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Efficient Web Content Delivery Using Proxy Caching Techniques

D. Zeng, F.-Y. Wang, M. Liu
2004 IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part C (Applications and Reviews)  
adaptive and integrated caching approaches.  ...  Web caching technology has been widely used to improve the performance of the Web infrastructure and reduce userperceived network latencies.  ...  For instance, some caching systems employ intelligent sensing mechanisms to monitor network traffic to decide when to prefetch or perform consistency-related activities [35] , [71] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tsmcc.2004.829261 fatcat:6byeebzlhfe5dnqyc4krnrogu4


S. A. Idowu, Software Engineering Department Babcock University Ogun State, Nigeria
2022 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science  
Any of the proposed SW strategies can be adopted by web application developers based on the network condition and the contents of the application as this will help in reducing the loading time of the application  ...  , promote efficient mobile memory management, and increase the number of active users.  ...  There is no option for a network connection. This approach provides a fast response to the user but can only be utilized for data that are permanently cached and never needs to be updated.  ... 
doi:10.26483/ijarcs.v13i2.6810 fatcat:bzu27fu6rzaifif4tw3z5bv23y

Intelligent Web Caching Using Neurocomputing and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Sarina Sulaiman, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Fadni Forkan, Ajith Abraham
2008 2008 Second Asia International Conference on Modelling & Simulation (AMS)  
Web caching is a technology for improving network traffic on the internet. It is a temporary storage of Web objects (such as HTML documents) for later retrieval.  ...  In this paper, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach is introduced for Web caching to determine the type of Web request, either to cache or not, and to optimize the performance on Web cache.  ...  Conclusion We presented two approaches to optimize the use of Web caching in server.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ams.2008.40 dblp:conf/asiams/SulaimanSFA08 fatcat:y6banmoq6ve2fegoz2ouitth54

Autonomous SPY©: Intelligent Web proxy caching detection using neurocomputing and Particle Swarm Optimization

Sarina Sulaiman, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Fadni Forkan, Ajith Abraham
2009 2009 6th International Symposium on Mechatronics and its Applications  
Web caching has been recognized as the effective schemes to alleviate the service bottleneck, minimize the user access latency and reduce the network traffic.  ...  objects) in Internet based electronic services (e-services) for enhancing Web access.  ...  threshold Expected Network Output threshold The network incorporates simplicity in generating output for the web caching to cache or not to cache.  ... 
doi:10.1109/isma.2009.5164846 fatcat:ggbbmsfonffebd5mxhs45qjasq

Deployment of Collaborative Web Caching with Active Networks [chapter]

Laurent Lefèvre, Jean-Marc Pierson, SidAli Guebli
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Two complementary methods : Parametrized with two validation thresholds : ß a : parent side : number of False Hit ß b : children side : number of data movement in the cache  ...  features n Deploy dynamically new services in the network n Add some intelligence in the nodes for the transfer of web traffic, considering pros and cons of active networks Mirror tables ß used to localize  ...  web browser n AN exchange data and take tuning decisions independently of data streams (proactive approach) Collaborative cache service in active node ¸Children cachȩ based on composition of  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24715-9_8 fatcat:bh4yt62vzze3bgnclgevh43vfm

Intelligent Web Caching for E-learning Log Data

Sarina Sulaiman, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Fadni Forkan, Ajith Abraham, Shahida Sulaiman
2009 2009 Third Asia International Conference on Modelling & Simulation  
@UTM for enhancing Web access.  ...  Web caching has been recognized as the effective schemes to lessen the service bottleneck, diminish the user access latency and reduce the network traffic.  ...  Authors would like to thank Soft Computing Research Group, Faculty of Computer Science and Information System and Centre of Teaching and Learning, UTM for their cooperation in making this study a victory  ... 
doi:10.1109/ams.2009.88 dblp:conf/asiams/SulaimanSFAS09 fatcat:knjwsdmek5fyvj72lpyz6l2rya

A Survey on Web Pre-Fetching and Web Caching Techniques for Latency Optimization in Mobile Environment

2017 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
The continued increase in demand for objects on the internet causes severe overloading in many sites and network links.  ...  Web traffic reduction techniques are mandatory for accessing the websites efficiently.  ...  This approach is mainly used for social network site Facebook.  ... 
doi:10.21275/art20178871 fatcat:cqj3fajfqzgdpa6o6r2vevun2u

