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Enhancing PTFs with remotely sensed data for multi-scale soil water retention estimation

Raghavendra B. Jana, Binayak P. Mohanty
2011 Journal of Hydrology  
The BNN outputs are corrected for bias using a non-linear CDF-matching technique.  ...  Bayesian Neural Networks (BNNs) inherently provide uncertainty estimates for their outputs due to their utilization of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) techniques.  ...  Generating a large number of iterations ensures that the Markov chain is forced to converge to a stationary distribution.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2010.12.043 fatcat:25kfvyznobgmlirdtmnfpjitm4

2019 Index IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing Vol. 57

2019 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
., Geosynchronous SAR Tomography: Theory and First Experimental Verification Using Beidou IGSO Satellite; TGRS Sept. 2019 6591-6607 Hu, F., Wu, J., Chang, L., and Hanssen, R.F., Incorporating Temporary  ...  ., +, TGRS June 2019 3148-3165 A New Method to Enhance the Spatial Features of Multitemporal NDVI Image Series.  ...  ., +, TGRS July 2019 4457-4469 Bayesian Inversion of Logging-While-Drilling Extra-Deep Directional Resistivity Measurements Using Parallel Tempering Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tgrs.2020.2967201 fatcat:kpfxoidv5bgcfo36zfsnxe4aj4

Ground, Proximal and Satellite Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture

Ebrahim Babaeian, Morteza Sadeghi, Scott B. Jones, Carsten Montzka, Harry Vereecken, Markus Tuller
2019 Reviews of Geophysics  
Soil moisture (SM) is a key hydrologic state variable that is of significant importance for numerous Earth and environmental science applications that directly impact the global environment and human society  ...  used a particle filter Markov chain Monte Carlo method to assimilate synthetic ASCAT SM retrievals and synthetic streamflow data into a fully distributed Sacramento SM Accounting model for the Salt River  ...  A SM time series may prove to be helpful for evaluation of climate model simulations and identifying trends in the hydrological cycle due to the impact of regional climate change and land use.  ... 
doi:10.1029/2018rg000618 fatcat:hcfa2uqiz5ffnf7o3fijc6rnwu

Poster presentations (Monday)

2013 Advances in Animal Biosciences  
The differences in CH 4 emissions between the groups, for each valid 20min run, were the input data for statistical analysis with a linear mixed-effects model, using days as the random effect.  ...  The collective CH 4 emissions from each group were computed from downwind-upwind concentration differences, using a backward-Lagrangian stochastic model (WindTrax software,  ...  Wood, J.W., Gordon, R.J., Wagner-Riddle, C., Dunfield, K. and Madani A. 2012. J. Environ. Qual. 41, 694-704.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s2040470013000101 fatcat:blbftg4ilfh7tpodbkvrztsyci

Hyperspectral Imagery for Environmental Urban Planning

C. Weber, R. Aguejdad, X Briottet, J. Avala, S. Fabre, J. Demuynck, E. Zenou, Y. Deville, M.S. Karoui, F.Z. Benhalouche, S. Gadal, W. Ourghemmi (+3 others)
2018 IGARSS 2018 - 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium  
Blind identification and separation methods for linear-quadratic mixtures and/or linearly independent non-stationary signals.  ...  à partir d'un simple seuillage de NDVI.  ...  ou non ou encore à des éléments comme les cheminée ou les lucarnes, qui déconstruisent l'unité de l'objet.  ... 
doi:10.1109/igarss.2018.8519085 dblp:conf/igarss/WeberABAFDZDKBG18 fatcat:eknmohwbirb67pnmn7adsjjija

Deep Feature Learning for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images

Fahim Irfan Alam, University, My, Jun Zhou
In spite of that, a signi ficantly increased complexity of the analysis introduces a series of challenges that need to be addressed on a serious note.  ...  representation capability of a deep model.  ...  A DBN model is built with a hierarchically organized series of restricted boltzmann machines (RBMs). regarded as a layer-wise training model in forming a DBN.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/1943 fatcat:6jewidsvwjcjpf6s5yi77cbofm

75. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft : 23.–26. März 2015 in Hannover

Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft
A series of multispectral images acquired over our study area hade a radiometric and geometric correction, and then processed to extract a series of images of NDVI and LST.  ...  A Sercel SlimWave geophone chain equipped with 17 three-component geophones with a 10 m inter-tool spacing was used.  ...  Furthermore, the obtained velocity model is assessed using a multiplicity of synthetic tests, which is particularly significant for the subsequent interpretation.  ... 
doi:10.2312/dgg75 fatcat:shzdrjap3nh35oqyj77hemoniy

Special Issue: E-Service Intelligence

Anton Železnikar, Matjaž Gams, Jožef Stefan, Drago Torkar, Jožef Stefan, Editorial Board, Juan Carlos, Augusto, Argentina, Costin Badica, Romania, Vladimir Batagelj (+19 others)
2010 unpublished
The article "BREM: A Distributed Blogger Reputation Evaluation Model Based on Opinion Analysis" by Yu Weng, Changjun Hu, and Xuechun Zhang proposes a new model for blogger reputation evaluation in distributed  ...  Electronic services, also known as e-services, involve provision of services using digital technologies.  ...  A change in the wavelet coefficients variance structure in one scale or a few scales only tells us the non-stationary at that scale.  ... 

Nanoscale Science and Technology (NS&T'12) : Proceedings Book Humboldt Kolleg <2012, Tunisia> ; Tunisia, 17-19 March, 2012 / ed. by Michael J. Schöning ; Adnane Abdelghani

Michael J. Schöning, Adnane Abdelghani
Eduard Llobelt, University of Tarragona, Spain 16:50 -17:10: Towards a paradigm change -mammalian cells as sensitive biosensor layers for the detection of unexpected toxic substances in air, 10:50 -11:  ...  We have also investigated the possibility of detecting DNA molecules presenting a single-base mismatch.  ...  We have demonstrated that we are able to differentiate them from the 100% complementary targets and the non complementary ones.  ... 
doi:10.21269/306 fatcat:aggbcufdsfgyjo6wpxoiz4l2iu