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Using Learning to Facilitate the Evolution of Features for Recognizing Visual Concepts

J. Bala, K. De Jong, J. Huang, H. Vafaie, H. Wechsler
1996 Evolutionary Computation  
A genetic algorithm (GA) is used to search the space of all possible subsets of a large set of candidate discrimination features.  ...  This paper describes a hybrid methodology that integrates genetic algorithms and decision tree learning in order to evolve useful subsets of discriminatory features for recognizing complex visual concepts  ...  We also wish to thank the anonymous referees for their thoughtful and constructive comments.  ... 
doi:10.1162/evco.1996.4.3.297 fatcat:s5satjitqbafxm5qb5konyujri

Taxonomy of bio-inspired optimization algorithms

Saman M. Almufti, Ridwan Boya Marqas, Vaman Ashqi Saeed
2019 Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Technology  
Bio-Inspired optimization algorithms are inspired from principles of natural biological evolution and distributed collective of a living organism such as (insects, animal, .... etc.) for obtaining the  ...  In computer science Bio-Inspired optimization algorithms have been broadly used because of their exhibits extremely diverse, robust, dynamic, complex and fascinating phenomenon as compared to other existing  ...  optimization, the sensor selection problem for aircraft engine health estimation , groundwater detection and satellite image classification , power system optimization, optimal meter placement for security  ... 
doi:10.14419/jacst.v8i2.29402 fatcat:3nzesd3cj5fgbkzbspkgs7sutq

A 2D Histogram-Based Image Thresholding Using Hybrid Algorithms for Brain Image Fusion

Srikanth M. V., V. V. K. D. V. Prasad, K. Satya Prasad
2021 International Journal of System Dynamics Applications  
Two images are fused in three steps: The two images are independently segmented by hybrid combination of Particle swam optimization (PSO), Genetic algorithm and Symbiotic Organisms Search (SOS) named as  ...  Also after image rotation and scaling, the SIFT algorithm is excellent at removing the features.  ...  Symbiotic Organisms Search (SOS): SOS is soft computing techniques developed based on organisms and was proposed in the year 2014 by Prayogo and Cheng, it is inspired from symbiotic organisms which are  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijsda.20221101.oa3 fatcat:t3veijvoivfojce3jy3qapzmz4

Remote Sensing–Based Urban Green Space Detection Using Marine Predators Algorithm Optimized Machine Learning Approach

Nhat-Duc Hoang, Xuan-Linh Tran, Qingzheng XU
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Remotely sensed data obtained from Sentinel 2 satellite in the study area of Da Nang city (Vietnam) are used to construct and verify an intelligent model that hybridizes Marine Predators Algorithm (MPA  ...  With a good classification accuracy rate of roughly 93%, an F1 score = 0.93, and an area under the receiver operating characteristic = 0.98, the newly developed model is a promising tool to assist local  ...  has not been integrated with feature selection algorithms used for dimensionality reduction.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5586913 fatcat:frslw2g56jdn7inxhq2kwyu6hm

DoD-tailored environmental products from near real-time Terra/Aqua MODIS in support of operation Iraqi freedom

S. Miller, J. Turk, T. Lee, J. Hawkins, K. Richardson, J. Kent
2003 Oceans 2003. Celebrating the Past ... Teaming Toward the Future (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37492)  
This paper highlights some of the high quality products from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) that were developed in response to user-defined needs, and measures taken to host  ...  the imagery upon the Satellite Focus Web Page generally within 2.5 hours of data collection.  ...  Lastly, we extend a grateful acknowledgement to AG2 Wade and AGC Cole for their proactive roles in fulfilling the end game of this effort.  ... 
doi:10.1109/oceans.2003.178109 fatcat:jhbq3awcv5dftnpqh3jtiyd3wi

Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging (UHI): A Review of Systems and Applications for Proximal Seafloor Ecosystem Studies

