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A hybrid model for ad-hoc information retrieval

Zheng Ye, Jimmy Xiangji Huang, Jun Miao
2012 Proceedings of the 35th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval - SIGIR '12  
Extensive experiments on the TREC standard collections indicate that our proposed model can outperform the best TREC systems consistently in the ad-hoc retrieval.  ...  In this paper, we propose a new hybrid model which can simply and flexibly combine components of three different IR techniques under a uniform framework.  ...  CONCLUSIONS In this paper, we propose a hybrid model which can successfully integrate three effective techniques in a uniform model.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2348283.2348451 dblp:conf/sigir/YeHM12 fatcat:7ax3jy34cbddbpxgynhntq652y

A Hybrid Method for Opinion finding Task (KUNLP at TREC 2008 Blog Track)

Linh Hoang, Seung-Wook Lee, Gumwon Hong, Joo-Young Lee, Hae-Chang Rim
2008 Text Retrieval Conference  
This paper presents an approach for the Opinion Finding task at TREC 2008 Blog Track. For the Ad-hoc Retrieval subtask, we adopt language model to retrieve relevant documents.  ...  For the Opinion Retrieval subtask, we propose a hybrid model of lexicon-based approach and machine learning approach for estimating and ranking the opinionated documents.  ...  The first subtask, Ad-hoc Retrieval, involves finding blog posts which contain relevant information about a given topic.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/HoangLHLR08 fatcat:2eipqioazfck5hfqfipnhmudli

Machine translation and monolingual information retrieval (poster abstract)

Martin Franz, J. Scott McCarley
1999 Proceedings of the 22nd annual international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval - SIGIR '99  
Experiments on the TREC 6 and 7 ad hoc tasks [l, 21 yield modest improvements in performance.  ...  even for human-quality query translation.  ...  modest. improvement in performance on the TREC-6 ad hoc task, and a small improvement.  ... 
doi:10.1145/312624.312725 dblp:conf/sigir/FranzM99 fatcat:hcaal2rggbbtdf7aulp7iecezy

Modeling Diverse Relevance Patterns in Ad-hoc Retrieval

Yixing Fan, Jiafeng Guo, Yanyan Lan, Jun Xu, Chengxiang Zhai, Xueqi Cheng
2018 The 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval - SIGIR '18  
Experimental results demonstrate that our HiNT model outperforms existing state-of-the-art retrieval models significantly on benchmark ad-hoc retrieval datasets.  ...  sufficient information for users' need.  ...  in ad-hoc retrieval.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3209978.3209980 dblp:conf/sigir/FanGLXZC18 fatcat:mp6e7qe5ivh5pjmijwctporhfa

A Simple Enhancement for Ad-hoc Information Retrieval via Topic Modelling

Fanghong Jian, Jimmy Xiangji Huang, Jiashu Zhao, Tingting He, Po Hu
2016 Proceedings of the 39th International ACM SIGIR conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval - SIGIR '16  
In this paper, we consider term-based information and semantic information as two features of query terms and propose a simple enhancement for ad-hoc IR via topic modeling.  ...  Traditional information retrieval (IR) models, in which a document is normally represented as a bag of words and their frequencies, capture the term-level and document-level information.  ...  We thank anonymous reviewers for their thorough comments.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2911451.2914748 dblp:conf/sigir/JianHZHH16 fatcat:of3itubxkvbanochccyo3n63sm

Table Search Using a Deep Contextualized Language Model [article]

Zhiyu Chen, Mohamed Trabelsi, Jeff Heflin, Yinan Xu, Brian D. Davison
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we use the deep contextualized language model BERT for the task of ad hoc table retrieval.  ...  In experiments on public datasets, we show that our best approach can outperform the previous state-of-the-art method and BERT baselines with a large margin under different evaluation metrics.  ...  The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for valuable comments, and Ao Luo and Shengfeng Pan from Shenzhen Zhuiyi Technology Co., Ltd. for useful discussion about BERT.  ... 
arXiv:2005.09207v1 fatcat:caaszumhkjbqpfkmlafjkvklzm

RMIT University at INEX 2005: Ad Hoc Track [chapter]

Jovan Pehcevski, James A. Thom, S. M. M. Tahaghoghi
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Our runs follow a hybrid XML retrieval approach that combines three information retrieval models with two ways of identifying the appropriate element granularity and two XML-specific heuristics to rank  ...  The RMIT University group's participation in the INEX 2005 ad hoc track investigates these XML retrieval scenarios.  ...  The system we use in the ad hoc track follows a hybrid XML retrieval approach, combining information retrieval features from Zettair 1 (a full-text search engine) with XML-specific retrieval features from  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-34963-1_23 fatcat:qcryswhtvzba5frppnhlxy6s2q

