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Climate change and transdisciplinary science: Problematizing the integration imperative

Nicole Klenk, Katie Meehan
2015 Environmental Science and Policy  
of knowledge co-production in transdisciplinary settings.  ...  Couched in this transdisciplinary literature, we demonstrate, is the assumption that integration necessarily can and should be a regulative ideal.  ...  This research was funded by a Fulbright NEXUS Grant to Nicole Klenk and Katie Meehan, and also in part by a Social Science and Humanities Research Council Partnership Development Grant to Nicole Klenk.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2015.05.017 fatcat:g2dhembpibdevbvofk2b5q4dyu

Undertaking individual transdisciplinary PhD research for sustainable development

John van Breda, Josephine Musango, Alan Brent, Luiza de Sousa and Alex Tubawene Kanyimba
2016 International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education  
Using actual research experiences and reflections of the three individual PhDs, the paper evaluates their work in terms of ontological, epistemological, methodological and methodical/methods aspects.  ...  Structured abstract Purpose: This paper aims at improving the understanding of individual transdisciplinary PhD research in a developing country context, focusing on three individual PhD case studies in  ...  Hybrid transdisciplinary ontology Ontology is our systematic inquiry into and theory of the nature of 'reality'.  ... 
doi:10.1108/ijshe-07-2014-0107 fatcat:vklaxyylmbg2jgamltwu3sl62u

Conceptualizing Transdisciplinary Human Ecology

Sue L. T. McGregor
2021 Human Ecology Review  
This paper served as a seed catalyzing the uptake of transdisciplinary human ecology.  ...  This paper explores transdisciplinary human ecology, a neologism proposed in the early 1990s by both ecological scientists and home economists.  ...  e.g., respect, compromise, innovation).  ... 
doi:10.22459/her.26.01.2020.11 fatcat:fw3lw33r3zcpflqkcfdsmnqb6u

Transdisciplinarity and Information Systems: IT Governance in the Digitalisation of Healthcare

Michael Kizito
2017 Proceedings (MDPI)  
When talking about a discipline, it is not merely a body of knowledge but also a set of practices by which the knowledge is acquired, confirmed, implemented, preserved, and reproduced.  ...  The term disciplinarity seems not to have a commonly accepted definition but it relates to a specific field of academic study.  ...  Madni [3] suggests an alternate view of a shared ontology that overcomes mismatches in terms and concepts as an example of transdisciplinary invention.  ... 
doi:10.3390/is4si-2017-04015 fatcat:rcxpnz73lvg3rm5crlti3lsxpu

Guest editorial

Chris Mason, Jo Barraket, Cristina Neesham
2018 Social Enterprise Journal  
Recent developments in Australia, such as the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the emergence of State government-level SE strategies, illustrate the ability of government  ...  Naturally, we extend this view of the need for a transdisciplinary approach to SE too.  ... 
doi:10.1108/sej-05-2018-066 fatcat:jfolsysxijbabnp4mqjoaymeb4

Philosophical Underpinnings of the Transdisciplinary Research Methodology

Sue L. T. McGregor
2018 Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science  
Then, each Nicolescuian TD axiom is described: (a) multiple levels of Reality mediated by the Hidden Third (ontology); (b) knowledge as complex, emergent, cross-fertilized and embodied (epistemology);  ...  (c) inclusive logic (logic of complexity) to facilitate contradiction reconciliation; and (d) transdisciplinary value formation (axiology).  ...  , non-government and non-profit organizations, and citizens).  ... 
doi:10.22545/2018/00109 fatcat:bo6aaqap5rcathhvn7wusg6wq4

Beginning at the end: The outcome spaces framework to guide purposive transdisciplinary research

Cynthia Mitchell, Dana Cordell, Dena Fam
2015 Futures : The journal of policy, planning and futures studies  
The location of the original initiative is material, both in terms of the type of organisation (such as an industry association, a government utility, a commercial development company, a transdisciplinary  ...  This kind of work has a particular epistemological and ontological orientation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.futures.2014.10.007 fatcat:6etpx6wsjnh6tlgipqjdbaklma

Science of adaptation to climate change and science for adaptation

Rob Swart, Robbert Biesbroek, Tiago Capela Lourenço
2014 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
We argue that there is not only a need for science for adaptation, but also a science of adaptation.  ...  The development of a sound knowledge basis to support adaptation globally is suggested to accelerate progress, but has lagged behind.  ...  The ontological questions of what constitutes a transdisciplinary approach, how it originated, and how its success can be evaluated is beyond the scope of this article (Pohl, 2008 (Pohl, , 2011 ).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2014.00029 fatcat:6eiqwxgoqfc2zni7memikysiay

