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Age-Related Changes in Working Memory during Sentence Comprehension: An fMRI Study

Murray Grossman, Ayanna Cooke, Chris DeVita, David Alsop, John Detre, Willis Chen, James Gee
2002 NeuroImage  
Sentence comprehension declines with age, but the neural basis for this change is unclear.  ...  The sentences varied in their grammatical features (subject-relative vs object-relative subordinate clause) and their verbal working memory (WM) demands (short vs long antecedent noun-gap linkage).  ...  Portions of this report were presented at the CUNY Sentence Processing Conference in Philadelphia, March, 2001. This work was supported in part by the U.S.  ... 
doi:10.1006/nimg.2001.0971 pmid:11798267 fatcat:3fv3x73xgjdlbbuqlez5x2vihy

Imagery in sentence comprehension: an fMRI study

Marcel Adam Just, Sharlene D Newman, Timothy A Keller, Alice McEleney, Patricia A Carpenter
2004 NeuroImage  
The comprehension of abstract, nonimaginal information in low-imagery sentences was accompanied by additional activation in regions in the left superior and middle temporal areas associated with the retrieval  ...  In addition to exhibiting greater activation levels during the processing of highimagery sentences, the left intraparietal sulcus also showed greater functional connectivity in this condition with other  ...  Acknowledgments This research was supported in part by the Office of Naval Research Grant N00014-96-1-0322 and the National Institute of Mental Health Research Scientist Award MH-00662.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2003.08.042 pmid:14741648 fatcat:kh43yecalbfrdaoozdgqdme3vi

Sentence Processing Strategies in Healthy Seniors with Poor Comprehension: An fMRI Study

Murray Grossman, Ayanna Cooke, Chris DeVita, Willis Chen, Peachie Moore, John Detre, David Alsop, James Gee
2002 Brain and Language  
good sentence comprehension, cortical regions previously associated with language comprehension and verbal working memory, respectively.  ...  We used fMRI to examine patterns of brain recruitment in 22 healthy seniors, half of whom had selective comprehension difficulty for grammatically complex sentences.  ...  Investigations of age-related activation changes during sentence comprehension and verbal working memory have been few.  ... 
doi:10.1006/brln.2001.2581 pmid:11896643 fatcat:gekie3kd4zcmdnwgfkodnzzxs4

An fMRI Study of Bilingual Sentence Comprehension and Workload

Mihoko Hasegawa, Patricia A. Carpenter, Marcel Adam Just
2002 NeuroImage  
To examine the relation between the cortical substrates that support the comprehension of one's native language and those that support a second language, fMRI measures of cortical activation were taken  ...  as native Japanese participants, who had acquired moderate fluency in English, listened to auditory sentences in Japanese and English.  ...  Portions of this work were reported at the 64th Conference of the Japanese Psychology Association, Kyoto, Japan, November 2000.  ... 
doi:10.1006/nimg.2001.1001 pmid:11848708 fatcat:jknwebtnybhf5hjourjgtju7si

Time course of semantic processes during sentence comprehension: An fMRI study

Colin Humphries, Jeffrey R. Binder, David A. Medler, Einat Liebenthal
2007 NeuroImage  
Stimuli included normal sentences comprised of thematically related words that could be readily combined to produce a more complex meaning, semantically incongruent sentences in which content words were  ...  An effect of combinatorial semantic structure was observed in the left angular gyrus and left lateral temporal lobe, which showed greater activation for normal compared to semantically incongruent sentences  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by NINDS RO1 NS33576 and NIH General Clinical Research Center Grant M01 RR00058.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2007.03.059 pmid:17500009 pmcid:PMC1941617 fatcat:rymz4rzu4zcgvnn7zbbpjljdx4

The Effect of Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity on Sentence Comprehension: An fMRI Study

Sharlene D. Newman, Evie Malaia, Roy Seo, Hu Cheng
2012 Brain Topography  
The results indicate that two working memory systems may be involved in sentence comprehension, the verbal working memory system and the episodic buffer, but during different phases of the task.  ...  This study explores the interaction between working memory systems and language processing by examining how differences in working memory capacity (WMC) modulates neural activation levels and functional  ...  Acknowledgments This work was partially supported by National Institute of Health Grant (R03 HD051579-01).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10548-012-0264-8 pmid:23124385 pmcid:PMC3802527 fatcat:7w6qswtlxrh6tdiiwvfte3hali

Unification of Speaker and Meaning in Language Comprehension: An fMRI Study

Cathelijne M. J. Y. Tesink, Karl Magnus Petersson, Jos J. A. van Berkum, Daniëlle van den Brink, Jan K. Buitelaar, Peter Hagoort
2009 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we examined the neural structures involved in the unification of sentence meaning and voice-based inferences about the speaker's age, sex, or social background  ...  We found enhanced activation in the inferior frontal gyrus bilaterally (BA 45/47) during listening to sentences whose meaning was incongruent with inferred speaker characteristics.  ...  From fMRI studies on unification during visual and auditory sentence comprehension, we know that, within the language domain, the involvement of left inferior frontal cortex in unification processes is  ... 
doi:10.1162/jocn.2008.21161 pmid:19016606 fatcat:7vlf5w6oz5dj5gvdccubsskdiu

