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Review: Image Encryption Techniques based on Chaotic Map

Amal Abdulbaqi Maryoosh, Raniah Ali Mustafa, Zahraa Salah Dhaief
2019 International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology  
Where many methods were suggested to encrypt images using a chaotic map because their features such as sensitivity to initial conditions and unpredictability of random behaviors etc...  ...  Many encryption methods have been developed to maintain data security, one of these methods that commonly used in recent are chaotic encryption systems.  ...  Wang [6] encrypted color image by using bit level and high dimension chaotic map.  ... 
doi:10.31695/ijerat.2019.3559 fatcat:huyz2xpis5dqrkm3cqdbcm2kuq

Color Image Encryption with a Novel Technique and Chaotic Singer Map

Araz B. Karim, Peshraw S. Abdalqader, Ziyad T. Najim, Abbas M. Salhd, Omar Y. Abdulhammed
2021 Science Journal of University of Zakho  
In this paper, a novel technology for images encryption has been proposed by using different methods. The proposed method consists of five stages.  ...  In the fourth stage, the logical XOR operator is applied to encrypt the image based on the three matrix and secret keys.  ...  The paper [17] proposes a novel perturbation algorithm for data encryption based on double chaotic systems.  ... 
doi:10.25271/sjuoz.2021.9.3.816 fatcat:cy63xzda6zeczphww7dou2zfha

Chaos Based Image Encryption using Expand-Shrink Concept

Naveenkumar S K, Panduranga H T, Kiran P
2014 International Journal of Informatics and Communication Technology (IJ-ICT)  
This paper describes a new concept of expand and shrink to enhance the strength of chaos based image encryption technique.  ...  Permutation decreases the correlation between the pixel and substitution increases the entropy of encrypted image. Proposed encryption technique works for both gray-scale and color image.  ...  Bit-level permutation and high-dimension chaotic map used to encrypt color image.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijict.v3i2.pp103-112 fatcat:yw6wvadfrngxriozcwbnwckjfy

A Random Dual-Security based An Image Encryption Scheme for IoT

Manish Gupta, Kamlesh Kumar Gupta, Piyush Kumar Shukla
2021 Journal of scientific research  
In this work, a novel encryption scheme based on dual security is presented.  ...  While at the second level, a new session key (Key size will be decided at level one) is generated for every image encryption, which increases the security at this level.  ...  A. (2020). Fast image encryption algorithm with high security level using the Bülban chaotic map.  ... 
doi:10.37398/jsr.2021.650522 fatcat:p54bucr2ivdareomxvwr4bgm6y


K S Tamilkodi
2019 Zenodo  
Many image encryption schemes using chaotic maps have been proposed, because of its extreme sensitivity to initial conditions, unpredictability and random like behaviors.  ...  satisfy some basic cryptographic requirements for chaos based colour image encryption algorithms  ...  “A Proposed Permutation Scheme Based On 3-D Chaotic System For Encrypting The Colored Images” Osama M.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3550468 fatcat:7xx25xna2bb25jo2lbcph3m5my

A New Protected Image Transmission Idea via Secret-Splits-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations

Pooja Shelar, Archana Chaugule
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Secret fragment visible mosaic image is proposed for combining small tiles of secret image to form a target image in the sense of mosaic.  ...  To generate a mosaic image, divide original image into many tiles. Before splitting the image, compare the image for Mosaic creation.  ...  4 Design and analysis of a novel digital image encryption scheme In the substitution process of the scheme, image is divided into blocks and subsequently into color components The proposed scheme  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016908281 fatcat:wquvkl5fvvezplj7vy2ghxt3sq

A new block cipher for image encryption based on multi chaotic systems

Donia Fadhil Chalob, Amal Abdulbaqi Maryoosh, Zainab Mohammed Esa, Elaf Nassir Abbud
2020 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
In this paper, a new algorithm for image encryption is proposed based on three chaotic systems which are Chen system, logistic map and two-dimensional (2D) Arnold cat map.  ...  First, a permutation scheme is applied to the image, and then shuffled image is partitioned into blocks of pixels.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank Mustansiriyah university (, Baghdad, Iraq for its support in the present work. TELKOMNIKA Telecommun Comput El Control  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v18i6.13746 fatcat:ehd3uekvhzfijinojsqjvcqpxa

A Novel Fast Color Image Encryption Algorithm based on 2D-Hybrid Maps

S Syed Suhaila, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India, V Pradeep
2022 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Objectives: To design a fast and efficient color image encryption technique using 2D Duffing, Henon and Tinkerbell maps.  ...  Further, a novel key generation scheme is designed to generate dynamic and input image-sensitive keys.  ...  Conclusion This work has presented a novel secure color image encryption scheme based on 2D hybrid chaotic maps.  ... 
doi:10.17485/ijst/v15i10.2348 fatcat:5hw5hkhurrg3dgwerr54xn2aou

