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The phonological determinants of tone in English loanwords in Mandarin

Eleanor Glewwe
2021 Phonology  
This paper presents the results of a corpus study and an online loanword adaptation experiment examining the tonal adaptation of English loanwords in Mandarin.  ...  The most important phonological determinant of tone in the corpus was English voicing, while in the experiment it was English stress-aligned pitch contours.  ...  Stress-to-tone occurs when the acoustic correlates of stress in the source language are perceptually similar enough to the lexical tones of the borrowing language for stress to be adapted as tone.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0952675721000154 fatcat:bzgn4ki3dbb5vmtijbprngcon4

Tone-Word Recognition in Mandarin Chinese: Influences of lexical-level representations

Jinxing Yue
In this book, Jinxing Yue investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying word recognition in native Mandarin speakers,with a particular focus on the role of lexical-level representations.  ...  Chapter 4 presents an ERP study monitoring the rapid development of new cortical memory traces of a Mandarin pseudo-word.  ...  In words of most Indo-European languages, the use of suprasegmental cues is restricted to stress patterns, and thus, the recognition of a spoken word form mainly relies on mapping the acoustic input onto  ... 
doi:10.25949/19428002.v1 fatcat:xswqrdufwbhrhefhxfiscqui7q

Acoustofluidics: Theory and simulation of streaming and radiation forces at ultrasound resonances in microfluidic devices

Henrik Bruus
2009 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
There is at most one F0 peak on the pre-stressed syllable chain. Peaks tend to be higher in 4-pre-stressed-syllable words and be absent in 2-pre-stressed-syllable words.  ...  Fifteen native Thai speakers and fifteen native English speakers were asked to concatenate two English monosyllabic nonwards into one disyllabic word and to produce stress on either the first or the second  ...  We discuss the extension of acoustical measurement of bubbles to radii below 20 µm, a topic of particular relevance to the study of optical scatter in the ocean.  ... 
doi:10.1121/1.4783855 fatcat:cyftnzsenzempdbtk4dd2hzw5u