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A General Framework for Developing Service Robots

L. Enrique Sucar, Eduardo F. Morales
2007 IFAC Proceedings Volumes  
The navigator allows the robot to localize itself and navigate in a dynamic environment, using natural landmarks.  ...  This framework is based on a general, distributed architecture which integrates several components; (i) coordinator, (ii) navigator, (iii) perception, and (iv) human-robot interface.  ...  Map Building and Navigator A mobile robot requires a model or map of its environment to perform many tasks.  ... 
doi:10.3182/20070213-3-cu-2913.00013 fatcat:hk2tdusyqfgfxkldsj646jyrea

Navigation of a mobile robot in outdoor environments

Chia‐Ju Wu, Ting‐Li Chien, Tsong‐Li Lee, Li‐Chun Lai
2005 Zhongguó gongchéng xuékan  
Its main function is manual or automatic remote patrolling. The Paper presents control system and other functions like video recognition and localization sensors.  ...  Principles of trajectory navigation by means of GPS system. Monitoring of mobile device position and movements is possible by web interface or desktop solution.  ...  Acknowledgement The research was supported by the Project VEGA 1/0911/14 Implementation of wireless technologies into the design of new products and services to protect human health.  ... 
doi:10.1080/02533839.2005.9671066 fatcat:porimnmfrndtpjogbpyxbokoe4

A Bayesian Approach for Sound Source Estimation

Krittameth Teachasrisaksakul, Surapa Thiemjarus, Chantri Polprasert
1970 ECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology  
The goal of this study is to equip a mobile service robot with an ability to navigate to the human who commands the robot by speech.  ...  Based on time delay of arrival (TDOA) features, a Bayesian approach to sound source direction estimation is proposed.  ...  ASL system that mimics human auditory system or binaural localization system is another attractive option for robot localization since it can localize sounds in three-dimensional environment using only  ... 
doi:10.37936/ecti-cit.201372.54370 fatcat:hkccxi2ibve5zk7etqpqmq5gq4

Vision Based Geo Navigation Information Retreival

Asif Khan, Jian-Ping Li, Riaz Ahmed
2016 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Floor plan is a ubiquitous georeference database that every building refers to it during construction and facility maintenance.  ...  In addition, the experimental results of the proposed model also suggest a plausibility proof for feed forward models of delineate recognition in GEO-location.  ...  Three Dimensional Scene Modeling and City Navigation It plans to remake the three dimensional models, for individual building or for the whole metropolitan city.  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2016.070152 fatcat:uwrp5zaesvhbrnxbd66o4rdlh4

Cost Effective and Easily Configurable Indoor Navigation System

Mohammed Yaseen Taha, Qahhar Muhammad Qadir
2021 UKH Journal of Science and Engineering  
Using autonomous mobile robots that are capable of navigating and handling material in a warehouse is one of the important pillars to convert the current warehouse inventory control to more automated and  ...  This paper proposes a simple, cost effective and easily configurable indoor navigation system with the help of an optical path following,unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) robot augmented by image processing  ...  The proposed system prototype integrates and empowers robot navigation with AI tasks through deep machine learning neural network model-based applications which in turn provides flexibility and adaptability  ... 
doi:10.25079/ukhjse.v5n1y2021.pp60-72 doaj:c45da34c60af49db89b58760ab63a40e fatcat:kvlwres3dbeadkcqzxsnzltcye

Mobile Robot Navigation based on Human Walking Trajectory in Intelligent Space

Peng Duan, Guohui Tian, Hao Wu
2014 International Journal of Control and Automation  
To navigate a mobile robot to walk along the trajectory of human walking, global path planning based on the topological map and local path planning based on gird map are carried out with the spared information  ...  This paper presents a mobile robot navigation method based on human walking trajectory in intelligent space.  ...  Kinetic Model of the Mobile Robot Robot Localization based on Landmarks distributed in Intelligent Space To navigate a robot autonomously, the first step is to obtain the pose of the robot globally.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijca.2014.7.11.23 fatcat:zvg2xi4mbzh73hh47jenwe6fku

Autonomous virtual actors based on virtual sensors [chapter]

Daniel Thalmann, Hansrudi Noser, Zhiyong Huang
1997 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We then describe perception-based locomotion, a multisensor based method of automatic grasping and vision-based ball games.  ...  After a brief description of the perception action principles with a few simple examples, we emphasize the concept of virtual sensors for virtual humans.  ...  The authors are grateful to the people who contributed to this work, in particular Srikhan Bandi, Pascal Bécheiraz, Ronan Boulic, and Serge Rezzonico.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bfb0030568 fatcat:wrdxm7nob5cv7ltnbzmea5adc4

Noise maps for acoustically sensitive navigation

Eric Martinson, Ronald C. Arkin, Douglas W. Gage
2004 Mobile Robots XVII  
More and more robotic applications are equipping robots with microphones to improve the sensory information available to them.  ...  However, in most applications the auditory task is very low-level, only processing data and providing auditory event information to higher-level navigation routines.  ...  Sound source localization is one application area in robotics that has received considerable attention.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.581461 dblp:conf/mr/MartinsonA02 fatcat:ljllqkdrnfgbvocnzw3q2q7ima

