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Saliency-Driven Active Contour Model for Image Segmentation

Ehtesham Iqbal, Asim Niaz, Asif Aziz Memon, Usman Asim, Kwang Nam Choi
2020 IEEE Access  
In addition, Saliency-driven region edge based top down level set evolution model (SDREL) [38] uses a saliency map with a global active contour model for the segmentation of grayscale and color images  ...  SDREL [38] is a saliency driven region based active contour model that merges a saliency map with an active contour to segment the targeted objects.  ...  He is currently a professor with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Chung-Ang University.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3038945 fatcat:mgvtnoueuverhj6ekowxpf2d4a

Implicit Active Contours Driven by Local and Global Image Fitting Energy for Image Segmentation and Target Localization

Xiaosheng Yu, Yuanchen Qi, Ziwei Lu, Nan Hu
2013 Journal of Sensors  
We combine a local image fitting term and a global image fitting term to drive the contour evolution.  ...  We propose a novel active contour model in a variational level set formulation for image segmentation and target localization.  ...  Acknowledgment The research is supported by the National Science Foundation of China (61273078), Science Foundation of Liaoning (20102062), and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/713536 fatcat:ytpcznpxnbhhxfsxubg6xwzgoy

Hybrid Active Contours Driven by Improved Laplace Adaptive Energy in Multiphase Level Set Framework

Guang-yu YANG, Yong-guo ZHENG
2019 DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering  
The region fitting energies are described with the combination of the global and local distributions. An improved image Laplace term enhances the ability to locate the weak boundary.  ...  In order to better deal with the inhomogeneity, the adaptive segmentation energy is proposed to replace the fixed threshold and local Gaussian means and variances are added to get better precision of segmentation  ...  Laplace Adaptive Hybrid Active Contour Driven by Local and Global Intensity Fitting Energy (LGLAF Model) Image Preprocessing We combined the gradient reciprocal weighting method and the median filtering  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtcse/ica2019/30746 fatcat:gyfhpahfvbej5hlndgnzqcwnma

Active contours driven by harmonic mean based KL divergence fitting energies for image segmentation

Bin Han, Yiquan Wu
2018 Electronics Letters  
A new active contour model driven by harmonic mean based Kullback-Leibler (KL) fitting energies is presented to achieve accurate segmentation of various kinds of images.  ...  Firstly, the global fitted image is defined by global harmonic mean region fitting centres and the piece-wise smooth function and then the global fitting term can be constructed based on KL divergence.  ...  In last few years, due to easy modelling and implementation, active contour models (ACMs) have been one of the main technologies of image segmentation.  ... 
doi:10.1049/el.2018.1108 fatcat:aut3m5frl5cltnwzwiqxekr6ei

Shape Prior Embedded Level Set Model for Image Segmentation

Wansuo Liu, Dengwei Wang, Wenjun Shi
2019 Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
The purpose of the probability weighting is to introduce region information into the edge stop function to enhance the model's ability to capture weak edges.  ...  Secondly, a shape prior term driven by kernel density estimation (KDE) is additionally introduced into the optimized LSEWR model.  ...  [16] presented an active contour model driven by local image fitting (LIF) energy model whose energy functional is defined by minimizing the difference between the fitted image and the original image  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/9014217 fatcat:riwtp4sotrafxp4cq5fd6cgkse

Active Contours Driven by Local Rayleigh Distribution Fitting Energy for Ultrasound Image Segmentation

Hui BI, Yibo JIANG, Hui LI, Xuan SHA, Yi WANG
2018 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
While the curve evolution equation is derived for energy minimization, and self-driven uterus contour is achieved on the ultrasound images.  ...  In this paper, to deal with image inhomogeneity with considering ultrasound image properties the Local Rayleigh Distribution Fitting (LRDF) energy term is introduced into the traditional level set method  ...  To deal with intensity inhomogeneity of image, authors proposed some energy fitting term into active contours method [9] , [10] .  ... 
doi:10.1587/transinf.2017edp7344 fatcat:yleez7xtpzftpbovi5ndzehocy

Active Contours Driven by Local and Global Region-based Information for Image Segmentation

Xiaojun Yang, Xiaoliang Jiang, Lingfei Zhou, Yong Wang, Yuliang Zhang
2020 IEEE Access  
Third, by combing the global-based SPF and the local-based SPF functions, an improved hybrid SPF function is constructed based on active contour approach.  ...  First, by considering the global information extracted from a region of interest, a new global-based SPF function is created that effectively adjusts the signs of the pressure force inside and outside  ...  By combining the global region information and local region information with a regularization term, this method is independent on the initial position of the evolving curve.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2963435 fatcat:uyyqb7bsxbck3pwlkzmdq4jfjm

