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The Reengineering of Relational Databases based on Key and Data Correlations [chapter]

Zahir Tari, Omran Bukhres, John Stokes, Slimane Hammoudi
1998 Data Mining and Reverse Engineering  
Our goal here is to describe a reverse engineering methodology for the DOK federated database system (Tari et al. 1996) , enabling the wrappers to express relational schemata as object-oriented schemata  ...  different information contained in local databases, both at the schema and data level.  ...  Acknowledgement We would like to thank the anonymous referee for their feedback on the different steps of the DOK reverse engineering approach. We would like particularly to thank Prof.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35300-5_9 fatcat:4fpaygfshnembm2ve4ngb4hp3y

Approaching the 45th Anniversary of Downsian Model: A Meta-Analysis of Issue Attention Cycle Replicated Publications

Mergen Dyussenov
2017 Social Science Research Network  
The present research paper attempts to apply the issue attention cycle model of Anthony Downs to corruption issues in the contexts of Canada as a democracy, and Kazakhstan as a soft authoritarian regime  ...  The major contributions to the existing body of knowledge include: 1. replicating the Down's model to analyse the corruption issue across the two countries; and 2. attempting to observe cycle variations  ...  As a final note, as more countries are analysed while holding either the political regime or the form of government as an independent variable, new models of issue attention are more likely to emerge,  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3047301 fatcat:6nn5iry4y5cnljh2z5pbjydkou

Community Structure Analyses Are More Sensitive to Differences in Soil Bacterial Communities than Anonymous Diversity Indices

M. Hartmann, F. Widmer
2006 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
16S rRNA gene clones derived from the DOK soils.  ...  Twenty-five years of biodynamic, bio-organic, or conventional management in the DOK long-term experiment in Switzerland significantly altered soil bacterial community structures, as assessed by terminal  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The DOK field experiment is a long-term project funded by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW).  ... 
doi:10.1128/aem.01464-06 pmid:17041161 pmcid:PMC1694274 fatcat:rgac3q7qgjgbdljzyag7ru5fka

Long-term agricultural management impacts arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi more than short-term experimental drought

Katja Kozjek, Dominika Kundel, Sandeep K. Kushwaha, Pål Axel Olsson, Dag Ahrén, Andreas Fliessbach, Klaus Birkhofer, Katarina Hedlund
2021 Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology  
The AMF community composition at the genus level differed between the organic and the conventional farming systems, but no distinctive communities were found in response to the experimental drought.  ...  However, the importance of the interactive effects of long-term agricultural management and extreme weather events on AMF communities in agricultural soils is not yet fully explored.  ...  The DOK trial is funded through the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apsoil.2021.104140 fatcat:eqo2rhlwpvfu5gibb5lmfqiqba

Security and Privacy Challenges of a Digital Government [chapter]

James B. D. Joshi, Arif Ghafoor, Walid G. Aref, Eugene H. Spafford
Advances in Digital Government  
The success of a digital government infrastructure depends on how well it meets these challenges and its preparedness against numerous potential threats ranging from simple act of hacking to cyber-terrorism  ...  In this paper, we outline these crucial security and privacy issues and present various solutions that are available and need to be further investigated.  ...  Acknowledgement: The research presented in this paper has been funded by a grant from CERIAS.  ... 
doi:10.1007/0-306-47374-7_7 dblp:series/ads/JoshiGAS02 fatcat:hi4dxer6gba4bcza4t3ldexk6q

169th ENMC International Workshop Rare Structural Congenital Myopathies 6–8 November 2009, Naarden, The Netherlands

Hans H. Goebel, Carsten G. Bönnemann
2011 Neuromuscular Disorders  
In view of the rarity of tubular aggregates myopathy, a multi-centre approach may facilitate future studies.  ...  Examination of the database containing details of muscle biopsies performed from 1975 to 2009 identified 27 muscle biopsies from 24 cases in which tubular aggregates were recorded as a feature.  ...  Acknowledgments This workshop was made possible by the financial support of the European Neuromuscular Centre (ENMC) and its main sponsors and associated members: - Association Française contre les Myopathies  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.nmd.2011.02.009 pmid:21414784 pmcid:PMC5210189 fatcat:k43hlcrcxbc23bscxprrp5bmee

How Well Aligned Are State Assessments of Student Achievement With State Content Standards?