A Survey of Caching Networks in Content Oriented Networks

2016 IEICE transactions on communications  
This paper surveys recent research activities for caching networks in content oriented networks, with focusing on important factors which affect caching network performance, i.e. content request routing  ...  Content oriented network is expected to be one of the most promising approaches for resolving design concept difference between content oriented network services and location oriented architecture of current  ...  Conclusions In this paper, we survey interesting research activities for caching networks in content oriented networks.  ... 
doi:10.1587/transcom.2015ami0001 fatcat:hzzosx5jo5duhgfpl43tdca5bm

Optimizing content distribution through adaptive distributed caching

Peter Backx, Thijs Lambrecht, Bart Dhoedt, Filip De Turck, Piet Demeester
2005 Computer Communications  
Active networking allows to intercept and monitor passing request packets and to place, on demand, a cache at virtually every node in the network, giving a broad range of possible caching locations and  ...  A scalable and fast heuristic is proposed for inter-cache cooperation.  ...  the Ghent University GOAproject 'Programmable and Active Networks' (PAN).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2004.08.007 fatcat:jdwzhsw3p5d2zo73qabmwbcuna

Analysis of a large multimedia-rich web portal for the validation of personal delivery networks

Jeroen van der Hooft, Stefano Petrangeli, Tim Wauters, Rameez Rahman, Nico Verzijp, Rafael Huysegems, Tom Bostoen, Filip De Turck
2017 2017 IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management (IM)  
Based on this analysis, we introduce the concept of personal delivery networks (PDNs), in which content is stored closer to the end user, at delivery caches in the edge of the core network or even in the  ...  PDN nodes proactively prefetch and evict content on a per-user basis, opening opportunities for personalized low-latency delivery of multimedia-rich web applications.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT Jeroen van der Hooft is funded by grant of the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT).  ... 
doi:10.23919/inm.2017.7987364 dblp:conf/im/HooftPWRVHBT17 fatcat:kl7sykhcgbbedbjqb732uqn46a

Passive crowd-based monitoring of World Wide Web infrastructure and its performance

Martin Arlitt, Niklas Carlsson, Carey Williamson, Jerry Rolia
2012 2012 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)  
For such tasks, researchers typically rely on active measurements or large numbers of volunteer users.  ...  of actual user activity.  ...  A typical approach for exploring infrastructure changes is to use active measurements (e.g., traceroute, as used in [10] ).  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2012.6363979 dblp:conf/icc/ArlittCWR12 fatcat:pcwi4k3ae5fyrhjd6mc3xa57ga

Active Query Caching for Database Web Servers [chapter]

Qiong Luo, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Pei Cao, Yunrui Li
2001 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Unfortunately, a common technique to improve web scalability, proxy caching, is ineffective for database web servers because existing web proxy servers cannot cache queries.  ...  To address this problem, we modify a recently proposed enhanced proxy server, called an active proxy, to enable Active Query Caching.  ...  We would like to thank Jin Zhang for his technical support and helpful discussions on the active proxy prototype system, and Evangelos Markatos for his discussion on Excite search engine query trace.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45271-0_6 fatcat:chmcnyglk5a27eofylarkn7geq

World Wide Web caching: trends and techniques

G. Barish, K. Obraczke
2000 IEEE Communications Magazine  
When correctly deployed, Web caching systems can lead to significant bandwidth savings, server load balancing, perceived network latency reduction, and higher content availability.  ...  Academic and corporate communities have been dedicating considerable effort to World Wide Web caching.  ...  The last approach, dynamic deployment of caches at network choke points, is a strategy embraced by the adaptive caching approach.  ... 
doi:10.1109/35.841844 fatcat:2jtgqlmfm5adbhz2ylsyluk5hq

Robust Website Fingerprinting Through the Cache Occupancy Channel [article]

Anatoly Shusterman, Lachlan Kang, Yarden Haskal, Yosef Meltser, Prateek Mittal, Yossi Oren, Yuval Yarom
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Specifically, we use machine learning techniques to classify traces of cache activity.  ...  We show that our approach achieves high classification accuracy in both the open-world and the closed-world models.  ...  Acknowledgements We would like to thank Vera Rimmer for her helpful comments and insights.  ... 
arXiv:1811.07153v3 fatcat:46xvcm6uive2nlsq5bf76xoqyq

A Review of Web Caching Techniques and Caching Algorithms for Effective and Improved Caching

Pranay Nanda, Shamsher Singh, G.L. Saini
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
/ An approach to improve web performance is in recognizing that the bottleneck access of website is process utilize.tion rather than network bandwidth.  ...  Cooperative Caching-Swalla Architecture Most traditional cooperative caching schemes were developed for network file systems but were not designed for cluster-based web servers with content-based requirements  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2015906656 fatcat:zhkj5tcxzjhlfgeq3gocakh4ga
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