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Vision-based active safety system for automatic stopping

Vicente Milanés, David F. Llorca, Jorge Villagrá, Joshue Pérez, Ignacio Parra, Carlos González, Miguel A. Sotelo
2012 Expert systems with applications  
This paper deals with an autonomous intelligent emergency system designed to avoid collisions with pedestrians.  ...  The system consists of a fuzzy controller based on the time-to-collision estimate -obtained via a vision-based system -and the wheel-locking probability -obtained via the vehicle's CAN bus -that generates  ...  a pedestrian is detected by some means, and all the warnings have failed to produce the driver's response.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2012.03.047 fatcat:zw22oc26kvctfckvfl3wsvhaeq

Road collisions avoidance using vehicular cyber-physical systems: a taxonomy and review

Faisal Riaz, Muaz A. Niazi
2016 Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling  
Such a system requires a complex systems approach to solving this problem as it involves considering not only pedestrians, road environment, but also road traffic which can include multiple vehicles.  ...  In another research study conducted by Doniec et al. (2008), it is noted that the interaction of heterogeneous road users like vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists make the road traffic a complex phenomenon  ...  Acknowledgements We are thankful to MUST and COMSATS for facilitating us in this project. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40294-016-0025-8 fatcat:gncetnt6abf35clan4desxdyzm

Special section on advances in intelligent visual surveillance systems

2010 International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems  
Visual surveillance refers to real-time observation of objects of interests in a video scene such as people or vehicles to find a description of their behaviors.  ...  Visual surveillance technology has demonstrated effectiveness to measure traffic flow, detect accidents on highways, monitor pedestrian congestion in public spaces, compile consumer demographics in a shopping  ...  /global feature analysis to detect and identify vehicles and pedestrians in real traffic situations.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12555-010-0500-5 fatcat:rxwvon2clbcjdbwwyijm4pthyi

Autonomous driving goes downtown

U. Franke, D. Gavrila, S. Gorzig, F. Lindner, F. Puetzold, C. Wohler
1998 IEEE Intelligent Systems and their Applications  
Most computer vision systems for vehicle guidance developed in the past were designed for the comparatively simple highway scenario.  ...  Autonomous driving in the much more complex scenario of urban traffic or driver assistance systems like Intelligent Stop&Go are new challenges not only from the algorithmic but also from the system architecture  ...  The goal is to detect an appropriate leading vehicle and to signal the driver that the system is ready for autonomous following. It will be his responsibility to activate the system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/5254.736001 fatcat:5r7pk24jfnb5pbfnozz2okveci

Autonomous Driving - 5 Years after the Urban Challenge: The Anticipatory Vehicle as a Cyber-Physical System [article]

Christian Berger, Bernhard Rumpe
2014 arXiv   pre-print
is now necessary to achieve the goal of driving safely and reliably through urban environments with an anticipatory vehicle for the mass-market.  ...  This paper summarizes results of the research carried out by all finalists within the last five years after the competition and provides an outlook where further investigation especially for software engineering  ...  Within these pre-detected areas, pedestrians are validated by the computationally intense vision system.  ... 
arXiv:1409.0413v1 fatcat:evc6m2yoeve67hvcfiteiljhy4

2020 Index IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Vol. 21

2020 IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)  
., +, TITS March 2020 959-971 A Pedestrian Detection System Accelerated by Kernelized Proposals.  ...  ., +, TITS Aug. 2020 3423- 3435 A Pedestrian Detection System Accelerated by Kernelized Proposals.  ...  R Radar clutter Outliers-Robust CFAR Detector of Gaussian Clutter Based on the Truncated-Maximum-Likelihood-Estimator in SAR Imagery. Ai, J., 2039 -2049  ... 
doi:10.1109/tits.2020.3048827 fatcat:ab6he3jkfjboxg7wa6pagbggs4

Expanding Navigation Systems by Integrating It with Advanced Technologies [chapter]

Menachem Domb
2020 Geographic Information Systems in Geospatial Intelligence [Working Title]  
It is mainly assisted by external technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite-based radio navigation systems.  ...  In the next section, we outline the limitations of GPS, and then we describe the integration of GIS, smartphones, and GPS to enable its use in mobile applications.  ...  In case a car is detected, the system calculates its position and transmits data to a vehicle to substitute the internal positioning system. With this information the vehicle is guided.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.91203 fatcat:gbb2jeylmffc3gqlmbahfy54ee

2012 Index IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Vol. 13

2012 IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)  
A Acceleration Simple Vehicle Powertrain Model for Modeling Intelligent Vehicle Applications. Rakha, H. A., +, TITS June 2012 770-780 Acceleration measurement  ...  ., see 1277-1286 Hofleitner, A., Herring, R., Abbeel, P., and Bayen, A., Learning the Dynamics of Arterial Traffic From Probe Data Using a Dynamic Bayesian Network;  ...  ., TITS June 2012 541-552 Hernandez, A., Perez, M. C., Garcia, J. J., Jimenez, A., Garcia, J.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tits.2012.2230475 fatcat:ykhillnzynf7vhfonoyzcohsya