UML-Based Service Robot Software Development: A Case Study [chapter]

Minseong Kim, Suntae Kim, Sooyong Park, Mun-Taek Choi, Munsang Kim, Hassan Gom
2008 Advances in Service Robotics  
This research was performed for the Intelligent Robotics Development Program, one of the 21st Century Frontier R&D Programs funded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of Republic of Korea.  ...  128 In our service robot applications, it is essential to not only consider and develop a welldefined robot software architecture, but also to develop and integrate robot application components in a systematic  ...  • Sound Localization and Voice Recognition: A user can call a robot's predefined name, to let the robot recognize the call while the robot knows the direction to move to the user.  ... 
doi:10.5772/5947 fatcat:jyvlc2lm6vdlzmu5fmxcfukmjm

Assistive Navigation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Guiding Robot With UWB/Voice Beacons and Semantic Feedbacks for Blind and Visually Impaired People

Chen-Lung Lu, Zi-Yan Liu, Jui-Te Huang, Ching-I Huang, Bo-Hui Wang, Yi Chen, Nien-Hsin Wu, Hsueh-Cheng Wang, Laura Giarré, Pei-Yi Kuo
2021 Frontiers in Robotics and AI  
Typically, a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) framework is used to estimate the robot pose and navigational goal; however, SLAM frameworks are vulnerable in certain dynamic environments.  ...  The proposed navigation method is a learning approach based on state-of-the-art DRL and can effectively avoid obstacles.  ...  All authors made substantial, direct, and intellectual contributions to this study and have approved it for publication. FUNDING  ... 
doi:10.3389/frobt.2021.654132 fatcat:fqo6zbyqlvem3nm24eof3qof5q

Intelligent Vision-based Navigation System for Mobile Robot: A Technological Review

Muhammad Hafidz Fazli Md Fauadi, Suriati Akmal, Mahasan Mat Ali, Nurul Izah Anuar, Samad Ramlan, Ahamad Zaki Mohd Noor, Nurfadzylah Awang
2018 Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences (PEN)  
One of the critical applications for vision system is to navigate mobile robot safely. In order to do so, several technological elements are required.  ...  This article focuses on reviewing recent researches conducted on the intelligent vision-based navigation system for the mobile robot.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) for financially support this work.  ... 
doi:10.21533/pen.v6i2.174 fatcat:l3rwgjhsf5g6dcc5yebl54ot6u

Gaussian mixture-sound field landmark model for robot localization applications

Li-Wei Wu, Wei-Han Liu, Chieh-Cheng Cheng, Jwu-Sheng Hu
2007 Advanced Robotics  
This work proposes a novel Gaussian mixture-sound field landmark model for localization applications, based on the principle that sound fields produced by sources at different locations can be distinguished  ...  Lately, many researchers have employed omnidirectional image sensors, which can acquire a 360 • view around a robot, for their navigation systems [15] .  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the National Science Council of the Republic of China, Taiwan (contract no.  ... 
doi:10.1163/156855307780108259 fatcat:oqb4t42i3ndn7avm4g6agyxk7q

Robust Audio Localization for Mobile Robots in Industrial Environments [chapter]

Manuel Manzanares, Yolanda Bolea, Antoni Grau
2011 Advances in Sound Localization  
Introduction For autonomous navigation in workspace, a mobile robot has to be able to know its position in this space in a precise way that means that the robot must be able to self-localize to move and  ...  Most of the mobile robot's localization systems are based on robot vision, and robot vision is also a hot spot in the research of robotics.  ...  Sound source localization (SSL) is defined as the determination of the direction from a receiver, but also includes the distance from it.  ... 
doi:10.5772/14517 fatcat:wgpioio3anbczcsm5zbk4q3vhe

Smartphone-Based Online and Offline Speech Recognition System for ROS-Based Robots

S. Zaman, W. Slany
2014 Information Technology and Control  
The objective of the presented work is to offer a smartphone based speech recognition system for ROS (Robot Operating System) based autonomous robotic systems.  ...  The applications running on the smartphone act like clients and communicate with both speech server and robotic system.  ...  [13] presented a FlowDesigner-based architecture to integrate Sound Source Localization (SSL), Sound Source Separation (SSS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).  ... 
doi:10.5755/j01.itc.43.4.5980 fatcat:vkodsy73g5fczcysayctyugote


2012 Journal of Computer Science  
We build a web application for controlling the multi-client telepresence robot and open-source teleconference system used. Experimental result presented and we evaluated its performance.  ...  This research reports and presents a BeeBot, BINUS multi-client intelligent telepresence robot, a custombuild robot system specifically designed for teleconference with multiple people.  ...  DISCUSSION Camera and audio system take an image and sound from a person before the robot.  ... 
doi:10.3844/jcssp.2012.2062.2067 fatcat:45mdgwpijrffxfzurc2qvtrspu
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