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Applications of Artificial Intelligence‐Based Modeling for Bioenergy Systems: A Review

Mochen Liao, Yuan Yao
2021 GCB Bioenergy  
of traditional computing techniques for bioenergy supply chain design and optimization.  ...  pathways and technologies, (3) the prediction of biofuel properties and the performance of bioenergy end-use systems, and (4) supply chain modeling and optimization.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors thank the funding support from the Department of Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University, the U.S. National Science Foundation, and the Alfred P.  ... 
doi:10.1111/gcbb.12816 fatcat:ixyyk6je6rcv3jdde3p36m6hre

Forest biomass supply chain optimization for a biorefinery aiming to produce high-value bio-based materials and chemicals from lignin and forestry residues: a review of literature

Luana Dessbesell, Chunbao (Charles) Xu, Reino Pulkki, Mathew Leitch, Nubla Mahmood
2017 Canadian Journal of Forest Research  
of Forest Research Forest biomass supply chain optimization for a biorefinery aiming to produce high-1 value bio-based materials and chemicals from lignin and forestry residues: A review of 2 literature  ...  Keyword: biomass-to-energy, biomass-to-materials and chemicals, economic optimization, lignocellulosic residues, value-added bio-based products Canadian Journal  ...  Multi-period MILP model Optimize the BSCD of forest residues for the production of bioenergy.  ... 
doi:10.1139/cjfr-2016-0336 fatcat:mytpovv3ujgohfpidy5n2frqey


Gratitude Charis, Gwiranai Danha, Edison Muzenda
2018 Detritus  
at various points or on the whole the supply chain.  ...  Such socio-economic studies, done prior to the project, can reflect a lot on the feasibility of projects, likely impacts and even help to optimize facility locations, network configurations or fleet management  ...  They do not focus only on optimization models, but on the design and management of, specifically, waste biomass supply chains (WBSCs).  ... 
doi:10.31025/2611-4135/2018.13687 fatcat:igokf2m5azbrzh46slqkg5cale

Network design and technology management for waste to energy production: An integrated optimization framework under the principles of circular economy

Şebnem Yılmaz Balaman, Daniel G. Wright, James Scott, Aristides Matopoulos
2018 Energy  
The design of waste to bioenergy supply chains (W-BESC) is critically important for meeting the circular economy (CE) goals, whilst also ensuring environmental sustainability in the planning and operation  ...  This study develops a novel optimization methodology to aid sustainable design and planning of W-BESC that comprise multiple technologies as well as multiple product and feedstock types.  ...  The strategic and tactical level decisions on supply chain configuration design and production/ distribution planning made by the optimization model for the above mentioned scenarios are presented in the  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:c35mirv4pjh5bp4ncu4sn7zib4

A Review of Trends in the Energy Use of Biomass: The Case of the Dominican Republic

Hugo Guzmán-Bello, Iosvani López-Díaz, Miguel Aybar-Mejía, Jose Atilio de Frias
2022 Sustainability  
The use of mathematical models can be beneficial for the selection of areas with a high number of residual biomass and processing centers; for the design of feedstock allocation; for the planning and selection  ...  of the mode of transport; and for the optimization of the supply chain, logistics, cost estimation, availability of resources, energy efficiency, economic performance, and environmental impact assessment  ...  A biotarget optimization model for tactical planning of supply chains. AlNouss et al. [119] Methanol production using steam as a gasifying agent is optimal for environmental and economic goals.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14073868 fatcat:dcq3pxi7irdsndljzzmvevrpcu

Bio-aviation Fuel: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of the Supply Chain Components

Stephen S. Doliente, Aravind Narayan, John Frederick D. Tapia, Nouri J. Samsatli, Yingru Zhao, Sheila Samsatli
2020 Frontiers in Energy Research  
This paper presents a detailed analysis of the supply chain components of bio-aviation fuel provision: feedstocks, production pathways, storage, and transport.  ...  Fischer-Tropsch production pathway using lignocellulosic biomass has the potential for the highest greenhouse gas emissions savings, which could potentially be the solution within the medium-to long-term  ...  The financial support from the British Council Philippines and Commission of Higher Education under the Office of the President, Republic of the Philippines through SD's PhD scholarship is also gratefully  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenrg.2020.00110 fatcat:ehq6muwrajbqtesbrg47zrzc34

A Value Chain Analysis for Bioenergy Production from Biomass and Biodegradable Waste: A Case Study in Northern Norway [chapter]

Hao Yu, Elisabeth Román, Wei Deng Solvang
2018 Energy Systems and Environment  
This chapter presents a general model for value chain analysis of bioenergy production from biomass and biodegradable waste.  ...  In addition, a feasibility study for establishing a bioenergy plant in the northern part of Norway is given to discuss the opportunities and challenges of bioenergy production.  ...  The article processing charge is financially supported by the Open Access Fund from UiT-The Arctic University of Norway.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.72346 fatcat:skk3g4tkh5ejrdnzbobkp5tzfe

Optimizing the Design of a Biomass-to-Biofuel Supply Chain Network Using a Decentralized Processing Approach

