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Action Theory Evolution [article]

Ivan Varzinczak
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Finally we state postulates for action theory contraction and assess the behavior of our operators w.r.t. them.  ...  Like any other logical theory, domain descriptions in reasoning about actions may evolve, and thus need revision methods to adequately accommodate new information about the behavior of actions.  ...  This is a new law that she should incorporate to her knowledge base at some stage of her action theory evolution.  ... 
arXiv:0811.1878v1 fatcat:wbm3olbyxzekrjfknpj6tkylym

Principle of Least Action and Theory of Cyclic Evolution [article]

Atanu Bikash Chatterjee
2011 arXiv   pre-print
Co-existence of the system in states of maximum organization as well as maximum action forms the core idea of the paper. Major influences have been drawn from the Principle of Least Action.  ...  Organization is a progressive change, while evolution is expressed in the effects of accumulating marks acquired from contingent encounters.  ...  Evolution of a system towards a greater state of organization is a coherent action of the organization of each system elements towards their optimal states of organization 8 .  ... 
arXiv:1111.5374v1 fatcat:o2aq6pyrrnepzjxhuxh6zti6za

Evolution in games with a continuous action space

Matthijs van Veelen, Peter Spreij
2008 Economic Theory  
Allowing for games with a continuous action space, we investigate how evolutionary stability, the existence of a uniform invasion barrier, local superiority and asymptotic stability relate to each other  ...  An important part of the theory for games with a finite action space consists of connecting static properties that a strategy can have-such as evolutionary stability, the existence of a uniform invasion  ...  Fig. 1 Fig. 2 12 Finite Continuous action space A continuous action space breaks up a few of those links as we will see just now.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00199-008-0338-8 fatcat:ozqw5p5atfbhrovcyfnk4zvcra

The Origin and Evolution of Life on the Theory of Action, Reaction and Interaction of Energy

J. A. T.
1919 Nature  
doi:10.1038/103201a0 fatcat:wmv64v6kfncw5bx4b54wedfpny

The Origin and Evolution of Life, on the Theory of the Action, Reaction and Interaction of Energy

R. S. Lillie
1918 Science  
The factors of evolution are thus various and are classified by the author under four chief heads: (1) action of the inorganic environment, (2) of the organism itself, (3) of the germinal substance of  ...  Paleontological research indicates that variations in the germ can be referred only partly, if at all, to the direct action of the environment upon the entire organism; thus rapid evolution may take place  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.48.1245.472 fatcat:cw4v2x36ivakfck7icfdj6nhy4

Book Review: Dennis McNally, On Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom

Charles Cuthbertson
2016 Theory in Action  
doi:10.3798/tia.1937-0237.16012 fatcat:tojqagndvfg7pcokdvr5e2x37m

Bioinformatic Detection of Positive Selection Pressure in Plant Pathogens: The Neutral Theory of Molecular Sequence Evolution in Action

Mark C. Derbyshire
2020 Frontiers in Microbiology  
Furthermore, evolution of total host resistance to most isolates can force rapid evolutionary changes in host-specific pathogens.  ...  In this review, I briefly describe some of the more widely used tests of positive selection and the theory underlying them.  ...  It was in this time that one of the founding theories of modern genetics was developed by Motoo Kimura in 1968 : the neutral theory of molecular evolution (Kimura, 1968) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2020.00644 pmid:32328056 pmcid:PMC7160247 fatcat:jvfisg6bkzei5hgh5vkwei2lmm

The Origin and Evolution of Life on the Theory of Action and Interaction of Energy. Henry Fairfield Osborn

1918 The Journal of geology  
REVIEWS The Origin and Evolution of Life on the Theory of Action and Interaction of Energy. By Henry FAIRFIELD OSBORN. Charles Scribner’s Sons. Pp. xxi+322. Large 8vo.  ...  Especially satisfactory is it from the side of paleontology, and paleontology is and must remain the earing house of all evolutional theories and doctrines.  ... 
doi:10.1086/622590 fatcat:nermmkppvrd2dmbddpesnocrba

Theory of action by Tadeusz Tomaszewski. Evolution of his views on psychology as a subject
Aktywność człowieka. Ewolucja poglądów Tadeusza Tomaszewskiego na przedmiot psychologii

Zofia Ratajczak
2015 Czasopismo Psychologiczne Psychological Journal  
Tomaszewski przejawiał chęć włączenia się w nurt tzw. action research, uznając próby formalizacji ogólnej teorii działania (np. M. Nowakowskiej) i opisu świata w ramach teorii systemów i cybernetyki.  ... 
doi:10.14691/cppj.21.1.9 fatcat:te272hnqe5cz5mzihqtxxgfp7y

