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Exploring Teachers' PCK for Computational Thinking in Context

Sabiha Yeni, Natasa Grgurina, Felienne Hermans, Jos Tolboom, Erik Barendsen
2021 The 16th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education  
This study is part of a bigger project focusing on defining the learning trajectories for CT integration into the K-12 curriculum.  ...  There is growing attention for integrating Computational Thinking (CT) into various subjects across the K-12 curriculum with a concomitant increase of interest in investigating teachers' pedagogical content  ...  They believed that CT integrated lessons add value to students' learning and it's important for students to learn the steps of problem solving.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3481312.3481320 fatcat:u3hkdhbo5nbglgdyhlzlc3jupy

Advances in global linear instability analysis of nonparallel and three-dimensional flows

Vassilios Theofilis
2003 Progress in Aerospace Sciences  
Alternative forms of the two-dimensional eigenvalue problem are reviewed, alongside a discussion of appropriate boundary conditions and numerical methods for the accurate and efficient recovery of the  ...  Besides demonstrating the strengths and limitations of the theory, these examples serve to demarcate the current state-of-the-art in applications of the theory to aeronautics and thus underline the steps  ...  [144] calculated the basic flow in the forward-facing step employing a second-order finite-volume method incorporating a projection step for the decoupled calculation of velocity and pressure fields  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0376-0421(02)00030-1 fatcat:bcs5scezerfd3iws347rkipfxq

Fostering Program Comprehension in Novice Programmers - Learning Activities and Learning Trajectories

Cruz Izu, Carsten Schulte, Ashish Aggarwal, Quintin Cutts, Rodrigo Duran, Mirela Gutica, Birte Heinemann, Eileen Kraemer, Violetta Lonati, Claudio Mirolo, Renske Weeda
2019 Proceedings of the Working Group Reports on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education  
Using learners’ self- explanations of subgoals to guide initial problem solving in app inventor.  ...  For example, interviews can be used to define specific phases or steps to solve a given problem, or the heuristics habitually used by experts to approach the task. 2.6.6 Analyze Mental Models Domain models  ... 
doi:10.1145/3344429.3372501 dblp:conf/iticse/IzuSACDGHKLMW19a fatcat:ylcbps6pynbrfhlxtt6z3qmlza

Continuous Adjoint Complement to the Blasius Equation [article]

Niklas Kühl, Peter M. Müller, Thomas Rung
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This leads to similarity parameters, which turn the Partial-Differential-Equation (PDE) problem into a boundary value problem described by a set of Ordinary-Differential-Equations (ODE) and support the  ...  The second part of the paper comprises the analyses of the coupled primal/adjoint b.-l. framework.  ...  Acknowledgments The current work is a part of the research projects "Drag Optimisation of Ship Shapes'" funded by the German Research  ... 
arXiv:2011.07583v1 fatcat:pmcwgcjbm5ce5ib4rdg5isjo4q

Personal News

1961 American Statistician  
It makes some sense, plenty of sense in its way, but it solves the wrong problem. Many orthodox statisticians would solve an even wronger problem.  ...  A Census of Transportation is a first step in developing more useful data on transportation as an economic activity. .  ... 
doi:10.1080/00031305.1961.10481771 fatcat:25ygsfuaevcbjbo22u4mznafae

Scientific Program

2014 Procedia IUTAM  
Spontaneous propagation of self-assembly in a continuum medium SM17-011 Zhouzhou Zhao * , Wei Lu, USA Existence of traveling wave solutions for an initial value problem of piezo-viscoelasticity  ...  Makarova * , Russia A second-order cone complementarity approach for numerical solution of 3D elastoplastic contact problems with orthotropic friction law SM02-041 Lin Han * , Lifeng Wang, Jie Yin, Khek-Khiang  ...  Thickness-shear vibrations of rectangular plates with free edges by the extended kantorovich method FS07-019 Ji  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.piutam.2014.01.011 fatcat:osy4egnuufdophopfpj75e24jm

6th European Federation for Primatology Meeting, XXII Italian Association of Primatology Congress Rome, Italy, August 25-28, 2015: Abstracts

2015 Folia primatologica  
In order to determine their interest in the physical environment, we presented subjects of different ages with three types of novel objects, one containing a food reward.  ...  Second, we fitted single and mixed distributions to the inter-individual distances as a measure of the degree of fragmentation.  ...  the types of early social attachment relationships that rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) infants form with their caregivers can have dramatic behavioural, biological and epigenetic consequences throughout  ... 
doi:10.1159/000435825 pmid:26338136 fatcat:gb5rdinlnrf4hgdgaxh2ntfynq

A novel numerical solver for nonlinear boundary value problems, with applications to the forced Gardner equation