Fragkoulis Psathas, Paraskevas N. Georgiou, Athanasios Rentizelas
2022 Energies  
This work presents a novel methodology that can optimize the design of biofuel supply chains by adopting a decentralized network structure consisting of a mix of fixed and mobile processing facilities.  ...  The mixed-integer linear programming model developed identifies the optimal biofuel production and biomass harvesting schedule schemes under the objective of profit maximization.  ...  Methodology Conceptual Model Design The proposed supply chain design indicates a differentiated approach for producing biofuel through the combination of high productivity based on centralized processing  ... 
doi:10.3390/en15145001 fatcat:s67tp2sp3vaqtoczsh47wtzbzi

BVCM: A comprehensive and flexible toolkit for whole system biomass value chain analysis and optimisation – Mathematical formulation

Sheila Samsatli, Nouri J. Samsatli, Nilay Shah
2015 Applied Energy  
This paper presents the novel MILP formulation of the Biomass Value Chain Model (BVCM), a comprehensive and flexible optimisation toolkit that models a large number of bioenergy system pathways.  ...  The BVCM is a spatio-temporal model: currently it is configured for the UK using 157 square cells of length 50 km and the planning horizon is from the 2010s to the 2050s, with seasonal variations considered  ...  Literature review There is a growing body of literature on modelling of biomass supply chains.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2015.01.078 fatcat:5efub3bnjfhctdjteocwhq24eu

Sustainable Biorefineries: What was learned from the design, analysis and implementation

Carlos Ariel Cardona Alzate, Sebastian Serna-Loaiza, Mariana Ortiz-Sanchez
2019 Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems  
Bioeconomies need sustainable technologies and strategies for biomass processing.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors express their gratitude to the Universidad Nacional de Colombia -Sede Manizales and Instituto de Biotecnologia y Agroindustria for use of the facilities in which this research  ...  The authors express their acknowledgments to the Project entitled "Biorefinería para el tratamiento de residuos de cítricos -Biorefinery of Citrus Processing Waste (CPW)" from ERANET LAC 2017 and Departamento  ... 
doi:10.13044/j.sdewes.d7.0268 fatcat:aqtpcpa3dfbd7cfanga6ushth4


Giovanni Lonati, Alberto Cambiaghi, Stefano Cernuschi
2018 Detritus  
to a need for the international promotion and dissemination of new developments in the waste management industry.  ...  Detritus is an official journal of IWWG (International Waste Working Group), a non-profit organisation established in 2002 to serve as a forum for the scientific and professional community and to respond  ...  We thank the staff of the Animal Science Research Laboratory at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Makerere University for providing the Bomb Calorimeter, which was used for the  ... 
doi:10.31025/2611-4135/2019.13817 fatcat:rwocp3gzubeexcnlrpuppkicoq

Photosynthesis at the forefront of a sustainable life

Paul J. D. Janssen, Maya D. Lambreva, Nicolas Plumeré, Cecilia Bartolucci, Amina Antonacci, Katia Buonasera, Raoul N. Frese, Viviana Scognamiglio, Giuseppina Rea
2014 Frontiers in Chemistry  
Oxygenic photosynthesis is responsible for most of the oxygen, fossil fuels, and biomass on our planet.  ...  The development of a sustainable bio-based economy has drawn much attention in recent years, and research to find smart solutions to the many inherent challenges has intensified.  ...  As a consequence, biomass-based energy production could provide a limited contribution to our future energy demand.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fchem.2014.00036 pmid:24971306 pmcid:PMC4054791 fatcat:quoppqwc5fbnvesx4ig7pmsmwe

Integrated strategic, tactical and operational planning of forest-based biomass supply chains for energy and fuel production : a hybrid optimization simulation approach

Shaghaygh Akhtari
Herein, first, an optimization model that integrates the strategic and tactical decisions of forest-based biomass supply chains is developed to optimize the design of the supply chain considering variations  ...  Therefore, supply chain planning is essential in improving the efficiency of biomass supply chains.  ...  Studies that developed mathematical programming models for optimizing the tactical and operational planning of forest-based supply chain.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0376457 fatcat:iaowpqvndrec7enzfhgv4q5u6m

Table of Contents

2016 Australian Journal of Primary Health  
A Network Model to Optimize Upstream and Midstream Biomass-to-Bioenergy Supply Chain Costs Amin Mirkouei and Karl R.  ...  While mobile units are shown to reduce biomass-to-bioenergy supply chain costs, production and deployment of the units is limited due to undeveloped bioenergy supply chains and quality uncertainty.  ... 
doi:10.1071/pyv22n4toc fatcat:hrwhnxdpjreslhuwi7y4edqmo4

Energy Technological Review

Alberto Landini, Tommaso Zerbi, John Morrissey, Stepehen Axon
2016 Zenodo  
Developed KPIs represent a comprehensive and innovative means of characterising the Energy Supply Chain according to a myriad of multi-dimensional criteria; typically supply chains are characterised only  ...  Through these steps, evidence on the technological elements of the Energy Supply Chain is produced, enabling a fuller understanding of this aspect of the energy regime, and presenting a critical part of  ...  The SCOR model proposed by the Supply-Chain Council (2013) suggests to measure performance based on five key supply chain processes; plan, source, make, deliver and return (APICS Supply Chain Council,  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3479264 fatcat:zhsow6pnsfd2tlj7bkyrepnnnq
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