Morgan S. Polikoff, Andrew C. Porter, John Smithson
2011 The American Educational Research Journal  
Between 17% and 27% of content on a typical test covers topics not mentioned in the corresponding standards. Policy and research implications are discussed. .  ...  The authors investigate the coherence of standards-based reform's key instruments using the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum.  ...  ) from at least one grade was in the database.  ... 
doi:10.3102/0002831211410684 fatcat:lozuu6mxkvexzglupncbjfhfd4

Openlaws.Eu: Case Study 3: Austria

Clemens Wass
2016 Zenodo  
The RIS is an award- winning centralized expert systems, containing legislation and case law in one plat- form.  ...  Despite financial limitations of the government, the platform continuous to make information accessible for free in accordance with the PSI Directive, also via a new REST interface.  ...  This approach is clearly driven by the traditional publishing in printed form.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.158980 fatcat:otvwlmapmffcndl4qmhodvolgm

Beyond 'furballs' and 'dumpling soups' - towards a molecular architecture of signaling complexes and networks

Marc Lewitzky, Philip C. Simister, Stephan M. Feller
2012 FEBS Letters  
Ó 2012 Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use.  ...  We discuss here methods that can be employed to study signaling architectures, and the importance of too often neglected features like macromolecular crowding, intrinsic disorder in proteins and the sophisticated  ...  According to the RESID database, there exist more than 500 types of modification (  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.febslet.2012.04.029 pmid:22710161 fatcat:kyqpglfasvavdi72rcdg7juawu

Towards the federation of digital collections within the arts and humanities

Tobias Gradl, Stefan Eicker
2014 Zenodo  
The model presents various extension points, among which the association of labels to entries in controlled vocabularies or ontologies seems intuitive in order to further enhance the semantic richness  ...  This thesis provides a theoretical approach to represent enriched versions of heterogeneous schemata for semi-structured data.  ...  The term federation is deliberately chosen to reflect a virtual and possibly temporary form of data integration: in the interpretation of this thesis, data in the federated system needs to remain citeable  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3351255 fatcat:spevsumtznbl5dmrjysg7fe6f4

Market Reforms in Russia - Problems and Prospects

György Simon
2004 Social Science Research Network  
What changes have occurred in Russia's GDP by production approach?  ...  In June, they eased the restrictions on the activities of foreign banks in the Russian Federation.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1670606 fatcat:t523oms5o5bfrkearlend7ouxy

Gendered Production Culture in the German Film Industry

Skadi Loist, Elizabeth Prommer, Mediarep.Org
2020 Media Industries  
The lack of female talent in the industry, thus, can't be a problem of quality as is often argued. Instead, industry structures fail to sustain female directors' careers.  ...  German cinema has in recent years experienced a revival of scrutiny for its evident gender inequality.  ...  FFA = German Federal Film Board; DFFF = German Federal Film Fund; BKM = Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.  ... 
doi:10.25969/mediarep/14849 fatcat:i5sjugnbwzb57cqa2doo4bmu5e

The Austrian Forest Biodiversity Index: All in one

Th. Geburek, N. Milasowszky, G. Frank, H. Konrad, K. Schadauer
2010 Ecological Indicators  
Acknowledgements This study was partly funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (research project 1385) within the framework of the so-called MOBI-e project  ...  We are grateful to John Plant for checking the English.  ...  The Austrian Forest Biodiversity Index (AFBI) The proposed AFBI is an aggregated index.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2009.10.003 fatcat:ku7p242vvvhc5ekahox3ijj33e

The efficacy of strategies for chemical risk management in small enterprises in Europe: evidence for success?

David Walters
2006 Policy and Practice in Health and Safety  
It notes considerable variation in such approaches and also in the infrastructural support for them.  ...  This paper examines current national and sectoral approaches to improving chemical risk management in small firms in several countries in the European Union, and considers the evidence of the effectiveness  ...  . † Such as the database DOK-MEGA, run by the BGIA and the BGen in Germany.  ... 
doi:10.1080/14774003.2006.11667677 fatcat:vlmjhqch6feavib2dqbs55shty

Stress testing in financial institutions

Vladimir Mirkovic
2014 Bankarstvo  
in Value-at-Risk approach.  ...  One should bear in mind that the efficient implementation of this approach requires a sound database at hand, typically reaching several years back, or a larger number of suitable daily, historical observations  ... 
doi:10.5937/bankarstvo1401088m fatcat:5ht2a3dy2fb4xdfhnoljjnpihq
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