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Anand Bhutada, Abhijit Choudhary, Atul Kapse, Vinayak Patki
Biomarkers can contribute to an early diagnosis of CRS and to a timely therapeutic intervention. The use of this classifi cation can help physicians characterize groups of patients, provides the rationale for specifi c management strategies 1 Epidemiology: Currently, the incidence of CRS in children is unknown as very little work has been done in this area, in spite of the fact that heart failure is a common comorbidity in renal failure. 1 Complications of acute or chronic renal dysfunction and
more » ... vice versa revealed that CRS prevalence could range between 3.0% and 52. ABSTRACT Cardiorenal syndrome(CRS) is an interdependent involvement of the heart and the kidney that leads to high morbidity, recurrent readmissions and grave prognosis. Early use of slow high-dose intravenous diuretics, dialysis with ultrafiltration for treatment of congestion, inotropes and left ventricular assistant device to stabilize the hemodynamics and maintenance of the renal perfusion are the vital component for a short period of time. Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is a unique form of functional renal failure associated with progressive liver failure. It carries worst prognosis among all causes of renal failure in children with liver disease. Liver transplantation is the definitive treatment of HRS. Vasoconstrictor therapy with albumin and Renal replacement therapy are used as a bridge to liver transplant for patients who are unresponsive to medical therapy.
doi:10.21304/2018.0502.00374 fatcat:e7kwrl6vrjdz7pp6xvra7vnomu

ICICCS 2020 Table of Contents

2020 2020 4th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS)  
Titarmare 674 116 Classification of Animals Using Toy Images Nanditha D, Manohar N 680 117 A Virtual Trial Room using Pose Estimation and Homography Kshitij Shah, Mridul Pandey, Sharvesh Patki  ...  for Farmers: A Review R.Kanniga Devi, M.Muthukannan 666 115 Analytic for Temperature and Humidity -Cloud based Forecasting and Dashboard Mukul Kolhe, Roshan Paturkar, Umesh Sahu, Sofia Pillai, Abhijit  ... 
doi:10.1109/iciccs48265.2020.9121146 fatcat:ejvxsxt2cjagjdeyyfbkj6k2lm

World Sanskrit Conference 2018 Vancouver, Canada : Schedule of Papers

Adheesh Sathaye
2018 Zenodo  
Union With Śiva, Zoë Slatoff Mrunal Patki Lancaster University Deccan College PGRI Beyond the Body: Yoga and Advaita Vedānta in the Aparokṣānubhūti Tying of Maṇi and Viṣṇudharmottara Purāṇa (Ch. 2.109)  ...  SESSION 19.1: Digital Sanskrit Workshop, Part 1: Wednesday | July 11 || 2-4pm Session 3.3 Room कक्षा Location स्षा नम् Section/ Theme विभषा गः/विषयः 2-2.30pm 2.30-3pm 3-3.30pm 3.30-4pm 1 buch A103 10:30] Abhijit  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1340081 fatcat:yzfye6f6ebcxdkvj5wj3porkbq

Systematics and phylogeny of Sitana (Reptilia: Agamidae) of Peninsular India, with the description of one new genus and five new species

V. Deepak, Varad B. Giri, Mohammad Asif, Sushil Kumar Dutta, Raju Vyas, Amod M. Zambre, Harshal Bhosale, K. Praveen Karanth, J. van Rooijen
2016 Contributions to zoology  
Abhijit Das, B.H.C.K. Murthy, Prathyush Mahopatra, Niladri B.  ...  Citizen Science Initiative (Facebook group) for their assistance in field and additional location data.Dharmendra Khandal, Hemant Singh, Yadav Tarte Patil, Raman Upadhye, Shyam Soni, Atul, Daya, Anand Patki  ... 
doi:10.1163/18759866-08501004 fatcat:63xnw55gbffjhok225h4qcflxu