These tools significantly outperform currently existing methods, in both the amount of time required to solve the problems, and the range of problems that can be approached.  ...  This work charts the development of a suite of new, numerical tools for solving nonlinear differential equations.  ...  These theoretical results were broadly confirmed by comparing the scaling properties of the GHAM for both the Falkner-Skan equation and a second, fourth-order boundary value problem with solutions constructed  ... 
doi:10.26180/5bbfcc9710d6c fatcat:k2qdgunddratveitbad524zgta

Shakespeare and the idea of apocrypha: negotiating the boundaries of the dramatic canon

2015 ChoiceReviews  
Acknowledgements The witch of Edmonton a known true story composed into a tragi-comedy by divers wellesteemed poets, William Rowley, Thomas Dekker, John Ford, &c. London, 1658.  ...  A true, perfect, and exact  ...  If the value of attribution studies is in opening up further possibilities and questions, rather than in attempting to solve "problems", then literary critics need to develop the necessary skill sets to  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.192795 fatcat:w7y2wphttnhdrlfprsjvfqrgku

Boundary layer instabilities due to surface irregularities: a harmonic Navier-Stokes approach

Thibaut Appel, Mohammed Shahid Mughal, European Commission, Airbus Industrie
Finally, we consider crossflow disturbances generated by placing Discrete Roughness Elements (DRE) at the leading edge of a swept wing and follow their non-linear development up to a [...]  ...  Localised unstable modes are identified for step heights exceeding the local boundary-layer displacement thickness of the clean geometry.  ...  SLEPc includes a parallel version of the method, which has been logically chosen for solving BiGlobal problems in this current work.  ... 
doi:10.25560/88722 fatcat:ugokar6razgf7binmpzb5yr234

Flexible Aircraft Dynamics with a Geometrically-Nonlinear Description of the Unsteady Aerodynamics

Joseba Murua, J. Michael R. Graham, Rafael Palacios, Pais Vasco (Spain). Departamento De Educacion, Universidades E Investigacion ; Imperial College London ; Royal Aeronautical Society ; Royal Academy Of Engineering (Great Britain)
The aerodynamic model and the unified framework for the simulation of high-aspect-ratio planes are exhaustively verified by comparing them to lower- and higher-fidelity approaches.  ...  The Unsteady Vortex-Lattice Method provides a medium-fidelity tool for the prediction of non-stationary aerodynamic loads in low-speed, but high-Reynolds-number, attached flow.  ...  This chapter elucidates the link and integration of the separate modules, and the types of problems that can be solved with the unified framework for Simulation of High Aspect Ratio Planes (SHARP).  ... 
doi:10.25560/9756 fatcat:hhzjdzwkbfftrepsk45uj3hnku

Continuous adjoint complement to the Blasius equation

Niklas Kühl, Peter Marvin Müller, Thomas Rung, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek
This leads to similarity parameters, which turn the Partial-Differential-Equation (PDE) problem into a boundary value problem described by a set of Ordinary-Differential-Equations (ODE) and support the  ...  The second part of the paper comprises the analyses of the coupled primal/adjoint b.-l. framework.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work is a part of the research projects "Drag Optimisation of Ship Shapes'" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, Grant No.  ... 
doi:10.15480/882.4116 fatcat:2ub4ewzkkzfxhhzj3bv3iwkkmq

City of suppliants: tragedy and the Athenian empire

2013 ChoiceReviews  
His four-step schema illustrates that the process of sup plication unfolds from the suppliant's initial approach, followed by apprpri ate gestures and words, which introduce arguments germane to the request  ...  The suppliant's initial approach thus tailors his request for deliverance and restoration to the play's Athenian panegyric.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.50-2512 fatcat:cm25nvot6rce3pwajrf3jeddzm

Proceeding of the Third International Research Symposium

Ejssd Journal
Proceeding of the Third International Research Symposium  ...  To enhance the quality of image, a novel nature inspired algorithm, called the water cycle algorithm (WCA) has been proposed for solving problems occurred in gray level medical MRI.  ...  Motsa for his valuable contribution in usage of Spectral quasilinearization method (SQLM) for the solution of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.20372/ejssdastu:v0.i0.2019.347 fatcat:stpcv5kanjbwpf2rblepbng7mm

An experimental study and finite analysis of punching shear failure in steel fibre-reinforced concrete ground -suspended floor slabs

W A Labib
Concrete models native to ABAQUS are based on the second approach, which is the smeared crack approach (a-c method).  ...  In the direct methods either a single fibre model or a group of fibres embedded in a block of a matrix material can be used.  ... 
doi:10.24377/ljmu.t.00005893 fatcat:jwtko5en4nb7bmnbayed4p5sbi
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