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25pPSB-50 Adsorption of H2, D2, O2 and CO on ZrB2(0001)
25pPSB-50 ZrB_2(0001)表面への水素,酸素,一酸化炭素吸着(25pPSB 表面界面・結晶成長,領域9(表面・界面,結晶成長分野))

T. Aizawa, S. Otani
2002 Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan (Nihon Butsuri Gakkai koen gaiyoshu)  
Hayashi et al. 、 Appl . Surt . Sci . , 154 −155 、 542 ( 2000 ) . 25pPsB − 49 co , NO 吸 着 si ( 111 ) 一 ( Ag , Au ) 表 面 の 昇 温 脱 離 奈 良 先 端大 物質 創 成 大 久 保知 洋 . 服 部賢 . 武 田 さくら.  ...  Shimizu , et aL , J. Vac, Sci . Technel . A , in press ( 2002 ) . [ 2】 K. Hayashi et a ' . 、 Nonllnear Optics, 26 ( 1− 3) , 295 ( 2000 ) . [ 3 ] K. Hayashi. Appl. Phys .  ... 
doi:10.11316/jpsgaiyo. fatcat:pqrzy2zssjdz3dzkzasfih5kdu


1963 The Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry Japan  
water Zasshi * Faculty of Science , Kobe University : Hyogo-ken, Japan ** Kobe Industrial Research Institute : Hyogo-ken , Japan .R1/111/IRR11/1/t/ttttll•IIt/1t1tIt1Yt11/tltYtt tl/ilttlttt/t11/111  ...  The conductivity shows no appreciable change at low temperature, but a peak-shaped change appears at above about 200°C by the adsorption and successive desorption of the sample gas on the zinc oxide.  ...  A. the influence of urea on the polymerization of a mixture of monovinylacetylene and chloroprene dissolved in benzene was examined.  ... 
doi:10.1246/nikkashi1898.66.5_a39 fatcat:vcwrjjenujbidi6tp7havylt2q


1961 The Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry Japan  
thermal analysis, and thermogravimetric analysis, as well as by measuring specific surface area of the rocks by liquid and gas adsorption.  ...  The authors studied the effects of the concentration of HCN, NHs and Cot as well as those of temperature on the stability of aqueous solution of HCN.  ...  According to the analysis of the products, when the decrease is 0.32% in weight or the increase is 0.44 %, the content of K increased in a small amount and those of Si and Al decreased a little.  ... 
doi:10.1246/nikkashi1898.64.11_a115 fatcat:vk3bi6mysbebdph2565w7rz6z4

1998 MRS Fall Meeting Presents Broad Spectrum of Current Materials Research

1999 MRS bulletin  
The multidisciplinary nature of the 43 symposia as well as clustering of s y m p o s i a into broad categories proved to be a success at the 1998 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting held in Boston  ...  It set a n e w a t t e n d a n c e record of 4,580 with 3,866 papers presented in both oral and poster sessions. T h e M e e t i n g i n c l u d e d N o b e l Laureate Richard E.  ...  on Si02-Surface morpholo gy/roughness is governed by the beam angle of incddence, with either a rectangular groove or triangulär pyramid mor phology (caused by shadowing) obtained on (001) or (111) Si  ... 
doi:10.1557/s0883769400051952 fatcat:pwzk7dmlhfd5ddy7gdx7apt33i

The 43rd ASMS conference on mass spectrometry and allied topics, preliminary program May 21–26,1995 Atlanta, Georgia

1995 Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry  
Envir. and Energy,125 Resources Rd., Etobicoke On.  ...  Peptide Adsorption at Gas-Liquid In - terfaces Probed by FAB Mass Spec- MPF 252 MPF 253 MPF 254 MPF 255 MPF 256 MPF 257 MPF 258 MPF 259 MPF 260 J Am Sot Mass Spcctrom 1995,6, 283  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1044-0305(95)80165-0 fatcat:lcbhv2lbdrcd3i7sm5jwa3iviu