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1988 Computer journal  
0 VLSI Oriented Graphics System Design 0 Desktop Publishing 0 Introduction to new Ray-Tracing Tech- niques 0 Rendering Techniques in Image Synthesis 0 Object Oriented Techniques in Computer Graphics  ...  Following the success of Eurographics '85, France will host again Eurographics '88 at the Acropolis Nice Convention Hall Tutorials (12-13 September) Eleven Tutorials are being organised.  ... 
doi:10.1093/comjnl/31.4.380-a fatcat:lwawgu2wl5b3bp56o73u3degvy

Immersive Analytics with Abstract 3D Visualizations: A Survey

Matthias Kraus, Johannes Fuchs, Björn Sommer, Karsten Klein, Ulrich Engelke, Daniel Keim, Falk Schreiber
2021 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
Computer Graphics Forum published by Eurographics - The European Association for Computer Graphics and John Wiley & Sons Ltd  ...  In EGPGV’02: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on [PAE08] Peterson S., Axholt M., Ellis S.  ... 
doi:10.1111/cgf.14430 fatcat:7sio4dvamzgmvk7zsnblrzvq4u

Manipulating, Deforming and Animating Sampled Object Representations

M. Chen, C. Correa, S. Islam, M. W. Jones, P.-Y. Shen, D. Silver, S. J. Walton, P. J. Willis
2007 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
Such methods can enable computer graphics and computer animation to benefit enormously from the advances of digital imaging technology.  ...  Unlike many commonly used data representations in computer graphics, SORs lack in geometrical, topological and semantic information, which is much needed for controlling deformation and animation.  ...  This survey is also based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under award number 011876 for D. Silver.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2007.01102.x fatcat:toqclsk3bnb5zfq55qwhuqn7vi

Ray space factorization for from-region visibility

Tommer Leyvand, Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or
2003 ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Papers on - SIGGRAPH '03  
The technique is designed so that the horizontal and vertical operations can be efficiently realized together by advanced graphics hardware.  ...  Since the visibility computation is valid for many frames, its cost is further amortized and imposes a negligible overhead on the rendering.  ...  In Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics '01), A. Chalmers and T.-M. Rhyne, Eds., vol. 20(3). ZHANG, H., MANOCHA, D., HUDSON, T., AND HOFF III, K. E. 1997.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1201775.882313 fatcat:ohqgrqksmvc7tiy24tmuvqhcs4

Ray space factorization for from-region visibility

Tommer Leyvand, Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or
2003 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
The technique is designed so that the horizontal and vertical operations can be efficiently realized together by modern graphics hardware.  ...  Our results show that the culling time and the size of the computed potentially visible set depend on the size of the viewcell.  ...  This work was supported in part by the Israel Science Foundation founded by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and by the Israeli Ministry of Science.  ... 
doi:10.1145/882262.882313 fatcat:cof35xzzlrbhppuubtpyzclqde

A survey of digital stippling

Domingo Martín, Germán Arroyo, Alejandro Rodríguez, Tobias Isenberg
2017 Computers & graphics  
Stochastic sampling in computer graphics.  ...  In: nal of Graphics, GPU, and Game Tools 2010;15(1):29–47. doi: Eurographics Short Presentations.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cag.2017.05.001 fatcat:3zu2not37fa3jmoepvivcpea64

Developing serious games for cultural heritage: a state-of-the-art review

Eike Falk Anderson, Leigh McLoughlin, Fotis Liarokapis, Christopher Peters, Panagiotis Petridis, Sara de Freitas
2010 Virtual Reality  
As a result the field of serious heritage games concerns itself with recent advances in computer games, real-time computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence.  ...  The state-of-the-art in serious game technology is identical to that of the state-ofthe-art in entertainment games technology.  ...  At the same time, game development has been fuelled by dramatic advances in computer graphics hardware -in turn driven by the success of video games -which have led to a rise in the quality of real-time  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10055-010-0177-3 fatcat:kln5qqu27nazjiqp2xvwczfbci

Application Challenges from a Bird's-Eye View [chapter]

Davide Scaramuzza
2017 Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology  
It also serves as a reference for researchers of current developments and challenges in areas of the application of computer vision, involving vehicles such as advanced driver assistance (pedestrian detection  ...  Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology focuses on computer vision as on-board technology, bringing together fields of research where computer vision is progressively penetrating: the automotive sector,  ...  Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision, Workshop on Computer Vision in Vehicular Technology.  ... 
doi:10.1002/9781118868065.ch6 fatcat:fsljmro5izhh5mp4z3hcrgstby

Industrial and Project Presentations [article]