Juan C. Montes-Herrera, Emiliano Cimoli, Vonda Cummings, Nicole Hill, Arko Lucieer, Vanessa Lucieer
2021 Remote Sensing  
Underwater hyperspectral imaging (UHI) employed in proximity to the seafloor has shown a further potential to monitor pigmentation in benthic and sympagic phototrophic organisms at small spatial scales  ...  In this review, we first detail how the limited band availability inherent to standard underwater cameras has led to a data analysis "bottleneck" in seafloor ecosystem research, in part due to the widespread  ...  In particular, UHI has shown promise as a bio-optical tool for automated identification of benthic organisms, biogeochemical features, and habitat classification [26, 27] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13173451 fatcat:hatrh2k3nfehzoydrfdgzlqdta

K-Means-Based Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms for Automatic Data Clustering Problems: Recent Advances and Future Directions

Abiodun M. Ikotun, Mubarak S. Almutari, Absalom E. Ezugwu
2021 Applied Sciences  
A quest approach for article selection was adopted, which led to the identification and selection of 147 related studies from different reputable academic avenues and databases.  ...  K-means clustering algorithm is a partitional clustering algorithm that has been used widely in many applications for traditional clustering due to its simplicity and low computational complexity.  ...  Symbiotic Organism Search The symbiotic organism search (SOS) is a nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm based on the three symbiosis relationships mechanism often employed by the individual prescribed  ... 
doi:10.3390/app112311246 fatcat:i2q7267qcrgxnfsexl2ftp55qm

Czech Participation in INTEGRAL: 1996–2011

R. Hudec, M. Blažek, V. Hudcová
2011 Acta Polytechnica  
The European Space Agency ESA INTEGRAL satellite launched in October 2002 is the first astrophysical satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) with Czech participation.  ...  The results of the first 8 years of investigations of various scientific targets are briefly presented and discussed here, with emphasis on cataclysmic variables and blazars with the ESA INTEGRAL satellite  ...  This first servlet was used as the prototype for developing of another servlet, which handles FITS images search and extraction. We developed a prototype for VO access to IN-TEGRAL IBIS mosaics.  ... 
doaj:e160d79910a44af8b275a0157f8c30bd fatcat:rtez47ilxzgf7bq4zxkvq7h7lq

Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs for Monitoring and Management: A Review

John Hedley, Chris Roelfsema, Iliana Chollett, Alastair Harborne, Scott Heron, Scarla Weeks, William Skirving, Alan Strong, C. Eakin, Tyler Christensen, Victor Ticzon, Sonia Bejarano (+1 others)
2016 Remote Sensing  
A clear conclusion of the review is that advances in both sensor technology and processing algorithms continue to drive forward remote sensing capability for coral reef mapping, particularly with respect  ...  While remote sensing cannot provide the level of detail and accuracy at a single point than a field survey, the statistical power for inferring large scale patterns benefits in having complete areal coverage  ...  more complex approach to reserve-design using site-selection algorithms such as Marxan [296, 298] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs8020118 fatcat:agfhxqncdvbyjil6sufyer762m

From Data to Software to Science with the Rubin Observatory LSST [article]

Katelyn Breivik, Andrew J. Connolly, K. E. Saavik Ford, Mario Jurić, Rachel Mandelbaum, Adam A. Miller, Dara Norman, Knut Olsen, William O'Mullane, Adrian Price-Whelan, Timothy Sacco, J. L. Sokoloski (+88 others)
2022 arXiv   pre-print
To facilitate such opportunities, a community workshop entitled "From Data to Software to Science with the Rubin Observatory LSST" was organized by the LSST Interdisciplinary Network for Collaboration  ...  functions, (iv) frameworks for scalable time-series analyses, (v) services for image access and reprocessing at scale, (vi) object image access (cutouts) and analysis at scale, and (vii) scalable job  ...  The exception to this may be with the processing of the large number of light curves for this sample.  ... 
arXiv:2208.02781v1 fatcat:nt2uwu72mnextiixwhdrkft2zi