A Novel Image Encryption Scheme Using the Composite Discrete Chaotic System

Hegui Zhu, Xiangde Zhang, Hai Yu, Cheng Zhao, Zhiliang Zhu
2016 Entropy  
In this paper, we aim to provide a novel image encryption algorithm based on a new two-dimensional (2D) CDCS.  ...  The proposed scheme consists of two parts: firstly, we propose a new 2D CDCS and analysis the chaotic behaviors, then, we introduce the bit-level permutation and pixel-level diffusion encryption architecture  ...  In [12] , Mollaeefar et al. provided a novel method for color image encryption based on high level chaotic maps Cosinus-Arcsinus and Sinus-Power Logistic map, which have better chaotic behavior against  ... 
doi:10.3390/e18080276 fatcat:3ve46brscncgrnrposwgeieqny

Image Encryption Algorithm Based on a Novel Six-Dimensional Hyper- Chaotic System

Sadiq A. Mehdi, Zaydon Latif Ali
2020 Mustansiriyah Journal of Science  
In this paper, This paper presents a new algorithm for the image encryption/decryption scheme depended on a novel six-dimensional hyper-chaotic system to achieve a high level of security, the chaotic sequence  ...  In recent years, the chaotic system of image encryption becomes an efficient way to encrypt images due to its high security.  ...  wide range for parameter values, proposed system based for the color image encryption scheme to enhance the security and resist attacks.  ... 
doi:10.23851/mjs.v31i1.739 fatcat:qoufntyqivfxrejrbdpfqove4i

Homogenized Chebyshev-Arnold Map and its application to Color Image Encryption

Xuejing Kang, Xuanshu Luo, Xuesong Zhang, Jing Jiang
2019 IEEE Access  
Based on the HCAM, we present a color image encryption algorithm that contains confusion and diffusion processes.  ...  INDEX TERMS Color image encryption, Chebyshev map, Arnold Map, chaotic matrix transform, secure hash algorithm.  ...  [18] created a new chaotic map based on Beta function and apply it to image encryption with high efficiency. Hua et al.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2930183 fatcat:idqbwy6375dadipqymq6wcoo3a

Hybrid Watermarking Scheme with Dual Encryption and Channel Coding in YCbCr Color Space

Kiranjit Kaur, DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar, India, Dinesh Kumar
2021 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Novelty: We have proposed a hybrid watermarking scheme with Chaotic maps, Arnold transform and Fast Fourier transform in YCbCr color space.  ...  Objectives: This study aims to Improve and Secure the watermarking scheme with dual encryption (chaotic maps and Arnold transform) and channel coding in YCbCr color space with embedding and extraction  ...  A novel image encryption algorithm based on bit-level Arnold transform and the hyperchaotic map has been proposed (28) .  ... 
doi:10.17485/ijst/v14i14.85 fatcat:bonkhxwg7vd7leotixni5nkuwm

A proficient Image Encryption using Chaotic Map Approach

Deepshikha Rathore, Anil Suryavanshi
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Letter aspects and chaotic map based on a review of existing different image encryption technology.  ...  This paper introduces a general discussion of a technology for the first time to review and image encryption chaotic system and various chaotic image encryption technology based and related tasks.  ...  A Kanso, M Ghebleh [3] the color (or gray scale), namely, Arnold cat map images to a new encryption algorithm is based on a 3D map chaotic.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016908122 fatcat:no3cyt6nkzgwhptryjikvpbuoa

Evaluation of Aizawa Chaotic Map in Digital Image Protection

Terlumun Gbaden
To meet this challenge, a novel chaos-based approach is suggested in this paper.  ...  To address the security and efficiency problems encountered by many existing permutation-diffusion type image ciphers the new scheme utilizes Aizawa chaotic map which enhances the security against known  ...  The research presented a novel block encryption scheme based on the integer discretization of a chaotic map, the Fiestel network structure and an S-block.  ... 
doi:10.46912/napas.119 fatcat:b6qpvet3fndjphpjwmxv3uhfla

A Novel Hybrid Watermarking scheme with Image authentication based on frequency domain, 2- Level SVD using chaotic map

Shahzad Alam, Tanvir Ahmad, M. Doja
2018 EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web  
METHODS: In this paper, frequency domain based techniques like DWT, DCT has used with 2 Level SVD and a new 3D discrete hyper chaotic map.  ...  The experiments have conducted to check various standard image processing attacks, and the watermark extraction process generates a high-quality image after different attacks.  ...  ' with JMI logo watermark and their NC value A Novel Hybrid Watermarking scheme with Image authentication based on frequency domain, 2-Level SVD using chaotic map The result of common image processing  ... 
doi:10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.165512 fatcat:xw6zimmubbglvahotje4otjidi
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