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The Consistency of Arithmetic

Robert Meyer
2021 The Australasian Journal of Logic  
Moreover, it will continue to apply through a large range of variation of the un- derlying logic of R♯, while on a simple and straightforward translation, the classical first-order theory P♯ of Peano arithmetic  ...  The reader is unlikely to have missed the significance of the remarks just made. In plain English, this paper repeals Goedel's famous second theorem.  ...  Truth-functional connectives and quantifiers have their ordinary elementary properties, in the sense (e.g.) that double negation, De-Morgan laws, associativity, commutativity, and idempotence of ∧ and  ... 
doi:10.26686/ajl.v18i5.6906 fatcat:3dtlbucq7bf7zkpooix4z5dkgq