RUC_AIM3 at TRECVID 2020: Ad-hoc Video Search & Video to Text Description

Yida Zhao, Yuqing Song, Shizhe Chen, Qin Jin
2020 TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation  
Our team RUC_AIM3 finally ranks the 1st place on both AVS and VTT tasks in TRECVID 2020. 1 Ad-hoc Video Search 1.1 Approach Ad-hoc video search task aims to retrieve video clips with a text query.  ...  In this report, we present our solutions for the two tasks of TRECVID 2020 [1]: Ad-hoc Video Search (AVS) and Video to Text Description (VTT).  ...  Approach For VTT matching and ranking subtask, we adopt two-branch model similar to our Ad-hoc Video Search System, including global matching branch and fine-grained matching branch.  ... 
dblp:conf/trecvid/ZhaoSCJ20 fatcat:unfa4cw7zvexli5326462pojlm

Delay Reduction by Providing Location Based Services using Hybrid Cache in Peer to Peer Networks

2015 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
We design and evaluate cooperative caching techniques to efficiently support data access in ad hoc networks.  ...  After analyzing the performance of those two schemes, we propose a hybrid approach (Hybrid Cache), which can further improve the performance by taking advantage of Cache Data and Cache Path while avoiding  ...  Ad Hoc Model  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2015.06.006 fatcat:mskafgkxhnagfkzwvxklkurue4

Application Caching & Clustering Techniques for Upgrading the Data Retrieval Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Manets)

2018 International Journal of Innovative Research in Electronics and Communications  
Zone cooperative (ZC) caching scheme for data retrieval in mobile ad hoc networks.  ...  Mobile Ad-hoc network Application Caching & Clustering Techniques for Upgrading the Data Retrieval Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Manets) International Journal of Innovative Research in Electronics  ... 
doi:10.20431/2349-4050.0502004 fatcat:nn3dikyaszh7pdrer6imco22sy

Hybrid Sequence Encoder for Text Based Video Retrieval

Xiang Wu, Da Chen, Yuan He, Hui Xue, Mingli Song, Feng Mao
2019 TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation  
This report presents our system developed for Ad-hoc Video Search(AVS) task in TRECVID 2019 as Team ATL.  ...  In this AVS task, we apply a hybrid sequential encoder which make use of the utilities of not only the multi-modal sources but also the feature extractors such as GRU, aggregated vectors, graph modeling  ...  Introduction In this report, we present our hybrid sequential model for Ad-hoc Video Search (AVS) task in TRECVID 2019 [2] as team ATL.  ... 
dblp:conf/trecvid/0004CHXSM19 fatcat:xljafuq2sbb3zh55oy2mjv62s4

Intrication between Information Retrieval and Bibliometrics: the Case of Scientific Domain Delineation

Michel Zitt
2020 International Workshop on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval  
This invited paper summarizes a recent synthesis [8] on the topic of scientific domain delineation. See also [5] .  ...  Thus, many producers of scientometric indicators rely on the default SCI 1 or Scopus or ad-hoc lists of journals, for a rough delimitation.  ...  For decades, Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval developed an increasingly close relationship.  ... 
dblp:conf/birws/Zitt20 fatcat:ltakfrpznfes3fba3memb6ngvm

Ad hoc, Cross-language and Spoken Document Information Retrieval at IBM

Martin Franz, J. Scott McCarley, Todd Ward
1999 Text Retrieval Conference  
Ad Hoc Track In the TREC-8 ad hoc experiments we used a two-pass approach, in which the top documents, as ranked by the Okapi formula 1 , were used to construct expanded queries, which w ere then used  ...  We also tried applying a translation model to reduce the impact of speech recognition errors on the performance of the information retrieval system.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/FranzMW99 fatcat:mnvrzlednzaozpyl6xpufy5ici

Few-Shot Conversational Dense Retrieval [article]

Shi Yu, Zhenghao Liu, Chenyan Xiong, Tao Feng, Zhiyuan Liu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In addition, we grant ConvDR few-shot ability using a teacher-student framework, where we employ an ad hoc dense retriever as the teacher, inherit its document encodings, and learn a student query encoder  ...  In this paper, we present a Conversational Dense Retrieval system, ConvDR, that learns contextualized embeddings for multi-turn conversational queries and retrieves documents solely using embedding dot  ...  information needs, and then perform ad hoc retrieval with reformulated queries.  ... 
arXiv:2105.04166v1 fatcat:d5i7k7eajfc4jgvdrkrld45xam

A Line in the Sand: Recommendation or Ad-hoc Retrieval? [article]

Surya Kallumadi, Bhaskar Mitra, Tereza Iofciu
2018 arXiv   pre-print
To demonstrate this, we build a solution for the RecSys 2018 Spotify challenge by combining standard ad-hoc retrieval models and using popular retrieval tools sets.  ...  We draw a parallel between the playlist continuation task and the task of finding good expansion terms for queries in ad-hoc retrieval, and show that standard pseudo-relevance feedback can be effective  ...  INTRODUCTION Recommendation and ad-hoc retrieval are two important information retrieval tasks.  ... 
arXiv:1807.08061v1 fatcat:d5gwop5yuvgybecwd2hxszqrae
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