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The link between active aging and retirement age

Mihai Robert PAŞNICU
2014 Annals of Spiru Haret University Economic Series  
population, while having 20% of the total population aged 65+.  ...  The paper aims to shed light on the policies and consequences of the current retirement age in Romania.  ...  of active aging.  ... 
doi:10.26458/1442 fatcat:nromdajmyre5vd4rsochjsfitm

Network Linked Open Middle Ages

Julia Höpfner, Leonie Weiß
2021 Zenodo  
Poster introducing the scientific network Linked Open Middle Ages funded by the German research foundation (DFG).  ...  Connect with us here: Project The 'Network Linked Open Middle Ages' is intended to offer qualified young researchers an interdisciplinary platform to enrich relevant existing sources of digital medieval  ...  studies with innovative procedures, to evaluate these methods and to research the resources together in pilot studies.  Medieval studies as use case for initial research-oriented adaptation of Linked-Open-Data-Procedures  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5009000 fatcat:ooksl5o5pre4nevmruccjrxgwe

Ageing gene linked to diabetes

2013 Nature  
Ageing gene linked to diabetes A gene called SIRT1 is associated with age-related diseases and longevity in some model systems, but it seems that a mutation in this gene may also cause type 1 diabetes.  ... 
doi:10.1038/495145c fatcat:x7liksnvjnbk3cr4krcetllgli

A Siglec link to aging

Zoltan Fehervari
2015 Nature Immunology  
Approximately 1,200 proteins linked to transcription, chromatin remodeling, cytoskeleton remodeling and protein transport, cell metabolism and signaling networks undergo arginine methylation in T cells  ...  Arginine methylation is found on adaptors, kinases and phosphatases linked to proximal TCR signaling, such as SLP-76, PLC-g1, SHIP-1, SHP-2 and PI(3)K, and on key transcription factors that regulate T  ...  Commun. (7 April 2015) doi:10.1038/ncomms7758 A Siglec link to aging Siglecs are a family of sialic acid-binding receptors with generally immuno inhibitory functions.  ... 
doi:10.1038/ni.3189 fatcat:t47m3evdvfhfpjp2426lituow4

Linking ages in communal settings

D. Lansdale, L. Chappelle
2002 Gerontechnology  
Interactions indicated that the light pen minimized age differences, practice minimized age differences, and that the light pen minimized hand differences.  ...  Experiment 1 showed that the light pen was significantly superior to the mouse for both middle-aged and older adults, despite the main effect of age on performance.  ...  Nine different prototypes of links were installed into the websites; 3 different configurations of links on each website.  ... 
doi:10.4017/gt.2002. fatcat:oio76wionvgbpn4dprmkzff2l4

"Is obesity linked to aging?"

Irene P. Tzanetakou, Nikolaos L. Katsilambros, Athanase Benetos, Dimitrios P. Mikhailidis, Despina N. Perrea
2012 Ageing Research Reviews  
In a related question as to the Conclusion Study showed link between obesity, sex performance.  ...  Abstract An extra fat can extra harmonised obesity and over sex worsens the effects of ageing on brain function. Corresponding angle of some natural sex restore the appearance of face.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.arr.2011.12.003 pmid:22186032 fatcat:hfnttr4j5bcc7fv5cw4mnnxbhi

Circadian clock: linking epigenetics to aging

Ricardo Orozco-Solis, Paolo Sassone-Corsi
2014 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development  
There is erosion in the robustness of circadian rhythms during aging, and disruption of the clock by genetic ablation of specific genes is associated with aging-related features.  ...  Importantly, environmental conditions are thought to modulate the aging process. For example, caloric restriction is a very strong environmental effector capable of delaying aging.  ...  SIRT1: linking the clock with aging The hypothalamus controls a wide array of physiological functions that are modulated by aging.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.gde.2014.06.003 pmid:25033025 pmcid:PMC5472345 fatcat:repckwdcbnfzxmmmiwmpi2m6fa

Links between growth hormone and aging

Andrzej Bartke, Reyhan Westbrook, Liou Sun, Mariusz Ratajczak
2013 Endokrynologia Polska  
Studies in mutant, gene knock-out and transgenic mice have demonstrated that growth hormone (GH) signalling has a major impact on ageing and longevity.  ...  Available evidence indicates that reduced GH signalling is linked to extended longevity by multiple interacting mechanisms including increased stress resistance, reduced growth, altered profiles of cytokines  ...  Acknowledgments Our current studies of this topic and preparation of this chapter were supported by National Institute on Aging grants RO1AGO19899, PO1 AG31736 and R21 AG038850 and Southern Illinois University  ... 
pmid:23450447 pmcid:PMC3647466 fatcat:4aw7uhpkgvhvvlebj5bjwevy4m