Active contours driven by difference of Gaussians

Farhan Akram, Miguel Angel Garcia, Domenec Puig
2017 Scientific Reports  
In turn, region-based methods by using image statistical information can properly segment images with weak and/or blurred boundaries.  ...  The main idea behind the active contours is to formulate an energy functional by using image statistics, curvature and gradient information.  ...  A hybrid region-based active contours driven by local and global fitted image models (LGFIM) was proposed in the context of intensity inhomogeneity 28 .  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-14502-w pmid:29101392 pmcid:PMC5670211 fatcat:zvjbtl6acbeh5d4llaayj4pgnm

A geodesic-active-contour-based variational model for short-axis cardiac MR image segmentation

Wei Zhu, Sung Ha Kang, George Biros
2013 International Journal of Computer Mathematics  
We propose to use two level sets to identify the both endocardial wall by pushing away one level set function from another, in the setting of edge-driven geodesic active contour model with a new edge detection  ...  We propose a novel geodesic active contour based variational model that uses two level set functions to segment the right and left ventricles and the epicardium in short axis MR images.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank the anonymous referees for their valuable suggestion and constructive comments that greatly help improve the presentation of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00207160.2012.695355 fatcat:q2lw64fmefgmrnuley5ho3qlmi

Energy based Methods for Medical Image Segmentation

Pamela Juneja, Ramgopal Kashyap
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Segmentation methods are classified as edge based, region based, clustering based, Level set methods (LSM) and Energy based methods.  ...  It needs correct segmentation connected with medical images regarding correct diagnosis. An efficient method assures good quality segmentation of medical images.  ...  Geometric active contours can be categorized as edge based models and region based models [16] .  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016910808 fatcat:2nm5bgqg55blbmrtnrjdotpbdi

Directional geodesic active contours

G. Gallego, J.I. Ronda, A. Valdes
2012 2012 19th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing  
The new metric is obtained by adding to the Euclidean metric an additional term that penalizes the misalignment of the curve with the image gradient and multiplying the resulting metric by a conformal  ...  The good performance of the proposed techniques is demonstrated in comparison with other active contours methods.  ...  In edge-based approaches, the evolution of the curve (i.e. contour) is driven by an edge detector of the image.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icip.2012.6467421 dblp:conf/icip/GallegoRV12 fatcat:jt4dgf43dff7vfejdj7bxxveay

Active contour driven by weighted hybrid signed pressure force for image segmentation

Jiangxiong Fang, Huaxiang Liu, Liting Zhang, Jun Liu, Hesheng Liu
2019 IEEE Access  
This study presents a novel active contour model (ACM) driven by weighted global and local region-based signed pressure force (SPF) to segment images in the presence of intensity inhomogeneity and noise  ...  INDEX TERMS Image segmentation, active contour, signed pressure force, intensity inhomogeneity. 97492 2169-3536  ...  On the other hand, hybrid active contour models by combining the edge-based and region-based ACMs have been designed in the literature.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2929659 fatcat:3vxhh4exnnfvflla3rtqzd6rse

Incorporating a Local Binary Fitting Model into a Maximum Regional Difference Model for Extracting Microscopic Information under Complex Conditions

Chunyan Yao, Jianwei Zhang, Min Chen, Qiu Guan, Massimo Scalia
2012 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
By combining the advantages of local and global information, the motion of the contour is driven by the mixed fitting force, which is composed of the local and global fitting term in the energy function  ...  It utilizes both local and global intensity information as the driving forces of the contour model on the principle of the largest regional difference.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China 51075367, 60870002 and the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province R1110679, 2010R10006, and 2010C33095  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/474938 fatcat:2t7mgsqilngdjiq6tetytpzewq

Detection of Pulmonary Nodules in CT Images Based on Fuzzy Integrated Active Contour Model and Hybrid Parametric Mixture Model

Bin Li, Kan Chen, Lianfang Tian, Yao Yeboah, Shanxing Ou
2013 Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine  
Our approach has several novel aspects: (1) In the proposed FIACM model, edge and local region information is incorporated.  ...  The fuzzy energy is used as the motivation power for the evolution of the active contour. (2) A hybrid PMM Model of juxta-vascular nodules combining appearance and geometric information is constructed  ...  Bai, and Dr. F. Long for their helpful comments and advice which contributed much to this paper. This work is supported by the National Natu-  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/515386 pmid:23690876 pmcid:PMC3652289 fatcat:fskhpxakjndglelas2guffm3ra

Local and Global Region-Based Curve Evolutions for Image Segmentation

Haiyan Zhang, Shangbing Gao, Yufu Zhu
2014 Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal  
In this paper, we propose a novel region-based active contour model in a variational level set formulation.  ...  Moreover, comparisons with recent popular local image fitting (LIF) model also show that our model is less sensitive to the location of initial contour.  ...  In the associated curve evolution, the motion of the contour is driven by a local intensity fitting force and a global intensity fitting force, induced by the local and global terms in the proposed energy  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874110x01408010951 fatcat:lacgswcdw5gk7hxmzy2vuyql4e
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