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AISO: Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies

Nikhil Lingutla, Justin Preece, Sinisa Todorovic, Laurel Cooper, Laura Moore, Pankaj Jaiswal
2014 Journal of Biomedical Semantics  
Results: We developed a novel image segmentation and annotation software application, "Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies" (AISO).  ...  Conclusions: AISO enables curators and researchers to annotate digital images with ontology terms in a manner which ensures the future computational value of the annotated images.  ...  Stevenson at the New York Botanical Gardens for his permission to use digital images of botanical species in the segmentation testing of AISO. We also thank Brian Atkinson and Dr. Ruth A.  ... 
doi:10.1186/2041-1480-5-50 pmid:25584184 pmcid:PMC4290088 fatcat:77xwkdwl7ragxbvkuj2xywyfja

Planteome & BisQue: Automating Image Annotation with Ontologies using Deep-Learning Networks

Dimitrios Trigkakis, Justin Preece, Austin Meier, Justin Elser, Kristian Kvilekval, Dmitry Fedorov, B. S. Manjunath, Pankaj Jaiswal, Sinisa Todorovic
2018 International Conference on Biomedical Ontology  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We acknowledge and thank the following curators for testing and using the desktop leaf annotation tool to generate annotated image data for model training purposes: Laurel Cooper, Noor  ...  This current version of the Planteome Deep Segmenter module [6] combines image classification with optional guided segmentation and ontology annotation.  ...  Our module not only provides segmentation of image parts that can later be annotated with ontology terms, but also the mapping of such segments to a predefined set of classes that already contain the cor  ... 
dblp:conf/icbo/TrigkakisPMEKFM18 fatcat:5k4vtzlqaffsdch35cknt6x5aa

Plant Image Segmentation and Annotation with Ontologies in BisQue

Justin Preece, Justin Elser, Pankaj Jaiswal, Kristian Kvilekval, Dmitry Fedorov, B. S. Manjunath, Ryan Kitchen, Xu Xu, Dmitrios Trigkakis, Sinisa Todorovic, Seth Carbon
2016 International Conference on Biomedical Ontology  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS J.P. thanks Planteome project personnel Laurel Cooper, Austin Meier, and Chris Mungall for advice and support, and Nirav Merchant (U. of Ariz.) for access to the CyVerse infrastructure  ...  For example, it may be possible to segment an image of a plant leaf into diseased and undiseased tissue, and then to annotate these segments with ontology terms describing the disease state and associated  ...  By combining these two innovations: image analysis and ontology annotation, we can imbue images with structured meaning and enable the inferential computability of image data.  ... 
dblp:conf/icbo/PreeceEJKFMKXTT16 fatcat:iusve2oo65btzkatd7uth3hw7m

The Planteome Project

Laurel Cooper, Austin Meier, Justin Elser, Justin Preece, Xu Xu, Ryan Kitchen, Botong Qu, Eugene Zhang, Sinisa Todorovic, Pankaj Jaiswal, Marie-Angélique Laporte, Elizabeth Arnaud (+5 others)
2016 International Conference on Biomedical Ontology  
The Planteome project ( develops and hosts a suite of reference ontologies for plants associated with a growing corpus of genomics data.  ...  The Planteome project is a centralized online plant informatics portal which provides semantic integration of widely diverse datasets with the goal of plant improvement.  ...  The Planteome project already hosts such a tool as a desktop application; Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies (AISO;, but we wish to move its functionality online  ... 
dblp:conf/icbo/CooperMEPXKQZTJ16 fatcat:nurcyvvylbaalod6qjjjtglf7m

PhenoImageShare: an image annotation and query infrastructure

Solomon Adebayo, Kenneth McLeod, Ilinca Tudose, David Osumi-Sutherland, Tony Burdett, Richard Baldock, Albert Burger, Helen Parkinson
2016 Journal of Biomedical Semantics  
Thanks to Jason Swedlow for useful discussions; Yiya Yang for export of Mouse Atlas data; Jeremy Mason, Bill Hill and Gautier Koscielny for technical guidance; and Matt Pierce for assistance with Solr.  ...  AISO [15] is a desktop tool that was developed for plant image annotation and supports ontology use. AISO is restricted to the plant ontology, which it accesses through its own web service.  ...  In terms of annotations, the first use-case is drawing basic ROIs shapes with the ability to annotate them with ontology terms.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13326-016-0072-2 pmid:27267125 pmcid:PMC4896029 fatcat:3eweino7dvgyrmx4o35tmqevrm

Argentina after the "Dirty War": Reading the Limits of National Reconciliation

Mario Di Paolantonio
1997 Alternatives: Global, Local, Political  
This concem with what has been excluded or repressed by the legal-narrative of the event, points to an ethical reading practice which is ≤ to read the limits of representation.  ...  A fundamentai concern for the thesis is with how to pay attention to what remains on the way to reconciliation.  ...  painfully felt by those that identiQ with the group image.  ... 
doi:10.1177/030437549702200401 fatcat:q2ksvoowibhdvd4jclegdhtpxa

