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Foreword Advances in Distributed Computing Systems

S.F. Lundstrom, E.E. Swartzlander
1985 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
ACKNOWLEDGMENT We would like to acknowledge the many authors who submitted papers and abstracts from which these papers were selected, the work of the authors selected in updating and improving their papers  ...  Jacobs for key assistance in meeting our review deadlines. STEPHEN F. LUNDSTROM EARL E. SWARTZLANDER, JR. Guest Editors  ...  Foreword Advances in Distributed Computing Systems DISTRIBUTED computing systems have been rapidly gaining importance in the world of computing, especially with recent significant reductions in the cost  ... 
doi:10.1109/tse.1985.231856 fatcat:qskmurxyofarhjzlyqxbxnivam

Distributed computer systems

1985 Advances in Engineering Software (1978)  
Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank everyone who contributed to the evolution of the Logic Lab, especially the fol-Barry Bronson Acknowledgments Many innovative contributions from a spirited design  ...  team led the 377OA project to a satisfying conclusion, The best ideas often resulted from the persistence and interaction of several team members but  ...  The operating system is combined with a satellite communication A Working Distributed System At HP's Advanced Products Division in Cupertino, California, a 9700 Distributed System helps produce the HP  ... 
doi:10.1016/0141-1195(85)90032-4 fatcat:izapmbolljcqdcze5tbm5ulyce

Recent Advancements In Distributed System Communications [article]

Ioannis Argyroulis
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Overheads in Operating System kernel network stacks and sockets have been hindering OSes from managing networking operations efficiently for years.  ...  These issues degrade the performance of distributed systems, which rely on fast communications between machines to be able to serve a large number of client requests with low latency and high throughput  ...  The timeline of the investigated literature spans the decade of 2010-2020, in order to look into recent advancements in distributed system communications, but also gather enough material to gain a better  ... 
arXiv:2107.01381v1 fatcat:vr4cdreyv5ho5li4hpygmxmcbu

Cluster Based Real Time Scheduling for Distributed System

Girish Talmale, Urmila Shrawankar
2021 Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal  
In global scheduling all tasks are maintained in a single tasks queue and allocated to multiple processing nodes.  ...  Real time tasks scheduling on a distributed system is a complex problem. The existing real time tasks scheduling techniques are primarily based on partitioned and global scheduling.  ...  Temporal correctness means the Girish Talmale, Urmila Shrawankar Cluster Based Real Time Scheduling for Distributed System ADCAIJ: Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal  ... 
doi:10.14201/adcaij2021102137156 fatcat:m36n7lyylrhnldhineujj4c5ly

Intelligent system to control electric power distribution networks

2016 Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal  
To reduce the number of transmission towers (TT) to be reviewed, a virtual organization (VO) based system of agents is proposed in conjunction with different artificial intelligence methods and algorithms  ...  This system is able to propose a sample of TT from a selected set to be reviewed and to ensure that the whole set will have similar values without needing to review all the TT.  ...  The research of Pablo Chamoso has been financed by the Regional Ministry of Education in Castilla y León and the European Social Fund (Operational Programme 2014-2020 for Castilla y León, EDU/310/2015  ... 
doi:10.14201/adcaij20154418 doaj:bc3f45ef773e497aa49f5006c9657582 fatcat:bdypmnaohzda7lxgzneottksci

Failure Recovery in Distributed Environments with Advance Reservation Management Systems [chapter]

Lars-Olof Burchard, Barry Linnert
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
While the allocation mechanisms for advance reservations are available in current grid management systems, in case of failures the advance reservation perspective demands for strategies that support more  ...  It can be shown that it pays to remap also affected but not yet started jobs to alternative resources if available. Alike reserving in advance, this can be considered as remapping in advance.  ...  Currently, grid research moves its focus from the basic infrastructure that enables the allocation of resources in a dynamic and distributed environment in a transparent way to more advanced management  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30184-4_10 fatcat:rnm5b3t4zbfojjvtr5mefqjzqi

A Distributed and Collaborative Intelligent System for Medical Diagnosis

2013 Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal  
Our main contribution is to allow physicians, who are not experts in computing, to benefit from technological advances made by experts in image processing, and then to efficiently use various osteoporosis  ...  In this paper, we present a distributed collaborative system assisting physicians in diagnosis when processing medical images.  ...  Moisan -SOIE Laboratory members for helping in the development of the second part of the distributed system (security, ontologies, etc.).  ... 
doi:10.14201/adcaij201325116 doaj:6047a18b24664f75b0cbec1e3aa15edc fatcat:c4t23ejhm5hz5nnson6ebndheu