Age friendly approaches - the missing link

Guy Robertson
2018 Working with Older People  
The age-friendly communities movement has come a long way since its 2007 inception by the World Health Organisation (WHO). However, there is a significant gapa missing link.  ...  Is it not time for the age-friendly movement to begin to develop a more balanced "psychosocial approach"? How would it do this?  ...  The "missing link", the psychological domain, needs to be addressed if age-friendly approaches are to become truly "psychosocial". 22 NO. 1 2018, pp. 1-2, © Emerald Publishing Limited, ISSN 1366-3666 j  ... 
doi:10.1108/wwop-03-2018-043 fatcat:iuvzaqbonfgjdefk7ltdsvt4wy

Geroscience: Linking Aging to Chronic Disease

Brian K. Kennedy, Shelley L. Berger, Anne Brunet, Judith Campisi, Ana Maria Cuervo, Elissa S. Epel, Claudio Franceschi, Gordon J. Lithgow, Richard I. Morimoto, Jeffrey E. Pessin, Thomas A. Rando, Arlan Richardson (+3 others)
2014 Cell  
Understanding links between diet and aging, as well as approaches like intermittent fasting, may yield practical strategies.  ...  Compare and Contrast Inflammation in Aging and Disease Increasingly, inflammation is being linked to aging and chronic disease (Salvioli et al., 2013) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cell.2014.10.039 pmid:25417146 pmcid:PMC4852871 fatcat:twrf6dxjpfhu7j2don3hkdygve

Link between aging and the nucleolus

L. Guarente
1997 Genes & Development  
This paper will focus on one of the many promising new directions in the field of aging-a possible link between aging and changes in the nucleolus.  ...  The yeast RAS genes are another determinant of life span, suggesting that a link between metabolism and life span is also present in yeast (Sun et al. 1994) .  ... 
doi:10.1101/gad.11.19.2449 pmid:9334311 fatcat:qi6fnkm7zbboneibq24xlcc4cq

Mechanisms linking mtDNA damage and aging

Milena Pinto, Carlos T. Moraes
2015 Free Radical Biology & Medicine  
Here, we review the changes that mtDNA undergoes during aging, and the past and most recent hypotheses linking these changes to the tissue failure observed in aging.  ...  to age-dependent damage.  ...  COX-deficient succinate dehydrogenase (SDH)-positive single neurons with high mtDNA deletions increase in aged-linked neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease [95] [96] [  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2015.05.005 pmid:25979659 pmcid:PMC4508218 fatcat:dtivmhbhk5fjnmgalwrtmkb5ze

The Epigenetic Link between Polyphenols, Aging and Age-Related Diseases

Itika Arora, Manvi Sharma, Liou Y Sun, Trygve O Tollefsbol
2020 Genes  
In this review, we summarize recent advancements linking epigenetics, polyphenols and aging as well as critical findings related to the various dietary polyphenols in different fruits and vegetables.  ...  Aging is a complex process mainly categorized by a decline in tissue, cells and organ function and an increased risk of mortality.  ...  Histone Modifications and Aging The histone machinery of chromatin is linked to a wide variety of translational and post-translational modifications.  ... 
doi:10.3390/genes11091094 pmid:32962067 pmcid:PMC7565986 fatcat:fcohso7c3rd7ddekamchdgjwgu

Inflamm-aging: the missing link to COVID-19 age mortality?

Nouran Eshak, Mahmoud Abdelnabi, Asmaa Beltagy
2020 Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles  
" occur with aging.  ...  Caramelo et al. found that age was the strongest risk factor for COVID-19 related mortality and that patients 60 years or older have the highest risk. 1 Riou et al. calculated age-specific case fatality  ... 
doi:10.12746/swrccc.v8i34.701 fatcat:t6ptew3n6bddtdlybrgjkcvune

Age-Linked Institutions and Age Reporting among Older African Americans

M. E. Hill, S. H. Preston, I. T. Elo, I. Rosenwaike
1997 Social Forces  
The Matched Records Study of 1960 evaluated ag e reliability using a linked sample of census records and death certificates (NCHS 1968) .  ...  Age-Linked Institutions and Age Reporting among Older African Americans Because many social and demographic phenomena are strongly influenced by age , quantitative research in the social sciences depends  ...  with mainstream age-linked institutions.  ... 
doi:10.1093/sf/75.3.1007 fatcat:dtcnbrobw5abvlvfylfam57wqy
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