Intelligent Robotic Perception Systems [chapter]

Cristiano Premebida, Rares Ambrus, Zoltan-Csaba Marton
2018 Applications of Mobile Robots [Working Title]  
Examples of such applications are object detection, environment representation, scene understanding, human/pedestrian detection, activity recognition, semantic place classification, object modeling, among  ...  Robotic perception, in the scope of this chapter, encompasses the ML algorithms and techniques that empower robots to learn from sensory data and, based on learned models, to react and take decisions accordingly  ...  system (or autonomous robotic-vehicles).  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.79742 fatcat:zrvsznb3frcthl3pfy7r54kire


Dr. Veena S, Kanmani G, Manju V, Pavithra V
2020 International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology  
Autonomous driving is currently a very active research area with virtually all automotive manufacturers competing to bring the first autonomous car to the market.  ...  This race leads to billions of dollars being invested in the development of novel sensors, processing platforms, and algorithms.  ...  Sung-Won Park, Jose Trevino, "Automatic Detection of Emergency Vehicles for Hearing Impaired Driver" [9] has proposed a straightforward algorithm to detect an emergency vehicle's siren using the linear  ... 
doi:10.33564/ijeast.2020.v04i10.047 fatcat:2vwr3n2eqzh7ndi5a5kgejgm7u

Composition and Application of Current Advanced Driving Assistance System: A Review [article]

Xinran Li, Kuo-Yi Lin, Min Meng, Xiuxian Li, Li Li, Yiguang Hong, Jie Chen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Due to the growing awareness of driving safety and the development of sophisticated technologies, advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) has been equipped in more and more vehicles with higher accuracy  ...  The latest progress in this field has called for a review to sum up the conventional knowledge of ADAS, the state-of-the-art researches, and novel applications in real-world.  ...  Medium-range radar, with field of vision to about 60 meters and ±40 • , is fit for pedestrian detection and blind spot warning (BSW) [10] .  ... 
arXiv:2105.12348v3 fatcat:ymblcizg65e7hhmch5c5mly22q

Design of Sensor Fusion Driver Assistance System for Active Pedestrian Safety [article]

I-Hsi Kao, Ya-Zhu Yian, Jian-An Su, Yi-Horng Lai, Jau-Woei Perng, Tung-Li Hsieh, Yi-Shueh Tsai, Min-Shiu Hsieh
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Test results show that the proposed system achieves a high level of accuracy for pedestrian or object detection in front of a vehicle, and has high robustness to special environments.  ...  Using a spatio-temporal alignment and a policy of sensor fusion, we completed the development of a fusion detection system with high reliability at distances of up to 20 m.  ...  Huang Assessment Program (NCAP) has stipulated the use of proposed a novel vehicle detection system based on a an autonomous emergency braking (AEB) pedestrian  ... 
arXiv:2201.09208v1 fatcat:3s643kptkjfdtbfvvlybdui2lm

Real Time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Driver Assistance Systems

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
In Autonomous driving technology detecting pedestrians and vehicles should be fast and efficient in order to avoid accidents.  ...  In the proposed system an application is developed which gives automatic warning in case of doubtful activities performed by pedestrian of zone monitoring which can be used in various domains like defence  ...  Advanced Driver Assistance system (ADAS) focuses on safety of pedestrians by avoiding accidents. ADAS uses sensors like Lidar, Radar to perform pedestrian detection.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijeat.e1025.0785s319 fatcat:v2csgxygt5ggpi3g5ziuktwe24

Sensor-based pedestrian protection

D.M. Gavrila
2001 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
The University of Pavia system, implemented in the ARGO experimental autonomous vehicle, combines stereo vision with template matching for detecting pedestrian head and shoulder shapes. 16 The system  ...  On the basis of this, we can fairly say that we'll need to reduce the falsepositive rate by at least one order of magnitude to obtain a viable pedestrian system, while maintaining the same detection rate  ... 
doi:10.1109/5254.972097 fatcat:lmeig5dz3bhvria3wzbsofwdaq

Pedestrian Protection Systems: Issues, Survey, and Challenges

T. Gandhi, M.M. Trivedi
2007 IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)  
Pedestrian safety measures, including infrastructure enhancements and passive safety features in vehicles, are described, followed by a systematic description of active safety systems based on pedestrian  ...  Hence, this paper includes research dealing with probabilistic modeling of pedestrian behavior for predicting collisions between pedestrians and vehicles.  ...  Another type of sensor that can be useful for night TABLE IV PEDESTRIAN DETECTION USING NONVISIBLE LIGHT AND TIME-TO-FLIGHT SENSORS vision is a near-IR sensor accompanied by an illuminator.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tits.2007.903444 fatcat:sp732jpbpzgcbp6krh57kyeqga
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