Learning Machines Information Distribution System with Example Applications [chapter]

Norbert Jankowski, Krzysztof Grcabczewski
2007 Advances in Soft Computing  
This article presents a universal information exchange system eligible for huge data mining tasks which was implemented in our meta-learning environment Intemi.  ...  The information exchange between models must be universal, very flexible and as simple to define as possible.  ...  In computational intelligence, the term method (or learning machine) is used to describe an adaptive algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-75175-5_26 dblp:series/asc/JankowskiG08 fatcat:xvxt7dyagfg67mxmmpy3qrk44i

D3S – A Distributed Storage Service [chapter]

Rui Pedro Lopes, Pedro Sernadela
2013 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
This paper describes an implementation of an S3 compatible cloud storage service based on peer-to-peer networks, in particular, through the Bit-Torrent protocol.  ...  This approach allows taking advantage of the intrinsic features of this kind of networks, in particular the possibility for simultaneous downloading of pieces from different locations and the fault tolerance  ...  When the system receives an authenticated request, it fetches the AWS Secret Access Key and uses it in the same way to compute a "Signature" for the message it received.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-00563-8_3 fatcat:o7xghv77yfh73lgf76fj5j7rvq

Dynamic Replication Management Scheme for Distributed File System [chapter]

May Phyo Thu, Khine Moe Nwe, Kyar Nyo Aye
2018 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
Nowadays, replication technique is widely used in data center storage systems to prevent data loss.  ...  Data locality, disk bandwidth, CPU processing speed and storage utilization are considered in the proposed data placement algorithm in order to achieve better data locality and load balancing effectively  ...  In HDFS, to provide data locality, Hadoop tries to automatically collocate the data with the computing node. Data locality is a principal factor of Hadoop's performance.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-13-0869-7_16 fatcat:tmisyeo4yrh3jnm2dlowrebr4q

A Homogeneous Distributed Computing Framework for Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm [chapter]

Ki-Baek Lee, Jong-Hwan Kim
2013 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
This paper proposes a homogeneous distributed computing (HDC) framework for multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA).  ...  To implement this framework into an evolutionary algorithm, the evolutionary process of multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) is employed.  ...  proposed an approach for finding multiple Paretooptimal solutions with a distributed computing system [5] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-37374-9_65 fatcat:fpyottcls5acnp5vu4feomoukq

Advances in distributed sensor technology

Jerry D. Cavin
1996 IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology Systems & Applications  
For example, it mentions clock synchronization only briefly and fails to include any algorithms for time synchroniza tion in distributed systems.  ...  The additional topics are fault tolerance in distributed systems and experimental analysis of computer system dependability.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mpdt.1996.7102340 fatcat:qg6kmhmqwfbc5bahan3pmhsmr4

Frequency Domain Incremental Strategies Over Distributed Network [chapter]

Siba Prasad Mishra, Ajit Kumar Sahoo
2014 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
This algorithm is distributed and cooperative in nature.  ...  Computer simulation result illustrates the performance of the new algorithm.  ...  But the proposed algorithm pre-processed with a unitary process the input regressor prior to processing, then estimates the weight in frequency domain and advances it to the next node for future estimation  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-81-322-2009-1_6 fatcat:gjgsgckwqremlpbprfz3tpct6u

Effective use of computational resources in multicore distributed systems

Hidehiro Kanemitsu, Masaki Hanada, Takashige Hoshiai, Hidenori Nakazato
2014 16th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology  
In such distributed systems, each task is processed by respective processor in multicored computers e.g., household PCs which we can easily harness in recent years.  ...  If there is one policy to automatically decide the "best" combination and the number of processors (and computers), we effectively utilize those computational resources, thereby large number of jobs can  ...  Processor Utilization in Singlecore Distributed systems In this paper, we propose a method for processor utilization in a distributed system, where each computer has one or more PEs.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icact.2014.6779187 fatcat:fkfldoaxkrg43piqaykvoubg7q

Task Allocation for Spatially and Temporally Distributed Tasks [chapter]

Julio Godoy, Maria Gini
2013 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
The modified algorithm is compared with the original one in order to show how strategic modifications to the algorithm increase the number of tasks successfully completed.  ...  In this work, we extend the Consensus Based Bundle Algorithm, to improve its support for tasks with time constraints.  ...  The experiments considered using from 2 to 10 agents, and from 10 to 100 tasks in different combinations, in order to evaluate specific scenarios.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33932-5_56 fatcat:kykl3is2pbe73mbg2lo7ac7ruq
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