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Advanced Driver Assistant Systems Focused on Pedestrians' Safety: A User Experience Approach

Matúš Šucha, Ralf Risser, Kristýna Honzíčková
2021 Sustainability  
The aim of the present study was to analyze and describe the experiences, needs, and preferences of pedestrians–and drivers–in connection with ADAS, or in other words, how ADAS should work in such a way  ...  Concerning the interaction between drivers and pedestrians, we want to have a closer look at two aspects: how to protect pedestrians with the help of vehicle technology, and how pedestrians–but also car  ...  The expert from Valeo stated that the development was mainly heading towards enhancing the degree of protection for all vulnerable road users by reducing the error rates of the systems.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13084264 fatcat:viagnx5s5rh27e2u6dgzkhmqby

Under Pressure—Users' Perception of Range Stress in the Context of Charging and Traditional Refueling

Ralf Philipsen, Teresa Brell, Hannah Biermann, Martina Ziefle
2019 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
However, for the prediction of range stress, gender, experience with e-cars, and the question of whether cars are privately owned, or car-sharing is used, are more relevant.  ...  BEV users also showed more trust in the vehicle and in the tank/battery indicators, while this trust depends only marginally on the type of information provided by the car.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors thank all participants for sharing their opinions in a novel technology. Special  ... 
doi:10.3390/wevj10030050 fatcat:kajc4tfhwbffhar6yb6dk7kxwy

Listening Into 2030 Workshop: An Experiment in Envisioning the Future of Hearing and Communication Science

Simon Carlile, Gregory Ciccarelli, Jane Cockburn, Anna C. Diedesch, Megan K. Finnegan, Ervin Hafter, Simon Henin, Sridhar Kalluri, Alexander J. E. Kell, Erol J. Ozmeral, Casey L. Roark, Jessica E. Sagers
2017 Trends in Hearing  
Using a design thinking approach, a range of human-centered problems in communication were identified that could provide the motivation for a wide range of research.  ...  biological intervention for hearing dysfunction, (h) understanding the psychosocial interactions with technology and other humans as mediated by technology, and (i) the impact of changing models of security  ...  Acknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge Jennifer He for handling workshop logistics and for helping manage the inputs of the numerous contributors to the article.  ... 
doi:10.1177/2331216517737684 pmid:29090640 pmcid:PMC5912269 fatcat:dnq3itippbejzcruvtmoz4tgp4

Virtual Windshields: Merging Reality and Digital Content to Improve the Driving Experience [article]

Michelle Krüger Silvéria
2014 arXiv   pre-print
The enclosed aspect of a car, allied with the configuration of the controls and displays directed towards the driver, offer significant advantages for augmented reality (AR) systems when considering the  ...  amount of immersion it can provide to the user.  ...  Acknowledgements Throughout the duration of my Masters program, there were many who supported me in their  ... 
arXiv:1405.0910v1 fatcat:ukbgnc7qm5czzgdoarxjr64dxm

Augmented Reality Windshield Displays and Their Potential to Enhance User Experience in Automated Driving

Andreas Riegler, Philipp Wintersberger, Andreas Riener, Clemens Holzmann
2019 I-COM: A Journal of Interactive and Cooperative Media  
These insights can help designers of interiors and in-vehicle applications to provide a rich user experience in highly automated vehicles.  ...  We visualized the results in form of heatmap data which show that user preferences differ with respect to the level of automation, age, gender, or environment aspects.  ...  Figures 3a and 3b show the grid ranging over the entire WSD. Table 1 displays the number/share of windows for each content type.  ... 
doi:10.1515/icom-2018-0033 fatcat:4fpal224u5ft5h3c4sfwbphx64

Challenges And Opportunities In The Hmi Design For Ev

Caterina Calefato, Guidotti Leandro, Landini Elisa, Montanari Roberto, Tesauri Francesco
2016 Zenodo  
Since EVs driver copes with a range of new and unfamiliar technologies, it is vital for automotive manufacturers to make the driver's interaction experience positive and rewarding, and to gap the user  ...  Together with the GHG emissions, there is also the problem of congested European cities: the electric vehicles for L-category for daily urban commutes play an interesting role in the electrification of  ...  Acknowledgment This research has been performed with support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 653511.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.161515 fatcat:i544wqp36rau5osqwvnxojxz2a

Individual differences in BEV drivers' range stress during first encounter of a critical range situation

Thomas Franke, Nadine Rauh, Josef F. Krems
2016 Applied Ergonomics  
at reducing RS  This research advances understanding of user experience in low-resource systems  ...  It is commonly held that range anxiety, in the form of experienced range stress, constitutes a usage barrier, particularly during the early period of battery electric vehicle (BEV) usage.  ...  displays (i.e., the range estimation system) is of crucial importance for range-related user experience.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apergo.2015.09.010 pmid:26456746 fatcat:grpvdhudpradbkbikmetdiblcy

Situating Fear of Crime: The Prospects for Criminological Research to Use Smartphone Applications to Gather Experience Sampling Data [chapter]

