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A Survey of Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Classification

Khaled Shaalan
2014 Computational Linguistics  
As more and more Arabic textual information becomes available through the Web in homes and businesses, via Internet and Intranet services, there is an urgent need for technologies and tools to process  ...  The characteristics and peculiarities of Arabic, a member of the Semitic languages family, make dealing with NER a challenge.  ...  Resources and Tools, pages 193-198, Cairo. Hassan, Ahmed, Haytham Fahmy, and Hany Hassan. 2007 . Improving named entity translation by exploiting comparable and parallel corpora.  ... 
doi:10.1162/coli_a_00178 fatcat:t2iaaf7ijnbe5ktkf3ehkjxaxa

Analysis of named entity recognition and linking for tweets

Leon Derczynski, Diana Maynard, Giuseppe Rizzo, Marieke van Erp, Genevieve Gorrell, Raphaël Troncy, Johann Petrak, Kalina Bontcheva
2015 Information Processing & Management  
Applying natural language processing for mining and intelligent information access to tweets (a form of microblog) is a challenging, emerging research area.  ...  systems are on such noisy texts, what the main sources of error are, and which problems should be further investigated to improve the state of the art.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Roland Roller and Sean McCorry of the University of Sheffield, and the CrowdFlower workers, for their help in annotating the entity-linked dataset; and the reviewers for  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ipm.2014.10.006 fatcat:3ikmvocd75h7rljgxjszeku4gu

Volume 3 Issue 1

Complete Issue
2004 NJES: Nordic Journal of English studies  
I should like to thank Heinz Giegerich and Winifred Bauer for their helpful comments on an earlier draft of this article. Errors are my own. 2.  ...  In New Zealand a normal school is a school attached to a teacher-training establishment and used as a training-ground for teacher-trainees.  ...  Chinese or other language combinations.  ... 
doi:10.35360/njes.34 fatcat:netxqeqk3vgffhvmwpf6phuygu

Lexikos 6

Lexikos Lexikos
2013 Lexikos  
Branford, J. and W. Branford. 19914  ...  ~ing with English m,ac?  ...  In Chinese, the character represents a concept that is realised with different sounds in the different Chinese languages.  ... 
doi:10.5788/6-1-1019 fatcat:ggmzvnj5yfh7bhm6sfva7pnq5u

Lexikos 18

Lexikos Lexikos
2012 Lexikos  
Thanks too, to the Publisher who was willing to embark on this innovative project, as well as to Ghent University for its continued support of my field trips to South Africa.  ...  Thanks too, to the Publisher who was willing to embark on this innovative project, as well as to Ghent University for its continued support of my field trips to South Africa.  ...  The AP for class 2 is ba-, so the AC for this class becomes aba-(< a-+ ba-); the AP for class 9 is iN-, so the AC for this class becomes eN-(< e-+ iN-).  ... 
doi:10.5788/18-0-503 fatcat:3jxecvzxdzfdzjq2ytxosp2xqm

Manga vision: cultural and communicative perspectives

Bounthavy Suvilay
2017 Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics  
Irving, Erica Koh and James Rampant of the Monash University Japanese Studies Centre Manga Library.  ...  Acknowledgements Thanks to Dr Lewis Mayo for feedback on this chapter.  ...  The onomatopoeia and mimesis in these ten volumes were analysed ac cording to script in the ST (hiragana, katakana, kanji or roman alphabet) and the translation and typographic strategies used in the TT  ... 
doi:10.1080/21504857.2017.1403340 fatcat:cdwrh63zyndndng2gbjppnm24a

Lexikos 11

Lexikos Lexikos
2012 Lexikos  
error.  ...  In sophisticated applications the user can be automatically rerouted from the orthographic word to the lemmasign and thus find a full treatment.  ...  Articles will be evaluated on the following aspects: language and style; conciseness and comprehensibility; problem formulation, reasoning and conclusion; references to the most important and most recent  ... 
doi:10.5788/11-0-864 fatcat:dnyk3ptdebf63ihsfg5jvck2hq

The Dynamics of Language Learning: Research in Reading and English

Sandra Stotsky, James R. Squire
1988 College composition and communication  
.; Papers commissioned for the Mid-Decade Seminar on the Teaching of Reading and English (Chicago, IL, March 29-31, 1985).  ...  These illustrations raise the kinds of issues that must be considered, and in the organization of this conference, Jim Squire has done a marvelous job of addressing these and other issues, pulling together  ...  Orthographic Systems Orthographic systems are closely tied to the oral language systems they represent (Tzeng and Hung 1981, Wang 1981) .  ... 
doi:10.2307/357831 fatcat:oocc3rm2z5d4nepadsrbxgb6vq