Felipe A. Lozano, Francisco Serón
2003 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
This volume contains the Industrial and Project Presentations for the 24th annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, EUROGRAPHICS´03, held in Granada, Spain, between the 1st  ...  We are also grateful to Maritima Valenciana for their support of our research efforts and especially to Eduardo Orellana for his faith in our work.  ...  Objective: © The Eurographics Association 2003. c The Eurographics Association 2003. The Eurographics Association 2003.  ... 
doi:10.2312/egid.20031006 fatcat:loh7chebubg2vatd5syfugub24

PARTHENOS White Paper I: Digital 3D Objects in Art and Humanities: challenges of creation, interoperability and preservation. White paper: A result of the PARTHENOS Workshop held in Bordeaux at Maison des Sciences de l'Homme d'Aquitaine and at Archeovision Lab. (France), November 30th - December 2nd, 2016 [article]

Pierre Alliez, Laurent Bergerot, Jean-François Bernard, Clotilde Boust, George Bruseker, Nicola Carboni, Mehdi Chayani, Matteo Dellepiane, Nicolo Dell'Unto, Bruno Dutailly, Hélène Gautier, Gabriele Guidi (+14 others)
2017 Zenodo  
their reuse(s) in non-research contexts, in particular in Museums.  ...  The topics addressed in the document are meant to help to ensure the development of standardized good practices relating to the production, the handling, the long-term conservation and the reuse of 3D  ...  Yale, Computer Graphics Group 12 .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3258219 fatcat:ef23em7i3ndxfjgngru2nuiase

Three-dimensional medical imaging: algorithms and computer systems

M. R. Stytz, G. Frieder, O. Frieder
1991 ACM Computing Surveys  
K. 1988 Computer graphics m surgical planning In Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference and Exposltzon of the Natwna[ Com- puter Graphics Assoclatlon, NCGA '88 ( ACM Computing Surveys  ...  Advances in microcomputer biomedical imaging.  ...  IEEE Comput. Graph. Appl. 4, 10 (Oct.), pp. 43-55. GOLDWASSER,S. M. 1985 The voxel processor architecture for real-time display and manipulation of 3D medical objects.  ... 
doi:10.1145/125137.125155 fatcat:koj3dmvdpbgvdit2ne3tkywlye

Analysis Domain Model for Shared Virtual Environments

Manuel Oliveira, Joel Jordan, Joao Pereira, Joaquim Jorge, Anthony Steed
2009 International Journal of Virtual Reality  
The advances of graphics cards have enabled the Geometric Processing and the Pixel Operations to be directly supported by the associated hardware.  ...  Although the algorithm operates simultaneously in object and image spaces, the lack of graphics hardware support enforces the sole use of software rendering.  ... 
doi:10.20870/ijvr.2009.8.4.2745 fatcat:nbgciiycgfa5zckhleuct3bjyi

High-quality curve rendering using line sampled visibility

Rasmus Barringer, Carl Johan Gribel, Tomas Akenine-Möller
2012 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
Computer generated imagery is vital to the entertainment industry in the production of games and films, for example.  ...  Improvements to rendering techniques come from a combination of improved algorithms and more powerful hardware.  ...  The Buddha comes from the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory, Hairball is courtesy Samuli Laine, and Sponza is courtesy of Marko Dabrovic/Frank Meinl.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2366145.2366181 fatcat:umfjcyurdjdazcmgzq6rn62hmu

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Complete Issue
2006 Cartographic Perspectives  
Computers & Graphics 22 (2&3), pp. 269 -280. Veryovka, O. and Buchanan, J.W., 1999. Comprehensive Halftoning of 3-D Scenes. In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 99) 18:3: 13-22.  ...  Recent advances in display hardware and interface devices are making it possible to merge: (1) the advantages of large format representations that facilitate group work, (2) advances in methods and mechanisms  ...  Graphics should be legible, clean, and clearly referenced by call-outs in the text.  ... 
doi:10.14714/cp54.336 fatcat:vrmndbcbqrhkdp6wx6b5iaptgq

Scalable Computational Steering for Visualization/Control of Large-Scale Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Anirudh Modi, Nilay Sezer-Uzol, Lyle N. Long, Paul E. Plassmann
2005 Journal of Aircraft  
J., “CSE: A Modular Architecture for Computational Steering,” Proceedings of the 7th Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing, Springer-Verlag, Wien, April 1996, pp. 257-266.  ...  Because VTK is written on top of OpenGL, the resulting application can benefit from the OpenGL hardware acceleration available on most modern graphics chipsets VTK also supports stereographics, and can  ... 
doi:10.2514/1.7727 fatcat:rticskr75raexfru2bvkmndvai
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