Alexander Engström, Karl Kronkvist
2018 Community-Oriented Policing and Technological Innovations  
The scope of the series spans the whole field of Criminology and Criminal Justice, with an aim to be on the leading edge and continue to advance research.  ...  The series covers a broad range of Criminology research from experimental design and methods, to brief reports and regional studies, to policy-related applications.  ...  Acknowledgments This work has been partially funded from the European Union's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection project "PREDICATE" under grant agreement ECHO/SUB/2015/713851/PREV29.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-89294-8_9 fatcat:hdd455ummrcutikw7eaxvza53y

Digitalised product-service systems: Effects on consumers' attitudes and experiences

V.S.C. Tunn, E.A. van den Hende, N.M.P. Bocken, J.P.L. Schoormans
2020 Resources, Conservation and Recycling  
Digitalised product-service systems Effects on consumers' attitudes and experiences Tunn, V. S.C.; van den Hende, E. A.; Bocken, N. M.P.; Schoormans, J. P.L.  ...  Many thanks to all the participants, interviewees, and colleagues at the Technical University Delft who supported this research.  ...  Acknowledgements This study was conducted as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie innovative training network Circ€uit (Grant agreement number: 721909).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.resconrec.2020.105045 fatcat:6crc6uboybdnvj6vrmjp6zyaza

Service Design Approach to Elevate the Patient Experience during Home X-Rays

R. M. Parikh, S. Shrivastav
2022 Proceedings of the Design Society  
This qualitative study describes the current state of home X-ray services in Mumbai and proposes touchpoints for raising awareness, acceptance and patient experience.  ...  AbstractHealthcare services have evolved with advances in science, technology and societal needs. Despite being around for two decades, 'X-ray at Home' has seen limited adoption.  ...  General Electric's adventure series-Doug Dietz's example from General Electric clearly displays the power of process innovation through design in transforming patient experience and care.  ... 
doi:10.1017/pds.2022.135 fatcat:elwk7qnbcnfqzhiswmrizd2kby

Forming a data ecosystem: international experience of infrastructure asset management
Формування екосистеми даних: міжнародний досвід управління інфраструктурними активами

Danyila OLIYNYK, National Institute for Strategic Studies
2021 Fìnansi Ukraïni  
of the state and the creation of added value in production and services, is justified.  ...  Based on the research conducted on the European policy of data ecosystem formation, the feasibility of regulatory alignment of the components of the digital ecosystem model in Ukraine to measure and control  ...  Acknowledgements This report was prepared under the auspices of the OECD Public Governance Directorate (GOV) and the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (DAF) with contributions from  ... 
doi:10.33763/finukr2021.11.038 fatcat:zgq5u4z5hzfktg4kxn3zqhlnra

Chair for Intelligent Transportation Systems–Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0

Yisheng Lv
2021 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine  
communication, which has led to a wide range of applications that have the potential to enhance road safety and prevent traffic accidents.  ...  and practical experience in the core areas of intelligent technologies in vehicular environments (information communication technology, data analysis, and smart mobility) and extensive relevant experience  ... 
doi:10.1109/mits.2021.3081895 fatcat:zztztafxpvduro6chyb6iraiiy

Changing Environmental Behaviors through Smartphone-Based Augmented Experiences [chapter]

Bruno Santos, Teresa Romão, A. Eduardo Dias, Pedro Centieiro, Bárbara Teixeira
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A form of rapid spread through social networks was also created, allowing the persuasive effect to quickly reach a large number of users.  ...  Finally was performed a study to assess the success of the work done in changing behaviour towards environmental issues, and to study the influence of augmented reality and positive reinforcement in the  ...  The work relies on temporal information of features and their motion behaviours for vehicle identification, which compensates for the complexity in recognizing vehicle shapes, colours, and types.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34292-9_57 fatcat:nwbhc4q62rc2vdhqb4q323c6py

Design Framework and Intelligent In-vehicle Information System for Sensor-Cloud Platform and Applications

Qingshu Zeng, Qijun Duan, Mingxiang Shi, Xiangjian He, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan
2020 IEEE Access  
Enhance the riding experience.  ...  consulting to enhance the driving experience.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3035654 fatcat:whvb7d62vjf5lfztwpiyw2uyeu

Range comfort zone of electric vehicle users – concept and assessment

Thomas Franke, Maria Trantow, Madlen Günther, Josef F. Krems, Nadine Rauh
2015 IET Intelligent Transport Systems  
Abstract: Enhancing usable range and the range-related user experience in battery electric vehicle (BEV) use is an essential task in advancing electric mobility systems.  ...  The range comfort zone of electric vehicle usersconcept and assessment. IET Intelligent Transport Systems. http://dx.  ...  Introduction The improvement of battery electric vehicle (BEV) range is an essential task in advancing electric mobility systems.  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-its.2014.0169 fatcat:lhc3m6iyoveoffpdfb2kbsxkjm
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