Lexikos 14

Lexikos Lexikos
2012 Lexikos  
The National Language Bodies are well positioned to deliver a product with normative rules on spelling and orthography for each of the official African languages, that would enhance communication in South  ...  I think I speak on behalf of all the AFRILEX members when I say that we are all looking forward to having revised spelling and orthography rules for all our official South African languages.  ...  Furthermore, access to user-friendly and affordable software such as WordSmith Tools opens the door for terminologists to query and analyse these corpora automatically or at least semi-automatically 2  ... 
doi:10.5788/14-0-714 fatcat:qvm2bmy72jalrgqoum553yxrpq

Improving statistical machine translation of informal language: a rule-based pre-editing approach for French Forums

Johanna Gerlach, Pierrette Bouillon
punctuation rules . . . . . 4.7 Comparative evaluation results for combined informal language rules . .  ...  In particular, our work aims at identifying which transformations are useful to improve translation and whether these transformations can be applied automatically or interactively with a rule-based technology  ...  Real-word errors Error detection Precision and recall scores for the detection of real-word errors are shown in Table 3 .10.  ... 
doi:10.13097/archive-ouverte/unige:73226 fatcat:6gp322c7ujhevmvmyrqqumvuvi

Beyond Truth and Falsehood [chapter]

Ewa Kosowska, Barbara Bokus
2020 Truth and Falsehood in Science and the Arts  
The Gospel of Jesus' Wife duplicates a typographical error making the Coptic text grammatically incorrect (Gathercole, 2015, 304-305) .  ...  By showing the social organism as one that entails a network of "techno-linguistic" automatism and describing processes that contribute to language automation, Berardi depicts poetry as "an excess of language  ...  Although music is a nonrepresentational art and does not correspond to the actual world in the manner language does, the issue of truth and music Truth revealed in performance An example of following  ... 
doi:10.31338/uw.9788323542209.pp.7-20 fatcat:yb2ag3k56rhhvprr3cnriwk32u

On the Origin of Arabic Script

Kamal Mansour
Graphemics in the 21st Century   unpublished
Acknowledgements This study has been supported in part by the Centre for Language, Culture and Communication, Imperial College London.  ...  Acknowledgements I would like to thank my Chinese mentor and friend Prof. Wan Yexin 万 业馨, Beijing, for her teaching, her critical comments and constant sup port during the past twentyplus years.  ...  NLP algorithms have to (a) detect the current language; (b) use this information to detect words/morphemes; (c) use the context and linguistic re sources to find POS tags; (d) disambiguate: is "cat" the  ... 
doi:10.36824/2018-graf-mans fatcat:mlqnilf5y5aylimzundwaghswe

A study of Telugu regional and social dialects : A prosodic analysis

J. Venkateswara Sastry
Chapter 1; INTRODUCTION: A brief introduction of the land, language, people and their occupations and society are presented.  ...  Telugu language today.  ...  There is no /m/ in the inventory, probably due to a typographical error. 4. I have not been able to obtain this work. systems, but the major difference in her work is in the nature of the systems.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00028842 fatcat:lmfdldocofeb3ou5mydrzwh27u

Discriminating Between Closely Related Languages on Twitter

Anton Železnikar, Nikola Ljubeši´cljubeši´c, Denis Kranjči´kranjči´c
2015 unpublished
In this paper we tackle the problem of discriminating Twitter users by the language they tweet in, taking into account very similar South-Slavic languages-Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian.  ...  Annotating the whole 63,160 users strong Twitter collection with the best performing classifier and visualizing it on a map via tweet geo-information, we produce a Twitter language map which clearly depicts  ...  Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Airenas Vaiciunas from the Department of Applied Informatics at Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) for his useful comments about SLMs and also to Semantia  ... 

The relationship of phrase head word frequency and acquired idioms : a comparative analysis of Spanish, English and French verb phrase idioms [article]

Victoria Escaip, University Of Canterbury
Languages for which this hypothesis was tested were Spanish, English and French.  ...  This research, which replicates elements of the experimental design originally carried out by Kuiper et al. (2009) for the English language, and then in that by Escaip (2008) for Spanish, used a cloze  ...  1 Some examples of the variants of the idiom pull someone's leg in Grant's (2003) PhD thesis, cited in Read and Nation (2004) , are: "pull my blue leg, somebody's leg was being pulled, having his leg  ... 
doi:10.26021/6359 fatcat:xizu5aueozb2de35z3xypdmgdq
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