Where's the Data? Using Data Convincingly in Transdisciplinary Doctoral Research

2018 International Journal of Doctoral Studies  
The theses and examiners' reports span an array of disciplinary and transdisciplinary epistemologies, ontologies, and world views.  ...  The strategies proposed in this paper will help to ensure the development of high quality transdisciplinary researchers and a greater understanding of the value of transdisciplinary research in the wider  ...  The theses and examiners' reports span an array of disciplinary and transdisciplinary epistemologies, ontologies, and world views.  ... 
doi:10.28945/3941 fatcat:iclfubczbbgelj76kauhquqswq

From niche to mainstream: the dilemmas of scaling up sustainable alternatives

Karoline Augenstein, Boris Bachmann, Markus Egermann, Verena Hermelingmeier, Annaliesa Hilger, Melanie Jaeger-Erben, Alexandra Kessler, David P.M. Lam, Alexandra Palzkill, Paul Suski, Timo von Wirth
2020 GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society  
At the heart of transition research lies the question of how to "scale up" sustainable alternatives from a protected niche to the creation of mainstream practices.While upscaling processes are often seen  ...  The dilemmas should be addressed in a more reflexive way by those from the worlds of science and practice who are involved in collaborative research settings.  ...  First, complex processes of innovation are not a question of design or of copying best practices.  ... 
doi:10.14512/gaia.29.3.3 fatcat:gig3xxgworafjiympmg2vitv44

Transdisciplinary Art, Technology, and Management for Sustainable Enterprise

Paul Shrivastava, Silvester Ivanaj
2011 Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science  
This paper presents a transdisciplinary approach to integrating arts, technology, and management to develop a sustainable enterprise.  ...  We report on our effort to use transdisciplinary understanding of arts, technology, and management in the service of sustainability.  ...  David Duchamp, ICN Business School, Leader of Artem Chair on Entrepreneurial Innovation, for comments on earlier versions of this paper. We also thank Dr. Jerome Caby, Director, and Dr.  ... 
doi:10.22545/2011/00012 fatcat:tdueaf6qlbg7nehvwzt4uwyojy

Boundary Work and the Complexity of Natural Resources Management

Peter P. Mollinga
2010 Crop science  
This is followed by a brief and selective literature review on how inter-and transdisciplinary research has dealt with complexity.  ...  The paper subsequently presents the notion of "boundary work" as a framework for systematically addressing the challenges related to complexity.  ...  As a result, the FTI process is much more than a tool to enhance the eff ectiveness of a specifi c innovation process.  ... 
doi:10.2135/cropsci2009.10.0570 fatcat:ojlr7vo2bfhwfaqj32cxsvex3m

Joint programming for urban transformations: the making of the JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Jonas Bylund
2020 Urban Transformations  
Developed in the field of sustainable urbanisation, it is based on a wide set of sectors, disciplines, research frontiers, and their asymmetrical interconnections, as well as consultations among stakeholders  ...  Together with an account of how this was done from the insider perspective of a programme manager, this note presents questions and issues that will direct the JPI Urban Europe programming beyond 2020.  ...  He is an experienced lecturer in urban and regional planning, with a particular focus on epistemology and ontology in the social sciences. He is also a consultant with Urbanalys.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s42854-020-00012-y fatcat:yu566lo6s5fyhl6ae7ba4llnsm

Diasporas Disentangled: The Cultivation of an Open/Spiral Imagination in Tourism Studies

Milka Ivanova, Keith Hollinshead
2015 Tourism, Culture & Communication  
endeavors to show how transdisciplinary lines of inspection may prove useful.  ...  a high degree of open interpretive imagination if such matters of ambivalence and ambiguity are to be gradually and meaningfully deciphered.  ...  The ontological commitment The open and critical transdisciplinary inquirer works within a view about the nature of the world that is: open • : where the nature of the world is believed to exist as an  ... 
doi:10.3727/109830415x14483038034083 fatcat:n6lx6mq6mbdidc4qxtqwi7hm3m

Environmental Education in Transdisciplinary Conversation

Aviva Vincent, Seven Mattes, Cameron T. Whitley
2021 Society & Animals  
The core content herein is about how environmental education, as collective practice, engages in a transdisciplinary conversation.  ...  The focus of this edited volume can be summarized in one sentence: "[e]ducation is an ontological, cultural, and ethical process" (Lloro-Bidart & Banschbach, 2019, p. 120).  ...  Celebrating and evolving with a diverse group of student participants, the framework of this innovative transdisciplinary pedagogical venture is described as "... inherently synergistic rather than competitive  ... 
doi:10.1163/15685306-bja10053 fatcat:zh4qh367yrarxgvltlepry2aam
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