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A semiempirical approach to the intra-phycocyanin and inter-phycocyanin fluorescence resonance energy-transfer pathways in phycobilisomes

Adelio R. Matamala, Daniel E. Almonacid, Maximiliano F. Figueroa, JosÉ Martínez-oyanedel, Marta C. Bunster
2007 Journal of Computational Chemistry  
A semiempirical methodology to model the intra-phycocyanin and inter-phycocyanin fluorescence resonance energy-transfer (FRET) pathways in the rods of the phycobilisomes (PBSs) from Fremyella diplosiphon  ...  Protein docking predicted the quaternary structure for PCs in rods with inter-phycocyanin distance of 55.6 Å and rotation angle of 20.58.  ...  Fluorescence Resonance Energy-Transfer Constants at Inter-PC Distance of 55.6 Å and 20.58 Inter-PC Rotation.Chromophores on the left belong to the upper phycocyanin hexamer, and the ones on the right  ... 
doi:10.1002/jcc.20628 pmid:17299727 fatcat:7bd3vivpv5e23jrzilxlpxn4im

Electronic coupling of the phycobilisome with the orange carotenoid protein and fluorescence quenching

Igor N. Stadnichuk, Pavel M. Krasilnikov, Dmitry V. Zlenko, Alexandra Ya. Freidzon, Mikhail F. Yanyushin, Andrei B. Rubin
2015 Photosynthesis Research  
, the time of the direct energy transfer from the phycobilin of PBL CM to the S 1 excited state of hECN was semiempirically calculated to be 36 ps, which corresponds to the known experimental data and  ...  Using computational modeling and known 3D structure of proteins, we arrived at a rational spatial model of the orange carotenoid protein (OCP) and phycobilisome (PBS) interaction in the non-photochemical  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Russian Science Foundation (Project 14-14-00589) for financial support.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11120-015-0148-3 pmid:25948498 fatcat:lc5gu5thjnepbjeqrbqew5keuu

Conformational control of cofactors in nature – the influence of protein-induced macrocycle distortion on the biological function of tetrapyrroles

Mathias O. Senge, Stuart A. MacGowan, Jessica M. O'Brien
2015 Chemical Communications  
The biological function of tetrapyrroles and their use in designer proteins is critically dependent on their conformational flexibility.  ...  Acknowledgements Our recent work in this area was supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI IvP 13/IA/1894). Past support by Science Foundation Ireland,  ...  energy transfer to Chl a in PSII.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c5cc06254c pmid:26482230 fatcat:f6nzblydzff5nbxvl2aeikjieq

Light-Harvesting, Redox Control, and Biomimicry of the Photosynthetic Antennas of Green Sulfur Bacteria

Gregory Scott Orf
This is especially noticeable in the ternary and inter-complex energy transfer to occur.  ...  As such, the CsmA baseplate offers the only pathway for energy to leave the chlorosome and provides directionality to the energy transfer.  ...  The absorbed light is converted to excitons and transferred to the reaction center by energy transfer processes.  ... 
doi:10.7936/k7610xhb fatcat:qmf3zng3zra7vn4am2kicf6bzy