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A Broadband Doherty Power Amplifier Design by Optimizing its Load Modulation Network

Zhiqun Cheng, Jianting Tian, Guohua Liu, Hao Sun, Yan Liu, Guoping Xiong, Yong Cai
2019 IEICE Electronics Express  
or peak power amplifiers, and a novel load modulation network (LMN) is presented in this paper.  ...  A kind of broadband power amplifier for wide-band coverage of the next-generation base station communications systems is obtained through using GaN HEMT transistor CGH40010 supplied by CREE as carrier  ...  =4 impedance inverters with reduced impedance transformation ratios, a novel load modulation network is presented, and a broadband DPA is designed.  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.16.20181082 fatcat:y2cjuhhyija4rowioov2k3zhc4

A broadband Doherty power amplifier based on the two-port networks method

Zhiwei Zhang, Zhiqun Cheng, Zhendong Zhang, Guohua Liu
2019 IEICE Electronics Express  
This paper proposes a simple method for designing a broadband Doherty power amplifier. The two-port network is used to represent the output matching networks and load modulation networks.  ...  And the gain is above 12dB. key words: Doherty power amplifier; Broadband; two-port network; output matching network; load modulation network .  ...  For validation, a broadband Doherty PA is designed and fabricated. Theoretical analysis The two-port network diagram of output matching and load modulation networks is shown in Fig.1 .  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.16.20190480 fatcat:2fkgvngl2nb5honej3ggqlopsy

Bandwidth enhancement of three-device Doherty power amplifier based on symmetric devices

Guohua Liu, Zhiqun Cheng, Ming Zhang, Shichang Chen, Steven Gao
2018 IEICE Electronics Express  
The proposed method is demonstrated by designing a three-device broadband DPA using three 10-W packaged GaN HEMT devices.  ...  This paper proposes a method for extending the bandwidth of a three-device Doherty power amplifier (DPA) based on symmetric devices. λ/4 transmission lines are inserted between each peaking amplifier output  ...  Acknowledgments The authors wish to acknowledge the supports from the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grants LZ16F010001 and LQ15F010006, and by the Zhejiang Provincial Public  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.15.20171222 fatcat:m3c42o6s4bclfg4qrfgcwcjkii

Broadband Doherty Power Amplifier via Real Frequency Technique

Guolin Sun, Rolf H. Jansen
2012 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
A comprehensive method of designing a broadband Doherty power amplifier is presented in this paper.  ...  Index Terms-Doherty power amplifier, broadband, systematic design procedure, real frequency technique.  ...  It reveals the generalized and novel bottlenecks for the bandwidth extension in a broadband Doherty power amplifier design.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmtt.2011.2175237 fatcat:lidx7bxqqbdwzhvyh54tzfw3ym

A Compact Output Power Combiner for Broadband Doherty Power Amplifiers

Ken McKnight, Ali Darwish, Mona Zaghloul
2019 Electronics  
The proposed combiner is verified by using it in the design of a broadband Doherty power amplifier with an operating bandwidth of 1.7 GHz to 3.4 GHz.  ...  A novel compact output power combiner for broadband Doherty Power Amplifiers is proposed in this paper.  ...  Finally, the proposed output combiner was verified by using it in the design of a broadband Doherty Power Amplifier.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics8030275 fatcat:wpadp7aqofeuvam4fcqa27ygle


Duye Ye, Yongle Wu, Yuanan Liu
2014 Progress In Electromagnetics Research C  
A broadband power amplifier designed and implemented in Doherty configuration is illustrated in this paper. Both input and output networks adopt the broadband matching topology.  ...  A novel coupler is designed as an uneven power-divided splitter and experimentally validated for a broadband power amplifier module.  ...  Besides, it achieves a broadband uneven power-divided characteristic which is an advantage in Doherty power-amplifier design.  ... 
doi:10.2528/pierc14011702 fatcat:zm45ftcytzh3tpzraex6mecx6q


Necip Sahan, Simsek Demir
2013 Progress in Electromagnetics Research B  
The carrier and peaking amplifiers are designed to achieve optimal operation with 25 Ω load and source impedances.  ...  In this paper, an octave bandwidth Doherty power amplifier (DPA) using a novel combiner is presented.  ...  Secondly, it performs the load modulation action of the CPA by PPA in high power region.  ... 
doi:10.2528/pierb13092003 fatcat:4kcu6xscrvcghllfdzpkwfzgxm

Systematic Design Methodology of Broadband Doherty Amplifier Using Unified Matching/Combining Networks with an Application to GaN MMIC Design

A. M. Elelimy Abounemra, Wenhua Chen, Fei Huang, Mohammad Maktoomi, Weiwei Zhang, Mohamed Helaoui, Fadhel M. Ghannouchi
2020 IEEE Access  
This paper presents a new design methodology for broadband Doherty architecture using the three-port input and output networks technique.  ...  A two-stage broadband Doherty power amplifier is implemented using 0.25-um GaN HEMT MMIC process to validate the proposed topology.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank all the lab members who supported the PA design using the GaN technology from WIN-Semiconductors. They gratefully acknowledge discussions with Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3046706 fatcat:kakhs6hdgrgiddttjpqr5g3rcu

