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Packet Loss Characterization in WiFi-Based Long Distance Networks

A. Sheth, S. Nedevschi, R. Patra, S. Surana, E. Brewer, L. Subramanian
2007 IEEE INFOCOM 2007 - 26th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications  
We also explore the solution space and propose a range of MAC and network layer adaptation algorithms to mitigate the channel and protocol induced losses.  ...  In this paper, we perform a systematic study to investigate the commonly cited sources of packet loss induced by the wireless channel and by the 802.11 MAC protocol.  ...  Adaptive FEC can significantly reduce the loss rate during periods of long bursts Loss No FEC 19.98 Oracle FEC 0 Adapt FEC (Win = 10) 4.78 Fig. 12.  ... 
doi:10.1109/infcom.2007.44 dblp:conf/infocom/ShethNPSBS07 fatcat:owfcjkb6sna3xashcql6l5gd3a

An Adaptive FEC Mechanism Using Cross-layer Approach to Enhance Quality of Video Transmission over 802.11 WLANs

Longzhe Han
2010 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
We propose herein an Adaptive Cross-layer FEC mechanism (ACFEC) to enhance the quality of video streaming over 802.11 WLANs.  ...  The efficiency of the FEC has been significantly compromised, however, due to the characteristics of the wireless channel such as burst packet loss, channel fluctuation and lack of Quality of Service (  ...  When the packet loss rate rises, as shown in Fig. 8 , the ACFEC adaptively increases the number of FEC packets to compensate for the lost packets in each block.  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2010.06.009 fatcat:36bpo76rg5hjjbbpmzunk2uwfu

Cross-layer based erasure code to reduce the 802.11 performance anomaly

Lei Zhang, Patrick Sénac, Emmanuel Lochin, Jérôme Lacan, Michel Diaz
2008 Proceedings of the 6th ACM international symposium on Mobility management and wireless access - MobiWac '08  
In particular, the performance anomaly of 802.11 is a serious issue which induces a potentially dramatic reduction of the global bandwidth when one or several mobile nodes downgrade their transmission  ...  In this paper, we study how the use of adaptive erasure code as a replacement of the Auto Rate Feedback mechanism can help to mitigate this performance anomaly issue.  ...  During a transmission, losses can occur following a burst pattern.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1454659.1454679 dblp:conf/mobiwac/ZhangSLLD08 fatcat:5szb567z4ngilf7aqhluncbn5e

Path diversity for enhanced media streaming

J.G. Apostolopoulos, M.D. Trott
2004 IEEE Communications Magazine  
Media streaming over best-effort packet networks such as the Internet is quite challenging because of the dynamic and unpredictable available bandwidth, loss rate, and delay.  ...  The different approaches for media coding and streaming over multiple paths are examined, together with architectures for achieving path diversity between single or multiple senders and a single receiver  ...  Examples of such delay reduction include MD voice over IP (VoIP) [2] and SD video over 802.11 wireless networks [5] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2004.1321395 fatcat:44oeh6mhzfgbphommrkgtyptgu


2012 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology  
There are a number of proposed Adaptive FEC mechanisms that can generate FEC packets adaptively for wireless network.  ...  The number of FEC packets is needed to be generated adaptively due to various network states and burst error condition.  ...  The transmission rate for the traffic is 1 Mbps which include burst and idle time. Both are set at 0.5ms.  ... 
doaj:7fb3a76df65646628fd23656a877a4b3 fatcat:l2tmp5kqafclnmgmqbuqgehlka

LT-TCP: End-to-End Framework to Improve TCP Performance over Networks with Lossy Channels [chapter]

Omesh Tickoo, Vijaynarayanan Subramanian, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, K. K. Ramakrishnan
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
To overcome packet erasures we use a dynamic and adaptive Forward Error Correction (FEC) scheme that includes adaptation of the Maximum Segment Size for TCP.  ...  The scheme is built on top of TCP-SACK and depends on SACK and timeouts as a last resort. ns-2 simulations show that our scheme substantially improves TCP performance even for packet loss rates up to 30%  ...  Reasons for this clearly lie at the inability to avoid sharply increased timeouts despite the high and adaptive FEC overhead and adaptive granulation policy, and addressing this will be the focus of our  ... 
doi:10.1007/11499169_8 fatcat:b3dwjemdofgifewxuts6i5idp4

Link Layer Correction Techniques and Impact on TCP's Performance in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks

Purvang Dalal, Mohanchur Sarkar, Kankar Dasgupta, Nikhil Kothari
2014 Communications and Network  
Such degradation is mainly accounted for TCP's unnecessary congestion control actions while attempting TCP loss recovery.  ...  In particular, simulations are performed taking into account the wireless errors introduced over IEEE 802.11 link using a well-established 2-State Markov model.  ...  TCP PEPs [21] are TCP aware link layer mechanisms for handling bandwidth asymmetry, TCP aware FEC provisioning or adaptive link frame sizing [22] .  ... 
doi:10.4236/cn.2014.62007 fatcat:o4lwt5n3krdtnns2prc4hvzq3a