The effect of lexical priming on sentence comprehension: An fMRI study

Sharlene D. Newman, Kristen Ratliff, Tara Muratore, Thomas Burns
2009 Brain Research  
, The effect of lexical priming on sentence comprehension: An fMRI study, Brain  ...  This study used repetition priming to examine the influence of lexical processing on sentence comprehension processing.  ...  Acknowledgments This research was supported in part by the Indiana METACyt Initiative of Indiana University, funded in part through a major grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2009.06.027 pmid:19538948 fatcat:at4jr5zst5f6xp6ehxp4wedc3m

The Neuronal Correlates of Indeterminate Sentence Comprehension: An fMRI Study

Roberto G. de Almeida, Levi Riven, Christina Manouilidou, Ovidiu Lungu, Veena D. Dwivedi, Gonia Jarema, Brendan Gillon
2016 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank the attendants of the Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing conference in Barcelona (2009), where preliminary data reported in the present article were presented.  ...  We are also indebted to Laura Evans, Brigitte Stemmer, and Karin Stromswold for suggestions and corrections to an earlier version of the present manuscript.  ...  and semantic/pragmatic anomalies (Wahl et al., 2008) , in lexical-semantic tasks, and in working memory supporting language comprehension (Crosson, 1999) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnhum.2016.00614 pmid:28066204 pmcid:PMC5168646 fatcat:uavt5sdrnzbxfnqf6oqj3tsp2y

Serial changes of humor comprehension for four-frame comic Manga: an fMRI study

Mariko Osaka, Ken Yaoi, Takehiro Minamoto, Naoyuki Osaka
2014 Scientific Reports  
Serial changes of humor comprehension evoked by a well organized four-frame comic Manga were investigated by fMRI in each step of humor comprehension.  ...  In accordance with the time course of the four frames, fMRI activations changed serially.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by grants from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) of #23240036 and #22220003 to M.O. and N.O., respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep05828 pmid:25059843 pmcid:PMC5376052 fatcat:z4ijspauhffznbbmdrgmj256ue

Shared Syntax in Language Production and Language Comprehension--An fMRI Study

K. Segaert, L. Menenti, K. Weber, K. M. Petersson, P. Hagoort
2011 Cerebral Cortex  
During speaking and listening syntactic processing is a crucial step. It involves specifying syntactic relations between words in a sentence.  ...  If the production and comprehension modality share the neuronal substrate for syntactic processing then processing syntax in one modality should lead to adaptation effects in the other modality.  ...  Notes We would like to thank Merel van Rees Vellinga for lending her voice to the comprehension stimuli and a number of colleagues and friends for lending their picture to the production stimuli.  ... 
doi:10.1093/cercor/bhr249 pmid:21934094 pmcid:PMC3377967 fatcat:7mzx5j252fcoxgy7yui4rjvubu

Emotional and Temporal Aspects of Situation Model Processing during Text Comprehension: An Event-Related fMRI Study

Evelyn C. Ferstl, Mike Rinck, D. Yves von Cramon
2005 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
In this study, we use whole-head event-related fMRI to directly map the neural correlates of narrative comprehension in context.  ...  & Language comprehension in everyday life requires the continuous integration of prior discourse context and general world knowledge with the current utterance or sentence.  ...  Acknowledgments The data reported in this experiment have been deposited with the fMRI Data Center archive ( The accession number is 2-2004-117T2.  ... 
doi:10.1162/0898929053747658 pmid:15904540 fatcat:xh22ywj3hnaprdc7cibezswjuu

Functional Neuroanatomy of Second Language Sentence Comprehension: An fMRI Study of Late Learners of American Sign Language

Lisa Johnson, Megan C. Fitzhugh, Yuji Yi, Soren Mickelsen, Leslie C. Baxter, Pamela Howard, Corianne Rogalsky
2018 Frontiers in Psychology  
than those in an individual's native language.  ...  Our findings also provide valuable insights into the unique contributions of the inferior frontal and superior temporal regions that are frequently implicated in sentence comprehension but whose exact  ...  Thus, in subsequent fMRI analyses that correlate activations with ASL sentence comprehension abilities, an overall proficiency score (i.e., an average of semantic and syntactic scores for each participant  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.01626 pmid:30237778 pmcid:PMC6136263 fatcat:nrxdca7cpfbirhdhicihl7tmk4

An fMRI Study of Syntactic Adaptation

U. Noppeney, C. J. Price
2004 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
This "syntactic priming" effect was investigated during silent sentence reading using (i) blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) response as a physiological measure in an f MRI study and (ii) reading  ...  Thus, syntactic adaptation during sentence comprehension is demonstrated in a neural area that has previously been linked to both lexical semantic and sentence processing. & University College London ©  ...  An explicit comprehension task was not included, as this would have induced abnormal reading strategies and increased the demands on working memory and executive functions.  ... 
doi:10.1162/089892904323057399 pmid:15165357 fatcat:l4sj5cvepnal3bg7z2utduxd4u

Neural mechanisms involved in the comprehension of metaphoric and literal sentences: An fMRI study

Midori Shibata, Jun-ichi Abe, Atsushi Terao, Tamaki Miyamoto
2007 Brain Research  
In this study, we investigated the neural substrate involved in the comprehension of novel metaphoric sentences by comparing the findings to those obtained with literal and anomalous sentences using event-related  ...  Stimuli consisted of 63 copula sentences ("An A is a B") in Japanese with metaphorical, literal, or anomalous meanings.  ...  We are grateful to everyone who participated in our study.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2007.06.040 pmid:17662699 fatcat:e7b6n74z6va3bey3pavjabhubq
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