Frequency analysis of load modulation networks for asymmetric Doherty power amplifiers in GaN

Andres Seidel, Jens Wagner, Frank Ellinger
2021 International journal of microwave and wireless technologies  
This paper investigates the frequency response of load modulation networks for asymmetric Doherty power amplifiers (ADPA) with an output back-off power level larger than 6 dB and a power ratio of peak  ...  To verify the theory, three ADPAs with different ξ-scaled ITs are designed, measured, and compared. For the design at 3.6 GHz, a gallium nitride (GaN) transistor is used.  ...  Schematic of a classical Doherty load modulation network. Fig. 2 . 2 Fig. 2. Schematic of the proposed Doherty load modulation network with a Z 0 • j TL 0 impedance transformer.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1759078721001550 fatcat:xgs6eete3fc55m2v6ixf5yvvpi

A Doherty power amplifier with extended efficiency and bandwidth

Zhiqun Cheng, Jiangzhou Li, Guohua Liu, Steven Gao
2017 IEICE Electronics Express  
This paper proposes a modified Doherty power amplifier (DPA) configuration for bandwidth and efficiency operations.  ...  To mitigate the efficiency degradation resulting from the incomplete load modulation network (LMN) and the knee voltage effect, the carrier transistor's optimum load impedances based on related constant  ...  Design of load modulation network (LMN) In this section, a modified bandwidth enhanced LMN based on broadband matching technologies is proposed as shown in Fig. 5 , its characteristics are defined based  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.14.20170188 fatcat:eebm5mxixvegnd27iogwcfoc3q

Highly Efficient and Broadband Continuous Doherty Power Amplifier Using Modified Harmonic Matching Structure

Tao Wang, Zhiqun Cheng, Guohua Liu
2020 IEICE Electronics Express  
To verify this structure, A highly efficient and broadband Doherty power amplifier based on this structure is designed and fabricated using a CGH40010F GaN HEMT packaged device.  ...  A highly efficient and broadband continuous Doherty power amplifier (DPA) using modified harmonic matching structure is proposed in this paper.  ...  Acknowledgments This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation (Grant 91938201 and 61871169) and Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation (Grant LZ20F010004).  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.17.20200223 fatcat:key2gwo3h5fgjlqrlmfshg44yy

A Survey on RF and Microwave Doherty Power Amplifier for Mobile Handset Applications

Maryam Sajedin, I.T.E. Elfergani, Jonathan Rodriguez, Raed Abd-Alhameed, Monica Fernandez Barciela
2019 Electronics  
This survey addresses the cutting-edge load modulation microwave and radio frequency power amplifiers for next-generation wireless communication standards.  ...  The basic operational principle of the Doherty amplifier and its defective behavior that has been originated by transistor characteristics will be presented.  ...  In contrast, the Doherty combiner with a resonant tank holds the prime active load modulation of the carrier amplifier over the broadband.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics8060717 fatcat:skxagruudvfsjksl37em3oowja

Design of a broadband high-efficiency Doherty power amplifier for 5G communication systems

Zhiwei Zhang, Zhiqun Cheng, Guohua Liu, Zhendong Zhang, Yong Cai
2019 IEICE Electronics Express  
A broadband high-efficiency Doherty power amplifier (DPA) is designed and fabricated for 5G mobile communication.  ...  In this paper, a novel load modulation network structure is proposed by connecting a shunt λ/2 micro-strip line at the combiner of traditional DPA.  ...  A DPA with 61%-71% of saturated drain efficiency and over 43 dBm of output power is proposed by optimizing its load modulation network [24] .  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.16.20190371 fatcat:wudsayfwa5hqlbanmi5jliej2i

A Wideband Doherty-Like Architecture Using a Klopfenstein Taper for Load Modulation

Eduard Bertran, Mehran Yahyavi
2015 IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters  
A novel Doherty-like power amplifier (DPA) has been fabricated using 15 W, 2.7 GHz, GaN HEMT transistors.  ...  The quarter-wave transformer used in the classical DPA topology is replaced by a matching network including a Klopfenstein taper.  ...  Other solutions, similar to Doherty [7] and sometimes even presented as DPA [8] use a combining network which, instead to act as an inverter; it makes the load modulation by means of a transformer  ... 
doi:10.1109/lmwc.2015.2479847 fatcat:k5epe76ksbaevhscowlnztpkcq

A concurrent 2.6/3.5GHz Dual-band Doherty Power Amplifier with matching network based on Composite Right/Left-Handed unit cell

Yonglun Luo, Danlei Xuan, Zhicheng Wang, Wenning Gao, Wanghong Yang, Shiwei Yuan
2021 IEICE Electronics Express  
Nan, et al.: “A broadband Doherty power amplifier with a new [28] Chen, W., et al.: “Design and linearization of concurrent dual- load modulation network,” IEEE Access 9 (2021) 58025 (DOI:  ...  The optimal source impedance of the carrier and peak power amplifier is obtained by source pulling, and the corresponding input matching network is designed using the traditional high and low impedance  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.18.20210470 fatcat:6rassvc5l5epljp7umgw7jq4we
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