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"Term clumping" for technical intelligence: A case study on dye-sensitized solar cells

Yi Zhang, Alan L. Porter, Zhengyin Hu, Ying Guo, Nils C. Newman
2014 Technological forecasting & social change  
In this case we were able to reduce some 90,980 terms & phrases to more user-friendly sets through the clumping steps as one indicator of success.  ...  These empirical results advanced the development of a semi-automated term clumping process that can enable extraction of topical content intelligence.  ...  Acknowledgments We acknowledge the support from the US National Science Foundation (Award #1064146-"Revealing Innovation Pathways: Hybrid Science Maps for Technology Assessment and Foresight").  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2013.12.019 fatcat:5t7f42aocraolklulzikowfc24

Clumpy coexistence in phytoplankton: The role of functional similarity in community assembly [article]

Caio Graco-Roza, Angel Manuel Segura, Carla Kruk, Patricia Domingos, Janne Soininen, Marcelo Manzi Marinho
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
The relative biovolume of species was related to species functional distinctiveness at the clump level.  ...  We tested EN predictions for the phytoplankton community along the course of a tropical river considering body size structure and multidimensional trait similarity in terms of morphology-based functional  ...  More importantly, there was a clear functional differentiation of species between clumps in terms of MBFG (Figure 5 -6), and the trait composition of the communities reflected adaptations to survive in  ... 
doi:10.1101/869966 fatcat:x2wbkqnnsnbvhlh5cqz56bhsdu

CN Zeeman and dust polarization in a high-mass cold clump

T. Pillai, J. Kauffmann, H. Wiesemeyer, K. M. Menten
2016 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
This allows for a unique comparison of the two orthogonal measurements of magnetic field strength of the same region and at similar spatial scales.  ...  We performed a deep Zeeman effect measurement of the 113 GHz CN (1-0) line towards this clump with the IRAM 30 m telescope.  ...  We thank the anonymous referee for pointing out the reference to the work by Heiles & Crutcher (2005) during the revision of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201527803 fatcat:lbdifhzmzjc7nb5gguoiyexdb4

Optical clumped isotope thermometry of carbon dioxide

Ivan Prokhorov, Tobias Kluge, Christof Janssen
2019 Scientific Reports  
measured directly.  ...  Here we demonstrate the high-precision performance of the instrument with first gas temperature measurements of carbon dioxide samples from geothermal sources.  ...  We acknowledge the technical help of the 'physics of environmental archives' team to maintain the IRMS instrument that was funded through the grant DFG-INST 35/1270-1.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-019-40750-z pmid:30886173 pmcid:PMC6423234 fatcat:eufsfbo32nf6jj6umiba6d2vvq

Woody Biomass Estimation in a Southwestern U.S. Juniper Savanna Using LiDAR-Derived Clumped Tree Segmentation and Existing Allometries

Dan Krofcheck, Marcy Litvak, Christopher Lippitt, Amy Neuenschwander
2016 Remote Sensing  
Here, we test the ability of canopy segmentation and statistic generation based on aerial LiDAR (light detection and ranging)-derived 3D point clouds to derive AGB in clumps of vegetation in a juniper  ...  We leveraged the relationship between the volume of the segmented vegetation clumps and the equivalent stem diameter of the corresponding trees (R 2 = 0.83, p < 0.001) to drive the allometry for J. monosperma  ...  We would like to thank the 7-up 7-down ranch for generously allowing us the use of their land.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs8060453 fatcat:n5d5wzyamfb4tatoavvzvtvmhq

Magnetic field inference in active region coronal loops using coronal rain clumps [article]

M. Kriginsky, R. Oliver, P. Antolin, D. Kuridze, N. Freij
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We adapted a method developed in a previous paper in order to assess the different conditions that must be satisfied in order to properly use the WFA for the data at hand.  ...  Our results, albeit limited by the cadence and signal-to-noise ratio of the data, suggest that magnetic field strengths of hundreds of Gauss, even reaching up to 1000 G, are omnipresent at coronal heights  ...  variability of coronal loops as a probe of coronal heating", led by C.  ... 
arXiv:2104.03089v1 fatcat:ifhhksfkq5e3xlj6ghfvc4lq2e

Environmentally and behaviourally mediated co-occurrence of functional traits in bird communities of tropical forest fragments

Werner Ulrich, Cristina Banks-Leite, Greet De Coster, Jan Christian Habel, Hans Matheve, William D. Newmark, Joseph A. Tobias, Luc Lens
2017 Oikos  
similarity theory.  ...  Two major theories of community assembly -based on the assumption of 'limiting similarity' or 'habitat filtering', respectively -predict contrasting patterns in the spatial arrangement of functional traits  ...  Relatively high distances D V,clumping and D T,clumping of co-occurring species can be linked to competitive effects (limiting similarity).  ... 
doi:10.1111/oik.04561 fatcat:5w3s6sjf2jfsvmx4ydwovw4hli

Evaluation of Three Algorithms for the Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells

Zhi Lu, Gustavo Carneiro, Andrew P. Bradley, Daniela Ushizima, Masoud S. Nosrati, Andrea G. C. Bianchi, Claudia M. Carneiro, Ghassan Hamarneh
2017 IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics  
This challenge was organized to encourage the development and benchmarking of techniques capable of segmenting individual cells from overlapping cellular clumps in cervical cytology images, which is a  ...  Results from the submitted methods demonstrate all methods are effective in the segmentation of clumps containing at most three cells, with overlap coefficients up to 0.3.  ...  Then an energy functional is optimized with respect to cytoplasms and nuclei level set functions, where this energy functional is a linear sum of the following five terms: (i) the regional term that measures  ... 
doi:10.1109/jbhi.2016.2519686 pmid:26800556 fatcat:zfs2memqpvhardnwsz5vlehvhu


