ... 
doi:10.3329/iiucs.v13i0.37646 fatcat:ju5qj4j5rzb5biohtcmqlhveje

Data analysis of simulated WoT-based anti-crime scenario

Chih Chi Kuang, Kuei Min Wang, Kuang Hui Chiu, Chuan Yu Chang, Lin Hui
2021 International Journal of Web and Grid Services  
This study proposes a novel WoT concept for improving the current police work on anti-terrorist.  ...  The current RSF and WoT-based are two alternatives that are analysed for the comparison. The simulation results show that a significant difference between the current RSF and WoT-based exists.  ...  Acknowledgements The author would like to thank the Ministry of Science and Technology for partially supporting this research under no. MOST-108-2221-E-032-036.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijwgs.2021.10036255 fatcat:lufpcsf455dlzgpsm2x7a72wau

Airborne multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar for Improvised Explosive Devices and Landmine detection

Maria Garcia-Fernandez, Yuri Alvarez Lopez, Fernando Las-Heras Andres
2020 IEEE Access  
In the field of landmine and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) detection, GPR systems have become an efficient solution as they are able to detect both metallic and nonmetallic buried targets.  ...  Is is worth noting that, although this UAV-based GPR system is primarily devoted to detect explosives such as antipersonnel landmines, it can also be used for other nondestructive testing GPR applications  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3022624 fatcat:bfddui7ruramjcxujjgd3cdfbm

Terahertz Technology For Military Applications

Salih Ergün, Selçuk Sönmez
2015 Journal of Military and Information Science  
By being non-ionizing THz technology does not represent health hazards for living tissue or humans as X-rays do.  ...  In today's security environments the ability to identify threats like hidden weapons, body-worn explosives are a strong operational need.  ...  Operation in the stratosphere (air-to-air links) is particularly advantageous for THz communications or radar systems because of the low scattering compared to IR and optical wavelengths (proportional  ... 
doi:10.17858/jmisci.58124 fatcat:mhovlu4jmveo3ne5ru2l4hrfny

The Challenge of Autonomous Lethal Robotics to International Humanitarian Law

C. Grut
2013 Journal of Conflict and Security Law  
This article considers the implications of increasing weapon autonomy for the humanitarian law principles of distinction and proportionality, and the concept of accountability for breaches of international  ...  See research by the US Air Force into software which would allow drones to land and take-off autonomously; 8 and 'swarming' drones, which by definition operate and move together autonomously. 9 The  ...  On 3 July 1988, Aegis' radars detected Iran Air Flight 655. The course, speed, radar broadcast, and radio signal coming from the plane all indicated that it was a commercial civilian flight.  ... 
doi:10.1093/jcsl/krt002 fatcat:qgckb54ju5ajresido6g5ohbgy

Eliminating Hidden Killers: How Can Technology Help Humanitarian Demining?

A. Walter Dorn
2019 Stability : International Journal of Security and Development  
Despite twenty-first-century technological advances by Western militaries for demining and the removal of improvised explosive devices, humanitarian demining relies mostly on mid-twentieth-century technology  ...  Each phase of the physical demining process (i.e., vegetation clearance, mine detection, and removal) can benefit from the development of demining technologies.  ...  The density change between ground and air makes it difficult for GPR to reliably detect small objects in that area.  ... 
doi:10.5334/sta.743 fatcat:v43noxrqzbd73f5jxujsov5tey
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