Review of The origin and evolution of life, on the theory of action and interaction of energy

George V. N. Dearborn
1918 Journal of Abnormal Psychology  
THE ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF LIFE, ON THE THEORY OF ACTION AND INTERACTION OF ENERGY. By Henry Fairfield Osborn, Sc. D., Princeton, etc., of Columbia University, the U. S.  ...  of life; III, Energy-evolution of bacteria, algae, and plants; IV, The origins of animal life and evolution of the invertebrates; V, Visible and invisible evolution of the vertebrates; VI, Evolution of  ... 
doi:10.1037/h0065475 fatcat:agbgrunulfg7fiut4hysgesiuq

The Mind and Its Mechanism: With Special Reference to Ideo-Motor Action, Hypnosis, Habit and Instinct, and the Lamarckian Theory of Evolution

1928 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
Tue Minp anv Its Mecnanism: With Special Reference to Ideo- Motor .Action, Hypnosis, Habit and Instinct, and the Lamarckian Theory ef Evolution. By Paul Bousfield, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., and W. R.  ...  The mechanism of mental activity has long puzzled scien- tists and yielded little more than many tempting, though unproved, theories. This essay presents an unusual point of view.  ... 
doi:10.1001/jama.1928.02690380064043 fatcat:bucg7royljbo5jew4gio2chgf4

The Four Inseparable Factors of Evolution. Theory of their Distinct and Combined Action in the Transformation of the Titanotheres, an Extinct Family of Hoofed Animals in the Order Perissodactyla

Henry Fairfield Osborn
1908 Science  
THEORY OF THEIR DISTINCT AND COMBINED ACTION IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE TITANOTHERES, AN EXTINCT FAMILY OF HOOFED ANIMALS IN THE ORDER PERISSODACTYLA 1 IN a recent address entitled "Evolution as it appears  ...  The actual state of living nature is that of the inseparable and continuous action of these several factors as expressed in the following most fundamental biological law: The life and evolution of organisms  ... 

Waterdale Researches or, Fresh Light on Dynamic Action. By "WATERDALE." London, Chapman & Hall, 1892. 12mo.pp. vi., 293. Cosmical Evolution: A New Theory of the Mechanism of Nature. By E. McLENNAN. Chicago, Donabue, Hennenberrry, & Co., 1890. 12mo. 399 p. $2

1893 Science  
volumes wve have interesting illuistrations of those methods of thought, and their results, whichi are characteristic of the attempts of amateurs in science to bring contributions of new thought and novel theories  ...  The idea thiat som1e other explanation of tlhe action of forces on matter than that provisionally held, that of an inherent attractive "action at a distance," is as old as Greek philosophy, and remains  ...  Fact and Theory Papers I. THE SUPPRESSION OF CON. Schoharie N v RESTORE YOUR EYESIGHT imD1L1I TAy :ii a T 1:1 FOR SALE.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.ns-21.519.26 fatcat:lcnmtgqfsvai7pa43ynw6jyzxe

Can Evolutionary Game Theory Evolve in Sociology? :

Yoshimichi SATO
2003 Riron to hoho  
Finally, I point out that a limitation of evolutionary game theory in the study of evolution of the division of labor as social order is that it assumes a finite set of possible actions, while evolution  ...  In this paper I argue that evolutionary game theory is a good tool with which we study evolution of certain types of social order, but that it has a limitation when we apply it to the study of evolution  ...  Thus evolutionary game theory has to prove that a good theory on evolution of social order is to be built with it in order to show the possibility of its evolution in sociology.  ... 
doi:10.11218/ojjams.18.185 fatcat:jabesqscizc45fv2haulce22te

The Universe's Evolution [article]

Nguyen Tuan Anh
2000 arXiv   pre-print
Based on a new theory of causality [1] and its development to the theory of the Universe [2], we show, in this paper, new ideas for building a theory of everything.  ...  And in the next Section we show the process of the Universe's evolution which lays the foundation for building a theory of the Universe. III. THE PROCESS OF THE UNIVERSE'S EVOLUTION A.  ...  N.T.Anh The Variant Principle Thus, we have started to come to a theory, axiom of which is the difference, object of which is actions 3 [1].  ... 
arXiv:physics/9912006v5 fatcat:goaaxnmnwrhznpwdmcjudtpifm
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