A. Lapi, A. Cavaliere
2011 Astrophysical Journal  
In the perspective provided by our self-similar solutions we link the halo structure to its two-stage growth history, and propose the following picture.  ...  We find self-similar solutions for the spherically-averaged profiles of mass density rho(r), pseudo phase-space density Q(r) and anisotropy parameter beta(r).  ...  amounts to 200; despite the name, it actually constitutes a measure of the halo outer extension.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0004-637x/743/2/127 fatcat:tlehwmuxyrc3tphuksal2xtvaa

Cell Wall Structure in Cells Adapted to Growth on the Cellulose-Synthesis Inhibitor 2,6-Dichlorobenzonitrile : A Comparison between Two Dicotyledonous Plants and a Graminaceous Monocot

E. Shedletzky, M. Shmuel, T. Trainin, S. Kalman, D. Delmer
1992 Plant Physiology  
Cells of adapted lines of both the dicots and barley are resistant to plasmolysis, suggesting that they possess very strong connections between the wall and the plasma membrane.  ...  In contrast, walls from adapted barley cells contain very little pectic material and normal to elevated levels of noncellulosic polysaccharides compared with walls from nonadapted cells.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank Professor Werner Herth, University of Heidelberg, for estimates of wall thicknesses from EM micrographs; Professor Adina Berman, University of Tel Aviv, for the barley  ... 
doi:10.1104/pp.100.1.120 pmid:16652933 pmcid:PMC1075526 fatcat:uydfnqe2vbaetogqpo4qsjtkby

Phenotypic variability in byssus thread production of intertidal mussels induced by predators with different feeding strategies

AU Caro, J Escobar, F Bozinovic, SA Navarrete, JC Castilla
2008 Marine Ecology Progress Series  
entire clumps of mussels at a time.  ...  While responses of mussels to crabs seem to be adaptive, the lack of a response to H. helianthus is intriguing, because it is one of the most important mussel predators in the system which can dislodge  ...  The paper was completed during the tenure of FONDAP grant 1501-0001 to J.C.C., S.A.N. and F.B. A.U.C. was supported by a CONICYT doctoral scholarship and the Andrew Mellon Foundation.  ... 
doi:10.3354/meps07701 fatcat:jhkx7r4pajbt5haeeflzkbce2q

Detecting Exomoons Via Doppler Monitoring of Directly Imaged Exoplanets [article]

Andrew Vanderburg, Saul A. Rappaport, Andrew W. Mayo
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In addition to searching for exomoons, a radial velocity survey of directly imaged planets could reveal the orientations of the planets' spin axes, making it possible to identify Uranus analogs.  ...  The candidate moon around Kepler-1625b would induce a radial velocity signal of about 200 m/s on its host planet, large enough that similar moons around directly imaged planets orbiting bright, nearby  ...  Another way to increase the strength of the detection would be to use modern high-contrast adaptive optics imaging and coronagraphy to separate the starlight from the light of the planet.  ... 
arXiv:1805.01903v1 fatcat:4tdkntrpajdtdfso3ulenubd6a

Aggregation by Foraging Insect Parasitoids in Response to Local Variations in Host Density: Determining the Dimensions of a Host Patch

Jay A. Rosenheim, Thomas Meade, Irene G. Powch, Steve E. Schoenig
1989 Journal of Animal Ecology  
of studies of parasitism to distinguish active, behaviourally mediated aggregation from passive, demographically mediated aggregation. (6) The current use of B as a measure of the strength of an aggregative  ...  B is inappropriate due to its dependence upon the variance of host density measurements, and, therefore, upon the nature of the underlying host distribution. (3) An alternative analysis is proposed, based  ...  This material is based upon work supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid from the Graduate Division, University of California, Berkeley, and under a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship to J.A.R  ... 
doi:10.2307/4988 fatcat:so5j6k54wzh6djegrddpwgfrum

An Improved Joint Optimization of Multiple Level Set Functions for the Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells

Zhi Lu, Gustavo Carneiro, Andrew P. Bradley
2015 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
Bradley is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT110100623).  ...  In future, we would like to generalise the cell detection function of the algorithm to make it more readily adaptable to a variety of cell types and depositions. VII.  ...  For example, [43] adapt the gradient vector flow (GVF) [42] to cervical cell segmentation by estimating the orientation of the GVFs in the pixels near to an edge.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tip.2015.2389619 pmid:25585419 fatcat:vriqpolrfbckfgvokd4glup7jm

Sequential Disturbance Effects of Hailstorm and Fire on Vegetation in a Mediterranean-Type Ecosystem

K. Gower, J. B. Fontaine, C. Birnbaum, N. J. Enright
2015 Ecosystems  
2014) as well as mechanisms governing prevalence 84 and strength of resprouting (e.g., Moreira and others 2012).  ...  Compound disturbance effects on vegetative regrowth: vegetative regrowth (resprouting) is 115 similar for hail and fire as individual disturbances, but combined disturbance (hail + fire) leads 116 to compound  ...  205 vascular cambium (Cornelissen and others 2003; Lawes and others 2011). 206 Scorch height in burned tree clumps was assessed by measuring char on tree boles to the 207 nearest cm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10021-015-9886-5 fatcat:tqkpg2i4dfhk7cgdamlse6zidq
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