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Complete Issue
1998 Cartographic Perspectives  
Subsequently, a user/viewer epistemological and ontological framework called sense-making is discussed and combined with semiotic processes enabling social semiotics.  ...  First, an apparently objective method, content analysis, is applied to a collection of corporate annual reports' geospatial imagery resulting in a categorization and description of those images.  ...  Imported documents can also be edited, annotated, searched, and text itself retrieved (external documents are essentially bitmapped images).  ... 
doi:10.14714/cp31.838 fatcat:f35szseb25cxpnm6ckb56iuv3m

Masculinities without men?: female masculinity in twentieth-century fictions

2004 ChoiceReviews  
Acknowledging that she is not a "femme from the old days," Pratt resists and repudiates Feinberg's mis-reading of her in letten, '30 write to correct you. to esplain about my  ...  on endowing one segment of the population with a taste for aggression, control and dominance" (37).  ...  silbject who imagines and drfends its own ontological being with an alibi of essence.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.41-6303 fatcat:jzkb2ev7pndprpjun4tvzeytzy

Deg Xinag Oral Traditions: Reconnecting Indigenous Language and Education through Traditional Narratives [chapter]

2020 The Alaska Native Reader  
Old stories can aiso be referred to as q 'iy d o n g x u n x in ig (Kari 1978: 95) .  ...  and Deg Xinag descriptions of the wife; and discussions o f the literal translations o f terms for pike, including possible connections to ontology of the Deg H it'an.  ...  And then they were start to, oh lots of womans in there. W hat's wrong she never say that before.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780822390831-012 fatcat:l5fnxsmb5fawvcdjnivvhuypme

Informatica^ An International Journal of Computing and Informatics Introduction: Special Issue on Database, Web and Cooperative Sjstems Special Issue Editors

Vi, Yanchun Zhang, Vladimir Fomichov, Anton Železnikar
2000 unpublished
Careful and detailed comments from tvvo of the anonymous referees have greatly helped in improving and clarifying presentation.  ...  This project has been supported partiaily by several ARC (Australian Research Council) grants and seeding grants from Schooi of Computing and Mathematics, Deakin University since 1996.  ...  (ii) Von Koch curve: Starting with a segment with a bump on it as shown in fig 3, replace each segment of the line by a figure exactly like the original one.  ... 

Science and Anti‐Science

Gerald Holton, Henry H. Bauer
1994 American Journal of Physics  
Rising at that dark point in European history, Einstein began his short but memorable talk'' with an image: "The temple of science is a vast building with many different wings."  ...  the first thirty-eight pages, and more than two dozen annotations.  ...  AarrardL If the item is recalled, the borrower wiii be notified of the need for an eariier return.  ... 
doi:10.1119/1.17478 fatcat:w2wr7kkqh5bkflj376qzm7pmla

Science and anti-science

1994 ChoiceReviews  
Rising at that dark point in European history, Einstein began his short but memorable talk'' with an image: "The temple of science is a vast building with many different wings."  ...  the first thirty-eight pages, and more than two dozen annotations.  ...  AarrardL If the item is recalled, the borrower wiii be notified of the need for an eariier return.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.31-3220 fatcat:ucjkqbegereqfm75wtqlsrtihi

Science and Anti‐Science

Gerald Holton, Daniel Kleppner
1994 Physics today  
Rising at that dark point in European history, Einstein began his short but memorable talk'' with an image: "The temple of science is a vast building with many different wings."  ...  the first thirty-eight pages, and more than two dozen annotations.  ...  AarrardL If the item is recalled, the borrower wiii be notified of the need for an eariier return.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.2808607 fatcat:bpks7uiw6fbkjdaur5ycqu7k3q

Restoring a sense of wellness following colorectal cancer: a grounded theory

Nicola Beech, Anne Arber, Sara Faithfull
2011 Journal of Advanced Nursing  
Open coding may be conducted on a word by word, sentence by sentence, or segment by segment basis . Each of these methods has merit.  ...  Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being, the social world and the place of people within that world.  ...  You said also that you would be using grounded theory supported with literature review alongside.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2011.05820.x pmid:21895739 fatcat:nvxhmsbpzracfkmuqytqn3usia

An Intelli-gent Searcli Method for Query Optimization by Semijoins

Silvio Salza, Massimiliano Renzetti, Ye-In Cliang, Bor-Miin Liu, Cheng-Huang Liao, Hyuck, Yoo, Stephane Lafortune, Thomas Zurek, Silvio Salza, Emad Mohamed, Hussein Abdel-Wahab (+6 others)
1998 IEEE Trans, on Knovoledge and Data Eng   unpublished
This article introduces two such criteria and experimentally compares their performance with a critcrion originally used for the decomposition of Boolean functions.  ...  More specifically \ve present a modelling methodology that was developed for an important class of parallel relational systems, and is devised for a strict integration with the design procedure.  ...  We are especially indebted to Gianni Punzo that helped us with his precious advice and assistance in understanding the internal structure and the operation of SP2 and DB2-PE.  ... 
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