Recent Advances in Harris Hawks Optimization: A Comparative Study and Applications

Abdelazim G. Hussien, Laith Abualigah, Raed Abu Zitar, Fatma A. Hashim, Mohamed Amin, Abeer Saber, Khaled H. Almotairi, Amir H. Gandomi
2022 Electronics  
This swarm-based optimizer performs the optimization procedure using a novel way of exploration and exploitation and the multiphases of search.  ...  The Harris hawk optimizer is a recent population-based metaheuristics algorithm that simulates the hunting behavior of hawks.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the Deanship of Scientific Research at Umm Al-Qura University for supporting this work by Grant Code: (22UQU4320277DSR07).  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics11121919 fatcat:mnwy775msfatbixidc6sku75n4

Table of contents

2018 2018 Joint 10th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems (SCIS) and 19th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS)  
OS: Human Symbiotic Systems II Multi-Objective Decision Support by Individual Affective Preferences Identification Selection of Impression Word for Generating Rhythm Pattern of Drum Set GS: Fuzzy  ...  Game Sales Classification of Student's In-Class Behavior Using a Desktop Pressure Sensor A Preliminary Study of Michigan-Style Fuzzy Genetics-Based Machine Learning for Class Incremental Problems  ...  Salmon A Conversion Interface that Brings out Memories in the Elderly User "IH Sole Konrojaken (Gas Stove-Like Operations for your Induction Cooker)" Classification of Marine Harmful Organisms Using  ... 
doi:10.1109/scis-isis.2018.00004 fatcat:nhrr2t6255aynkuzd2rv73kdxu

Coupling Imaging and Omics in Plankton Surveys: State-of-the-Art, Challenges, and Future Directions

Juan José Pierella Karlusich, Fabien Lombard, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Chris Bowler, Rachel A. Foster
2022 Frontiers in Marine Science  
Although machine learning classifiers generate encouraging results to classify marine plankton images in a time efficient way, there is still a need for large training datasets of manually annotated images  ...  Here we provide workflow examples that couple nucleic acid sequencing with high-throughput imaging for a more complete and robust analysis of microbial communities.  ...  We are also grateful to the three reviewers for their useful comments.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmars.2022.878803 fatcat:rwb6duww2bdlrn55sb3vfsfium

Cyberinfrastructure for Joint Research in Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve

Luo Ze, Zhou Yuanchun, Li Jian, Shao Jing, Yang Tao, Wang Jinyi, Lei Fumin, Li Tianxian, Xing Zhi, Yan Baoping
2011 Procedia Environmental Sciences  
This e-Science application is the first one applied in the national nature reserve in China and is also the first attempt in China to construct Cyberinfrastructure to support protection and research in  ...  This paper introduces the Cyberinfrastructure and e-Science application of joint research in the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, supporting cross-disciplinary, cross-organizational and international  ...  A software tool was developed to import the video data directly into database, and provide support for data query, search and classification [7] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proenv.2011.09.279 fatcat:x5fgep5rzzasnhnbz25lxnznm4

Mapping the Abundance of Multipurpose Agroforestry Faidherbia albida Trees in Senegal

Tingting Lu, Martin Brandt, Xiaoye Tong, Pierre Hiernaux, Louise Leroux, Babacar Ndao, Rasmus Fensholt
2022 Remote Sensing  
Multi-spectral and multi-temporal satellite systems and novel computational methods open new doors for classifying single trees and identifying species.  ...  Multi-purpose Faidherbia albida trees represent a vital component of agroforestry parklands in West Africa as they provide resources (fodder for livestock, fruits and firewood) and support water lifting  ...  Vegetation indices and bands (next section) in specific months and their dynamic changes were selected as feature collection for the following image classification based on Recursive Feature Elimination  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs14030662 fatcat:oi6yooek4fdjhnoifpun7zlm3y
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