Low-latency wireless video over 802.11 networks using path diversity

A. Miu, J.G. Apostolopoulos, Wai-tian Tan, M. Trott
2003 2003 International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. ICME '03. Proceedings (Cat. No.03TH8698)  
To overcome these challenges we (1) employ the H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard for high video compression efficiency and good resilience to losses, (2) use low-latency best-effort transport  ...  The challenges to enable low-latency video include overcoming the highly variable delays, losses, and bandwidth of 802.11b wireless networks.  ...  Average packet loss rate PLR, average burst loss rate PLRB, and number of burst loss events Bursts.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icme.2003.1221648 dblp:conf/icmcs/MiuATT03 fatcat:5mlyoczg7fbr5ppylccv3sjwpa

Performance Optimization For Multimedia Transmission In Wireless Home Networks

Paolo Bucciol, Gabriella Convertino, Juan Carlos De Martin, Diego Melpignano, Antonio Servetti, Andrea Vitali
2006 Zenodo  
MD has been benchmarked against Reed-Solomon application layer FEC [18] . Results indicate that FEC is preferable when its correction capability is not exceed, hence for low packet loss rates.  ...  UDP over 802.11 MAC can cause packet losses at the receiver, because MAC implementations discard the whole packets in presence of errors.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.52988 fatcat:lt7i5mguanbnfc4cff64udncn4

Adaptive FEC-Based Packet Loss Resilience Scheme for Supporting Voice Communication over Ad hoc Wireless Networks

V.R. Gandikota, B.R. Tamma, C. Murthy
2008 IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing  
burst length (ABL, average length of consecutive packet losses after FEC recovery) of voice data after FEC recovery.  ...  The performance of our scheme (packet-level media-dependent adaptive FEC scheme) is evaluated in terms of two parameters: residual packet loss rate (RP LR, packet loss rate after FEC recovery) and average  ...  Shyamnath and the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions. This work was supported by Microsoft Research University Relations, India.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmc.2008.42 fatcat:muyudvagwbhkpht7ij4o5vwwsy

Wireless Media Streaming Over IP-Based In-Vehicle Networks

M. Rahmani, M. Pfannenstein, E. Steinbach, G. Giordano, E. Biersack
2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops  
In this work, a peripheral wireless network based on the IEEE 802.11 technology is investigated for media streaming in the car.  ...  FEC-based multicast and unicast transmissions are studied and compared for the same communication scenarios based on their QoS performance and resource requirements.  ...  According to [15] , the adaptive FEC algorithm placed in the FEC module periodically sends loss queries to wireless clients in order to detect the current packet loss rates.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccw.2009.5208094 fatcat:v44at655ajgyvaitxaca5erktu

CodeRepair: PHY-layer partial packet recovery without the pain

Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing, Jianwei Niu, Shan Lin
2015 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM)  
First, CodeRepair pushes the limit of 802.11 PHY to piggyback parities in the padded bits of OFDM, obviating the need of transmitting extra information for error correction.  ...  To reduce computational cost of error recovery, CodeRepair employs single parity code for correcting coded bit errors.  ...  To explain why a 34% packet loss reduction translates to a 1.58x goodput gain, we analyze the 802.11 MAC timing statistics in Fig. 12 .  ... 
doi:10.1109/infocom.2015.7218524 dblp:conf/infocom/HuangXNL15 fatcat:5fjya45rrjdlrlmblvhoaj535y

Proposition of an Adaptive Retransmission Timeout for TCP in 802.11 Wireless Environments

Zouhair Bazzal
2017 International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications  
The problem is that in 802.11 wireless environments TCP always considers that the packet loss is caused by network congestion.  ...  This paper proposes an endto-end adaptive mechanism that allows the TCP session to dynamically adjust the RTO (Retransmission Timeout) of a TCP session; the server will have to adjust the timers based  ...  The LT-TCP (Loss Tolerant TCP) in [7] , [8] uses an adaptive end-to-end ARQ (Automatic repeat request)/FEC (Forward Error Correction) strategy for error correction; this strategy exploits the ECN (Explicit  ... 
doi:10.9790/9622-0702046471 fatcat:z53dhsp3efcx7dhm3ep5znzuky

Adaptive forward error correction for real-time groupware

Jeff Dyck, Carl Gutwin, Dwight Makaroff
2012 Proceedings of the 17th ACM international conference on Supporting group work - GROUP '12  
Our results show that for awareness messages that can tolerate some loss, FEC approaches keep latency at nearly the plain-UDP level while dramatically improving reliability.  ...  In addition, adaptive FEC is the only technique that can maintain a specified level of reliability and also minimize delay as network conditions change.  ...  Figure 8 . 8 Average latency and MER for non-adaptive FEC with various code set sizes, and AFEC (white circle), on a 56Kbps channel with burst loss (burst size of 1-10 and 2% probability of occurrence)  ... 
doi:10.1145/2389176.2389196 dblp:conf/group/DyckGM12 fatcat:p5j2k4shxvguzk4adm3ymwidqy

Performance analysis and modeling of errors and losses over 802.11b LANs for high-bit-rate real-time multimedia

Syed A. Khayam, Shirish Karande, Hayder Radha, Dmitri Loguinov
2003 Signal processing. Image communication  
Inherent error-resilient nature of multimedia content renders two high-level options for wireless multimedia application design.  ...  In this paper, we address key questions regarding the viability of the above two options for the support of high-bit-rate wireless multimedia applications over 802.11b LANs.  ...  Here, we focus on block-based FEC schemes due to their popularity and simplicity for recovering and correcting losses and errors.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0923-5965(03)00053-5 fatcat:oufnjxulsrcenoqvwwa2mtvgvu
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