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Republic of Madagascar: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Progress Report

International Monetary Fund
2004 IMF Staff Country Reports  
This country document for the Republic of Madagascar, dated July 2004, is being made available on the IMF website by agreement with the member country as a service to users of the IMF website.  ...  To assist the IMF in evaluating the publication policy, reader comments are invited and may be sent by e-mail to  ...  Internationale de Bordeaux (in the course of second quarter of 2004) ; -MUBA PLUS (Switzerland), -MAHANA (France).  ... 
doi:10.5089/9781451936773.002 fatcat:nkk7owftw5chnckaew6uybo6wq

1956 Annual Bibliography

Paul A. Brown
1957 Publications of the Modern Language Association of America  
The MLA Executive Council in February 1955 authorized the cessation of a strictly American bibliography and the inauguration of one which would gradually become international in scope.  ...  The following Bibliography marks a departure in MLA bibliographical service to its members.  ...  Bibliographical Services through- out the World; Third Annual Report, 1953- 1954 (1 September-31 August). (UNESCO Publication.) Paris: UNESCO, 1955; New York: Columbia Univ. Press. 1331.  ... 
doi:10.1632/s0030812900012189 fatcat:aamg7ki6zjacho6lwtfuz5i44q

Bibliography of Occult and Fantastic Beliefs vol.4: S - Z

Paul Smith, Bruno Buike
. - E30 - fake author / pseudonym "Paul Smith "- probably somewhere in Melbourne University, Australia  ...  Ten Discussions with Workers At The Goetheanum In Dornach Between 2 August and 30 September 1922 (2002) -From Sunspots To Strawberries: Answers To Questions.  ...  The Practice of "A Course In Miracles" (2009, 2014) -Healing The Unhealed Mind: The Practice of "A Course In Miracles" (2011) -When 2 + 2 = 5: Reflecting Love In A Loveless World.  ... 
doi:10.17613/18a6-7214 fatcat:7skb2fvgbjf53c5caehdnn6alm

Bibliography of Occult and Fantastic Beliefs vol.2: E-K

Paul Smith, Bruno Buike
, Faster Dianetic Techniques (1951) -Self-Analysis In Dianetics: A Simple Self-Help Volume of Tests and Exercises Based on The Discoveries Contained In Dianetics (1951) -Advanced Procedure and Axioms (  ...  of Spirits (1994) * Former member of Ken Kesey's "Merry Pranksters" and co-founder of the Yippies (Youth International Party) on 31 December 1967 Paul Krassner; Editor -Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs  ... 
doi:10.17613/n7x5-df46 fatcat:smcvtd3wifcdjgzxeb5cbqta7q